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I was just about to close the deal on a 2016 CRV EX for 25200 with roof rack and cross bars +d/h and taxes, but when I took it out for one last test drive I noticed the vibration issue that I had heard of in some of the forums. As I researched I decided not to go with the Honda and look into the Mazda CX-5 touring model. Can you give me the prices in the 80526 are and the Denver area for this car. Should I also shoot for 8-12 % off MSRP? Should that price included D/H, because is seems like there was no negotiation with Majotity of Honda dealers with this fee, and it seems rather steep at 500.00. I thought I was done but it looks like I'm starting over again, Just wasn't willing to pay that much money for a car with 2-3 years of this vibration issue and a class action lawsuit in progress.


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    Hi @buddhahue, I thought the bad vibes issue was fixed. Haven't seen any posts about it for a good while.

    Back to the CX-5 (good ride btw, that was higher on my list a while back than the CR-V), the AWD Touring numbers are $27,415 for MSRP, Invoice is $26,664 and the True Market Value average price paid for FoCo (and the whole Denver area) is $26,759 - that gets whacked to $26,259 with the $500 cash incentive. So the average is a bit less than invoice, and that's about 8+ % off MSRP. Not too bad, but the doc fees could kill the incentive if you wind up with a dealer imitating the Honda dealers.

    And yeah, that suggested range is before fees and taxes. Can't do anything about the taxes so you have to pay attention to the fees and adjust your out the door counter-offer downward accordingly.

    Maybe @Michaell or @breld can pop in here with some dealer suggestions.

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    @buddahue Is it a 2016 or 2016.5 CX-5?

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    My numbers were for the "current" one - we show production ending 1/16 for the "early" 2016s. Funny that the CX-5 ads here say 2016.5.

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    I believe it is a 2016.5.
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