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Subaru Tribeca Prices Paid and Buying Experience

cluelesspacluelesspa Posts: 648
Forum to post discuss current Offers, Rebates, and to share deals on Tribeca Purchases.


  • subienewbie2subienewbie2 Posts: 458
    I have a 7 Pass Ltd. Blue Pearl/Grey
    Nav, Puddle Lights, Tow Package, Protection Group, Auto Dim Mirror, Shock Sensor, Rear Cargo Net and winter mats.

    I paid $1K over dealer invoice without the tow package and got the tow package at no cost. I then put it on a 36 month lease, at 469.00 per month + 5% monthly use tax (it's titled in Wisconsin). I paid only the first month lease - no down.
  • photoguy2photoguy2 Posts: 164
    Seacrest Green 7 Pass LTD Gray. NAV/DVD Puddle Lights, Popular Equp Group 1, Cargo Tray, Luggage cover, Cargo Net.

    I paid $500.00 over invoice on a purchase not lease. About $2,700 off of MSRP.
  • wvroadswvroads Posts: 23
    Silver 5 pass LTD. Puddle lights and rear bumper cover. Paid Invoice which was $30,780. I got the VIP pricing through my employer.

    I added the auto dimming mirror with compass, the front bumper cover, 2 cargo nets, and the cargo tray for about $280 after I bought the car...ordered them online and installed myself.
  • cluelesspacluelesspa Posts: 648
    I have been shooting for invoice, so far the closest is Inv plus $600. the highest was invoice plus $1400 and no negotiating! I said ok thanks but no thanks !
  • foxbat121foxbat121 Posts: 211
    I checked all the dealers around my area. Prices range from MSRP-$1000, Invoice+$700 (, Invoice+$600 and finally negotiated with one dealer for Invoice+$500.
  • cluelesspacluelesspa Posts: 648
    Anyone find out what the invoice is for the 60k and 100k extended warranties? I get them because I sell my cars at about 50 or 60k and its a nice selling feature to be able to give a warranty with the used car.
  • dbjonesdbjones Posts: 5
    Black 7 pass w/DVD (should have gotten the NAV... dam!), tow package, useless back cover, rack. $450 over invoice, can't remember the exact total, but I did internet search and brought in invoice price (which matched dealers), not much haggling needed, very happy with this car.
  • njdevils1njdevils1 Posts: 12
    I am interested in leasing a 5 passenger ltd msrp is 33300. The dealerships final offer was $398.00 per month for 36 with 15k miles and $2000 down. Would like to know if this sounds like a good deal. This is my first time leasing a vehicle.
  • subienewbie2subienewbie2 Posts: 458
    That is a bad deal.

    First you need to understand that if you buy or lease, you still must negotiate the price. Dealers tend to use the trick that your monthly payments are lower with a lease - so the price does not matter. IT MATTERS.

    The 2K down equals 55.55 per month fpr 36 months (not counting the loss of interest you could have earned) - so your effective payment is now 453.55 per month What about sales or use tax is that included in the 398.00.

    Your credit score will effect things also.

    I have excellent credit and my lease on a pretty much loaded 7 pass ltd with nav & tow is 469.00 a month with zero down plus about 27 a month use tax. So effectively my lease is only 16 dollars more than your adjusted lease payment & my sticker was almost 37,000. vs your 33,000. I negotiated a price of 1000 over dealer invoice

    So as you can see price and terms a very important.

    Remember at the end of the lease you do not own the car.

    If you keep your cars for more than 3 years you shouldn't lease?
  • njdevils1njdevils1 Posts: 12
    Thank you for your quick and informative response it was very helpful. Though I unfortunitly left out some important information.

    The $398 monthly payment does include taxes and the $2000.00 down includes the first payment. The selling price for the car is at invoice. Also this price includes 15K miles not 12K. Sorry for leaving out this important information. Though I still feel I can do better and plan on shopping around.

    How do you like your Tribeca?
  • jimmmmbojimmmmbo Posts: 20
    It would be easier for us if you could break down the $2000 down a little more. Does it include the doc fee and license fees?

    Here's my estimate for you: For a $33,300 MSRP, vehicle sold at invoice of $30800 + $275 advertising fee (usually non-negotiable) + $350 doc fee and $350 license fee, the overall purchase price would be $31775. Applying $2000 to this minus the first monthly payment brings the capitalized cost down to $30173. The current residual and money factor on a Tribeca 5pass LTD 15K lease is 61% and 0.00175. This gives $377/mo before taxes. Add your sales tax to this number and you have your payment. You didn't say where you lived and what you're sales tax rate is. Where I live, the tax rate is 6.5%, so the payment here would be $401.

    If you didn't pay the doc and license fees separate from the $2000 down, I'd say you're getting a pretty good deal. As mentioned earlier, it's best to know what the car's selling price actually is. Makes it much easier.
  • subienewbie2subienewbie2 Posts: 458
    I really like it a lot.

    I came out of a much more expensive car (Infiniti Q45) and there are few options that I would have liked for the B9 but at the price, it is an incredible value. Minus a few toys from my Q - the Tribeca cost me almost 25K less and is a lot more fun and unique.

    If you go to or both offer tools where you build the car you want with the options and the site will allow you to print a report that you take to the dealer which shows: the MSRP (window sticker), Dealer Invoice (what they pay)

    Shop around and let them know you have the numbers. I would start by telling them that I would pay X dollars over their cost. Normally I start at $500.00 if I am new customer. If a repeat customer, start at zero over cost. They still make money even on a zero deal.

    Also ,be willing to travel some distance maybe a 100 miles or so away. Those dealers are more likely to deal since in a way you are plus business that they normally would not get. Remember you can still take you car to the local dealer for warranty and service - you do not have to bring it to the selling dealer.

    If a distant dealer gives a great deal then take to the local dealer and say better this price and I will buy from you. Be prepared to take the deal if they will at least match it - if not buy from the distant dealer.
  • foxbat121foxbat121 Posts: 211
    I also leased my 7-seat Ltd w/ Nav for 3 years 15K/year. The final lease payment with everything included is 396/mo with 3500 down from my trade-in. The reason I put so much down is to keep payment under $400. With $2000 down, it is around $430/mo I think.

    BTW, my dealer told me almost all the Tribecas they sold are leased. If that's the case, the market value of the car after 3 years won't be good.
  • jimmmmbojimmmmbo Posts: 20
    "BTW, my dealer told me almost all the Tribecas they sold are leased. If that's the case, the market value of the car after 3 years won't be good."

    Actually, this can be a good thing for people who lease now. At the end of the lease term, you can negotiate with the lease company (Chase Manhattan, I think?) to purchase at a lower price than the original lease residual value, making the vehicle all that much cheaper in the end should you decide to keep it. Otherwise, you've still rented the car for only 4.2% interest for 3 years with a guaranteed 61% residual value, which is pretty good for a brand new model.
  • foxbat121foxbat121 Posts: 211
    I know. That's one more reason I leased mine.
  • harvptharvpt Posts: 40
    We want to buy the Tribeca and are thinking about leasing--our first time not buying. But New York has a different way of leasing. You actually own the car and have the title, not the leasing company. Has something to do with law suits against the dealer and manufacturers who were sued for accidents that happened with leased vehicles.

    Any one have any words of advice about leasing in New York?

    Also, we've heard the term "money factor". Can someone explain this and do you want a high or low number?

  • foxbat121foxbat121 Posts: 211
    It's my first time lease as well. If I remembered correctly, money factor = interest rate / 2400. Of course it should be as low as possible. The special lease deal SOA offers is pretty decent. It's money factor is 0.00175. I saw most others are over 0.0020.
  • subienewbie2subienewbie2 Posts: 458
    The New York structure sounds like a similar financing option some brands use here in Illinois to get around our goofy sales tax on leases.

    Basically it's like normal financing say 36 like a lease. With a lease there is a risidual value for the car at the end of lease with the NY plan it is probably a baloon loan where after 36 six months the balance owed is about the same as if you leased. You then have the option of turning the car in just like a lease, keeping it and pay off the baloon or fiance the balnce.

    There isis one basic advantage of the baloon structure maybe 2.

    First since you own the car it is easier to get out of the deal early because you own the car, so if you can sell it for whats owed you are out clean or at an acceptable loss. With a lease you are pretty locked for the duration without taking a really big hit.

    There maybe a second advantage. Here in Illinois with the baloon structure there is no vehicle acquistion fee which usually saves about $650.00.

    The problem is that if you expense the vehicle for tax purposes, you may not be able to deduct the full monthly payment as you can in a lease. If that's the case then you have to depreciate the car which results in a smaller tax break.

    Hope this helps.
  • pdxbobpdxbob Posts: 2
    I bought my 7 passenger B9 in Portland last month. The dealer marked up the car by $4500 OVER MSRP as a "market adjustment." I thought I did well to get the car at MSRP although after what I've read here, I'm sure I could have done alot better.

    It was a miserable buying experience: I knew more about the vehicle than did the salesman (although, to be fair, it was the first or second week on the market). To get me to drive the vehicle home that night, they did everything but kidnap me and hold me for ransom. They low balled the trade in by $2000 from blue book and then worked up from there. Only when I told them the deal wasn't working for me and stood up to walk out, did they make any concessions. They also played the "let me check with my boss" game constantly.

    After we agreed to a price and what they would give me for my trade in, I told them I'd leave a deposit and come back in two days with my old car cleaned out and a a cashiers check to pay the remainder on the car. That sent them into a frenzy as they said the deal was good only for that night. They wanted me to sign my old car over on the spot, sign loan documents (I was financing only $12k, paying cash for the rest), and then follow me home to pick up the check.

    My mistakes:
    Walking in not prepared to deal (I had come in to look at it a second time)

    Not being prepared to talk specifics on financing.

    Saying up front that there was no way I was going to sign any papers without one night to think about it.

    Going alone: have someone to give you a reality check constantly and keep you from getting to enamored with the car.

    I'm very happy with the B9 but you ought to feel good about buying a new car, and this left me with a sour taste in my mouth. Even though the dealer is only 10 minutes away, I'll drive across town to another dealer for maintenance and I'll never recommend them to anyone.
  • sweet_subiesweet_subie Posts: 1,394
    complain to SoA(subaru of america) & i think you can return the car in 30 days. please inquire into this.

    Give bad feedback about the dealer when SoA sends the survery
  • foxbat121foxbat121 Posts: 211
    That's a real bad experience. But unfortunately it is a quite common practice among car dealerships, Subaru or not. My experience is never walk in to talk prices or anything else. Negotiate via phone or email put much more pressure on sale person than you. My last three purchases are all through this way.
  • megreyhairmegreyhair Posts: 154
    That's a lie. Not all tribecas sold are leased. That dealer must like leasing.
  • megreyhairmegreyhair Posts: 154
    WOW. that dealer sucks. Did you end up buying the car from them? I would stay away from them even if they are the last Subaru dealer on Earth.
    I went to a dealer on Sat. in the NY/NJ area and i loved the experience. It was the best new car purchase experience I had. Saturn came in second. The sales person and sales manager were super friendly and they gave me invoice +$200 or $400 without me even asking. I think that is reasonable giving its a 2006 and are selling like hotcakes. I wanted a Limited 7 pass w/nav. I have to wait for like 2 months, which is ok.
  • foxbat121foxbat121 Posts: 211
    Dealers usually give better pricing for factory order than the cars on their lot.
  • njdevils1njdevils1 Posts: 12
    My dealership in NJ made me an offer I feel is pretty good and would like to see what you think. They offered me a 7 Pass LTD sticker price 35,271 selling price is 32,685. With 2,000 down including all fees and first payment the monthly payment is 414.00including taxes. This is for 36mon and 15k miles.
  • photoguy2photoguy2 Posts: 164
    WIth a handle like njdevils1 I refuse to answer! :) Being a Flyers fan I simply cannot imagine helping the ENEMY! ;)
  • njswamplandsnjswamplands Posts: 1,760
  • subienewbie2subienewbie2 Posts: 458
    When you the 2K cover i payment and all fees, what fees are they talking about and what about sales tax?
  • njdevils1njdevils1 Posts: 12
    The fees include licensing, reg, doc fee, and whatever else there is. NJ 6% sales tax is included in the monthly payments. No other cost besides the $2000.00 which includes the first month payment.
  • njdevils1njdevils1 Posts: 12
    As hockey fans we need to all stick together, except Ranger fans, or we may not have a sport.
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