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Ford Freestyle Accessories

Karen_SKaren_S Posts: 5,095
edited April 2014 in Ford
Discuss Freestyle accessories here.

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  • tim156tim156 Posts: 308
    I found a good web site for accessories, have all the available Genuine Ford accessories at pretty good prices. I saved $18.21 on rubber floor mats and a locking gas cap. No taxes you know. It's not a lot, but a buck is a buck. If anyone out there finds molded splash guards for the Freestyle let the forum know. It looks like Ford isn't going to make them available.
  • manewmanew Posts: 1
    I am having trouble finding trailer hitches for a Ford Freestyle. Any experiences?
  • cmunizcmuniz Posts: 604
    Both Drawtite and HiddenHitch make hitches with 2" receivers for the Freestyle. The Drawtite model # 75299 has to be special ordered by the dealer or yourself since it is brand new. They also make a 1 1/4" receiver, model # 36360 which is more readily available. Somebody else has posted the Hidden Hitch model # in the general Freestyle Edmunds forum so you can get it there if you are interested. It is also brand new. and has to be special ordered.
  • Appears Ford doesn't offer protective door moldings for the Freestyle. Why is beyond me. Has anyone had a body shop paint and install generics? Really concerned about those parking lot dings that are bound to happen.
  • fallonfallon Posts: 1
    I know the Freestyle isn't exactly an SUV,but I would like to dress the front end up a bit,I was thinking of a small bull bar ,maybe also adding some lighting ,to give it tha Rally look .I checked around for a product that might fit ,but no luck so far,am I just wasting my time ??
  • magdadmagdad Posts: 21
    Hi folks - I bought my Freestar FWD SEL two weeks ago and am loving it. Here's a question, though - I am preparing to put a hitch on it and I noticed a bizarre looking wiring plug on the passenger side of the spare tire well. Do any of you know if this is a plug for trailer wires? I found a Hoppy style T connector that is supposed to give me a 4 way flat with one connection on the taillight, but I'd prefer to use what the manufacturer intended if this is indeed a trailer connection. The plug is like nothing I've ever seen, though. Any thoughts?
  • cmunizcmuniz Posts: 604
    I believe the Ford supplied connector is hanging on a bracket on the passenger side rear wheel well or bumper area. When they installed my hitch they tried to use it, but apparently didn't have anything that would connect to it. You might have the get the wiring harness from a Ford dealer to fit it. At any rate it was accessed from underneath the car, not inside the trunk.
  • becca55becca55 Posts: 2
    Got a Freestyle SEL last month and am really unhappy with the audio equipment. The sound is very tinny and there are no adjustments for bass etc. Has anyone upgraded the system? I'd like to but don't know where to go. I'm not a real audiophile but I need better sound!
  • pnewbypnewby Posts: 277
    Have you checked the manual? Base and Treble can be adjusted on all FS radios to the best of my knowledge, just use the Menu button to get to them.
  • magdadmagdad Posts: 21
    There are definitly bass/treble adjustments - my wife gripes whenever I turn up the bass and I have to remember to lower it. While you are listening to something, hit the menu button until the bass or treble adjustment comes up, then use the seek or the up/down arrows to the right of the CD slot to adjust the level. Granted I have the Audiphile unit with the MP3 player so yours might be different............ :confuse:
  • hossbudhossbud Posts: 1
    :D We are looking to purchase a rubber cargo liner. Has anyone bought one? If so, what kind was it and what do you think of it?


  • hi .... i was wondering if anyone has purchased seat covers? I am having a hard time finding ones for the back seat 40/60 split) and rear seat.. thank you vicki
  • jrtexasjrtexas Posts: 13
    Hi Bud, try this site: _liner

    I bought the Husky liner - it fits snugly with the 3rd row seats down. It's molded to fit and easy to clean. Cost is $69.95 including delivery.

  • magdadmagdad Posts: 21
    I installed the draw tite 1 1/4" Class II hitch this weekend (P/N 36360) myself and, all things being equal, it was a snap! I had a buddy over and we knocked it out in a leisurely hour. If any of you are thinking of doing this, I'd recommend the following:
    1) Get some air tools. You can't beat an impact wrench when 92 ft lbs of torque are required. Also, the cutoff of the exhaust bracket piece would have been incredibly hard to do with a hacksaw, but the air cutoff tool was very handy (be sure to grind and paint the exposed end after you make the cut).
    2) Have a little patience with the fishwire. I gave up on putting a hitch on my '01 Windstar because of the difficulty of fishwiring. With this one, a little brainstorming showed us that doing it "backwards" is a lot easier (meaning put the wire through the frame, then screw the bolt into it and pull it back through).

    Also, Draw Tite makes a T connector wiring harness with a flat four plug that I very easily installed (18359). All I did was remove the rear well trim and pull the sides out enough to get my hand in. The female T connectors go in between the taillight and the taillight wires on each side and this was very very easy to do. Drilling the hole for the groundwire hurt my heart, even if it was going into metal that didn't show.

    U Haul wanted $200 for the hitch and installation, not counting wiring. I got the hitch receiver, draw bar, ball, hardware and T connector for $130 on the internet including shipping. Looks like I'm worth $70 an hour, folks. More, if you count me doing my own wiring in 10 minutes.

    I'll be happy to shoot more detailed instructions to anyone thinking of doing it themselves. I found the whole project to be quite enjoyable. :D

    I bought my hitch and accessories from here and it was on my porch in two days -
    link title
  • mfranchimfranchi Posts: 2
    I checked the wiring connector on the right rear. It is not lighting. Possibly for awd models? or back up alarm? I used a manufactured loom adapter (about $15) for my trailer loom lighting, attached behind the tailights.
  • magdadmagdad Posts: 21
    Hmmmm....sounds like your adapter might be bad. Do you have a reverse sensing system? Maybe that is the problem. Is it that the trailer lights don't work or the passenger side tailight itself?
  • mfranchimfranchi Posts: 2
    Adapter works great, trailer lights work fine, was easy to hook up. I referred to the open connector on the right underside of the vehicle. It is not lighting. I stated might be back up alarm, a common term for reverse sensing system. Thanks anyway.
  • indybellindybell Posts: 40
    Just a clarification on the Ford 500 body side moldings.

    They can be had with and without chrome. The Limited's molding has no chrome. I'm not sure if it's the SE or SEL model that has the chrome.
  • magdadmagdad Posts: 21
    Oh, I understand now! I wondered what that connector was myself - it didn't like any plug I could find on the internet.
  • c5barbc5barb Posts: 1
    I have been searching locally and on the web for sun shades for my '05 Freestyle SEL, but none seem to fit, and I don't want to pay $75 for an accordian pleated sun shade that is permanently mounted on each side of the front window, with each side pulling towards the other and closing in the center of the window. Has anyone found a sun shade that fits and folds up into a circle or some other type of "compact" stow-away?
  • Have not yet purchased new sun shades for our freestyle, however, I do have a recommendation. A friend in the desert southwest suggested a pop-open set of shades for my last car (He should know). Got them at K-mart for about 10-15 bucks. Work great. Came in different rough sizes (compact, mid-sized, SUV, etc). I am guessing the SUV size is your best bet - and mine as I have to go make the same purchase. Having used these in our previous vehicles - they are great. Easy to fold (once you get a knack for it) and slide easily between or under the seats for storage. I am amazed that people still let their cars - dash, steering wheel, front seats) bake in summer heat when such a simple, cheap, convenient solution exists. Good luck
  • indybellindybell Posts: 40
    If you haven't already found the posts on the Ford Freestyle (SUVs) forum - the one with 4000+ posts - read post #s 3714, 3721, and 3724 regarding one solution to the body side molding question. That's my vehicle and I happen to like the way the installation turned out.
  • freealfasfreealfas Posts: 652
    Costco has a fold up window shade that is silver reflective for $6.93 + tax, jumbo size, fits our Limited well, folds to a compact size that will allow it to store in the pocket behind the front seat, andcomes with 2 additional side window shades that are a bit too small for any real benefit, but still for the money it works great and is definitely alot cheaper than the $75 option...get there soon though as their stocking of different items is seasonal.
  • Does anyone know of an accessory to cover the storage area behind the third row? I would like for items that I have stored in the back to not be visible from the outside. Most SUV's have some sort of a retractable tarp.
  • cmunizcmuniz Posts: 604
    With the 3rd row seats up it is very difficult to see anything stored behind the seats in the well. I keep an old blanket in the back of the Freestyle to use as a cover, protective mat or emergency blanket in winter. It works prety well for all of the above. I can't remember if there is anyplace to hook up a retractible cover.
  • Thanks the blanket is a good idea. One thing I like about the SUV retractable type tarp is that it also provides some protection against items in the storage area from becoming projectiles during an accident, especially a roll-over.
  • brix11brix11 Posts: 2
    Did you vehicle come with some sort of cargo net? Our salesman showed us a blue package tucked in the back and said that was it. When we opened it a couple of weeks later, we discovered that it contained rubber inserts for the cupholders and cargo niches.
  • cmunizcmuniz Posts: 604
    My limited came with a cargo net that goes accross the back tailgate opening a little over 12" high. I have not found any blue package or cupholder inserts, however. I'll look in the spare tire compartment.
  • heddenhedden Posts: 28
    The cargo net only comes with the Limited model.
  • manasotamanasota Posts: 28
    Has anyone purchased a dashboard mat to reduce the glare?
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