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Hyundai Tucson Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Thx for that. I'm thinking we will take the wifes altima for the weekend, better safe than sorry. too bad , was looking forward to driving the new car.
  • Curious to know where you live. I have been trying to make a deal with just about every dealer in Ohio for a 2006 Limited 4wd and the lowest price anyone will give me is $22,713 including the $1,000 rebate. This price is, of course, before tax title and license. It also does not include the sunroof. I know the 2007's will be out shortly and I'm hoping they will be willing to negotiate with me a bit more.
  • pas914pas914 Posts: 14
    I live in NJ - the dealership I purchased from was "Brad Benson Mitsubishi & Hyundai". they had a special at the time and were offering "30% off any new Hyundai" .. the inflated sticker price ($27k) included a $3k "option pkg" (which amounted to door guards, mud flaps and a pinstripe), and they added $1k back in after the 30% (they said that was a Hyundai loyalty incentive for previous Hyundai owners only), but then took off another $500 for military discount -- so in the end, I dont think it was really 30% off of the car's true value. But either way, the car still came out ($19,500) well under the list/bluebook/msrp.

    One more note - the car I got is a limited edition with running boards and a few extras, but it does NOT have a sunroof ..

  • Hi Everyone,
    I leave in Northen NJ and this is what I got from the dealer: (2006 Hyundai Tucson GL, automatic, basic version, without accesories)
    "I have the vehicle you've requested in-stock...
    A 2006 Hyundai Tucson automatic lists at $19,345.00 including destination. Invoice is $18,774.00. You can purchase the car for $500 bellow invoice, and there is $1,000.00 factory rebate."

    So after calculation, it looks like this:
    MSRP: $19,345.00 (both, dealer and
    $18,774.00 - invoice price, including destination charge $600.00 (but invoice price on is $18,315.00 so seems dealer is adding $459.00 on his invoice price)
    - $500 discount
    - $1000 factory rebate
    which gives $17,274.00
    Is this price OK?
  • I'm looking around for 2006 Hyundai Tuscon in Milwaukee wisconsin and can also drive around to Chicago, IL if I'm getting a better deal.

    The dealer here is offering for V6 4WD Moonroof leather interior and 6 cd changer

    Limited: 24301 - 1000rebate + Tax

    Is this a good one to go with...please advise
  • Just got pricing for a new 2006 Tucson GLS 6 cyl...4X4. Including the rebate of 1500 dollars the Price EXCLUDING tax is 21,450. Emailed few dealers... and that seems to be the going price. Almost like they all talk to each other. Does anone know if this is good deal for me.
  • I just hope you wont have my problem with the 05 tucson, my A/C malfunctioned after one year...bought it Aug o5, gave me a problem already during Aug 2006, Hyundai USA cant do anything, brought it already with two dealer, twice in Douglas Hyundai stayed there for two whole day, and sent it out again to another Hyundai, they didn't cange my A/c or even fix it, they gave me the reason of that my Termostat needs to be at MAX always, I hope you wont get a Lemon, also I learned the hard way that Hyundai tends to loose VALUE VERY VERY FAST!!!
  • I'm thinking of buying a Hynudai Tucson. Either 2006 or 2007. The 2006 models seem around 2 K below the 2007 models (which are not really available at this point). I do need to buy within a couple of weeks so I can't wait for 2007 models anyway in trim and color. There seem to be relatively few differences between the 2006 and 2007 SUVs.

    I know that resale value will be lower for the 2006 model, but I do not intend to resale for many years so I don't care about that.

    Any thoughts on going with the cheaper 2006 model
  • If you are looking to keep the car 5+ years it doesn’t matter if it is a 06 or a 07. From what I can tell there is barely a difference between the two with exception to a few new colors.

    Hyundai is also offering a rebate on the 06 now:
    GLS V6 and Limited V6 - $1500
    GL 4 cyl - $1000

    There is also special financing as well on the 06.

    I personally would go for the 06 if you are looking to keep the car until the wheels fall off. With the 2007 coming onto the lots, they are more willing to negotiate on their current inventory and you can get the rebate.
  • johnjjjohnjj Posts: 81
    Does anyone know, or have an idea, on what the rebate amount will be tomorrow (November) for the 2006 Tuscon GLS? It's $1500 right now, but I'm thinking it could only go up tomorrow. IMO it wouldn't make sense for it to go down. But maybe my thinking is wrong. I'm about to close a deal today, but maybe I should wait until tomorrow.
  • I just bought a extended warranty today with my new tucson. At first I thought it was a waste of money buying a 10 year bumper to bumper warranty even though it comes with a 5 year B to B and 10 year powertrain. I was told the cost was $1,800 something. Anybody else buy one and I would be interested in knowing how much it cost you. I have 60 days to keep or cancel the policy. Any input would be helpful.
  • Hi! I purchased an extended warranty in June when I brought my Tucson. I live in NY and was quoted 1500 and change.
    I told the FI guy that I wanted it, but no way in hell I was going to pay that. I told him I’d give him $700. He gasped as if I was crazy. Before he could say anything I said “Look I did my homework, we both know you didn’t pay 1500 for that policy. I’m not going over 800. If I don’t buy it here I’ll buy it at another dealership.”

    He gave it to me for $800. :shades:

    I usually keep my cars for a while so I feel a warranty from the car manufacturer is worth it. In addition is has no deductible and if you choose to sell the car/trade it in, it will help enhance the resale value slightly because it is transferable to the new owner.

    Best of luck with you new Tucson. I love mine. :)
  • I was just quoted $900 from our dealer yesterday. I haven't seen the actual papers though. I am buying a 2007 GLS FWD. I wasn't sure if a warranty is worth it. I already have AAA roadside.
  • fbyersfbyers Posts: 2
    I just bought a new 2006 4WD V6 Tucson. I really like the car. The owner’s manual states the when the 4WD lock button is pushed. The setup begins to get cancelled when the vehicle speed exceeds 30 km/h and completely releases at 40 km/h. This is only 20 mph to 25 mph. In my opinion this not 4WD. If I am driving on the highway and one of my front tires slips or spins will my rear wheels engage at speeds greater than 25 mph.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 64,725
    The 4WD lock is for deep snow/mud conditions.. It locks in 4WD at all times, even when it isn't needed..It is only for extreme circumstances. The reason it becomes inoperable at high speeds is that long term use could damage your vehicle.

    Your 4WD system will still operate normally, when the lock isn't being used.. If the front wheels slip, power will shift to the rear.

    I see you posted in the general Hyundai Tuscon discussion, as well.. Someone there will probably chime in with specific details of how your particular system works.



    Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

  • dan92dan92 Posts: 3

    I am in market to looking for new vehicle. I am thinking of 2007 tucson. Do anyone know the buying price in Rhode Island / Mass area. What kind of discounts should I be asking for?

  • klamathklamath Posts: 6
    I am trying to make a decision on which SUV to purchase. I have test driven the Santa Fe and the Tucson among lots of others. I thought that it was narrowed down to the Escape/Mariner or the Santa Fe. Today while I when for another test drive in the Santa Fe I also drove the Tucson. My wife and I both like the Tucson and the Santa Fe. We have an elder parent living with us now and I think the Tucson would be a little easier to get in and out of.

    When I came home I checked the Tucson and Santa Fe discussions. While there are lots of discussions on the Santa Fe and the Kia Sportage there is almost nothing on the Tucson. Can anyone help?
  • chyannachyanna Posts: 9

    I'll have my Tucson a year in June and I love it.I purchased the Limited with all the bells and whistles, it is just a great car to drive.
    I've talked to a number of owners before and after buying, and they were all pleased with their purchase. As with all vehicles it has its pros and cons.

    The major complaints I have heard repeatedly about the Tucson is that the stock tires wear out quickly and that it can be very thirsty in heavy stop and go driving situations. I didn’t feel either one was a deal breaker because 99% of the time stock tires are horrible and any V6 is going to drink gas in very urban stop and go driving conditions. Personally, I feel the gas mileage is on par for this type of vehicle with a V6. I always say if you are really concerned about gas mileage, get a 4cylinder car.

    My personal take on the Tucson is as follows:
    The Tucson drives wonderfully in all kinds of conditions. I driven in nor’easters and heavy snow and the Tucson preformed great! Side note, I do use dedicated winter tires so that helped a little. The visibility is excellent. It is very easy to maneuver in tight spots. Its lay out is very thoughtful and has a ton of storage compartments. The Back seats flip down easily and provide a perfectly flat loading surface WITHOUT the need of removing the front headrest. I LOVE the wiper deicers, so if you live in a place where you get snow and ice and park outside, get them. I’m also a huge fan of the seat warmers. Its step in height makes it easy for everyone to get in and out of it. Everything works as it should and it did not cost me a fortune to. On top of it all it has a great warrantee.

    As far as how quiet the forum is, I like to think it is because no one is having any real major complaints about the vehicle. Furthermore, Santa Fe was just significantly remolded this year and it larger, so more people are attracted to it. The Kia Sportage is also another redesigned so it might have more of a following and if I’m not mistaken, I think it might be a wee cheaper and has a different look than the Tucson.

    I did a google search for "Tucson drivers" and found an international community that had a lot of information and opinions. (I’m not sure if I am allowed to give the actual website here.) Give that a try.

    Good luck in your decision
  • bjw1bjw1 Posts: 152
    hi there,

    I bought my tucson june of 2006, I have a 2006 model gls v6, and I love it, not too small or too big, getting descent mpg, get 20.2 in town and 23.5-24 mpg on highway driving 80 mph+ I have just passed the 12000 mile mark and have no intention of getting rid of it. I am 6 ft tall and fit comfortably on long hauls, very small minor adjustments I would like is 2 more inches of head room, few more inches of leg room, and arm rest little higher, but not a deal breaker for me though, I can also fit comfortably in the rear seat with front seats all the way back, the visability is great iin the tucson, and the manuverablity is great, easy to drive and handle, did good in the snow(2 inches) that I was driving in, the stabliity control works as it should. The tucson does not have that much cargo area if that is a concern, for me it wasn't. anything else just write.
  • klamathklamath Posts: 6
    Thanks for your responses. After careful consideration I decided to go with the Santa Fe. We got the SE FW with the touring and premium packages. So far I have only driven it home from the dealer. My wife has had it for the last two days. I will drive it tomorrow when I take it back to the dealer for detailing. Thanks for your input.
  • badams007badams007 Posts: 7
    After test driving an '07 I knew I needed a Tuscon to replace my Blazer. I could not afford new though, and had to have the V6, 4x4.

    I live in upstate NY. I worked my butt off to even find any, and when I did, the price was essentially the same as the new ones.

    After hours of searching, I drove downstate to Nanuet Hyundai and bought an '06 with 20k for $16,000. It's super clean and so far I consider it a very good deal and worth the 3 hr drive each way to save about $4-5,000

  • petecalpetecal Posts: 28
    Looks like a damn good buy. Here in Western NY there is an Enterprise Rental place trying to get $17,800 for an '06 GLS (like an 06 SE). It has 26,300 miles on it. They won't bargain.
  • magooomagooo Posts: 4
    I am an older lady who needs some help. For an 07 GLS (4 cyl/auto., no sunroof) the dealer quoted me: MSRP $20310, Inv $19763, bottom line after rebate/disc is $18463. Is that a good price? I was really hoping for something around 17K... I would appreciate any advice as I know nothing about this kind of thing except how salesmen sometimes take advantage of 'little old ladies'.
  • hibtonehibtone Posts: 8
    Does that bottom line price include TT&L? If so that sounds pretty good. Is it a FWD? If so, Fitzmall appears to be selling similar 07 GLS's for from $17,653 to $18,063 plus a $99 doc fee. You might be able to go back and get them to match that, or if you live near a fitz location you could go through them.
  • oskidunker1oskidunker1 Posts: 213
    Am probably going for the Azera in the fall but inventory seems non existant so I would consider this SUV. Have never had an SUV, don't particularly like the concept but have had pain in my right leg when driving for more than 30 minutes and have been told an SUV sits you higher with your body more in alignment then the twisted right foot to reach the gas in sedans.Currently I drive an Audi A6 2004. Any help would be appreciated.I would like to continue to have the 4 wheel drive which the Azera does not have
  • tpfilm1tpfilm1 Posts: 25
    But I have to commend the guys at Hyundai of ILM. I have been very honest with them and they have worked with me.

    See... I can get any new Hyundai at TRUE invoice minus 15%. My step-dad works at HMMA (where they build the Sonanta and the Santa Fe) and I can get his pricing (HMMA Team Member Purchase Program.) I was considering a Santa Fe GLS, AWD, 5 spd but decided I liked the Tucson SE, 4WD better.

    Even though they know I can't buy from them (have to take delivery in Montgomery, AL) they have allowed me to test drive two different Tucsons and one Santa Fe on two differrent days. Without any problems. Out of respect for them I did ask if I could drive them and had the sales man assure me he wasn't going to miss anything (both times I went around 7P. In the beginning of the week. The lot was deserted except for me!)

    In case ya'll are wondering.... price for me will be:

    '07, SE, 4WD, no options: $18499 (includes destination charge.) Will not have to pay sales tax in AL, only in NC. NC sales tax is 3% = $554.97. Also: the dealership in Mongtomery can't add anything to the vehicle unless I agree to it... before I get there. HMMA generates (for lack of a better term) a purchase order with my name on it. It details what I want and what I want on it. It details the price. Any dealer add-ons have to be negotiated ahead of time. No over-priced pinstriping, no etching, no paint/interior 'protectant', no ADVERTISING FEES! If it was on the vehicle ahead of time... oh well. Thanks! I am trying to get HMMA to tell me if I can get the rebates. That would be sweet: $1500 (as of 07/19/07) rebate on top of great price!
  • colloquorcolloquor Posts: 482
    We currently own a 2006 Elantra GLS, and my wife wants a small SUV. We'll keep the Elantra, but we've been looking at the Tucson GLS FWD Automatic. Here's the quote we just received from Pugi Hyundai in Downers Grove, IL (the same place we purchased our Elantra in December 2005):

    2007 Hyundai Tucson FWD Automatic, Platinum Color with Premium Package:


    This, of course, does not include TTL, but includes the current incentives. I planned to pay cash, but if I finance it through Hyundai Financial, the price drops to $16,752.

    Any comments on the price?

  • boltguyboltguy Posts: 94
    I think that's a very good price. Here is the lowest pricing I can find on the internet.. and you've beaten them by quite a bit.

    link title
  • colloquorcolloquor Posts: 482
    Thanks. They gave me a great deal on our 2006 Elantra - just a bit over $12K. And, last year they quoted $17.5K for a 2006 Sonata LX (now known as the Limited). They are an excellent dealer.
  • tpfilm1tpfilm1 Posts: 25
    Anyone know if Hyundai will continue the rebates into August or will they 'Duh' them a bit to move the '07s?
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