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Nissan Altima Real World MPG



  • ruking1ruking1 Posts: 19,790
    To me it means that snow tires and winter operations are 18.75% less efficient.
  • I'm praying i break 20 mpg let alone 23-24, but we'll see on the next tank, still keeping tabs on each fill. By the way, what's an EFI? From a quick google search i'm guessing something about the way the computer in the car reads something? Thanks for the advice, either way I'll call the dealership to see if this may be a cause of the not-all-that mileage
  • geo05geo05 Posts: 3
    "By the way, what's an EFI?"
    EFI = Electronic Fuel Injection
  • rvg567rvg567 Posts: 1
    Greetings All,

    What is the mpg that most of you have been seeing on a 08 2.5S? Reading reviews/ discussions on edmuds, it gives me the feeling it can range anywhere from 15 - 27 in city and more for highway driving. What is more realistic to expect out of a 08 SE?
  • I have a 2008 2.5 with < 700 miles on it. My first tank was 24.3 and the second tank was 23.8 mpg. My driving is probably 60% city / 40% highway and I drive it like and old lady + I do a lot of coasting. So far I've been pretty disappointed considering the EPA rating, but it is MN in the middle of winter. Hopefully it'll get better.
  • dconnordconnor Posts: 20
    2005 Altima 2.5S- During the time I drove it I was up to ~27 mpg after about a year.
    That was not just the trip computer but from my fillup calculations, although in my experience the trip computer was always within 0.5 mpg or less of my calculation. My son now has the car at college, 450 miles from home, all interstate except for <10 miles. On that all interstate trip he has been getting right at 30 mpg.
  • dconnordconnor Posts: 20
    I forgot to say that the 27 mpg. was combined highway and city, probably 70/30.
  • dconnordconnor Posts: 20
    I was so pleased with the 2005 Altima and its mileage for its size and comfort, I was going to get a 2007 or 2008 for myself, but they downsized it too much and lost too much driver's legroom and back seat space to accomodate my legs and my family members. I was very disappointed.
  • 97alty97alty Posts: 4
    So why is my gas mileage always goes down in winter?
    I know it's colder (in most places :) ) so more oxygen in the air and engine needs more gas for proper mixture, but it should make more power than too, right?
  • tslbmwtslbmw Posts: 172
    I am very happy to report that my mpg have been right in line with the 19/26 epa. I have 1500 miles on my car and here are my last three readings:

    22.1 80% in town/20% hwy
    26.1 10%/90%
    25.2 30%/70%

    For such a fast ride, I'm pleasantly surprised to achieve such strong mpg numbers during the break in miles. Hopefully these numbers will continue to improve during ownership.
  • hey tslbmw, hope you don't mind me asking but where do you live? is the climate usually warm in your area? i ask because i called the nissan dealership and the only reason they gave me for bad mileage was cause the cold weather. i average around 18 mpg now having 2300 miles, but damn i'm jealous you're gettting roughly 20 something (your city driving beats my highway miles!)
  • tslbmwtslbmw Posts: 172
    I'm in Richmond, VA. The trip that I got 26 & 25 mpg was this past weekend to Atlantic City, NJ and it was in the 20s/30s. And the around town temps (the 22 mpg tank) were about 50 degrees here locally.

    I have to be completely honest with you, I am blown away by the numbers I've received so far. Now, one note, I kept the rpms below 4000 for the first 1200 miles and have since opened it up. Also, when I have the "auto" mode on the climate control on, I always make sure the "a/c" button is off.

    Anyway, i don't think you're alone, maybe they stuck the 2.5 in my 3.5 SE! ;)
  • I just recorded 26.8 MPG on a 300 mile tank, rim to rim from previous tank on my '07 3.5 SE with 6,700 miles on it. That was figured using a calculator against the mileage meter showing 27.5 MPG at the end of the trip. For awhile it was up to 28.2 MPG on the meter, but it declined during a terrific headwind for about the last 1/3 of the trip.
  • tslbmwtslbmw Posts: 172
    So it seems that my mileage may not be that unusual. To me, 26/27 is excellent! How about your normal around town mpg?
  • I've had the car over a year and I've never seen lower than 23 MPG or any tank. I'm retired and have a "dinghy" I use for mostly in-town driving, so that probably produces somewhat better mileage in the Altima.
  • I have a 2003 altima with less than 50k miles. Ever since day one, my MPG's have been low. I now get about 18 (that is for local driving) and I understand how stop and go can kill the mileage. I do get around 30 mpg on highway travel (without traffic.)
  • Just purchased 08, 4 cyl altima 2.5s..Very dissapointed in mileage avgm 19-20 around town and a recent trip of 30 miles 10 miles to the hwy and 20 actually on the interstate I avg'd 23.6 mpg ....200 miles on the car. Pittsburgh area any sugestions
  • jresjres Posts: 69
    1220 miles on the car, three refuelings and I'm getting right around 26 MPG for each fill up. This is for mixed stop and go/highway driving and mixed temperatures NYC area in the winter.
  • You guys are killing me with these lower than expected mpg figures. My wife gets 33mpg highway (25-26mpg mixed) with her V6 Stick Passat. I read over in the Audi A4 forums folks getting 37.5 mpg highway with a 2.0T Stick. And Prius well up into the the high 40's. I was really looking forward to this car but these numbers just don't look all that great.
  • jresjres Posts: 69
    My 26 mpg is dead on what the epa estimate was and that's a 15 mile mixed commute, mainly stop and go in the morning with higher speeds in the afternoon. I'm happy with it and am interested to see what an all highway tanks is like.
  • tslbmwtslbmw Posts: 172
    Interesting...those are some strong numbers. I'm getting about 26 on the hwy and about 22 around town with my 3.5 V6 SE Altima CVT and I am extremely pleased (epa 19/26). And I sold an 06 Audi A3 2.0T DSG and was only getting around 21 in town and 28 on the hwy. Usually the turbo four engines don't meet the epa ratings that often, but your numbers from the A4 forum are very strong.
  • busirisbusiris Posts: 3,490
    I have a 2008 Altima 2.5SL, with 1000 miles. I have averaged so far right at 27 MPG, all of it around town. This car replaced a 2005 Chevrolet Aveo, and the best it ever got was 25.5 MPG around town. I feel that I get the best of both worlds, a much nicer and roomer auto with better mileage. Haven't tried it out on the highway yet, so no idea about hwy mileage...
  • tslbmwtslbmw Posts: 172
    Funny, I thought the only reason someone bought an Aveo was for the excellent gas mileage......I guess you can't even count on that anymore! ;)
  • busirisbusiris Posts: 3,490
    You know, that was the "around town" car, good mileage and easy to park, but not many frills. My Aveo had all the options...sunroof, etc. I probably have accepted the mileage, if the car wasn't falling apart...3rd sunroof at 34 K miles, moaning and groaning suspension, self-destructing interior and insufficient engine power. Oh, I forgot to mention...HORRIBLE service. I think Chevrolet dealers view Aveo owners as something less than pond scum, and the Aveo as a toy...if you read the Aveo forums, you'll find many that agree with that analysis.

    Of course, if you buy the base Aveo with NO options, you can get a cheap ride, and since there isn't anything other than the engine or transmission to break, most of these owners will really like the car. However. my view is that an $800 sunroof on a $14,000 car should be just as reliable as a $800 sunroof on a $25,000 car...but hey, that's just me....
  • jkandlerjkandler Posts: 5
    I have a 20007 Altima 2.5L CVT with 10,000 miles that's is only getting 25 MPG on the highway. The dealer sayes it should get better very soon. This is 10 MPG less than published and I typically get 3-5 greater on other cars I have owned. So far the dealer has done nothing. The way I figure it this car will cost me $8-10,000 extra to operate because of the poor mileage. :( Any other similar experiences?? Is this a lemon?

  • jd10013jd10013 Posts: 779
    its hard to say. a lot of things factor into your mileage. driving habits, traffic, weather, and even the gas you put in it. if your in an area that is using 10% (or god forbid 20%) ethanol, then that will kill your mileage. there could also be other local, state, or epa required additives to your gas that always have the effect of lowering your MPG. It's one of the seldom mentions side effects of all the "green" crap out there.
  • motoguy128motoguy128 Posts: 146
    We just took delivery on a new '08 2.5SL. I don't know how people are getting such poor mileage. We averaged 31mpg on the trip home at 70mph. That's the same as my '06 Accord average on the freeway at that speed. My wife's previous '06 Altima would have averaged 29mpg on that same drive. In mixed driving this afternoon we averaged 29mpg on mostly 2 lanes roads.

    Overall, it seems better than the '06 Altima 2.5S we traded in. I was skeptical of the CVT, but it's made me a believer. The manual mode works very well. Unlike a conventional automatic, where you can feel the torque converter lock and unlock, the CVT is directly connected with a similar feel to a manual transmission.

    The passat is a great car, but the VW 2.0T and 3.6 V6 need premium fuel. Reliability for most VW's is well below average, and my only VW dealer is almost 2 hours away. You don't get much for $25k on a VW either.
  • sincraftsincraft Posts: 24
    We were JUST about to buy a 2.5sl after a long search for the one we wanted, only to find out that PA (where I live) has just adopted this stupid CA global warming hoax and thus now - all vehicles herein must be ordered with CA emissions.

    Unfortunately, the one they found is a CA emissions. :(

    So our option is to continue searching for a 50 state emissions vehicle (that still passes CA emissions believe it or not) or , taking delivery of this vehicle that gets 1 mpg LESS and 5 less hp!

    We do ALOT of stop and go driving. 1 mile, traffic light...continue for 20 miles. Someone suggested the 6 cyl vs the 4 for actual better mileage in these conditions but the car dealer suggested against it if that would be our purpose for upgrading to a 6 cyl.

  • I just purchased an 08 2.5s as well. I've got bursts up to 35mpg on the highway. But after filling up at 1/2 a tank i'm yet to break 20mpg. I drive about 15-20 miles per day and about 1/3 of this is highway. I think it's all the hills in the Pittsburgh area. I'm beginning to wonder if I should have bought the 3.5s. I'm also quite dissapoionted in this....

    So what is this breakin period and how long is it supposed to last? I've had it about a 1.5 month's and have put just over 900 miles on it. Also what kind what kind of mpg increase can I expect after this period?
  • sincraftsincraft Posts: 24
    Sounds like you got a CA emissions car for sure. I'm hearing more and more that the Altima with CA emissions actually gets 1.5 less mpg (due to our hills). How nice, now we will have to drill for more oil to make up for it. Everything is universal. People don't understand this. I wonder what people are seeing in Pittsburgh with Honda's.
    We went yesterday to buy our Altima (pittsburgh also) and due to some small bumper scuffs we asked that they buff it for our approval or possibly to decline it if we are not happy. It's the only black with blond leather v4 out there really. So I started looking around again last night and came across the ...


    At first, when we started this process - we looked at an 07 without leather and I believe the smaller less powerful 4 cyl. So, tonight we are going to look at the new 08 with the stronger engine.

    The thing that is kiling me about the Altima is their soft paint. I own a new frontier and have so many little scuffs etc and baby this thing. It's like it was born to scratch easily. Very soft paint. But the cool key system is really keeping me eyeing up the Altima.

    The Honda has LESS MPG. Rated at 21. The CVT transmission in your car 'should' keep you at the 23 mph. Pending you keep the rpms to about 2k. I didn't even look at what we were getting on our test drive. Yes we have MANY hills and traffic lights to deal with. I'm willing to lose a MPG to the Honda if I can assure I have better stopping power with the ESC and Brake Assist that comes standard on it vs the Altima that doesn't even offer it as an option. It's not for me so, it's important that it is safe and drives well in the snow.

    I'm seeing alot of mixed reviews about the gas mileage of the Altima. On a mixed environment , 23 can be had but most are not seeing that. Then there are the lofty 26 mph avg for the 6 cyl owners. You have to take much of this with a grain of salt. My brother claims 17mph on his huge truck. But he drives on straight roads and only about 5 miles A DAY, probably never breaking 40 mph.

    For us, it will come down to the drive. All things being equal it looks like we may opt for the Honda. I can get invoice pricing on both, what did you pay for your altima? The honda will be more by about 1200 if you include the nissan $1k rebate. Over the life of the loan it will be almost $2k exact more expensive for the Honda (due to nissans 3.9 vs honda's 5.0 % rate)
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