Has ford resolved the Explorer Electronic Throttle Body Issue for the 2017 Sport?

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I'm considering buying a 2017 Explorer Sport, but I'm very concerned after reading all the reviews from people whose 2016 Explorers have died on them in dangerous situations due to a faulty electronic throttle body. Yet 2 dealerships in my area are telling me that this hasn't been an issue for them. I can't find any info on whether or not Ford has resolved this problem for 2017. Does anyone have any updated info on this?


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    Is there any feedback out there on this topic?
    I'm in same place, like 2017 Explorer Sport but concerned to buy it with this problem.
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    You might find THIS ARTICLE of interest.
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    Thank you.
    Is there any 2017 information available? Has Ford made changes to fix this with 2017 Explorer Sport?
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    If they did, I don't think Ford would admit to a major problem, and if they didn't, they wouldn't tell you. Apparently they've avoided a recall so far.

    You might monitor and explore the archives of CAR COMPLAINTS as well as the NHTSA website.
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