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Honda Pilot 2006



  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,077
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  • I just purchased my Pilot on the 7th and am loving it. However, I was talked into buying the after market alarm option since it will be sitting at a park n ride all day 14 hours, 5 days a week. The car already has a "security system" per the window sticker. I was told that the security system will alarm only if the door is opened without the key. So if the window is broken it won't go off unless the door is then opened. The alarm system will also add a kill switch. I was told it will alarm if the window is broken and if there is any jolting of the car--so if someone were casing it looking in the windows and they bump it the alarm should sound. Hmmm...does this really make sense to anyone?? Also, the alarm will use a separate horn vs the security system which uses the regular car horn. Do I really need both or was I tricked? He said he'd refund the charge but I don't know. I keep thinking--is more security really a bad thing?! HELP!!! :sick: (I also added the day/night rearview mirror and rear splash guards--not that they are related to the alarm...)
  • tagmantagman Malibu, CaliforniaPosts: 8,441
    Took Delivery of an AWD EX-L w/ NAV, and just want to inform anyone who's questioning the choice of rear-entertainment vs. NAV. Firstly, there are some amazing aftermarket rear-entertainment systems that can be fitted in many ways, including the usual swing down type or even the lcd screens in the headrests, and these can be purchased equal to or better than the Honda rear-entertainment system. But, it would be impossible to fit an aftermarket navigation system into the vehicle like Honda's amazing navigation system with it's integrated voice-recognition system that automatically responds to your voice commands and controls the entire climate control, the entire audio system including the built-in satellite radio, rear-view camera, as well as the new wide-screen navigation system itself. It is an amazing voice controlled system and I want to recommend it to everyone out there that is not sure whether or not to get it. It's easy to use, and works like a charm. Remember, you can always add a cool rear-entertainment later, but you can't add the integrated navigation, so if you're trying to choose between the two . . . get the factory nav!!!!! Cool is the word for it!
  • opus4opus4 Posts: 11
    I don't know if it's different, but my new 2006 center console does mar easily. I haven't tried to "buff" it out yet. I'm surprised that Honda doesn't correct this. I work in the automotive market as a raw material supplier, and there are a lot of mar resistant materials out there that are not expensive.

    BTW, I have the 2WD EXL and on my first tank I got 18mpg in mixed driving.
  • tagmantagman Malibu, CaliforniaPosts: 8,441
    Overall, don't you think the interior is much better on the '06? I think the leather is particularly good. BTW, my first tank was mixed driving in an AWD and it got 18.7 mpg. If it stays like that, I'm happy! If you figure out how to buff out your console, share it with the rest of us.
  • sas1sas1 Posts: 19
    Iam about to buy my first new car since I moved to the US. I still trying to figure out what invoice price exactly is - In Scandinavia where Iam from you just pay the sticker price - end of story, here there seems to be so much wheeling and dealing going on. However this is the qoute I got from a Dealer in Tucson AZ.

    Honda Pilot 2wd LX

    25,594 (some special internet price)
    1.945.14 saletax (7.6)
    299.00 Doc fee
    5.00 waste tire disposal fee
    471.27 License plate fee

    28.314.41 out the door

    Does this seem reasonable ? Appreciate all inputs.

    Have you noticed by the way how much better the cheapo LX model looks compared to the 05 design where it looked real real cheapo Thanks Tom
  • mldj98mldj98 Posts: 378
    IMO you were somewhat tricked....the security system that comes with your Pilot is more than adequate for today's safety concerns....first off your key has a chip in it which controls starting the engine...once you place the key in the ignition and system doesn't verify the key the motor will not start.....the other thing I think about is how much of a problem is there with people stealing guess....very low.....and most of the time when thiefs break windows usually it is a smash, grab, run type of theft....breaking car windows now days is allot harder than it use to be because glass is made unless you have something inside your car in plain view that someone might want then I would not worry to much about someone bumping into or breaking out your glass....
    How many times have you heard those after market alarms going off? All of the time right? You might take a glance over in the direction of the noise but for me it is kind of like crying wolf....after hearing it so many times you tend to ignore it....Honda makes a fairly good factory alarm that come with their vehicles and I think most after market alarms are for the older cars that did not have them on them when the vehicles were bought or if you bought an entry level model that did not come with one then you could add one...bottom line is this....if someone really wants to get in your car then nothing will stop them...especially if they do it all the time... they tend to be pros at it...remember time is a key issue....they don't break into cars and sit around on the inside of them.....they take what they want and leave in a big hurry...IMO IF they will return your money then I would try that route....but for some reason I don't think that will happen....of course this is just my opinion....enjoy your new Pilot!
  • Thanks! I'm still on the fence. I DO happen to live in Stockton, CA...the number two city for vehicle theft. Right up the freeway from the number one city...Modesto. Your thoughts are well appreciated and I will ponder them until I get to the dealer on Friday! :confuse:
  • Referance the easily scratched Honda interiors. I was hopeing they would have corrected this obvious flaw in their otherwise well thought out designs, am sure they have to be aware of the inferior properties of their plastic panel trim. This has to be a deliberate decision, the bottom line must be driving this continuation. I have had no luck with removeing the affects of the easily marred surfaces in my 2001 Accord.
  • Is there any one bought the '06 Pilot w/NAV and running board with invoice price of $32,257 including the $550 destination charge in Washington DC metro area?
    I went to a local dealer after failing to get any dealers' response through internet (,,, etc). The dealer would not deal with me since they only have 2 in the lot and none of them have NAV. They told me to come back early next month.
    I like the new Pilot and does not want to wait.
    Any advice??? :P
  • Tom,

    I dont know much about other prices in the Tucson area, but based on what we pay in Connecticut, that car is a steal! That car retails at $26,995 and roughly has an invoice of $24,200 or so. Invoice is basically what the Honda dealer pays the factory for the car. Manufacturers Suggested Retail Price (or MSRP) is the price Honda suggests the dealer sell the price at. MSRP mines Invoice equals dealer profit. So welcome to the U.S., and I suggest you but that Pilot. $25,594 is a pretty sweet deal without having to negotiate.

  • tinatinatinatina Posts: 388
    He is paying $1,300 above dealer's invoice which is just way too much, if those figures are correct. I would not pay more than $500 above the dealer's invoice at this point on a 2006. The quotes on 2006 EX 4*4 that I received were initially $1,000 above invoice, then $500 above invoice, and finally $300 above invoice or about $28,5XX plus tax, license, and documentation fee. I still balked at this price knowing that the invoice is around $28.2k and there is a holdback of about $900. This is in N. CA, so your and sas1's markets may be different. The vehicle looks impressive and I do like the changes that were made. Sas1 - can you just wait a bit - perhaps another month or so? However, if you need a vehicle right away, then its your call.
  • jensadjensad Posts: 388
    The problem hondaguy may be that the 06 four w/d are, according to the dealer I purchased it from last night) are just now coming to the dealers. There are many 2 w/d however, 4 w/d he said are now getting into the Bay Area where i live.

    My Pilot is what you wanted w/o running boards. Pilot ex-l w/ nav., $ 32,250 + Ca tax et al.

    The dealer said they made money on the dealer holdback. I THINK they have about 13-14 % to deal with. Sticker price on mine was $ 35800 before discounting.

    Good luck to all

  • tinatinatinatina Posts: 388
    This sounds like a great price. Yours is the 4*4, right? Did it include the destination charge?
    You are right about the 4X4s. I heard the same thing from several dealers. They have a ton of 2wds, but no 4wds. According to one dealer, he said that the 2wds were built first. I am leaning for a 4*4 EX or EX-L w/o navigation.
  • I would rather buy the 2005 Pilot. I like the lights much better on the 05 than on the 06. The 06's front and rear lights are not as attractive as the 05's.
  • jensad,

    You are right that the dealers only have 2wd pilot. The SUV I was quoting was 06 Pilot 4x4 with NAV, running board and destination charge. I told the local dealer sale manager that I want to pay at invoice price of $32,245. He did not reject my offer and suggest that his saleman will contact me later when the SUV I want arrives. I think the best time to get the good price is mid-December when every one is busy for the Holiday and feel broke and stress to buy a SUV. I hope I will not be broken by then.
    Hondaguy :P
  • bobob,
    The major differences between 06 and 05 are:
    1. Side curtain airbag in the rear seats (good for family with kids)
    2. Navigation with voice activation and rear camera

    There are other minor cosmetic changes (headrest, fog light, dash oard background light, etc.) but by looking at the front light and grills between the 2 SUV at the dealer lot last Monday, I donot think it really change at all. However, you save some serious money to pick 05 over 06 because the dealers want to move them badly.

  • sas1sas1 Posts: 19
    Thanks tinatina & 2moreyears for your input. I believe invoice in my area is 24.843 for the 2wdr lx - which makes me 750 over invoice. I'll get some more quotes though from the Phoenix area 100 miles away and see what happens.

    A point to Hondaguy:

    Your right you can save a bundle on going 05 vs. 06. But on the same token your resale value takes a hit as you are going to be with the "Old" model design.

    I just realized the the 2wdr weighs about 250 lbs less than the awd - would that make it quicker :P or is is the difference to small ?.

    Cheers Tom
  • I second that. There is a HUGE cosmetic difference between the 05 and 06:

    -Headlights are two squarish and give me the chills
    -Taillight are exactly the same except altezza style, I think they make the Pilot look cheep
    -Honda has given the hood the same bulge that the BMW 7-Series trunk is infamous for

    Unfortunately, I'm not in the market to lease a Pilot until Late 06/Early 07, so all the 05s will be gone and I may have to resort to Acura, Volvo or Toyota :cry:
  • tagmantagman Malibu, CaliforniaPosts: 8,441
    My vote goes for the '06. The '05 front grill looks plain and a bit weak and the '06 just simply looks more powerful and distinctive. The rear lights don't make a giant difference either way, but the front end is definately an improvement, and the built-in fog lights are also an improvement. The color-keyed door handles are definately nicer now. The interior on the '06 is so much better with the new leather and the improved navigation with amazing voice-controlled climate control, audio, and navigation. Full side curtain airbags are a must for the loved ones that sit in the rear. How could anyone pass them up? All in all the '06 is very cool, but needs one thing...automatic headlights at night. There's little reason to get an '05, except for price issues, and most of the savings on the '05 will be lost on its resale anyway. So, get the '06 and all the cool improvements.
  • I like the '06 better, too. Looking at them side-by-side at the dealer, the '06 just looks a little fresher - the Pilot has always gotten a lot of reviews that rave about the driving, handling, etc., but they generally always say it looks bland. The new standard fog lights add a sportier look to the front, as do the new BMW-like fender-mounted side marker lights. .

    . If you like leather, the '06 leather is far superior to the previous models - which had numerous problems with premature sagging - and the seat bottoms are a bit longer for '06, making for a more comfortable sitting position. At any rate, I don't let little things light the color of taillights detract from larger issues such as improved safety. Honda focused on improvements beyond the cosmetic. If you're just into superficial looks, this isn't the best looking SUV. But it is one of the best SUV's overall, and improved in many subtle ways for '06 - beyond just what you can see..
  • jtighejtighe Posts: 1
    Dealers are loaded with pilots. 2005 are going for at least 2000 below invoice. I have had 2 quotes this week for a 2006 pilot EXL RES 4WD at 100 over invoice and 180 over invoice.. Prices are falling It is a buyers market..They may go lower within 1 month..
  • Thanks for that info. jtighe. I am curious, in what part of the country are you located? I have been shopping in the MA-So. NH area. So far the best quote I have had, on the internet is $29,500, plus $180. for dealer prep costs for an '06 AWD EXL. I will be ready to buy in about three weeks.
  • tinatinatinatina Posts: 388
    jtighe, you are right. Dealers are loaded with Pilots. At one dealership, I counted at least fifteen 2006s on the lot, who knows how many more back in the storage area. Another dealership claims to have 26 2006s in stock.

    It is noted that prices will be going down shortly, and are starting to. Did you see the post about $400 below invoice on 2006 EX-L with Nav? I read a business report showing that Honda sales will be down at least 8% this month, and Toyota sales will be down at least 10%. Looks like a very ugly month for car sales in general.
  • Has anyone noticed that the HONDA website no longer shows the AMAZON GREEN METALLIC or TAFFETA WHITE colors for the 2006 Honda? I can't find it on the site, even when I "build and Price". Has anyone seen the AMAZON GREEN at their stores? I'm in colorado and they don't have any. Oh, and I think we have all the 4wd, because I can't find a 2wd one here in Colorado at all. :confuse:
  • You are right about the Honda site, no longer showing Green or White. However, websites of several local dealers in my area have both of those colors in stock in various 2006 models.
  • Thats so weird. There could have been bad customer input, so they removed the two colors from further production. Although, if you go to the Acura website the MDX (the Pilot's twin) still comes in Amazon Green and Taffeta White :confuse: .
  • Hey, I just thought of a common link between the Green and White 2006 Pilots. If I remember correctly, the both share the same interior fabric (green I think) which is different from all other colors. Possibly a problem with that specific fabric? Can anyone who has a paper brochure confirm?
  • I have seen both the Amazon Green and Taffeta White in person on '06 Pilots. The Amazon green is like an army green. Looks to me more suited to a Jeep than a Honda, but that is just my opinion. Both the green and white are the only colors that come with "olive" interior, which is more like a very dark taupe. I like the olive leather (didn't see a cloth one). Would have bought the white one, but someone already had a deposit on it, and it was the only one. Dealer should get another one on a truck within 2 weeks, so we'll wait for that one. As for the poster who can only find 4WD Pilots, in this part of TX, it's hard to find a 4WD - almost everything is 2WD. No snow and no hills don't make it a big seller around here...
  • player4player4 Posts: 362
    I've personally seen Amazon Green Metallic and Taffeta White 2006 Pilots at my local dealership. The brochure says that Amazon Green Metallic and Taffeta White 2006 Pilots share the same color interior which is Olive throughout the LX, EX, and EX-L trim levels. BTW these two the Amazon Green and Taffeta White colors are the only colors that have the Olive interiors. No other exterior clolor has the Olive interior the otehr exterior colors have either Gray or Saddle interior colors. So maybe there is a problem with the Olive color in both the cloth and leather?
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