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Hyundai Tucson Prices Paid and Buying Experience

I am looking at a 2005 Tuscon in North Carolina. LX 4WD with sunroof. My target price not including additional options (crossbars on the roof rack and a tow hitch) is 23K (including current $500 rebate). This is a little less than the current Edmunds TMV. Does this seem reasonable?


  • csuvcsuv Posts: 25
    A little too much. Try get a price $1000 below the invoice price. Visit all the dealers in your area. Don't rush to buy. The one with most inventory will see you at low price.
  • danf1danf1 Posts: 935
    Invoice on that car is about $23,400. Your offer is $100 over invoice minus the rebate. While not unreasonable, it might be difficult on this car depending upon the dealer.
  • My wife and I recently purchased a 4WD GLS with a sunroof, cup holder pad and the updated 6 disc CD/cassette radio. Before buying the car however, we checked with our two Buffalo, New York area dealers for cost comparisions. One would discount the MSRP by $1100 and the other by $1200, which is where we purchased our vehicle...And this was before the $500 rebate and $750 competitive vehicle discounts.....The TMV price was $22,655 and the $1200 off the $23,344 MSRP resulted in a price of $22,144, which is $511 less than the TMV...And this is before the $500 and $750 discounts....I would say shop around and get a lower price than the $23,000 you are thinking about....Good luck!
  • oskwioskwi Posts: 88
    Greetings fellow "Buffalonian"! (I live in the Tonawanda area)

    I just test drove a 2WD Tucson at Towne in Orchard Park...they seemed more willing to accommodate than some of the other dealerships I have visited in the past. I am assuming that the other dealership you are referring to is Northtown on Sheridan Drive? Which dealership was the better of the two AND what is the "competitive vehicle discount"? That wasn't mentioned when I went to Towne on Monday of this past week.

    Thanks for your time and input.
  • To oskwi: Greetings to you and I live in the Town of Tonawanda also...Yes, we purchased our vehicle from Northtown....They gave us a $1200 discount off the MSRP....Up to May 31st Hyundai gave a $750 discount if you owned a selected competitive vehicle----my wife leased a Toyota Rav4 and the lease was due to expire....Instead of purchasing the Rav at the end of the lease, we test drove the Hyundai and were very impressed by the ride and the attention to quality...So we purchased the Tucson.....I would recommend the 4WD Tucson due to our Buffalo winters.....That is what we purchased but since it was in May, we haven't tested it in the winter....Towne did give us a discount of $1100 and when we went to Northtown, they had to beat it to get our business...If I were you, I would insist on at least the $1200 discount....Good luck and keep me posted on what you do!
  • So I called around and got the area Hyundai dealers bidding against each other. I made a deal for an '05 Tuscon XL 4WD with sunroof in the color I wanted (silver/grey) for an OTD price of $23,400. This is $1,000 better than my local dealer (where I test drove the vehicle) was able to do. They had to buy the car from another dealer (one which I did not call) and are driving it to their dealership tonight. I pick it up tomorrow. I am very happy with the price and hopefully the car as well. The dealer I am buying from is about 50 miles away. :)

    One of the big differences in the deals was that my local dealer refused to drop the advertising fee. His loss.
  • oskwioskwi Posts: 88
    Small world!

    I'm actually relocating down to Louisville so I decided not to look at the 4WD models. I know this isn't exactly related to the thread, BUT the current Erie County fiasco and the lack of jobs caused me to look elsewhere for work and I signed a contract before I had even graduated with my Master's degree! I know that wouldn't have happened in WNY!

    Back to the topic...I test drove a Matrix this past week just to see what Toyota had to offer for the crossover segment. I absolutely hated it! It had zero pick-up and seemed to be cheaply made...I wasn't impressed. I also looked at the RAV4 and by the time I add all of the features I would want, I would be looking at close to $27, thanks. I've eliminated most everything else...I did like the Escape rental that I had this past week when my car was in for servicing, BUT after seeing a report on CNN about faulty speed sensor switches and subsequent engine fires (and house fires if parked in an attached garage), I think I'll pursue something else.

    So, needless to say, the Tucson is definitely on the "short list" and the list is getting shorter with each test drive. I'll keep you posted!
  • Sorry to see you leave Erie County but I can't blame you...My step-son graduated from UB a few years back and just couldn't find a suitable job here....He finally left and moved to Lancaster, PA and works for the federal government....The whole situation here in Erie County just disgusts me...Watch the 1% tax go through along with a huge property tax.

    My wife had a RAV4 for four years under a lease and it was a great car---no problems for the four years she had it....However, as you say, a loaded RAV is going to cost around $27,000......We obtained the GLS Tucson after all the discounts for less than $21,000....and it has a much better ride than the RAV! I just hope it holds up as well as the RAV over the long term. I also see in the paper today that Fuccillo on Grand Island is going to open a Hyundai dealership there around November---maybe you can get a better deal with them, if you're still here at that time....Good luck in Louisville---maybe a race horse would be better than an SUV????
  • oskwioskwi Posts: 88
    I'm a teacher, so my contract starts in August. I would only be back in Buffalo to help my mother move out of state...she is a retired school teacher who has decided to sell her house now that I won't be living in the area!

    As far a Fuccillo, I started off there looking at the Matrix and I wasn't as impressed as I thought I would be. I was approached before I even got out of the car, which compared to the dealerships that completely ignore you, was a pleasant surprise. However, we got into a debate about the amount of time the cars have sat on the lot...I got the usual "these cars just came in" and I responded by saying that they looked like the same exact three cars that were there about a month ago...I remember colors and options and these were definitely the same cars! Also, the salesman was limited in his knowledge about Toyotas and told me that the car he just showed me had a sunroof...which it didn't. After he noticed his screw-up, he fell all over himself trying to correct it. (A gaping hole in the roof, or lack thereof, is a hard thing to miss) I can only imagine what the final contract would look like if he came in contact with it! To make a long story short, that's how I ended up at West Herr.

    I looked at the Tucson again today...I really like the drive of the car...very quiet and responsive. I, like you, wonder about the long-term reliability, BUT with a 5/50,000 bumper to bumper warranty, I guess you can't beat it! I'm still on the fence, but I am leaning towards a new Tucson.

    As far as the race horse...if I place my bets right next May at the Derby, I might be facing a very early retirement...wouldn't that be a shame?!
  • batman47batman47 Posts: 606
    The TMV pricing given by Edmunds for a Tucson LX 4WD is about $22,000. My question is will this TMV price included all the other additions like license, taxes, plate, etc? If it doesn't include the additional costs how much approximately should I budget for this extra cost?

  • danf1danf1 Posts: 935
    TMV does not include taxes and fees. They vary depending upon state, dealer etc... Look at the paperwork on your last purchase and you should get a general idea.
  • rdillierrdillier Posts: 71
    Since both are owned by Hyundai, can anyone tell me the basic differences between the two? Considering a 4wd SUV for my wife, who works with a catering company. Haven't driven either yet. Also considering a Santa Fe, but I'm not sure about around-town mileage. After our '98 Mercury Sable died (Sheesh, how come foreign auto manufacturers can open U.S. plants and produce quality vehicles while Detroit churns out more of the same crud?) we DID test drive the '06 Sonata in both 4- and 6-cylinders, and they were GREAT.
  • secaseca Posts: 2
    You can buy Honda CRV EX for 22,000+ Tax easily in upstate NY. Why to go for Tucson when the price differential is just about 1,200 for Tucson. I would expect at least a differential of 4,000 for Tucson. If one get Santa Fe for 22,000 then it is ok.
  • rich67rich67 Posts: 5
    Just bought a Tucson GLS and found basically the same deal at two dealerships, King and Rick Case......both mark up the sticker price about $1500. with phantom services which mean nothing.....if you deduct them and about another $1000. you should come close. The Santa Fe is a better and cheaper buy with the 3500. rebate, but is somewhat underpowered. I understand they are going to offer a new Santa Fe which is bigger and more powerful, made in the new plant in Alabama for 2006. The Tucson was compared with the Subaru Forester, RAV 4, VUE, Honda CRV.....found it to be the best ride and warranty.
  • njeraldnjerald Posts: 688
    Read the Sportage or Tucson Forums from the start, look at both websites or compare brochures!!!!!!!!!
  • I also drove about 50 miles to buy my Hyundai, and I have 3 other dealerships within a 12 mile radius. They just wouldn't match the quote. Their loss. You'll love your Tucson - it's been great the first 7500 miles.
  • This evening I bought a Tucson LX 4WD w/ sunroof at Kerry Hyundai, Alexandria, KY. It is loaded, and I guess the package is the top of line. Looked around Greater Cincinnati area for a week or so. It is amazing that I could not find any LX FWD with the color we prefer. Finally moved to 4WD with the right color. The OTD price is $23,000. My wife and me are happy with this new vehicle. Hope it will run great in the future.
  • rdillierrdillier Posts: 71
    Monday night we contributed our bit to the overall economy, purchasing a 2005, Mesa Red Tucson GLS V6 at Antwerpin Hyundai in Clarksville, MD. First new car in my 42-year driving experience. Of course, I only get to see it when my wife parks it in the driveway. Outside of the test drive, my only time behind the wheel came on the 10.8-mile drive from the dealer to home... ;).

    Our daughter bought a 2005 Sonata there in June, so the sales person knew us, and knew I wouldn't respond to pressure (I'd rather have a root canal than talk with car sales people.). The deal was good, about $19,800 plus the taxes, license, etc. We also added the extended warranty because we tend to drive cars until they're on life support. Wasn't quite as prepared for the "back end" of the deal, however, so I want to sharpen up on those skills before I go back to purchase a 2006 Sonata in a few months. Any tips for me? Hyundai sure has come along nicely since my '88 Excel.
  • danf1danf1 Posts: 935
    My tip would be to not wait a couple months before getting a Sonata. Right now you will get $1,000 owner loyalty rebate and $1,000 bonus cash if you finance through Hyundai.
  • rxcaptrxcapt Posts: 17
    Bought a Tucson LX from Fitzgerald Automall in Gaitherburg. No haggle Dealer (supposedly). Paid $21,365 (plus taxes). Overall a good buying experience, except they forgot about the $500 military rebate (luckily I found out about it through the Edmunds info pak, that alone more than paid for the fee so I knew to get it), they sold the car I wanted and had to drive one down from Baltimore.

    IMPORTANT-if you go there, a word to the wise, Fitzgerald stores their excess cars at Lakeforest mall in a separate parking lot on the HECHTS side of the mall. Well worth it to drive over there and see all the cars and colors (and prices) without a salesman hovering around you. They also have a lot there (1 over) that is full of jeeps.

    As an aside, I tried to get Alexandria Hyundai involved to see what kind of deal I could get from them. They were a bit aloof to be polite. Total waste of time.

    Fitzgerald did try the strong arm on "glass breakage sensors". Brought in this older gentleman that was "just looking out for me". I thought he was going to be in tears pleading with me to just get the sensors ($399). You should have seen the look on his face when another salesman came by and told him the sensors they had were incompatible with the Tucson! :cry:
  • Just picked up a 4wd GLS Tuscan (alpine frost). Sticker was $23,199, I paid 20,400 plus tax& tags. Current rebate for me was $1000, I didnt qualify for previous owner rebate(500). Priced it out at 4 different dealers, the one I bought from was about $400 less than all others...
  • I'm from New York City. On Friday we (wife and I and 2 kids) test drove an automatic drive GS. Yesterday we test drove a FWD GLS (also automatic). We liked it and after some this and that'ing got a price quote of $20K for a 4WD GLS.

    This price is supposed to include taxes (normally around $1800), delivery fee (normally around $595). Since we might take the 3.9% Hyundia financing, the above fee waives the $1K rebate offer (apparently it is either/or). This afternoon as we were reviewing the "order" sheet, we noticed that it is non-committal and that the guy did not write that the price was inclusive of all fees and taxes.

    Frankly, I find this hard to believe, but since the manager even said yes in our presence twice that they would waive FWD to 4WD upgrade, and no delivery free, we are going to try and stick to our guns on that (for the little good it will probably do) but expect they will claim that including the tax was our misunderstanding.

    Has anybody heard of any deal such as this? Or are we about too enter finance manager hell? Normally I'd expect the latter, but now that Hyundia is having the rebates and dealers will want to get the 2005 off the lots, I'm curious if this is going to be normal pricing for the next month?

    That said, we got into a deep discussion around 2pm and decided that it's likely we're about to be taken for a ride and went to visit another local dealer. Well, suffice it to say that this guy wanted to charge tax and delivery fee. To boot, he also wants to charge $500 advertising (already told him that was ridiculous but for now he wants to stick to that it's normal and just ok to charge that) and also a $493 "pre-fee" (when I asked him what the was he said it was a fee to remove the plastic and such from the seat, I had to do what I could to be on the floor laughing to death). We almost got him to waive the $493 fee, though he insisted it too was normal and just ok to charge, but as the price is so different than the alledged $20K from the other dealer, don't know what to make of what.

    Very much thanks in advance, even if but to say I'm just doing wishful thinking from either dealer. I shudder the thought of perhaps having to visit a third dealer (which may have to be in Manhattan) to got a 3rd opinion :)
  • Also, in case the $20K dealer is into playing games, whether we go with them or not.. we're have quandry question, though it will help if we need to redecide the purchase...

    And that quandry is about the 4WD. First, I'm confused about whether it is true 4wd or not. Anybody know? (sorry, I don't know internal terms or whatnot to phrase this any better).

    But mostly: We drive in sand for recreation, etc. but if had too, can find alternative sources of recreation if it came down to it. So this reduces the question to this: Give we have iced roads, snow, etc in New York City, how will a FWD fare? A few people mention Buffalo and upstate NY (at least I think they did) so am curious if any of you have FWDs and how they survived winters? I'm not so concerned about blizzards of the century (nobody will be able to move their cars then) or even about highway driving (most will be cleared enough to not be a problem) but driving to local supermarket, parking on iced parking spots (getting in and out), getting 10 miles to next town on local road, etc.

    So, IOWs, notwithstanding my technical questions, do I really need 4WD/AWD? This may help if the dealer really doesn't offer the same cost cost FWD and 4WD.
  • guyfguyf Posts: 456
    The Tucson has traction control and stability control; so you do not need 4WD. 4WD will give you better acceleration out of stop signs on snow but that's about it.
  • Minus say driving on dry sand, is it generally agreed that that is the only benefit to 4WD on a Tuscon?
  • Well, the good news is that we went back to the dealer and the sales rep appeared to write in all the right numbers for us in all the right places. So it appears we have a 4WD GLS automatic "for $20K." We're going to finance $10K of it and so taxes are included, so it's 3.9% on that, or $239 for 60 months (or $14340 if done over 60 months). So bottom line is $24340. Pickup should be tomorrow! My fingers are crossed it goes smooth.
  • guyfguyf Posts: 456
    A loan of $10K over 5 years at 3.9% should give you monthly payments of $183.71 per month! A total of $11,022.86.

    There is a macro in Excel to calculate monthly payments on a loan.

    The numbers your dealer is giving you do not seem right!
  • Yikes, I wrote that wrong. Originally we thought it was tax included on the $20K, so I keep thinking we're putting down 1/2 (hence $10K) and owe the other half ($10K), but since the clarification that tax is additional in the financing deal, that means we're putting 10K down, leaving some 10K + 1800 or so for the tax, or $11800 to be financed, bringing it to $2xx. On a web thing I did they were off some about $15/month, but I'm expecting the contract tonight to lay it out, and am expecting this is an upfront admin fee that accounts for that.
  • guyfguyf Posts: 456
    That's a $900.00 admin fee. At $239. per month, what you have is the equivalent of a 8% loan. Hardly a bargain....

    Try to negociate that down!

    Good luck!
  • I took the $1000 rebate from hyundai, and got 5% from a local bank for 60 months. The 3.9 percent from hyundai is no bargain......I financed about $10,000 btw.
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