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Lease Down Payment

mb_stanmb_stan Member Posts: 8
edited October 2016 in Mercedes-Benz
I am considering a leasing a C-class or CLA-class over purchasing. Would it make sense to put down a large down payment (almost 50%) and lower the monthly payments (considerably less than doing the same for a purchase)? How would that affect the MF and what is the RV on C250. Thanks.

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    mb_stanmb_stan Member Posts: 8
    Thanks. I didn't consider that and it does free up more money.
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    mb_stanmb_stan Member Posts: 8
    Looking to lease either a 2017 FWD CLA 250 priced at $33,850 or 2016 FWD CLA 250 at $39,595 - both new. What is considered a responsible down payment ( I heard 25% of MSRP is the max.) What would be the MF and RV max. term is 36 months and 12K miles. What else should be considered and any advantage over purchasing besides lower monthly payments?
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