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Chevy Aveo Accesories & Modifications



  • arjamesarjames Posts: 6
    Funny you bring that up. I was actually thinking about just getting some for the front of my aveo. I was going to also change my 205/45/16r for some 215/45/16r. Just in the front, I'm keeping the 205s on the back to keep down on the drag. A few of my friends have put them on there rides and it made a big difference in the ride, handling, and steering of their cars. My reason for doing it is to get plenty of clearance when turning them huge tires all the way.
  • arjamesarjames Posts: 6
    In my seachers i have found that kyb shocks actually makes a set of rear shocks for the aveo. they are part# 343423. I was just wondering if anyone has purshed them yet and installed them. How do they affect the handleing of the car and how about the body roll. Does it stiften it up at all? My lowering springs, wheels, and tires did a hell of a number so just wondering. Let me know somebody.
  • akveevoakveevo Posts: 12
    I found some nice rims that fit the Aveo at Most are under $100.00 each. Getting mine done soon :)
  • randydriverrandydriver Posts: 262
    which ones are you getting?
  • akveevoakveevo Posts: 12
    I have a 2006 Aveo Sedan and I can't find any body mod kits either. :cry:
  • flaaveoflaaveo Posts: 161
    Look on EBay. There is someone selling a body kit..for either the 5 door or the sedan. I am not sure which it is..I would not do it to my car. So I dont look to close at it. BUT I see it there all the time. I think the kit is made by a company called Rizzi?
  • tventtvent Posts: 17
    I want to try replacing spark plug and cables to improve mpg? Any suggestions on specific brands? Don't want the price to go to high, something affordable. Should anything else be replaced at this point as well?
  • vbitterxvbitterx Posts: 3
    I had the same problem when I hit a dip too hard. It losened the speeker wire but, like my life, it randomly fixed its self. But The dash is a [non-permissible content removed] to remove and you cant fit a hand of a child behind the dash. If you unscrew the top to the dash you can lift it to remove the front panel of the dash and get to the sides of the radio.. beyond that is a mystery.. I stoped. went to dealer.

    Good luck
  • arjamesarjames Posts: 6
    On my 06 Aveo I changed my plugs and wires to high preformance parts. I got Magnecor Competition wires set and Bosh Iridium fuzion 4. I would also clean/replace the filter depending on if its stock or not. I can say that my tune up helps me to be able to dog the [non-permissible content removed] out of my car and still get 36 to 38 mpg all the time.
  • wave54wave54 Posts: 211
    Where did you get the wires from? Have had trouble locating any local auto shops that even carry them for this model. Ordered a set from Advance Auto, but they were incorrect.
  • no offense but the chevy website says "Trailering is not recommended."
  • i bet they gave you the wrong antenna happened to me
  • randydriverrandydriver Posts: 262
    Why is it 20 years ago you could tow with a Chevette but not with the Aveo?? I think they are just brainwashing everybody into buying trucks for towing....people dont think 100hp is enough to tow with, when that is far from true.
  • nordy200nordy200 Posts: 14
    I installed my new stereo last night (JVC CD/MP3/HD) and speakers from Crutchfield, who I highly recommend for selection, price, and support. It was very easy to do in my 2007 Aveo 5-the dash opens up easier than any other car I have ever installed audio in. It sounds great except that the small speaker enclosure in the back isn't producing much bass, even with the new Polk speakers. I am planning on installing a subwoofer and would like to get feedback from anyone who has done that in their hatchback, or anyone who might have a speaker recommendation or setup that would give some good bass.
  • poncho167poncho167 Posts: 1,178
    They make styrofoam speaker covers that slip on the back to give more bass sound.
  • arjamesarjames Posts: 6
  • av0tronav0tron Posts: 3
    has anyone found a turbo kit for the aveo?
  • av0tronav0tron Posts: 3
    has anyone found a turbo kit for the aveo? i really want to put one on but i can't find any. any suggestions
  • poncho167poncho167 Posts: 1,178
    My only suggestion if you haven't already done so is to web search.
  • av0tronav0tron Posts: 3
    i have, thats the thing. i've emailed a couple of shops to see if they can fabricate one for me. i'm saving up for a sti and i need something to hold me over until then.
  • I cannot get the MP3s to work on my system. 2006 Black 5 speed. Chevy dealer finally (!!!) gave in and sent it to a subcontractor to look at it.(Note I first posted about this on Jan 29, 2007 (9:36 pm) and it took till this month to get the dealer to get that far. :( ) The stereo shop said there's nothing wrong, works for them with their "test" CD of MP3s. :confuse: I must be "burning the CDs in the wrong format".

    Okay, I'm a computer geek. I do know how to burn a CD whether its MP3 or Audio. But just WHAT am I NOT doing that I STILL get Error 5 and Error 6 instead of a playable disk in this car? Where can I find a definition of what Error 5 and Error 6 are?

    Otherwise I LOVE this car. Bought it Dec 5 and have 35K on it today since I commute 106 miles.

    Any suggestions? Is this just a car dealership trying to convince a female she's stupid? :cry:
  • wave54wave54 Posts: 211
    I don't have the CD-player in mine, but first off, it may not accept CD-RW (rewritable) discs if you're using those. The discs need to be finalized, rather than left open where new tracks can be added.

    Have you tried a different brand for blank discs, or a different burner/burning software? Not all brands of players will read every brand of recordable CDs successfully.

    Lastly, does your burned disc play on a stand-alone CD player, boombox or DVD player without any problems or is there anyone else's car audio that you can test it on?

    Good luck to you.
  • Hey! Thanks for responding. I'm open to whatever help I can get. Here's responses to your questions.

    I'm using a CD-Rs. All the disks are finalized and burned in one setting (not multisessions). They play in my mp3 playing boom box, my clock radio, and in my husband's Kia with a Pioneer player. But all are older than this car. The variety of CDs is everything from cheap generic ones to top of the line brand names. About half are burned in Nero 6. The other half are burned in Linux based systems. (I'm not a fan of MicroGiant)

    What the guy at the shop told me was that I was not putting them in proper format. When I read the manual, it doesn't list any specific format to use. It does talk about the depth of folder levels, using title labels, but nothing about burning formats. But it also doesn't define the error codes. It simply says to write them down and take them to the dealer. I did that. Numerous times. And I'm still listening to Audio CDs in this vehicle instead of MP3s.

    I'm currently doing a job where I spend 5 days/nights a week away from home and 2 hours away my usual dealer. I think I'm going to bring this problem to the attention of the dealer in this town and see if I get a different reception (no pun intended).

    What I'd like to know from anyone who does MP3s in their Aveo is what you are using to burn the CD's and if you're using any special "formatting", file and folder arrangement.

  • I have been experiencing the same problem with playing MP3s in my Aveo. The only difference is that it will only play about 1/3 of the songs on the disc. If you find out what the problem is please come back and enlighten me. I simply refuse to go to the dealership for anything. Sometimes it seems too much of a hassle to get things done there.
  • I have an appointment with this other Chevy dealer on Thursday. Will post back here and let you know.
  • I was looking at radio's from Crutchfield.. How do you remove the old radio.. Is it hard too do?? I would like to know before I buy the radio from crutchfields.
  • Okay, I'm NOT an idiot. They ordered a new unit and will replace this one as it is faulty. So much for my confidence in the dealer in my own town.

    Thanks for your input, everyone. :)
  • Does anyone have an OEM CD Player for a 2007? Been looking all over for one, just lost the auction on ebay for the only one I've seen ever listed. Contact me if you would like to sell me one.
  • I have a 07 and replaced the radio.. Buy the Kenwood model KDC-MP208. Am-Fm cd player.. You will also need a small harness.The radio cost me on sale $78.00 Reg price is $150.00 The harness cost about $20.00 The dealer where I purchased car said to buy a aftermarket radio.. I didn't replace the speakers. They are just fine with the radio. Circuit city will install the radio for free..
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