Jeep Wrangler Wave and Meet the Owners



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    I was running low on oil last night and I told my wife I'd take her to work.. Once I dropped her off, I headed for Walmart.. There I grabbed two qts of motor oil and headed for home.. But along the way, I stopped at Valvoline Instant oil change station. These guys have always been good if not better then most "jiffy" type places..

    They checked the Jeep out for me. Crawling in and out under and even on top.. Giving the Jeep clean bill of heath.. The reason for this.. is because we've only had this Jeep since Monday the 30th.. I'd rather you read the rest via my blog page.. It was very touching what I discovered at home while cleaning and removing the carpeting..

    I'll have more stories and some exciting news to share with all my readers in the next few weeks..
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    Update: URL Correction:

    I've gotten a few sponsors to tag along.. So you do the same..
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    Apparently something or someone just doesn't want me to post this blog entry.. or that the blog site keeps shutting down and or my page is removed.. So I've elected to create my own groupsite page.. thus allowing others (like minds) to join in the conversions.

    So hopefully for the last time:
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    I can't get any of the links you posted to work at all. Keeps saying page not found.

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    Welp.. here is just a few updates on our current 08 Jeep Wrangler.. Finally found a name for her; Angry Red Bird, Swapped out our old Mud Terrain tires for a set of Goodyear sr-a's, Took a trip through 7 states in less than two days.. Drove through the New River Gorge... wasn't as easy as I recall and I worried the whole time about those tires.. Tried (several times to create a jeep club) and lastly.. after returning to Maryland.. The dreaded check engine light came on.. Turns out it was the Cat Convert.. Yeah! covered under the Fed Emissons 8 year or 80,000 miles.. So got a new Cat and while they had our jeep.. they corrected a past recall.. Brake line issue.. Now If I could just find soemone that could help us out with a new muffler and/or new shocks.. So hows your year going?.. :p
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    While on our travels.. (through 7 states) we've took notice of soemthing very odd.. Waving at nearly 350 jeep wranglers.. Only 4 waved back.. Is there some discontent in the air?.. have the wave just become one of those fads that simply dies off.. Also.. I've noticed that (in our area at least) Jeepw rangler owners are selling or attempting to sell their wrangler and heading over to Toyota (FJ crus).. Is this normal/odd?.. What am I missing.. I nevber did like the FJ's styling.. what are they seeing that I'm not.
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