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Nissan Altima Real World MPG



  • motoguy128motoguy128 Posts: 146
    All things being equal, the Accord being about 300lbs heavier will get lower mileage, especially with hills. However, as many people are finding, it's easy to put your foot into the CVT and not realize that you're accelerating harder than you realize.

    This isn't magic... the Altima 2.5L makes more power under about 6000RPM than the Hondas 2.4L. (look at the torque ratings) at 4000RPM, where you use it most, the Altima makes as much as 20 more HP than the Accord. More HP = more gas if both have similar overall effeciency. So if you drove both car side by side on the same road, you'll get better mileage with the Altima, but wthout realizing it, you're probably taking advantage of the extra power. The Accord would need to rev another 500RPM to match the Altima's power, an then another 300RPM to make up for the extra weight.

    So... don't put you're foot into it, keep the engine under 2500RPM and you should see an improvement. The trick it to keep an eye on the tachometer, try and keep it from climbing as much as possible. If you're careful with the throttle, you'll find the car can climb like a goat at low RPM's. I've crawled up a 10% grade at about 10mph at only 1400RPM... with 1 passenger. I was expecting it to rev to 2500, but it locked up the torque converter and kept it in the lowest range on the CVT and muscled up it.
  • jkandlerjkandler Posts: 5
    Hi, mine is a 2007 2.5S. The dealer said it will be close to 10,000 before it is broke in. I noticed right away that the mpg on the dashboard is about 5 mpg greater than the tank fills. So keep the gas receipts and check the real numbers. Over the winter in Wisconsin I averaged 25.7mpg. Now that spring is here it is 27.6mpg. These are all extremely bad. In the last 15 years I have not owned a car that I didn't get at least +10% over the published numbers for the highway. I drive 49 miles on the freeway each time, and average 40mph. Stangest thing, this is the sames dirve I have been doing for years with these other cars and filling at the same stations. Gee, I must be doing something wrong. If this stays this way I figure that it will cost me $10,000 over my normal usage life of the car to put gas in this thing. I am not a happy person. Friday I go back to the dealer again with my latest gas receipts. :sick:

    If there are other out there with a problem like this I would sure like to hear from you.
  • sincraftsincraft Posts: 24
    This is just a pile of s***.

    Personally, I would LOVE to see some class action lawsuits sent out against Honda and Nissan. At SEVERAL dealerships, I was quote WAY above the EPA ranges for City mileage.

    Funny how, when you buy the car (IE: my truck) from a dealer, then call to complain about numbers below the EPA #'s, and they then suddenly remember the hilly terrain we live in and cheap tree hugger non effective gas we use - and use this as an excuse for the reason they flat out LIED to you about what to expect.

    Why do they do this? Well because they all do.

    The only solace is knowing that the Honda DOES get less MPG than the Altima.

    We haven't even gotten ours yet, but I don't expect 23 honestly. Maybe 22. PA adopted the CA standards so we get less MPG. Funny, the website says to expect MORE MPG. Lies.

    It's so funny how people believe this is about saving the trees or the purple nosed squirrels, when in reality it's about making constituents happy and making huge amounts of $$$$$.

    I personally do not know what to do about buying this car either. We only have two choices. One has very light small scratches very low on the bumper about 1 cm in width , about 10 of them. The other, the nose ringed adorned car wash kid used sandpaper to wash the car they picked up on trade from another dealer and now it looks like what my truck did after a year of washing AND a winter.

    I wish there was another option, but after driving the accord today and dealing with the dealers unwilling to do anything less than 3% ABOVE invoice, and after feeling the EXTREME lack of power the accord 4 cyl has to's a no brainer - Altima all the way. :(

    Oh well. The lesser of two evils I suppose.
  • busirisbusiris Posts: 3,490
    Personally, I would have a problem buying a brand new car with any known defect, be it paint or anything else.

    It doesn't sound like your 2 dealer prospects are very customer oriented...that may be a clue to how you will be treated after the sale.

    I purchased a 2.5SL sedan in January 08, and fortunately, the dealership I dealt with was very accomodating....So much, in fact, that when I went to pick the car up, it was raining, and they provided me a demo to drive until the rain ended the next day. The sales manager said that a new car should be driven off the lot on a sunny day to truely be appreciated. It wasn't a big issue to me, but it sent a huge message as to how I would be treated later if a problem arose...
  • sincraftsincraft Posts: 24
    I don't want to highjack this thread but I will say in response to you that yes, I'm in a pickle here. We don't service our vehicles at the same places we buy them anyway. I took my Frontier to the garage I bought it over a 6 months period complaining about gas mileage. Finally gave up and went to another Nissan garage where they found some evaporator that needed replaced. Check engine light would pop on, I would go in and 15 mins later they would come out saying it was just a routine light. Yea. After 2 times I left to go elsewhere.

    I just put 10 gallons in the tank, marked my point and yesterday when we were almost home, it was about at the same point (Just before the yel light turns on) and we were at 194 miles! I would NEVER have been at 194 miles prior to the light turning on. Usually about 145-165. TOPS. I have this down to a science as I compared it to a full tank.

    I'm hoping this Altima gets OK gas mileage. At 23 that is a bit LOWWWWW for a 4 cyl. Keep in mind also that we have cars with two different emissions.

    CA, PA and about 15 other states NOW HAVE CARS that are CA emissions. Which means that it will be rated at 22 mph although they legally don't have to put that up there for some reason, they only have to state 23. If they are going to screw us, at least be honest about the end result eh?
  • sincraftsincraft Posts: 24
    I just ran the math for a car that lasts 125,000 miles. You will pay about $900 more for that car in fuel by best estimate if you have a car with CA emissions.
    Funny, most people don't even REALIZE that their state only allows a dealer to sell CA emissions product.
    AND, if they adopted this, they also force the fuel to not include as much sulfur in the gas which creates a very small amount of extra emissions. This raises the cost of fuel AND with all the other restrictions in the fuel - reduces your MPG further!

    I thought the whole idea was to have a more efficient car that uses less fossil fuels, NOT to reduce the emissions only to have to create MORE emissions because we will have to use MORE fuel.


    So then I see this on the Nissan Site.
    QR25DE — 2.5-liter DOHC 16-valve 4-cylinder
    Horsepower — 175 hp3 @ 5,600 rpm
    Torque — 180 lb-ft3 @ 3,900 rpm
    Emissions — Tier 2, Bin 5 (LEV2-SULEV in CA)
    VQ35DE — 3.5-liter DOHC 24-valve V6
    Horsepower — 270 hp @ 6,000 rpm
    Torque — 258 lb-ft @ 4,400 rpm
    Emissions — Tier 2, Bin 5

    (FYI SULEV stands for Super Ultra Low Emission Vehicle) It rates at a Bin 3 and VERY close to ZERO emission output.

    However, the 6 cyl does not seem to fall under this category?

    CAN THIS BE TRUE? Maybe THIS is the reason why the 6cyl people are seeing such great MPG in contrast to the 4????? If that's the case, then I'm paying the extra few bucks up front and getting a 6. That actually pushes me toward a more gas guzzling care at that point lol.
  • I pay' ed well under invoice for my Altima. This is if you take into consideration that my trade was actually worth nothing because the work it needed exceeded the value of the car. Obvcouse what it cost me to repair the vehicle and what it cost's them to repair it is two different things. But all things considered i'm pleased with the cost of the vehicle.

    I'm on a lease so a 1000.00 or so was relatively inconsequential for me. It was all about getting the most MPG's for the lowest payment without stepping into something that has no power.

    So my cost/value situation was unique to say the least.
  • kdshapirokdshapiro Posts: 5,751
    EXTREME lack of power

    One persons driving like a granny is another persons driving like a bat out of you know where. This is a case in point. Accord 4 cyl by all means has never been criticised for lack of power. OTOH when I drove the 2.5 compared to my XT I thought it accelerated like molasses and didn't like the drive very much.
  • snelsonlsnelsonl Posts: 1
    Greetings. I am currently in negotiations with a dealership for a 2008 2.5S SL Altima. The dealership claims the gas mileage is 26/town - 35/hwy. Both Edmunds and Kelley have the gas mileage listed well below that at 23/31. Could anyone currently driving this vehicle shed some light on what the actual gas mileage will be? I live in flat Florida so maybe that will help...?

  • motoguy128motoguy128 Posts: 146
    26/35 was the old pre '08 EPA rating system. for '08 they now list a more realistic 23/31.

    Rating sare only ment ot be used on a caparitive bases. So if you have a Honda Accord 4cyl rated at 21/31... you can therefore expect about 9% better mileage in the city and the same on the highway over the Accord.

    If you're trading in a Chevy Envoy rated at somthing like 12/17, you could expect to get roughly 47% better mileage in the city and 45% better mileage on the freeway.

    More improtantly, in the city, heavier cars get worse mileage than lighter ones, and on the freway, better aerodynamics help the most.

    Realistically comparing the Altima with other midsized cars, you could conclude that it's the lighter weight of the car that helps mileage the most, more than the CVT transmission.

    On theo other hand, consider that the Altima has more horespower, so you can expext to get worse mileage than other midsized cars if you drive aggressively.
  • ken75ken75 Posts: 52
    We have owned a 2008 2.5 SL since November and have only put on 1700 miles, mostly in cold winter (Mn.) weather and using the trip computer, we are getting 24.8 mpg at about 70% city and 30 % highway driving. On a recent short trip (100 miles) we averaged 30.8 mpg, all highway. With time, use of the vehicle and warmer weather, I believe both city and highway numbers will increase by 5% - 10 % and make me very happy. I traded a Ford F-150 for the Altima at a good time. I loved the truck but.................

    The above was done with moderate driving practices except for on ramps where the person in front has to stop, take a look and slowly accelerate onto the highway thus forcing me to go around if room and traffic allows. Normally I do not have a heavy foot and highway speeds are generally at or slightly above (5 mph) posted speeds. The I4 has all the power I need and with good MPG, this will be a great friendship.
  • I've had my 2008 2.5s for almost 3.5 months now and have driven 2,800 miles in the cold MN weather. My avg MPG is 24. Needless to say I'm disappointed. On top of this, the car has been in the shop 4 times at 2 different dealerships to fix a rattle. unreal... i thought that by ditching my Volkswagen and getting a Nissan I could spend a few months without having to sit in a shop while my car is being worked on.
  • neo_neo_ Posts: 14
    I think you should give it a few more months. The avg is bad during winters (more idling, snow). I bought my 2007 2.5S last July and was doing 27+ with about 50% city and 50% highway, which I think is pretty impressive. I have done about 7K so far. The winter has dragged down my overall avg to 26. I do drive with a very light foot though.

    As for the recalls, I know it makes you feel bad that you have to take your new car for a fix but I think every new model has a few quirks.

    All in all, I am happy with mine and hope you would be too and soon

    BTW, I am in Milwaukee.
  • sincraftsincraft Posts: 24
    Is there a site where we could view recalls for a car? There was no mention of recalls when we picked up the 2.5s.
  • I believe the poster above misspoke; there are no recalls on the 2.5s as far I know.

    My car has been in the shop for rattles, not recall issues. Does anyone else have tons of rattles in theirs? They fixed the one in the roof yesterday, but now I can hear one in the passenger door - unreal.
  • busirisbusiris Posts: 3,490 site has recall info...
  • neo_neo_ Posts: 14
    There are 2 recalls for the 2007 model that I know of. I got letters from Nissan informing of the same. First was to add some cover on the air intake to stop debris from entering or something like that and the latest is about a rattling noise that comes from the engine sometimes when you start the car. I have no other rattling noises otherwise.

    May be they have corrected the recalls for the 2008 model.
  • sincraftsincraft Posts: 24
    I included the moonroof deflection as this will create a bit more drag.

    After 1 week of driving, about 400 miles 50% city 50% highway

    24 mpg avg.

    I gotta say I'm kinda happy about this.

    1. We live on hills. EVERYWHERE you go, hills hills hills. Even our two lane roads go up and down big hills. And ever 1 mile - 1/4 mile is a stop light. Then there are the back roads. Go up a hill, stop at the top, go up some more stop and turn onto highway, go about 2500 feet at 50mph till a red light, go another 300 yards - red light.
    So as you can see, our highway isn't really highway. I can almost say it would be many people's definition of ALL city driving. (which it really is)

    I had it up to 25 mpg yesterday but my sweety brought it back down to 24 with her heavy foot. Not that I was being all that gentle either. :)

    So far, she is happy with it - it's her car and she drives it. Since it blocks my truck, I take it to run errands a couple times and LOVE the smooooooooooooooooth as ice ride.

    I don't like the seemingly cheap suspension that is in this car. Going over train tracks and the car feels like ...well....a kia that hit a pebble. (If you ever test drove a n will know what I mean)

    Total miles on car <500. I will report back at 5k.

  • I've read over some comments regarding the MPG of an Altima, and I have to say that as I potential owner of this car, I'm not sure what kind of gas mileage I will get. Before I buy this car, I want to know how many of you are happy with your gas mileage and drive about 70%city, 30%hwy? This is one of the reasons I want to purchase this car, so I need to make sure the mileage is reasonable.
  • jd10013jd10013 Posts: 779
    with the I4 you'll probably get mid to upper 20's. I doubt you'll crack 30 with 70% city. but if your determined to buy a midsize, the altima does have the best MPG in the class.
  • busirisbusiris Posts: 3,490
    I have an 08 2.5SL loaded with CVT, and consistantly get 26-27 in town. Most (90%+) of my driving is in town.
  • sincraftsincraft Posts: 24
    Hey listen, you are going to find sooooooo many people here falsifying mileage or stretching the truth. It's kinda funny. I listen to people all day (I do computer work in dealerships now), lying about mpg and comparing it to their it's some level of bravado.

    I personally think this is simple minded. I'm a stats pig and LOVE anything with stats.

    I LOVE this car because I can watch my immediate MPG and long term MPG.

    All I can tell you is, if you know Pittsburgh at all then you know what I drive on. 1000feet of open straight roads and 1 mile of up and down hills, stop and start in traffic jams or road construction. It's about the worst kind of driving you can imagine.

    I'm probably on par with what your driving is. Although I don't know if you are looking for more power too. We wanted something that wasn't going to be ANNOYING to drive when it powers up. Do you have any idea how hard it is to drive a 6 cyl frontier in stop and start bumper to bumper traffic? This truck has NO slow start...touch the gas and BOOM it wants to mooooooooooooooove. MUCH more power than most 8 cyl American trucks, by far.

    That said, we also wanted something that could pull out quickly, smoothly and have a decent ride.

    The altima was the ULTIMATE to all of these.

    Honda fanboys are kidding themselves if they find the Accord superior to the Altima. I went in this with no pre conceived notions of the two. I drove the honda, and looked at the real time gas mileage. I then did the same with the nissan. I repeated this process twice. (dealing with slimeballs in between). Everything on the Altima seemed better, but I must admit that suspension of BOTH vehicles leaves something to be desired. The Altima had a smoother overall ride, but hitting bumps (small sharp ones) revealed a cheaper feel that took you out of that almost luxury feel of the altima with leather.

    The altima's 4 cyl engine completely blows away the honda's too. Between the two, the Honda will probably exceed the Nissan in 5 years with resale value within 1k. But to get the same things after you deal properly - you will pay far less than 1k for the nissan to match everything on the honda. So resale value is a moot point.

    You need to test drive EVERY car you can get your hands on. Call a manager at a dealership, tell them what you are interested in and what you are looking at. Tell them you want to drive the car and if it feels right, and the research falls into place - you will buy that car from them or their salesperson of choice, but you do NOT want to be propositioned for a high pressure sales technique as you are in a preliminary step of a long process.

    See they expect people to walk in off the street, drop the keys to their old car and hop into the next model they drove like you were swapping dvds at the movie store.

    Only idiots do that, and only idiots talk about how much they want to pay per month. Everyone should have this number in their eyes long before shopping for a car, then target the interest rates and prices that can reach that target. If you let a dealer do that for you, you are liable to get roped into a very raw deal.

    I can't tell you how many people I know, when I ask how much did you pay for your car, they say I don't know but are happy because they bought back their old car still on loan and now only pay about the same for a new car. DUH! (these people should only be leasing their cars honestly) So they paid monthly payments forever and are happy with their mid sized american car...when they could have been driving a luxury car for the same monthly payments on a lease.

    Oh well. Anyway - sorry for going on at length about this. There are so many ill informed people out there I feel it necessary to illuminate some of the buying process when asked...especially when it comes to the NISSAN ALTIMA! We love this car so far (so far!!!!!!!), and hope it will prove to be the best decision that we believe it to be. But for anyone else thinking of buying one, all I can say is look at:
    1.previous track record.
    2.service group (Nissan's is great!)
    4.the feel...

    Good luck!

    (P.S. We are now up to 26 mpg recently, on our 2nd tank now.)
  • busirisbusiris Posts: 3,490
    I can't tell you how many people I know, when I ask how much did you pay for your car, they say I don't know but are happy because they bought back their old car still on loan and now only pay about the same for a new car. DUH!

    Isn't that the truth?

    So many folks only concerned with how much the monthly payment is going to be...

    And, you can easily see just how well that philosophy worked out when it got translated and transferred to the housing arena!
  • genereegeneree Posts: 5
    hey everyone, i have a V6, do not drive aggressivley at all but i still get 18-19mpg per tank, which i think is bull. i spoke to the dealership but they just gave me the cold shoulder and told me not to rev too hard or cause the cold weather the gas will burn in such a way that's a little quicker than usual. almost have 5thousand miles on my car so break in is def over. any ideas?
  • omelet1978omelet1978 Posts: 10
    I had the same problem too. My mileage slowly started increasing around the 6000 mile point. I'm at about 7500 and now I'm getting just over 21mpg. I talked to my father about it and he said it takes about 10000 miles to really break an engine in, so I would just give it a little more time. Oh, and while I don't floor it everywhere I definitely use the power when I want to.
  • jresjres Posts: 69
    5300 miles on the car and what I've gotten so far is pretty much dead on with the EPA estimates, any sort of mixed driving I get 26 mpg, on the open road 32-33 mpg. I'm happy with it.
  • jkandlerjkandler Posts: 5
    Are you reporting the actual gas usage or some miles or the gauge on the dash. The dash indicator is not accurate. check it out, even Nisan says the fill the tank and divide by the miles traveled.
  • billhoobillhoo Posts: 1
    There are some new cars coming out within the next year or so that can reach 230 - 300 miles per gallon.

    From what I've read, they do no use radical engine technology.

    The Aptera hybrid gets it's fuel advantage primarily from it's hyper streamlined body design.

    The new Volkswagon coming out in 2010 also has a bullet-shape and a regular gas engine with a slightly more efficient fuel injector. It gets its 230 MPG from the shape of the body too.

    Less air to push around.

    So are there any kits out there to modify the Altima? I think tossing out the back seat and a lot of junk in the trunk and a streamlined hood can get that kind of mileage on an Altima.
  • trolleyfantrolleyfan Posts: 7
    I'm just about ready to turn 2000 miles with my V6. My last fill up which was about 60% city and 40 highway gave me 23.6mpg (actual). My highway trip, cruise control set to 73, some back road hills but mostly Turnpike got me 26.5mpg. I try to drive smart and coast knowing a stop sign or red light is ahead, but do utilize the power of the six when I feel the urge or need.

    Honestly, the reason I bought six over the four was because of the much quieter engine. It came down to this or an Acura TSX. If the Altima 4 was as quiet as the Acura, I would have bought the Altima with the 4 cylinder. Love the Bose upgraded sound system with a quiet engine.
  • jd10013jd10013 Posts: 779
    LOL. its not the body shape that gives it good mpg. 1. its tiny and lightweight. and 2, it's electric. no gasoline car gets anywhere close to 230mpg. even scotters can't touch that.
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