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So I found a car I'm interested in, walked into the dealership, test drove the car, and told the sales person I'm considering a car lease. They gave me the estimates, told me to apply for approval. Everything went well until I asked them about the money factor and actual lease rate. They told me the finance manager is going to go over that with me. So they made me wait for about an hour then the finance manager came. Instead of telling me about the actual lease detail, he started selling me all those extra protection. At the end he just wrote a monthly payment amount on a piece of paper and told me to sign it. I asked again about the money factor as I wanted to compare with other offers. He told me he will go over it after signing. So I told him it's not going to happen. Then the sales manager came in and their attitude instantly changed. Started complaining how much time and people were involved in setting up this deal, etc. In the end I walked away.

I visited another dealership and did the same thing. Except I didn't interact with the finance manager directly (the salesperson communicated with them and gave me the money factor etc). Everything went well when I told them I need time to make a decision.

This is my first time leasing a car. Did I do anything wrong? Is it assumed that once I talk to the finance manager the deal is finalized? How am I supposed to get an actual leasing rate to compare then?

Thank you.


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    It's just a typical buying/leasing experience. The F&I office tries to hide the numbers, and add high markup items that you don't need.

    Doubt that leasing had anything to do with it, other than it makes it a little easier for them to hide information. Probably the standard business practice of that dealer. I'd look for another one.

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    You may want to write up a dealer review too.
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    Welcome to the Torture Chamber. Always get up and walk if you aren't comfortable with what's happening.

    There will always be new cars for sale.

    There will always be sales, discounts and incentives coming up and disappearing.

    You don't have to rush into anything. Of course, there are such things as "good deals" but those are usually scored by people who have done a lot of homework and who have all the numbers they need in front of them.

    You can always come here and ask for help in calculating your lease payments!
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