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Honda Pilot 2006



  • Ok so maybe I paid a little too much? 06 Pilot EX-Navi with tow package out the door, dest charge, tax license, $39.8k. from Livermore California. Did I pay too much? what do you think?
    picking it up tonight. Steel blue metallic, real pretty color. forgot to say this was a 4WD

    Base MSRP was $35.3k
  • bjack1bjack1 Posts: 1
    I have never used Costco. Do you know if the Costco markup the same everywhere? I'm in Indiana. Thanks. Jack
  • denadadenada Posts: 18
    Are you saying @29.8k
  • hkeinerhkeiner Posts: 11
    Has anyone confirmed that the factory audio system on the 2006 Honda Pilot EXL can play MP3 cds (i.e., actually played a burned CD-R containing mp3 files) ? The owners manual does not mention this capability.
  • No, denada, $39.8 K Just signed the paperwork tonight will pickit up this Friday
  • congratulations....enjoy the car.
    knowing if you paid too much or too little shouldn't make a difference now...
  • jamiejjamiej Posts: 4
    I agree with the earlier message. Enjoy the car. I had two dealers going at it over my business, plus the threat of a Volvo XC90 for $33,900.00, working in my favor. I didn't opt for the tow package now, but did go with 4WD to avoid strapping the chains on in the cold.
  • jlee6jlee6 Posts: 13
    2WD RES has it all!
    I'm very happy to save gas by this 2WD VCM. "ECO" light comes on automatically to save gas. I do not need 4WD in So Cal. I may go up to mountains about twice a year

    The great 2006 improvements are
    1. Headrest
    2. Sidecurtain Airbags for the 3rd row
    3. Interior color for the white
    4. Fog Lights
    5. Grill Design
    6. Rear and head Lights
    7. 9 inches DVD
    and I can go's definately worth waiting to buy 2006.
    If you research and negociate, then you can get a great deal even now.
    I paid $31500 plus TTL
    Good Luck you all.
  • amosbamosb Posts: 12
    Hi Laurelj,

    I think you paid too much. Little difference in the long run because from all the posts I'm reading your going to love the car / suv. Don't dwell too much on the price paid. Out the door, with tax title and destination charge should be around $35,600 +/- ... I know, everyone will tell you that they bought it for a lower price but don't forget that sales tax changes from state to state. I'm from Long Island, New York and our sales tax is 8.65%. I am about to close on my pilot this week and my price for the car was $32,860 plus the other things I mentioned above T,T,D. This price is for the '06 with Navi. Oh, by the way, good choice on the color -- I opted for the same.


  • congrats on your purchase!
    Can you clarify what you paid for the Pilot?
    You paid $ 700 over $31,178.00 invoice and did you pay destination charges and
    tax and license?
    I test drove the Pilot today at the same dealership and the salesman started the
    bidding at $40k!!! (for ex-l with nav)

    Can you tell me what you paid "out the door"?

    Also, did you deal through the internet sales or with the salesman directly?

  • I bought a 2006 Pilot EX-Leather, 4W Drive yesterday in Portland, OR

    It was a very good experience. I went thro Costco

    I paid $ 30741

    The invoice on it was = 29730
    Destination = 550
    Registration transfer = 61
    So what i paid was 400 $ over invoice.
    No Sales tax in Oregon

    Every other Honda dealer was asking for 1000 to 2000 dollars more, the worst being Beaverton Honda.
  • jbeenyjbeeny Posts: 3
    I will be picking up the pilot on Saturday. I live in NY but am travelling to New Jersey as the few dealers in NY either did not have the 06 Pilot in stock or they quoted very very high.
    I went thru They found the car for me. My out the door price was $ 34,944.

    -JB :)
  • How did you go through Costco?

    I'm a member and have been to their website but can't find the link or how to start. I'm sure I'm missing something simple but...

  • Can you share how much you paid and name of dealer in SoCal?
  • amosbamosb Posts: 12
    Hi Everyone,

    Just wanted to tell you all that if I want the Steel Blue Metallic is going to take me a little longer to get my hands on. Got he deal, Got the money, Got the driveway .... I just don't got my Pilot Wahhhhh!!!!! :cry:

    Of course I could solve my frustration by just getting it in Sage Bush but .... well... I'm waiting for my color. :shades:

    Peace to you all.

  • jamiejjamiej Posts: 4
    $31,878.00 ($700.00 over invoice), $35,4something out-the-door including tax, license, & doc. fee. In addition I paid $249.00 for the cargo max, fabric floor mats, and mud gaurds. Bit of advice, forget paying the dealership for the mats and other accessories. I found a site that has all the OEM stuff at much lower prices.
  • jamiej, where did you get a quote for $33,900 for an XC90. In new england, you cant find one for under $39,000. So yea, if you'd let me know, that would be great, because I am saddened at the facelift/tail lift of the 2006 Pilot :cry: . Yea, maybe the taillights I could get used to and the interior has been tastefully updated, but it looks like Honda just gave up on the front. In a way,and I hate to use this analogy, but the Honda Pilot and Volvo XC90 seem to have switched paths. The Volvo is getting to be more nicer and more curvy where as everything forwards of the 2006 Pilot's A pillar (minus the wheels) has become square, boxy and Volvoish. Go to their website and Honda will tell you that the new design is more dramatic, but is it just me, or is this redesign pushing buyers away?
  • I own a 05 Pilot EX-L Navi, and I think the 06 has some much needed improvements like the adjustable front headrests, better leather and bolstering, XM radio & updated larger Navigation, and I think the new design look better. I do wish they would add more room to the rear of the vehicle and put the Pilot on a weight loss program.
  • This board has been very useful and I thank all that have contributed.

    I just purchased a 2006 Pilot EX L with RES and Running Boards, Billet Silver

    After sending Emails to 20 dealers within New England I went with the lowest bidder. Price was 32,245, that includes everything (including destination charges) but excludes Tax and title. I was able to get 3 dealers to promise this same price. I did have others that bid anywhere from 600 to 3000 higher. Quite a range.

    Good luck to all that are searching, it appears that there are some dealers that are willing to deal. Too many 2005s sold trying to clear the lot so 2006 are sitting on the lot? Maybe. But some seemed very willing to deal, especially over the internet.

    Oh, I also was able to get Honda Financing at 5.34 for 60 months.
  • jamiejjamiej Posts: 4

    Unfortunately I never had such a quote, or I may be driving the XC90. Just a leveraging tactic. Sorry if I may have gotten any hopes up out there... By the way, we love the 06 Pilot and are thankful not to have to be buying premium grade gas.
  • jam8jam8 Posts: 22
    I received a quote on the same vehicle in Orlando for $31,600, although they have not sent me the Members Price Sheet to confirm the quote. I am surprised the difference is around $700 :mad: Does the dealer you purchased from charge a doc fee, and if so, did you have to pay it?
  • jcingsjcings Posts: 8
    Just curious...what accessories, if any did you purchase? Also, what dealer did you end up going with? :confuse:
  • Has anyone noticed wether the Interior plastic trim was upgraded, in the past I noticed it easily scratched and marred. This actually stopped me from considering the Pilot several years back. Honda CRV is the same as was last Gen. of Accord which I own and first noticed it. My 88 Integra trim looks better than my 2001 Accord, guess it saves them money
  • I'm closing on purchasing a 2006 Pilot for a decent price from an internet dealer who doesn't have it in stock.
    One hangup - I'm hesitant to sign anything or leave a deposit as the salesman wouldn't guarantee the maximum mileage -(he also claimed that Honda considered a vehicle with up to 2800 miles on it still a "new vehicle"). He added if I didn't want excessive mileage on it, I would probably have to pay if it was driven in on a truck. I would think 250 - 300 or so miles should be maximum mileage and anything else I would consider a demo or a used car. I'm curious what the average customer's expectation for a new auto is? I may have to insist on getting "maximum mileage" in the contract unless I'm being unrealistic.
    Any ideas what a good maximum mileage to settle for is...or a better way to approach this?
  • markjennmarkjenn Posts: 1,142
    hutttle, what's going to happen is that after you close the deal and place a deposit, the dealer is going to cast around to find you a car that meets your spec. It could be smething coming directly to the dealer with nearly zero miles, or it could be one that they'll have to horsetrade from another dealer. It sounds like you've pressed them into a bare-bones deal so they want maximum flexibility, including accepting a car that has seen considerable demo miles which are always more difficult cars to trade between dealers.

    I don't think there is any law that precisely says how many miles are acceptable to sell a car new - it is more of a dealer policy thing. If the car hasn't been titled, then it theoretically is "new", regardless of mileage. 2800 miles is certainly very excessive - a car with this many miles is almost always sold at a fairly deep discount as a demo model and it would be unacceptable to me for a dealer to fill an order for a zero-mile new car with such a car. Even 250-300 miles is quite a few and deserves some discount from a zero-mile car. Keep in mind that these miles are likely to be "hard miles" - many drivers taking the car out and "seeing what she'll do."

    Personally, I would hold out for a zero mile car. Of course, the car won't actually have zero miles since it will have been driven between transporters and lots during delivery, but typically these miles are 2-10 or so, plus whatever miles are put on by the dealership as part of the prep process. Alternatively, you could negotiate for a car on the lot which may have some demo miles on it, but at least you can drive it and make your own assessment of how it runs and how many miles it has. I wouldn't go into a blank check sort of agreement where you put a deposit on a car you haven't seen or driven which might have a fairly large number of miles on it. This is too much risk.

    So I'd let the dealer find you a specific car (either on the lot, incoming, or on another lot) and then negotiate on this specific car. Otherwise, I'd insist on a low mileage limit (e.g., 20 miles) or completely refundability of the deposit for any reason.

    Are you ordering something unusual or on a tight time frame schedule? Most dealers have a lot of cars on the lot or incoming, so I'm surprised this can't be handled simply by waiting a few weeks for a car that meets your spec to arrive.

    - Mark
  • In response to JCings

    The only acecessories I got were the running boards, which were included in the Price of 32,245 for the 2006 EXL w/RES, and then I added the All Weather floor mats, on top of that.

    I purchased from Hoffman Honda-West Simsbury- Dealt online to get the price on the Pilot, then we worked my trade numbers at the dealership. Probably spent 15 minutes online with them over a week, 2+ hours at the dealership on Saturday and went back that night an drove home the new Pilot. Overall a very good experience.
  • jcingsjcings Posts: 8
    Thanks for the info-- good luck with the new car! Sounds like you got a great deal!
  • Well, 2800 is just too much for a new truck. Make sure that this is not a Demo truck. If it is, you would be able to get a much lower price than what they quote. Otherwise, anything over 100 miles is too much. The perfect mileage for a new truck would be about 4- 6 miles, taking into account, driving it from the production line to the lot, then to the transporter and then from the transporter to the dealer's lot. I got my 2005 Pilot with 5.4 miles on it. Hope this helps in making your decisions.
  • Thanks markjenn and matchstick for the advice - I agree with your points. It's been a long time since I've purchased new. I've come to my senses and 250-300 miles does seem pretty excessive without a substantial price reduction. I'm looking for a 2006 AWD EX-L NAV with minimal, if any, add-ons and I'm not too picky about color. I would think they'd be plentiful. I'm in no huge hurry, so I think I will insist on test driving the SUV and/or waiting for more of them to arrive on the lots.
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