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Honda Pilot 2006



  • In a recent newspaper ad I noticed that the local Honda dealer in Fairfax VA was referring to the Honda Pilot as as "Honda Pilot Station Wagon" rather than a SUV as they did in the past. Has anybody else noticed this anywhere ? I wonder if they are trying to get away from the word SUV these days and referring to it as a station wagon.
  • tagmantagman Malibu, CaliforniaPosts: 8,441
  • tagmantagman Malibu, CaliforniaPosts: 8,441
    The olive interior is actually a taupe color, that needs to be SEEN to be understood. It is very hard to describe or represent with printed ink in a brochure. The ridgeline also uses it, so it's hard to say why the pilot has stopped. There may be some color shifting about to happen, and I've made some calls to find out, and when I know, I'll post it. BTW, once SEEN, it's actually very attractive. The gray is just too plain and boring for my taste and feels too much like a cloudy day, although I'll admit it is a relatively safe color for a purchase decision. Saddle is always good and so is Ivory, except for showing all the dirt. Anyway, we'll all find out soon enough what's happening here. White is one of the bigger sellers, and it's hard to think that it would be discontinued. In spite of that, it is still entirely possible that it will be discontinued, and it is possible that a METALLIC white (like the Acura) will replace it, or a different shade of white, or simply a different interior color will be available soon. All very interesting.
  • I just bought the '06 EX-L. Its far better than the '05's and before that I see on the road. The front end has a more truck-y look to it. The grille is nicer too. A lot of the options on the '05 are now standard on the '06 which is really great!
  • mldj98mldj98 Posts: 378
    Just for info purposes...I called American Honda today and they told they have stop production on the 06 White Honda Pilot....when I asked why....the rep said he did not know....but he said that the stop was for the model year 06....what does that mean...hmmmmm....what I will say is those 1-800 reps are about clueless anyways...not all their fault though....Honda is known for being very secretive about stuff like this....hard to think that the color white would be gone for the rest of the model guess is that it will come back with saddle or ivory interior...they will have to just re-up production on that....we shall see....
  • I would not be suprised that it is a mistake. Notice that on HOnda website the only interior color available is gray. That can not be. In addition, white is a very popular color. I would be suprised if honda decided to change colors in the middle of the production.
    Just my 2 cents.
  • tagmantagman Malibu, CaliforniaPosts: 8,441
    "Alexasha", there are gray AND saddle interiors offered on the '06 Pilot, shown on the Honda website. If you go to the colors section, you need to click on one of the exterior color choices and the interior that goes with it will be shown. I think that "mldj98 " is thinking correctly in guessing that ivory or saddle will replace the olive. It makes the most sense so far, but it's hard to outguess Honda. Overall, historically, white has been the number one selling exterior color for most automobiles for most model years in modern times, so it's very likely to return soon. The first person to get to the bottom of this should hopefully post it.
  • I just bought my 2006 Pilot EX-L (with no navigation as I don't get lost...and no entertainment system as I don't have kids and will never be in the back seats) from Capitol Honda in San Jose, CA for $29,602. If you are in the area and are a member of Santa Clara County Credit Union, DEFINATELY go through their car connection program. This was the best car buying situation EVER! But no matter where you live, ALWAYS buy through the fleet manager! You will get a better deal as they get paid for how many cars they get off the lot vs the sales people who get paid on commission for how much you over paid! :)
  • jmoothjmooth Posts: 12
    Just to make sure I'm reading this right, it appears that the 2WD Pilot is rated to tow 3,500 lbs, while the 4WD does 4,500. Are there any issues with going the 2WD route? I'll need to tow infrequently, and fuel mileage is an overall higher priority.

  • lawgirl5,
    Could you clarify that it's EX-L 4WD or 2WD, and provide details on fees and other options?
  • Just wondering if you all thougth this is a competitive price for 06 EX-L + Nav for NYC area----$32,857 (includeds dest.) but not TTL .
  • austxaustx Posts: 4
    Does the NAV system integrate with a bluetooth cell phone for hands free calling/talking? Was yours a 2006?
  • jbeenyjbeeny Posts: 3

    I also live in NYC but got my 06 EX-L with Navi 10 days ago from a dealer in Jersey. I used Carsdirect and got it for $31,771(including destination). TTL was additional.
    Hope this helps. :D
  • I did preorder white Pilot AWD EXL with Navi about a week ago and you got me worried. I emailed my dealer this morning and he assured that he did not hear about any plans to change white color. I sure hope that he is correct.
    BTW I got a price of 32732 with 250.00 document fee. The price includes destination and mud flaps. Towing package was an additional 991.00, which is much cheaper then in all other dealerships (about 1200). I got this quote from Alabama dealer.
  • That was the price for the 2WD "standard" EX-L. I added on an additional $900 in options, but was not including that amount in the price I paid. Price out the door with tax, license etc. came to $32363.17. But now that you can write off sales tax...its a moot issue in my opinion.
  • jbeeny:
    Was this for a 2wheel drive or 4(awd)? If 4wd could you share the name of the dealer? Also, were there any other fees outside of TTL not included in $31,771?

    If this is AWD, it looks as if you got it below invoice. Does anyone out there no if there is now some kind of cashback/incentive for dealers on the 06 Pilots?
  • I am looking for an '06 AWD, EXL and am shopping in the MA/So. NH area. I have received quotes on the internet from two dealers for $29,500. which includes the $550. delivery charge. This appears to be approx. $780.00 under dealer invoice, has anyone shopping in this area gotten better pricing? The only other fees I have been quoted are for "dealer prep" and this is in the $180. range.
  • sas1sas1 Posts: 19
    Jerry - The 2wdr rating is lower because of only one axle pulling. Ratings are defined by engine power, gear rations, hitch config, brake capacity and axle lenght.
    Note that ratings are best case scenario: Sea-level, flat dry surface etc. If you are to tow in mountanous areas or less than perfect traction areas I would go with 4wdr. I am going for the 2wdr because I live in Tucson AZ - no snow and rarely mud in the dessert. All things considered the 200Lbs less weight should translate into better pickup. I tested the VCM on a test drive. It is completely seamless and on everytime decelerating, at stop light or cruising at highway speed. I have an LX offered for 24.944 - out the door it is 27.946
  • navigator89navigator89 Posts: 1,080
    Can we move this discussion to the SUVs board since this vehicle isn't really a "future vehicle" anymore?
  • I called American Honda and basically told them the issue with the Amazon Green and the White no longer an option on the website. They said they would find out and call me back. It turns out they said that it is just an issue with the web-site. They are still offering and producing the Amazon Green and the White in the '06 model.
  • hoshos Posts: 31

    This is an owefully low price . Mak sure they did not quote you 05. This price fits the 05 not 06.
  • hoshos Posts: 31

    The breakdown on your price quote is 30780 for car + dest and Nav is about 1950. totalling 32730. If you've got 32257 + 550 dest, it pretty much brings it to my total, which is basically invoice price (I don't know what the invoice price is on the options such as nav; the 1950 Nav is MSRP). I have done a lot of research on this car for the past 15 months. Its the best in its class (in qualify, reliability, safety, comfort, flexibility) and most bang for your money. I will get one myself in a month or so once I can squeeze a little more out of the hungry dealers.
  • Hos,
    They definitely quoted as I specified, an '06 AWD EXL, and it does include the $550. delivery I don't think I'm going to do much better on the pricing. They've got to be only making a few hundred bucks from the Honda holdback that they get quarterly.
  • jbeenyjbeeny Posts: 3

    It was a 2WD. The Doc fee and registration was not included in the $31,771.
  • I just got one in NH for 27,100 incl all fees
  • This was an 2006 EX no further options
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,077
    Yup, that'll happen next week.


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  • Hos,
    Thanks for the info. Based on the, the 2006 4X4 Pilot EX-L invoiced at $29,730 plus $550 for destination and $1977 for Nav. I totally agree with you on the value of the Pilot in compare with oters such as Pathfinder, MDX, Explorer, ML350, BMW M5. This is limited to pricing and reliability and safety only. I donot want to discuss about style which is varies depend on persons.

    Right now Ourisman at Tyson Corner, VA offer the car for $1000 over invoice through email. I have not been to that dealer yet.

    Based on my experience, the best time to buy the car is close to end of month and close to end of year when the dealer want to move cars on their lot to get the "reward" from Honda. I plan to do just that and get the invoice price or very closed to it.

    Is there any one in the Washington DC area has a good deal that can refer to me.
  • tagmantagman Malibu, CaliforniaPosts: 8,441
    Mine is an '06. It would certainly be cool to use the nav system and talk on the cell handsfree, but I am not aware of any bluetooth capabilities.
  • vault2vault2 Posts: 31
    I purchased a 06 Pilot EX-L 4WD with NAV Amazon Green from KenDixon Honda in Waldorf MD. Here is the breakdown of the Price:

    Vehicle Price $32,907.00 (Includes freight and $650 dealer profit)
    VA Tax 3% $ 987.21
    Process. Fees$ 100.00
    Temp Tags $ 15.00
    Plate Transfer $ 2.00

    The only reason I went to a dealer in MD is for the following reasons:
    1. To avoid paying the exhorbidant procesing fees
    2. To avoid the additional business tax (over 3%) that the dealer charges
    3. No other delaer was bedjing on the price ($1,000 - $1,500 over Invoice)
    4. This dealer did an online trade and got me the color I wanted (3 week wait)

    If you are interested in purchasing at the price I paid, drop me a note, and I will give you a point of contact at the dealership (Sales Manager).
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