Wiper fluid nozzles

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I've been search for some info on this without much luck.

The wiper fluid nozzle on my driver's side is only partially working. The top 'hole' which is supposed to squirt fluid onto the upper windshield doesn't seem to work at all, while the lower two just kind of weakly dribble fluid onto the lower part. Passenger side is just fine.

I tried cleaning the nozzles with soapy water and a toothbrush, and also stuck a pin into each hole hoping to clear out any debris but that did not help.

Ordinarily it wouldn't bother me but with winter weather here and road salt, it is kind of important for visibility.

So any suggestions on how to fix this? I wanted to check and make sure the hose leading to the nozzle is OK but I can't seem to figure out how to get to it.


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    You might try accessing the washer pump (if you can find it--sorry but I don't know where it is--probably under a fender liner in front). These pumps have filters in them and maybe cleaning that would work. You could also take a can of compressed air and blow through the lines, starting at the pump.

    Here's a video on how to do it on a 2011 Sorrento, but I don't know if it's the same---probably similar system.


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    Also possibly a leak/break somewhere, but you'll find that if you disconnect hoses to flush/blow out the lines. Another odd one might be a blockage in the washer fluid tank. A friend of mine operates a tire shop garage and had a customer come in with washer fluid not squirting even though the tank was full. They pulled the pump (attached right at the tank) expecting to catch the fluid from the tank in a bucket, but none came out. Then they noticed what seemed to be a nose and whiskers in the hole. Turns out a mouse had gotten into the tank at some point when it was open. When they got it out, it was bright blue from the washer fluid!
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