2017 Golf Sportwagen 4motion vs. used Audi allroad

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Trying to decide between a used (2013, 40-50k miles) allroad and a new Golf Sportwagen 4motion (AWD). They're similar prices (within a $3000), so I'm mainly concerned about reliability and cost to own over the next 5-8 years , and I'm unsure how to weigh new vs. used. Used for a short daily commute and 2 trips/month into the mountains in the New England winters that include some nasty unpaved hills. I found the audi more comfortable and more fun to drive, and they seem to have good reliability ratings, but am not sure if that outweighs getting a used vehicle vs. a new one. Also if there are any mountain bikers out there the relative ease of throwing two 29ers in the back without needing a rack is important. Thanks!


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    Well I have two problems with your plan, even though I really like both your choices.

    1. You *might* be able to cram two bikes in the back of either car but you're going to have to at least take the front wheels off and lower or remove the seats--but the worst part is that you're going to tear up the interiors of the cars over time and maybe mangle the bikes a bit (ask me how I know this) B)

    2. A used Audi out of warranty can cost a lot in potential repairs, and even maintenance is quite expensive.

    So I'm leaking towards advising you to go for the new VW and a warranty and a bumper hitch type of bike rack, or if perhaps you can find a CPO Audi AllRoad, which I know you like better---than okay, if there's an extended warranty go for that but also with the hitch bike rack.

    Keep in mind that neither of these vehicles is meant for rugged off-road rock crawling---better for dirt roads and very tame off-road excursions. If you think it's going to be the type of road where a car might bottom out, then it's not for the All Road or the VW. You've got some very expensive exhaust systems under there.
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    To add onto @Mr_Shiftright's comments, the Audi has more HP and torque than the VW, and is probably tuned for a more sporty ride.

    If that's important to you ...

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