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Nissan Altima Real World MPG



  • sellcarsellcar Posts: 21
  • sellcarsellcar Posts: 21
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    Do let us know. And you really do need to post in normal case instead of upper. All caps make posts very difficult to read which means a lot of people will just skip them. Plus, as mentioned, it looks like you are yelling at us, and we really would like to help. :)

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  • sellcarsellcar Posts: 21
    Any one else have an idea what I can try to help get better gas mileage? Please let me know.
  • tent2tttent2tt Posts: 46
    2000 Altima 4 cylinder GXE bought new in CA (so has CA emission standards) has 73,000 miles on it, gets between 25-27mpg (I notice it gets better mpg with higher octane)and it really zooms! Have to sell it because it's time to get something that can go off-road and tow 5500lb. travel trailer, but I am going to miss my Altie. Only complaints: could have much better turn radius and higher clearance (who engineers these cars to not be able to park in a parking lot without scraping the underside of the front bumper on the concrete ppark stops)?
  • sellcarsellcar Posts: 21
    I am now using plus fuel and I am still getting a pinging from the engine. Any answers to that?
  • sellcarsellcar Posts: 21
    Does anyone else have an answer to this fuel eater? I tried using 35 psi in all the tires and I'm also using 92 higher octane gas. The car still pings and I just checked the fuel mileage and I only getting 20 MPG tops this is for a combo of streets and highway with the A/C OFF. I am driving like I have an egg under my shoe. Does anyone have an answer to this problem? Does anyone think I have an engine problem or something else? Please give me some advise? Thanks!
  • I drive a 2005 with the 2.5L and get 29mpg with 25% city and 75% highway driving, 75 mph on the freeway. There is really no reason for your car to be pinging on 92 octane gas, I drive in the Mojave desert in the summer time with the air on without pinging and I pump 87 octane. What brand of gasoline do you use, is it a Tier One gas like Shell or do you use some no name gas or worst, Arco? Just a thought.
  • sellcarsellcar Posts: 21
    I have used/tried Mobil and Shell Gasoline with the same results. I would never put in a no name Gas. I can't understand why I am having this fuel problem.
  • When you took your car to the dealership did the service department checkout the car? Did they plug it into the computer and do a diagnostic engine check? Or did the salesman just blow you off? Pinging and bad gas mileage can be any number of things gone wrong under the hood, like a bad O2 sensor. Normally a engine problem would trigger the check engine light but, we all know how unreliable electronics can be at times. If they haven't checkout the car, I would take it in and have them do a complete engine diagnostic, it's under warranty. If they don't agree, take your complaint to Nissan USA and see if they will help. The squeaky wheel gets the oil.
  • sellcarsellcar Posts: 21
    I will have the car rechecked by another dealer. Thanks!
  • sellcarsellcar Posts: 21
    I'm looking for other 2007 2.5 Altima owners with the same problem. Anybody out there?
  • sellcarsellcar Posts: 21
    I have the same problem with my car. Did you find an answer to your problem with fuel mileage?
  • townboy325townboy325 Posts: 37
    any of your guys having problem like Rattling sound at startup or u can check this out if u do take your car back to dealer have them upgrade the ECM hope this will help that your pinging
  • sellcarsellcar Posts: 21
    I have a 2007 Nissan Altima 2.5 SL with the same noise when the car is cold or sitting a while. I replaced the engine oil with Mobile 1 and also added in a bottle of Lucas oil and now the noise is very low when I cold start. I don't know why I have to use any additives to help to remove the noise when the engine is cold.
    Maybe an engine recall coming? Please let me know.
  • jd10013jd10013 Posts: 779
    its not a problem with the engine, it the ecm. It just needs reprogrammed. that is, if you bought your car in california. it may also be whats affecting your gas milage
  • sellcarsellcar Posts: 21
    I live in NY. Is this the same problem as California cars?
  • jd10013jd10013 Posts: 779
    do they adhere to california emission standards? If they do, I'd deffinitly ask the dealer about it. there is a known probem with the altima that are built for those standards with cold start up. Nissan has a service bullitan out about it. As I said, the cure is very simple. they just need to update the ecm. check this link that townboy325 put in his post.

    link title
  • pseonghopseongho Posts: 3
    I got my 2.5 SL about a month ago and go about 650 miles on it so far. I'm driving work about 5 miles locally with lots of stop sign (about 10). I'm getting 20.

    sellcar, did you have a dealer to check your engine? I wonder the result.
  • sellcarsellcar Posts: 21
    My car is now in the dealers repair shop. I will keep an update as new information on this problem comes in.
  • My 2007 3.5 SE with 3,000 miles got 24.3 MPG on its last tank neck-to-neck after driving just 222 miles--mostly highway using the AC. On tanks where I've driven upwards of 300 or more miles mostly highway it's gotten low 26. It's MPG meter showed average of 28.2 one time, but usually stays in the high 26 range. Hasn't used a speck of oil--still 3/4 full since taking delivery on 12/21/06. As you can tell, I don't drive it very much--stay mostly in a 1990 Festiva 5 Spd I bought on 7/5/04 with 159,000 miles on it for $300--it now has 181,000 on it--get 39-41 MPG everytime I fill up. Changed timing belt and clutch for $750--I'm shooting for 200,000...
  • I'm having 24 mpg from my calculation with 40% city and 60 highway with the new 2007 2.5S, is it abnormal? I always have AC on at low, and I'm not an aggressive driver.
  • neo_neo_ Posts: 14
    almost the same case here. mine is 500 miles old.. i drive about the same as you but don't use the a/c as much. i am getting 25+..
  • jd10013jd10013 Posts: 779
    I've read several places that the mpg will increase after you get over 2 or 3k. something about being programmed to run a richer fuel mixture to assist in break-in. not sure if its true though.
  • arthwerksarthwerks Posts: 14
    Yes, Altimas will get better mileage after about 2-3 thousand miles. One reason for this is that everybody drives differently. The computer will actually make adjustments according to the way you drive. I have friends that drive interstate almost exclusively. They are getting 31-32 MPG. By the way, some Nissans do say premium fuel recommended. All Nissans run just fine on 87 octane fuel.
  • sellcarsellcar Posts: 21
    I have over 6,000 miles on my 2007 Altima 2.5 SL and my mileage stinks. I tried filling the tires to 35 psi and no change. I had the computer reprogramed by the dealer and still no change. I don't think this car will ever get good gas mileage or even close to the lowest mileage that is rated on the window sticker. I just think, it's just a gas eater @ 20-23 MPG Tops! I think Nissan gave a high rating about how much mileage this car gets because they know fuel is high and getting higher and they want the lead on the other automakers to show there car gives better MPGS then the others. When I think about it, the engine is larger then Toyota Camry and Honda Accord's 4 cyl. but the window sticker on the Altima 2.5 says it gets more MPG'S then thiers. I ask, how can it get better fuel mileage then the others that have smaller engines? Yes, I know it's a larger engine and it will give more take off power, but will pay in the price of gas.
  • Manufacturers don't set the MPG numbers. The EPA does and it's only an estimate. For 08, they have adjusted the figures. You only have 6K miles, give it about 10K. You're still within range of the EPA range estimate.
    I had a 07 Civic that got about 23-25 mpg.
  • arthwerksarthwerks Posts: 14
    Everyone that I have talked to is getting at least 25 MPG out of a 2.5S or SL. If you have not cleared your MPG guage, it reads an average what it has read since the car was completed and put on the test track. This is usually around 4.0 MPG. Go to and you will see the ratings for 2008 model cars. These are actual mileage ratings from the EPA. You will notice that Toyota and Honda were the ones deceiving their customers. Nissans ratings were actually pretty accurate. Up until this point, cars had to be driven only 40 MPH, with no AC, windows rolled up, in perfect weather conditions for mileage rating tests. Besides, sometimes larger engines do give better gas mileage because of the weight of the vehicle. A larger, more powerful engine will have to work less. With a CVT transmission, you don't get as much "over-revving" as you do with a conventional automatic. Your RPMs will stay lower and thus causing the engine to work less. If you drive the car hard, you will not get good mileage. That is true of any car. Recently, I had to use a Toyota Avalon rental. The mileage I got was worse than my wife's Murano which has a larger engine.
  • sellcarsellcar Posts: 21
    My car has a pinging sound when I start out from a traffic light. I took it back to the dealer and they reprogramed the computer, but it still pings. The dealer dosn't know how to fix the problem so they are getting in touch with Nissan Motor company. Anyone having this same problem with there 2007 Altima 2.5?
  • maximafanmaximafan Posts: 592
    Uh, I don't believe the Murano has more power
    than an Avalon. Avalon has, I believe, 268 horsepower and the Murano has 244 horsepower.
    So you should see less mpg's with the Avalon than with the Murano.
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