Jeep Wrangler Wave and Meet the Owners

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This topic is for Wrangler owners to meet the people behind the infamous Wrangler wave. Introduce yourself and get to know one another here.


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    Hello, fellow Jeepers!

    My name is Tom, and I am the guy that asked that Edmunds set up this discussion as a place that we Wrangler owners could introduce ourselves. Thanks, Edmunds, for being so repsonsive.

    I realize that many people will choose to be very skimpy with the personal info that they share here. That is certainly their prerogative, and I respect their right to privacy.

    I will give my personal info, and I hope that others will use this as kind of a template and will include the same info about themselves, leaving out whatever parts that they are not comfortable in sharing.

    Name: Tom
    Biorthday: 6/2/49
    Location: western KY
    Family: married with two grown kids and one granddaughter
    Jeep: Thelma Jane

    2001 Wrangler Sport/ white/ black hard top/ five speed/ dana 44/ 3.73 gearing
    Mods: Kilby gas tank skid/Skid Row oil pan skid/Sun Performance rocker guards/TeraFlex steering box skid/Warn 9.5Ti winch/2" Procomp suspension lift/Detroit Soft Locker in rear/LockRight locker in front/31 x 10.50 BFG Mud Terrain T/A KM tires/
    Use of Jeep: Not a daily driver, but I do drive her to work occasionally. I take her off road virtually every weekend
    Personal Website:


    Regretfully, I did not get into Jeeps, or at least the short wheel base variety, until I was 51 years old! I wish I had known how much fun Jeeps are at a much younger age.

    Feel free to email me, if you would like to hook up for some " wheelin', " or if you need some information. My email address is public in my Edmunds profile.


    Have you hugged your Jeep today?

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    Well, my name is Paul and I'm a Jeepaholic! I'm fairly new to Wranglers. My previous Jeep was a 2000 Grand Cherokee Limited (Patriot Blue). With this Jeep, I've learned SO much about maintaining, fixing, and upgrading my vehicles that it has been worth the investment. I have been to Camp Jeep California (in 2004), and have wheeled with Tom both as a passenger in his Jeep as with my own.

    Name: Paul
    Birthday: 7/21
    Location: North Alabama
    Family: married with two grown kids - 15 year old son and 19 year old daughter
    Use of Jeep: A daily driver that I get to take offroad (not as often as I'd like)
    Personal Website: N/A

    I've lived in Missouri (St. Louis), Oklahoma (Enid), Texas (D/FW), and California (near Bakersfield) prior to my recent move to Alabama. I have a loving wife and 2 kids, ages 15 and 19. My son enjoys being in the Jeep with me and has aspirations about it becoming his sometime soon.

    I have a 1997 TJ SE. Here are the specs:

    - 2.5L 4 banger (and all that implies)
    - Dana 30 Front / Dana 35 Rear
    - AX-5 Manual Transmission (5 speed)

    - 30" BFG AT KO's on Canyons
    - Jeeperman bumper
    - Front with brush guard/light bar
    - Rear (w/o tire carrier)
    - D-shackles front and rear
    - Toys by Troy Ultimate Rockers
    - Toys by Troy Steering Skid
    - Kilby Gas Tank Skid
    - OME 2.5" HD lift (with Unlimited rear shocks)
    - JKS Bar Pin Eliminators
    - Bestop Safari/duster combination
    - Bestop Soft top
    - Home made quick disconnects for softtop hardware
    - Omix fender flares (OEM style)
    - JKS Quicker Disconnects for the front suspension
    - IPF H4 lighting upgrade
    - IPF 968 driving/fog lights
    - Blacked out light rings
    - Mirror relocation brackets
    - Magellan Meridian Platinum GPS with RAM mount
    - Hand throttle
    - Home made trunk (under the duster)
    - Alpine HU with XM and iPod integration
    - Alpine/Kicker amplifier setup
    - Edge Auto soundbar with Kicker 6x9
    - MB Quart 5.25's in dash
    - Kicker 8" sub in Tuffy security console
    - Cobra 75WXST CB with Wilson 2' antenna on mount
    - Replaced radiator
    - Homebrew Fuse #4 bypass switch
    - Uhoh handles
    - Various performance enhancing decals under the hood and on the side

    If ya have any questions, just lemme know. :)

    And the list is going to include:
    - Winch (probably a T-Max 9000 or 10000)
    - 31" or 32" tires (TrXus or BFG MT's)
    - Wheel spacers (if I go to 32")
    - Staun tire deflators

    To keep the post smaller, I've attached 2 photos: one of my latest configuration and one of it in 'action' on the trails. I don't have any good pics of me, but this one will do. Camp Jeep 2004 with my son.

    Image hosted by

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    I don't own Jeep but want to welcome all of you Wranglers with a hearty wave ...


    with thanks to Mac, whose pic I borrowed!

    tidester, host
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    Hi, fellow Wrangler owners!

    I've really enjoyed driving our Wranglers and will try to always have one in my driveway.

    Name - Harriet
    Location - Frazier Park, CA but commute to West L.A. for work.
    Married to a great guy who lets me buy Wranglers, no kids.
    Wranglers (both our cars at the moment are Wranglers):

    '98 Sport, manual, black, hard top, stock except for BFG AT tires (and occasionally a Roady) called the Noble Black Steed (bought new in '98).

    '04 Electric Line Green Unlimited, soft top, auto, stock (though will be replacing tires soon).

    We had a great time at the California Camp Jeep last year and got to meet Paul. I'm hoping that I'll be able to do a Jeep Jamboree one of these days.
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    We are a Jeep family, 2 out of 3 of our cars are Jeeps. I have a 2004 Rubicon and my wife usually drives our '04 Grand Cherokee with selec trak 4wd.

    Name: Mark
    Birthday: Mid-July
    Location: Memphis
    Family: yes
    Use of Jeep: A daily driver (because I don't want to drive anything else!) and soon to be occassional off roader.

    I'm a technical writer and currently in Grad school.

    My Rubicon came with almost all available options except for the locking gas cap and I have the dual top group. Soft top is on for the summer.

    I have added the following:
    XM Roady2 Satellite Radio with PIE adaptor and permanent power supply
    Husky Liners, front, rear and back (love these)
    Raingler ballistic nylon hand straps
    Buchannan 1 inch seat risers
    Jeeperman trail skids (rocker protection)
    Jeeperman light bar
    Replaced factory tow hooks with Reese heavy duty hooks (They just look a little meaner)
    Window Roll
    Hardtop cover
    On order: Cobra 75 CB, 3 ft firestick antennae, Teraflex antennae mount

    I love my Rubicon more than any vehicle I have ever owned, including my beloved Mustang GT. We also have a little sports car that I've only driven a handful of times since I purchased the Rubi last May. I have never had more fun in a vehicle. We also love our Grand Cherokee, though not a blast to drive, it makes up for that with its usefulness. In fact, this past weekend we got a lot of use out of it, folded down the back seats to accomodate my wife's purchases and then slapped a table onto the Thule rack on top. (Thule racks, btw, add a great deal of practicality to SUVs). My wife got a little taste of off roading when she took our son to Boy Scout camp. There was a place to drop your Scout about a mile from the camp. That's because the road going to the actual camp was not useable by cars. She asked if she could take him up to the camp because she wanted to see it. She was told that depended on what she was driving. She slapped the Grand into 4wd and made it easily. :shades:
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    Consider it a big wave from me too (thanks Tidester!).

    This is scary! I've just realized how much I look like Tom (or he looks like me).

    My hair is much shorter, head and face, I wear black instead of white, smaller dog, and I wear shorts with less baggy legs (or at least I don't point them at the camera...ewww!), but other than that if he wasn't older than me (though I won't say by how much) I could be his evil twin. :P

    Jeep stuff:
    '99 Green Sahara
    ARB HD suspension
    31" BFG AT KO's
    9000lb MileMarker hydraulic winch

    Pretty mild really, but it gets me there. :shades:
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    I don't have a Wrangler, but my son does! The first few times he gave me a ride and all these people in other Wranglers were waving I thought "wow...this kid is popular!". :D

    Nice to see you all here!
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    Hey all, I'm from Chicagoland, about 20 miles west of Chicago.

    I just recently purchased a 2005 Jeep Unlimited, Silver, Soft/Hard Top. I love it! I come from years of sports coupes (Mitsu Eclipse, G35 Coupe), and I've gotten more comments and attention from this car than all others combined! It's an absolute blast to drive.

    Name: Karl
    Birthday: 01/07
    Location: West Chicago
    Family: married with one stepdaughter
    Use of Jeep: To enjoy my commute, and have fun.
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    Name: Laura
    Birthday: 12/27/74
    Location: Knoxville TN
    Family: Single
    Jeep: 05 Sport

    I have only done 2 mods ... an iPod adapter for the stereo & CB with Antenna
    Use of Jeep: Back up for daily driver (87 Volvo 740 w/ 284000 miles) ... weekend great fun

    Hoping to learn more about wheelin ... I will get there slowly :)
    Image hosted by
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    Location-Southern Michigan
    Family-Wife of 4 years, and twin 19 month old boys (God help me! :surprise: )
    Jeep-Screaming yellow zonker '04 Unlimited softtop
    Mods-2 car seats in the back, "Cowboy Cactus" on the antenna and 47 more payment slips in the glove box
    Other vehicles-Black '03 Chevy Venture AWD (the wife's all-weather assault vehicle and child transport device), dark green '95 Firebird (my summer toy, although it doesn't see the road as much as it used to)

    I've wanted a Jeep for years, but couldn't get past the "They're not practical enough" issue until the advent of the Unlimited. Took delivery June 10th of last year. Like Tom, I had a habit of getting the "new car itch" about every 12-18 months, but my Jeep has largely changed that. I still see new cars out there that I wouldn't mind having, but NONE that I want enough to give up my Jeep for. I'm a regular reader of the Wrangler forum, but tend to keep to myself and don't post a whole lot...perhaps I need to do something about that. ;)

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    Name: John
    Location:Northern Connecticut
    Use of Jeep:Daily driver
    My first Jeep driving experience was in the Phillppines in 1968 thanks to the US Army.Miserable ride!!! The first Jeep I owned was a 1949 CJ2A in the early '70's in Conn. No name, no top, daily driver. Miserable ride!! The next Jeep was a '58 (or '59 DJ3A???) named the Blue Goose,(a daily driver with a painted picture of a Blue Goose on the doors) while living in Kailua, Hawaii in (or around) 1975. I covered the bed with wood and used the Blue Goose for diving. Miserable ride.!! The "60's and '70's are a little fuzzy sometimes:) I also drove another Jeep for a period of time in the late '70's ,again thanks to the US Army. Bad luck. I was drafted in '67 and out of the Army in '69. You could still get called back in if needed. Well, I got called back but into a National Guard unit for their summer training and I was the company Medic in an artillary unit doing mostly night firing. Not a happy camper but once again I had a Jeep. Miserable ride!!! No Jeeps until Sept of '04. Burnt out on miserable rides. Then I got that feeling again. Presently have an '03 Freedom Edition Wrangler. They came as a package with same color (red)flares, black vinal interior, 4.0, 5 speed, rims, etc. Name: Rosie. Sweet ride!!!
    Mods: Mostly stock
    Just got (Today) new tires. Toyo Open Country A/T's.No raised lettering
    Just got(Today): Black American racing rims. They go nice with the red.
    Infinity speakers.
    Soft top
    Bikini top
    Window roll
    Heavy duty floor mats
    Stripped all decals and created my own design . Black sunburst on each side above the JEEP decal.
    I have always worked jobs that were a little on the edge and brought me into the darker side and/or tragedies of peoples lives, so Rosie is a breath of fresh air. Retired now and plenty of time to get in the wind. I love dirt roads, loud music and extreme fun. Life is short, so eat it like a warm piece of apple pie. John
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    Name: Chris
    Biorthday: 9/16/72
    Location: Chicago (Far SW Burbs)
    Family: Married W/o children
    Jeep: 2001 Wrangler Sport, Black w/ dual blk tops, 30 in tires and canyon rims, 3.73 gears, 4.0L, 5spd, Tomken sliders and rear bumper/receiver.

    Grew up jeep in a couple of CJs and a YJ, then went without for a few years. Have an '00 Kia Sportage project vehicle that gets quizzical looks on the trails but always gets me where I'm going, well almost always. My jeep is mostly for driving around town and looking cool but we're taking it to Silverton, CO this summer to meet up with my folks. Haven't been to the Rockies in many years, just got the jeep 6/05 and am itching for July 22 so I can get her on the road and into the mountains.
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    Name: Harlan
    Birthday: 3/30/51
    Location: Eastern Maryland
    Family: Married for 35 yrs to a wonderful wife and one grown son. Wife has taught 1st graders for 30 yrs and I am self employed as a broker for motor homes nationwide. Jeeps are the most popular vehicles to be towed (Dingys) behind motor homes. Auto or manual trans tow nicely by putting transfer case in neutral and make a wonderful vehicle to explore an area upon parking the motor home.
    Vehicles: His...2005 Rubicon Unlimited Sahara #628 of 1000 Kahki color and stock. What else is needed? No mountains around here. Just sold my 2000 Wrangler Sport-green
    Hers...2002 Liberty Ltd Woodlood brown
    2001 BMW Z3 Roadster convertible for fun and pleasant days

    Much like Tom, I always wanted a Jeep Wrangler but waited until I was 49 before making the plunge to have fun. Glad I did. Fun to drive and always "in style". Once the kids are out of college, it is almost the same as hitting the Lottery. :)

    Unfortunately, the Rubicon is a bit of over kill for this area. Just about the only wheelin place around here is the beaches on assateague Island. No rocks to crawl. Oh well. Wish there were other places nearby to use the capabilities of the Jeeps. We do get snow and both Jeeps will really eat up that stuff. I doubt if they could get stuck.

    The long and the short is that Jeeps help you stay young in mind and spirit. Really enjoy reading the Wrangler forum.
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    Hello to all from Michael & Linda. We live at the beach in the OC but will take our newly purchased unlimited to our mountain home at June Lake CA. The wrangler will become our mountain commuter giving us the ability to explore many of the back roads of the Easter Sierras. In addition the Wrangler will become our tow vehicle behind our motor home when I retire in the next 5 to 12 months. We hope to see you on a back road of America in the near future.
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    Howdy all,

    Name here is Jim. 1999 Wrangler Sahara, 3" suspension lift (discovered some intersting things about it this last weekend), 1" body lift, 33" SuperSwamper tires, Rhino-lined interior, ARB locker front, Warn HS9500i winch, BushWacker Pocket-style Fender Flares, tons of radio gear (HF/VHF/UHF including HAM, CB, etc.) in Tuffy Security products, antennas (Icom AH-2b, FireStik, 2 Tram 1180's, 800MHz, off-brand 2m/70cm) and more.

    Daily driver, SAR (Search And Rescue), and sometimes for Contract Security work.

    Website about Jeep: TCTR Jeep Coverage Section
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    I'm Chris, formerly notorious among tire afficianados.
    My background:
    -29 years old
    -Born and raised in PA
    -Enlisted in the Marines after high school, worked on helicopters
    -Bame back to PA for college, worked in a tire shop to pay my way
    -Bought a CJ5, kind of like having a Cub Cadet as your daily driver
    -Graduated, grabbed the cutest little sorrority girl I could find and married her
    -Got back in the Corps, this time as an officer
    -Bought my Wrangler while in flight school
    -Got designated a Naval Aviator
    -Wife claimed the Wrangler, I got stuck with the Jetta 1.8T
    -Moved to California, then bought a house in eastern NC
    -Talked about having kids, took action
    -Went to Iraq for 7 months
    -Came home just in time to see my son born, got to know him a little.
    -Decided I needed a family vehicle. Bought a Yukon, wife claimed it, got the Jeep back.
    -Kissed the wife and boy goodbye, and now I'm writing from Basrah, Iraq.

    My Future
    -Maybe make it home in time to see my boy start walking
    -Say goodbye to helicopters older than me and transition to V-22 Osprey in December
    -Put some coil spacers in the front of the Jeep to level it out
    -Bulletproff Mfg bumpers
    -Rhino-Line the interior
    -Garvin Industries Wilderness Rack
    -Banks header
    -Fix that darn rear main seal

    My Jeep: 1199630250/image.jpg

    -1997 Wrangler Sport
    -Black exterior, tan interior/soft top
    -4.0L 5 spd
    -Fog lights, a/c, cruise control, front recovery hooks

    -31" BFG All-Terrain T/A on stock 7" steel wheels (fit like a glove)
    -Replaced stupid 3.07 gears with awesome 4.10 gears.
    -ARB air locker rear differential; q/d fitting on compressor for tire inflation (so I can pump up the tires after romping around on the beach).
    -Air-Lift Airbag suspension in rear coils, driver controlled
    -Sailcloth top with tinted windows
    -Alpine CD w/ Rockford Fosgate speakers in dash and soundbar
    -K&N air filter (for a massive 3% gain in horsepower)
    -black billet grille inserts from Quadratec
    -vanity front license plate
    -stainless steel mesh headlight covers (because I had to replace a headlight in a parking loat along I-70 in Colorado).
    -Spray painted the fenders which had faded to almost white after years of Florida sun.

    Other vehicles:
    2000 VW Jetta GLS 1.8T, 5 speed, Eibach Pro-kit springs, Techtonics 2.5" stainless mandrel-bent exhaust with Borla Muffler (non-visible tip). Tinted windows (come on, it was a Florida car), Black on Black.

    2004 GMC Yukon XL SLT Black on tan leather, 4x4, tow package, DVD, etc. 295hp 5.3L mated to 4L60E tranny. I wish they offered the 6.0L in the normal Yukon without having to get either the super heavy 3/4 ton or the gay looking festival of plastic Denali with no low range. No mods yet; I only got to drive it for two months before I left again.
  • tireguytireguy Member Posts: 200
    I meant aficionado. Jeez, you'd never know I was a journalism major.
  • jeff62301jeff62301 Member Posts: 310
    Name: Jeff
    Birthday: 11/18/62
    Location: Western Illinois ( Quincy )
    Family: never married, but always hoping that will change, current status - shopping.
    Use of Jeep: A daily driver, occassional offroading.

    photo website there are pictures in the site other than jeeping, feel free to look around..

    Image hosted by

    I love my unlimited, bought in september of 04, in november added 3.5 RE superflex lift, 1 inch body lift, schrockworks sliders, magnum winch, 33 inch BFG ATs.

    I've not taken it offroad as much as I thougth I would, but its been fun when I have.

    I've had 4WD trucks for 20 years, now wish I'd started with a Jeep, none of them have compared to a jeep: no top, no doors, climbing hills and driving through creeks!!!
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    Thought I would post a couple of photos. I'm always the one taking the pictures so I don't have any pictures of me. The one below is the closest I've got - it's a photo of me that a friend of mine took while we were visiting Zion in December. The other photo is of our Unlimited and shows one of the many configurations of the Unlimited's top. This photo was taken last fall - it shows GiGi with the OEM tires. Yesterday she got reshod in BFG All Terrain tires, and they are SO much better!
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    Hey Harlan,
    I just bought an Unlimited Rubicon Sahara, sounds like the same lot. You're right, it's got plenty right out of the box. The only thing I can think to add is a trailer hitch. How do you find out where it falls in the series? It was the only one I could find in the metro area I liked, but didn't even think to ask if it was a limited series.

    I've wanted a Wrangler for as long as I can remember. Once the Unlimited came out, I couldn't really use "practicality" as an excuse anymore.

    Can't wait to put it to the test in the Appalachians.
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    Hi Laura. I am interested in finding out what kind of iPod adapter you used. I can't live without mine.
  • embeedueceembeeduece Member Posts: 260
    I'm a little late to the meet & greet party. Finally dug out my Jeep window sticker so I could post accurate info.

    Name: Mike
    Birthday: 07/21/71
    Location: Venice Beach, CA

    2004 Jeep Wrangler Sport.
    Bright Silver Metallic / Dark Slate Gray / Black Soft Top
    5 speed manual

    Package 25D -- Tire & Wheel Group 30"
    15x8.0 Ravines
    30x9.5R15 GSAs
    Heavy Duty Dana 44/226mm
    Axle Ratio 3.73
    High Pressure Gas Charged Shocks
    Full Doors
    4 Wheel Disc
    Trac-Lok Differential
    Auto Dim Mirror
    Sentry Theft Deterrent
    Side Steps
    7 Speakers w/ Subwoofer
    Leather Steering Wheel
    Speed Control
    Locking Gas Cap
    NO smoking package (Short sighted ommission. I don't smoke, but do enjoy the occassional cigar).

    Never owned a car built after 1985 until I bought my Jeep in '03.

    She's been off road a couple times, but only on unpaved fire roads.

    Got a bad case of death wobble I'm working on (see Jeep Wrangler group discussion).

    Originally from Boston, will always be a New England boy. Went to USC. Work in L.A. as a
    freelance writer.

  • mrnaturalmrnatural Member Posts: 21
    I've been lurking around the board for a couple of weeks and decided I better stop procrastinating on this introduction of myself and my Jeep!

    Name: Alan Heaberlin
    Location: California City (Near Mojave right outside the north gate of Edwards AFB)
    Age: 55
    Occupation: Writer and vintage vehicle restorer
    Interests (besides trail ridin): Ham radio (call W6AMH), aviation, video production, sump'n new every week!
    I grew up in the mountains and desert of California. I learned to drive in the small mountain town of Shaver Lake in a CJ5 (with a snowplow mounted for a good part of the year) and a 41 Dodge Power Wagon. Later I moved across the Sierras to Lee Vining where I graduated from high school. Went to college in Modesto and later to UCLA. I've been in Cal City for the past 25 years. Easier to make a living but still close to the mountains.
    Mr Natural is what we call the Jeep...
    Image hosted by
    Its a 1999 I bought used a couple months ago with 50 grand on the dial. Has a 4.0 and a Dana 44 out back and is pretty much stock. I have put 31" tires on and am currently deciding on what kind of lift to go for. Probably OME or Terraflex so far. A winch is in my future as well as a couple of HD bumpers, front locker, racks and probably a hardtop for winter. I'm going to try a winter with the rag top just to see how gruesome it gets.
    The picture was taken about 9000' at the top of the Tehachapis where my ham radio club has a repeater site.
    I have a Jeep dog as well, his name is Reggie or sometimes known as the Devil Dog. He rides good without puking and doesn't bail out until the engine stops. What more can you ask for from a mutt?
    Pleased to meet you all. Hope to see some of you on the trails here in the Mojave or the Sierras.
  • erickplerickpl Member Posts: 2,735
    A friend of mine is a HAM and has an old Hudson he and his brother have. He lives up in Tehachapi as well. Love the mountains up there, but sure don't miss the cost of living or the 60+ mile commute to Edwards AFB (lived out in Bear Valley).

  • osuav8rosuav8r Member Posts: 8
    Hello to everyone...the newest member to the world of Jeep has arrived....purchased a 2005 Wrangler X hard top a week ago....anxious to pick it up...the dealer still has it due to a recall on the oil pump, and an issue with it stalling. Weird eh?? Had to order a new "computer" for it? Hopefully fixing the problem.... It has 6500 miles and I have lots of ideas for mods :D If anyone could suggest a decent 4" lift and suitable rubber to run under that, I would appreciate it. I have heard horror stories about problems "post-lift"...anyway, just wanted to say hello....Look forward to drving my Jeep soon!

    Name: Spencer
    Where I call home: Fort Worth, Texas
    DOB: Dec 1979
    Occupation: Insurance Industry
    Hobbies: Flying, running, swimming, hiking, skydiving, biking
  • mac24mac24 Member Posts: 3,910
    Welcome, and come and visit the Jeep Wrangler board if you have any questions.
  • erickplerickpl Member Posts: 2,735
    Welcome osuav8r. I guess you went to Oklahoma State, Ohio State, or Oregon State. I went to Okla state and lived in the D/FW area (Denton, NRH, Watauga, Las Colinas, Keller). There are a lot of nice places in Texas to go wheeling.

    Welcome to the board and congrats on your X.

  • osuav8rosuav8r Member Posts: 8
    Thanks! Excited to have it! Oklah State alumn here! What years did you attend? I graduated in the Keller area now....we should wheel sometime...I know of NO WHERE to go currently, and I am not super knowledgable.....

    Anxious to start in on the mods.....

  • erickplerickpl Member Posts: 2,735
    I went there from 87-89, when Mike Gundy was QB, and Barry Sanders and Thurman Thomas were playing. :) Then transferred to North Texas. However, unless you want to come to Turkey Bay in Kentucky, I doubt we'll wheel. :) I'm in Alabama now (after a stint in California).

    Keller sure has grown, but I think there are some areas (not official parks) up near Argyle (at least there USED to be). Along 377, there used to be some places too where people would flex out. Down near Austin and San Antonio there are some places as well. There is the Palo Duro Jeep thing coming up somewhere in Texas. Check and get info (I think it is on somebody's ranch).

    As for mods, ask away over on the Wrangler board. Lots of knowledgeable people. There are a lot of Jeep resources on the web as well. :)

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    Just moved from Modesto, CA to Aurora, CO (DENVER), new 05, white stock unlimited, H-top, 6-spd. ..Added HAM radio and wood storage shelf in rear storage area... retired and will be attending "Camp Jeep" in Denver next week. Started driving jeeps (army) in 1959 thought 1980. Had the most fun with the M-151 (Army). Had a chance to drive the Hummer while in Iraq, last year, not to bad, it will go over or climb most any thing however, it is just to big. The unlimited is just the right size and, I hope to get it off-road soon, before the Colorado winter sets-in... I can not believe how many Jeep owners there are here in Colorado. For sure, this has got to be the Jeep Capital of the world??? I don't see many folks up here on the forum??? Anyway, thought I would drop my .02
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    Well, since I posted on the Jeep Wrangler board, I figured I should make it official here, too.

    Name: Art
    DOB: January 1960
    Location: Newton, NJ
    Occupation: Engineering Manager
    Family: Married (Jeanette), two sons (Adam - 15 & Justin - 14), cat (Cali) & dog (Magic)
    History: Born and lived in Ohio, after college moved to Lakeland, FL, Covington, GA, Hamilton, OH, Columbia, TN, and Newton, NJ
    Vehicles: 2001 GMC Sierra 2500HD 4X4, 2005 GMC Envoy 4X4, and my new favorite - 2006 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon! (Notice they're all 4 wheel drive! :) )

    My Jeep:
    2006 Rubicon
    6-Speed Manual
    Deep Berly Green Pearl Coat
    Dark Slate Gray Interior
    Dual Top Group
    Security Group
    Speed Control
    AM/FM CD 6-Disk Radio
    Front Floor Mats
    Locking Fuel Filler Cap
    Loaded with FUN!

    First modification - stick-on 3" convex mirrors (I love these for backing and the blind spot). Not much, but it's a start!

    Now to save up for the rest of the plan...

  • jeepersx1jeepersx1 Member Posts: 3
    I have always wanted to own a Jeep Wrangler and finally got one. I bought a 2005 Wrangler Sport (with 12 miles) and picked it up last Friday. It is a blast to drive and am now kicking myself for not buying one earlier. I don't miss my 2001 BMW 530I (5sp) one bit!

    One thing that takes a little getting used to is finding 5th and 6th gear (somewhat awkward -- and I know it's not me 'cause I've been driving nothing but "sticks" since I was eh hem... 13 :).) Also, the "knocking" engine noise when accelerating can be a little annoying.

    I hope to take down the top one of these days and maybe take it off road. We'll have to see how that goes.

    Keep on Jeepin'!
  • redrocker15redrocker15 Member Posts: 102
    Name: Gary
    Birthday: 1954
    Location: Oklahoma
    Family: married with two college sons (Texas A&M, New Mexico Tech)
    Jeep: Eugene

    1998 Wrangler SE/ red/ black soft top/ five speed/

    Mods: Minimal. Bigger tars, alloy wheels, nerf steps
    Use of Jeep: my daily driver; some off-road and gravel trails. Few extended trips to Indiana, New Mexico.


    And a link to me with Eugene:
    Gary & Eugene

    As always, hope these come through. Pictures are from this past weekend's trip into the Ouachita Mountains of SE Oklahoma. And no, I don't resemble I????
  • tsjaytsjay Member Posts: 4,591

    Looks like you could be my twin brother. :)

    Have you hugged your Jeep today?
  • erickplerickpl Member Posts: 2,735
    scenery! :) I forgot how pretty Oklahoma could be, especially the eastern part of the state!

  • isimangisimang Member Posts: 5
    I am thinking about buying my first Jeep Wrangler. I am only looking to buy 2001-2005 model. I need help deciding
    which model and year to buy.

    thanks and take care
  • isimangisimang Member Posts: 5
    Hello Everyone,

    I am considering buying a Jeep Wrangler and I need some guidance.

    I am only interested in year 2001-2005 models.

    Any advice or help will be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks and Take Care
  • mac24mac24 Member Posts: 3,910
    It rather depends on (a) how much you want to spend, and (b) what you want to use it for.

    Models range from the basic SE, to the rock crawling specialist Rubicon. Engines can be a 2.5 or 2.4 (depending on the year) inline four cylinder , or the more powerful 4.0 inline six cylinder. Tops can be soft or hard, bodies can be short or long. Prices can be found on another part of Edmunds or on other sites.

    So, what are your criteria?

    P.S. For a better selection of answers try going to the actual Wrangler forum here. :)
  • isimangisimang Member Posts: 5
    Thank You So Much and Take Care
  • redrocker15redrocker15 Member Posts: 102

    Imagine how I felt when I first saw a picture of you! And then, I recall Mac making some statement about a resemblance as well.... Could D-C be guilty of profiling?

    Maybe we should offer to star in a commercial for them!?!?

  • steverstever Guest Posts: 52,454
    More ways to wave - check out CarSpace.

    imageimageDrive on over and see me!
  • skyking49skyking49 Member Posts: 112
    Greets. I use to drive by Jeeps and say to my wife, "there goes my Jeep." It didn't matter what it looked like...I just always wanted one. I took my first drivers test in Harlan, Ky in a Wrangler that I had never been in before...thanks to my cousin for that.

    I am now an empty nester and decided to purchase my dream vehicle. I couldn't be more pleased. Paid 18, did I do?

    Born: Harlan, Ky
    Year: 1949
    Resides:Connecticut for last 40 years.

    - 2006 WRANGLER X X Pkg. $20,550.00

    - Primary: Midnight Blue Pearl Coat Included
    - Interior: Dark Slate Gray Included

    - 4.0-Liter Power Tech I-6 Engine Included
    - Command-Trac® Part-Time 4WD System Included
    - Dana 35 Rear Axle Included
    - 3.07 Axle Ratio Included
    - 6-Speed Manual Transmission Included

    - Cloth High-Back Bucket Seats Included
    - P215/75R15 RBL Wrangler All Terrain Tires Included
    - 15" x 7.0" Full-Face Steel Wheels Included
    - Black Hard Top $1,160.00
    - 4 Speakers Included
    - AM/FM Stereo with CD Player and CD Changer Controls Included
    - Air Conditioning $895.00
    - Front Floor Mats $30.00
    - Locking Fuel Filler Cap $15.00
    - Smoker's Group $30.00
    - Half Metal Doors with Locks Included
    - Full Metal Doors
  • skyking49skyking49 Member Posts: 112
    Seems like you got the top of the line..depending on the year. Is your an 06? If so, go to and built your version.
  • skyking49skyking49 Member Posts: 112
    What should I get to replace my mirrors when I take the doors off? I don't want to drill holes or make brackets. One would have thought they would have a place for them knowing folks will remove the doors.
  • drewmeisterdrewmeister Member Posts: 168
    There are plenty of brackets out there. Try or It isn't cheap, but they work well.

    "One would have thought they would have a place for them knowing folks will remove the doors."
    The idea is they don't want to encourage lawsuits. Remember that somebody will actually take the doors off and drive with no seatbelts. Then, when they fall out, they'll sue Chrysler. The doors are intended to be swapped (full for half, etc.) rather than left off. Personally, I like the top off and doors on on pavement.
  • skyking49skyking49 Member Posts: 112
    So I attach the brackets to holes that are already there?
  • texasjeeptexasjeep Member Posts: 270
    There is a lot of options out there. I reuse my stock mirrors on a bracket that I bought from Sun Performance products.
    There is a good write up on it here (click).
    I kindof redneck it, but I keep my drive side permanently mounted on the bracket. The passenger side mirror is not usable on the bracket when the doors are on, so I leave it mounted on the door. When I am doorless I only have a drive side mirror and review mirror.
    I have heard buying some of the other mirrors to drop in the door hinge vibrate a lot.
    For more information on other options and modifications you may want to post in the regular Jeep Wrangler forum. click here
    Let me know if you have any other questions about the Sun Performance brackets.
  • bob465bob465 Member Posts: 1
    Howdy Paul - Hope you're still reading this thread -- pardon being off-topic but i've been considering moving to Tehachapi and commuting to Edwards. Can we exchange emails on subject?

  • steverstever Guest Posts: 52,454
    If you edit your Profile and make your email address public, Paul will be able to contact you that way.

    Steve, Host
  • erickplerickpl Member Posts: 2,735
    Not a problem. :) I'll drop you an email once you make it public. I don't live there anymore, but I did live there for nearly 7 years.


    PS: Check your inbox.
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