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Mazda5 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • d5ad5a Posts: 63
    thanks for your input. I love the Honda but its out of our price range. Going to a one income family and a one car family to have someone at home with the kids. The honda would make me feel safe from a reliability stand point but cant swing it at this time. looked at a toyota sennia for $22,000 plus tax and tags but it has nothing on it. So wondering if the Mazda 5 or MPV will work for us. :confuse:
  • wusterwuster Posts: 153
    Personally, I think the Mazda5 will do better in a crash vs a MPV.

    As mentioned earlier, the current MPV is at the end of it's current life cycle, so it's safety features were designed 5 years ago (e.g., can't get side curtain air bags).

    The 5 on the other hand is new (can't call it brand new anymore, cause it's been out for two years now), and based European and asian crash testing results, it's done quite well. Though I'm not sure why the IIHS still haven't tested the 5 yet.

    We've owned our 5 for over a year now, and it's been great. The car handles well, we can sit six if needed, and it gets decent gas mileage.

    Its smaller size was also a big bonus for us. My wife transition from a first gen CRV to the 5 without any issues. Where as she was very uncomfortable driving the Odessy and Sienna when we test drove them. Not to mention a year ago, I couldn't get an Odessy LX or Sienna LE for under $22k.

    It all comes down to what you need. If you do a lot of local driving with a crew of 4 or less in an crowded area with small parking spots. The 5 is a good bet. If you have a crew of 4 or more, and need the extra space, I'd go with the Sienna or Odessy.

    Good luck! :)
  • I've owned both an MPV and a Mazda5. Our experience with the MPV was mixed, at best - it was pleasant enough but we had a large number of problems (all of which were fixed under the warranty). Many of those were related to the transmission.

    Shortly before the warranty expired, we got rid of it and bought the five. Better warranty (although I guess that's not true for the '07s), better airbags, better gas mileage, and we could get a 5-speed.

    I'd buy another 5; I don't think I'd take another MPV no matter how good the deal.
  • d5ad5a Posts: 63
    Wish I had seen your review before last night. I did decided to purchase a 06 MPV over the 5. brought it home last night. Went with it due to the room and the price over the 5. Had a really hard time thinking which van would fit us the best. Decided on the MPV due to a roomier interior and a much lower cost for a more expensive van. Now wishing I may have bought a 5 if the MPV is going to be problems. Only had the van for a day and I'm liking it. I did notice the grab handle on the back of the passengers seat is broken. Has anyone else had issues with the handles? They seem flimsy. It's no sports car and it doesnt have the sporty look of the 5 but it is what it is.

    What year was your van? I had read many postings about the transmission and had some worries about it but it seemed to be on older models. I saw that the MPV was a 5 gear auto and the Mazda 5 was only a 4 speed auto. I thought the 5 speed auto would let the engine rev lower and save gas plus make for a quite ride. thinking the 5 speed auto would Cause the engine to not work as hard as the Mazda 5's. I'm hoping the 06 year is ok. We test drove a toyota sennia and the transmission drove me crazy. It was horrible. Drove 2 of them just to see if it was a problem in just one van. It wasn't. It shifted back and forth and waited to long inbeweteen gears. The mazda didn't do that at all and was much smoother when changing gears. I'm 37 and have never owned an automatic transmission and the MPV seems to not drive me crazy. Most automatics due because I'm wondering why are they changing gears and I hate feeling the gear changes. I'm ok so far in the MPV. It also felt faster and more like a car then a van. That was one reason to go to the mazda's

    Hears hoping I made a good decision with the MPV. any advise is always welcome.

    Thanks! :confuse:
  • Just got a Sport manual through Congressional Motors in Rockville, MD - 17.1K + TTL. Worked through the internet department - very helpful and quick to quote. Though they did send me an e-mail 3 days after picking it up that would have knocked another $200 off the price :(

    Love the car so far - people call it underpowered but they must not have driven my 97 Protege and its 92 horsepower 4 - now that's underpowered. :) I'm struck by how high the car actually sits - it's a good 10" taller than the Protege.
  • Since you mentioned that you can sit 6 if needed, how uncomfortable is it? I would be buying the 5 for my family which is me, my husband, and my kids who are 10,6 and 1. I figure the older two will sit in the back and the baby will be in the middle seat but I don't want them to be squished. How is the leg room?
  • wusterwuster Posts: 153
    It's not bad. We've had six people in the 5 several times, and the middle row has quite a bit of room to slide back and forth to give the 3rd row passenger leg room.

    I'm 5'6" and didn't have any problem in the 3rd row. Though I do need to point out that it is not as big as a regular mini-van, and when you have the 3rd row up, there isn't much room for storage.

    We've got two small kids (3 and 10 months), so the 5 works great for us. My wife also refused to drive a mini-van or large SUV, and the 5 is classified as a wagon by DOT. :)
  • I agree. The legroom in the 3rd row is fine, especially for a child.

    But you may want to have only one of the older kids sit in the 3rd row. That way you could fold the other seat down, which would give you enough room for several grocery bags.
  • bobw3bobw3 Posts: 2,992
    With the 1yr old in the 2nd row, you could slide that seat up pretty far to give more legroom for the 3rd row. I agree with the poster who said it's better to put another kid, probably the 6yr old in a car seat in the 2nd row also, so you can fold one of the 3rd row seats to get some storage space, since the storage space behind the 3rd row is pretty small.

    The 10yr old will easily be able to get to the 3rd row between the 2nd row seats, so even with car seats in both 2nd row seats, the 10yr old can access the back. The only thing is that with 1/2 the 3rd row folded flat for luggage, groceries, strollers, etc., all that stuff is going to be sitting right beside the 10 year old in the 3rd row, so you'll want to make sure you secure it somehow. Otherwise, you'll go around a corner too fast and all the groceries will be in the 10yr old's lap!

    Would the mazda5 be your "big" car? To me the mazda5 is perfect for a family with 2 kids who occasionally need space for a couple of more people, but with 3 kids in it all of the time, if this is your "big" car, than to me it's too small, mostly because of the lack of storage space behind the 3rd row and I wouldn't want to have a 10yr old sitting in the 3rd row with a mountain of stuff ready to fall on him on a regular basis. But if you already have a bigger 3 row vehicle, then the mazda5 is also a great backup car, since you can always use the bigger one if you need the storage space.

    Here's the mazda5 webpage. They do have a lot of picturs and videos, but it would have been nice if in one of the videos or photos they actually showed 6 people getting into the car. cleCode=MZ5&campId=934

    What are you currently driving now?
  • Hi everyone - after an exhaustive search for our new car, I think we have settled on a Mazda5. Our local dealer has several 2006 Mazda5s left, in addition to a number of '07s. Anyone have any recent experiences? How much of a discount under MSRP do you think is possible?

    Thanks in advance,

  • kivokivo Posts: 64
    Hi Caroline - Don't even think about the MSRP. Find out what the dealer paid for the car and negotiate up from that point. You can find out the dealer cost from various places and Consumer Reports will give you a complete printout for about $12. Good luck.

    Rick K.
  • Thanks so much for everyone's reply. Rught now I drive Hyundai Elantra so anything bigger will be a huge help! The Mazda would be my "bigger" car for all the kids. I'm not terrible concerned with fitting in bags of groceries with my 10 yo in back because I usually do my grocery shopping while the older two kids are in school. Right now with my car when we need to take all 3 kids we have them all squished in the back seat and it's very uncomfortable for my oldest because he is in between two carseats. When I go food shopping I will most likely have the back seats all folded down and then when it's time for kids the seats will go up. Thanks again for everyone's input- it has helped me tremendously! Now I just have to find out how to snag one for cheap! :)
  • kw_dakw_da Posts: 76

    Check paper for Mazda5 loss leaders - I'd aim for at least $1000 under invoice for 2006s. Depends on how badly the dealer needs a sale to make the bonus at the end of the month.

    Good Luck.

  • wusterwuster Posts: 153
    The 2006's have a 4yrs/50,000 mile warranty. The 2007's have a 3yrs/36,000 miles warranty.

    Something to keep in mind.
  • Just bought an 07 Mazda 5 after a lot of research into Mazdas and various alternatives. I think I got a good deal-went in at 2 pm on New Year's Eve when NOBODY was buying cars, it was the last day of the sales month and last day of the sales year, and 4 salesmen were hanging around hungry for customers. For a manual transmission with about $1000 worth of options (moon roof, cargo cover, 4 small options) after over an hr. of bargaining I paid 18,400, $375 over invoice (inclusive of the the ad fee and the destination charge). The people at Mazda Gallery in Norwood, MA were pleasant and helpful, and worked hard to do a deal. It definitely helped in negotiating to come in with an Edmunds printout of the invoice costs of everything, including each of the options.
  • Hi,

    I researched buying Mazda5's to death as I love
    a bargin.

    If I was younger and desperately needed the money
    I would have tried option #2 (buying a 2006 model).
    But it needed lots of research. It boils down to
    you can get a Mazda5 2007 Touring for $19700
    or a Mazda5 2006 Touring for $19200-$1000
    MAC rebate + Intersest paid.
    I chose the former since I had to buy out of state
    to get the 2006 model and issues regarding lemon laws
    and PZEV became a problem.

    Here is a two prong strategy I suggest.

    Option 1 (The easy way which I chose).
    You can get a Mazda5 2007 for about $400 above
    the invoice now (January) since the car dealerships
    are empty. For example, I paid $19700 for my Mazda
    Touring. Sticker was $20675.
    Caveat 1: Warranty? The 2007 model has a 36 month
    bumper to bumper warranty and 60 month drive
    train warrant. 2006 models have a 48 month bumper
    to bumper warranty and drive train warranty.

    Option 2. Try to get a Mazda5 2006 model. You can find
    these by using's inventory lookup.
    You can get these from *some* from dealers upto
    $3000 of the sticker. I managed to get one for
    $1500 off the sticker.
    Caveat1: Some of them have close to 600 miles on
    them. Mazda recommends you drive the car carefully
    for the first 600 miles.
    Caveat2: The 2006 Mazda's were not PZEV so will not
    be allowed in some states. Your responsible for
    registering the car so if you mess up, you wasted $20K.
    Caveat3: You may have to buy the 2006 from out of state,
    research CAREFULLY if your state's lemon laws cover
    you. For example, CA supreme court recently ruled that
    if you buy a car from out of state CA's lemon laws
    do NOT apply.
    Caveat4: Read the Mazda5 forums carefully. Seems like the
    2006 model had some teething issues (to be expected since
    its a first year model) such as sticking latches, noisy
    suspension etc.
  • 2007 Grand Touring, Black, tinted all around. Leather was a "must have" for me. The adjustable zenons are great. I think it's real zippy with two adults and two kids - despite what I have read. Best I could do was $500 above invoice plus tints. $21,100 plus tax, title,etc. And I doubled the warrantee period for $1,500. 6 years, 100,000 miles. So about $24,500 OTD. Sounds like I paid more than anyone on this forum, but I still think it's worth it. It's in a class by itself.
  • dashbbdashbb Posts: 119
    Here in Chicagoland area, Roto Mazda has a leftover 2006 Mazda5 Sport, MSRP $19795 which he agreed to sell at $16000 even. 4yr/50k warranty! :)
  • The obvious one is warranty:

    2006 4yr 50K bumper to bumper and power train
    2007 3 year 36K bumper to bu mper and 5 year 60K power train

    I'm not sure which is better?

    What else is different. Some specs put the 2006 max
    torque at 3500 and the 2007 max torque at 4500.
  • elizabelizab Posts: 10
    We got $300 under INVOICE for a 2007 Sport Automatic. The dealer fee was also waived. There was no trade-in involved. This was in Northern Virginia. Got it today. In my opinion, the key to a good price is to call all the dealers and get them all bidding for your business. Don't even leave your house until you have agreed to an out-the-door price.
  • Anyone buy with the X Plan? How are these cars holding up? We saw one today and my wife fell in love with it. Now she wants to buy one. I'm trying to figure out how we can swing it.
  • I live in NoVa - which dealership did you purchase from, if you don't mind my asking? Thanks!
  • Thanks - spotted an ad in the newspaper for a special at Darcars Mazda in Silver Spring, and we got a Sport with just automatic and no other options or accessories for $599 below invoice. They still have one left, in black, ask for Eric.
  • shadushadu Posts: 2
    does anybody knw when the 2008 model arrives coz i am really wanting to buy this car its a great deal ....
  • Took a visit to our local Mazda dealer in Louisville, which I won't name except to say that it rhymes with Oxmoor Mazda. For the first time ever, I didn't get attacked by three salespeople before I'd shut off my ignition. In fact, I wasn't greeted by anyone. I went to the bathroom, and then went up to the front desk. My mission to drive a car. I waited while a woman instructed another woman how to do some sort of paperwork (that could have waited the 10 seconds it would have taken to at least acknowledge my presence). Finally the woman being trained (who seemed friendly enough) was ready to help me, and she spent several minutes trying to track down a salesman. She finally found a guy who looked like he'd rather be doing anything BUT helping me.

    He recovered quickly, but wanted to get a bunch of information about what I was looking for. He wrote down some things that I told him, writing down the model of my car wrong. I advised him my wife was in the car with my daughter, who was asleep. I hoped that since it was cold outside, this would help speed up the experience. We then went to look for a 5 to drive.

    There were three in the back, all of them were open. He showed me how the car worked, but I think I knew more than he did about the car. I told him what I wanted to drive and he went in to get keys.

    Came back and we got in the first car. The smell of cigarette smoke was overwhelming. Turned the key... wouldn't start. No problem. He had another set of keys. That 5 wouldn't start. He says, "let me go get the third set."

    I said, "how about we try the locks/lights/etc. on it." Sure enough, it's dead too.

    He goes to get someone to charge the battery. While I'm waiting, they appear to be talking under their breath about something and looking back at me. They try to charge the battery.... nothing.

    So I say, "what about the 5 up front." They go to look. I can't test that one because it's not in inventory yet.

    I'm told, "he's going to charge one up and bring it up for you to drive."

    I go talk to my wife, wait. Walk back in. "Is he having trouble getting the rest of them to start?" My guy walks into a room with what appears to be three maintenance guys and a suit or two. A few minutes go buy behind closed doors and I see smiling and laughing. Finally, he comes out and says, "sit down".

    "Can we make an appointment for you to come back? Unfortunately, he's got to charge up the battery and we won't have it ready to drive for awhile."

    I guess my frustration showed on my face, and I said, "We'll have to talk about it, can I take one of your cards?"

    He got a bit angry/perplexed looking. "Who will have to talk about it?"

    "My wife and I."

    "Well can we set a time? You're not mad at me? You know, sometimes this happens. Be honest with me."

    "Well, I came here TODAY to drive one."

    "I'm sorry about that, you know it is not my fault, right?"

    "Yeah. My wife and I will have to talk about it." I gave him my phone number and took his card.

    I looked at it as a sign that perhaps I need to find another dealership to do a test drive with. Sadly, there is only one other dealer in the area.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 64,671
    which I won't name except to say that it rhymes with Oxmoor Mazda



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  • Just purchased a 2007 Mazda5 GT with automatic and air conditioning for CDN$ 26,285 before taxes and levies. Price includes extra cost Snowflake Pearl white paint.

    This model is similar to the Touring model in the USA.

    Victoria, BC, Canada
  • Just made the deal on a platinum silver :) 2007 Mazda5 Gt 5sp, with leather and automatic climate control in Vancouver BC.
    I did the deal without setting foot in any dealership. After getting info on the numbers from carcostcanada I emailed sales managers at 7 dealerships and got firm quotes from 3 and non-commital messages from 2 others. I spent a couple of hours on the phone back and forth between 2 dealers and got my final price just $500 over invoice.
    Total to the penny before 13.5% taxes...$25,883 cdn.
  • wind5wind5 Posts: 1
    I was test driving a 2007 Mazda5 Sport AT then I found a 2006 in the parking lot. It is the last one left in the Chicago area dealer so I purchased it at a price I am fully satisfied: $15,700 + tax, title & doc fees. The 2006 comes with popular package, fog light, carge net, and wheel locks. Its MSRP is $19,700.

    I love the handling of this small van, sporty and responsive. :) I think the cost-performance ratio of Mazda5 is excellent. I have recommended this vehicle to two of my friends who are planning to buy a new car in near future.
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