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Mazda5 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Thanks for your replies, kyfdx and David. I guess the dealership decided to just "eat" it. It's been 2 days and I haven't heard a word from them regarding the rebate mix-up. My down payment check went through and my credit union loan is on the books for the amount I signed the contract for.

    So I think I got a pretty good deal - invoice is $19625 (Touring, AT, Sirius and Pearl Paint). I got mine for $18900 after the $1000 rebate I wasn't supposed to get (ha,ha). That's before TTL, of course ($21000 after). What do you think??????

    I'm really enjoying the car/minivan/whatever it is. My daughter will be having another baby (making it 2 under age 2, plus a 10-year-old) and I just couldn't see me getting two carseats in and out of my Dakota QuadCab when I have the privilege of babysitting them. This definitely is a dream vehicle in that respect. Lovin' it!
  • kw_dakw_da Posts: 76
    Hi Sandie,

    Looks like you drove a pretty good deal, $725 under invoice. They probably have about $400 in hold-back so I don't think they lost much and they probably will find some way to get the rebate. I think once they sign the contract, they can't change it, but it probably depends what state you are in. Since the 07's are coming out, the dealer will give you pretty good deals on 06's (which have a longer bumper-to-bumper warrantee anyway.

  • Cool! Thanks again!
  • sf5sf5 Posts: 1
    I just bought one of the remaining 2006 Touring, automatic transmission Mazda 5s (silver) for $18509 (supposedly $800 under invoice +$200 advertising) + TTL (taxes $1583, license $184, $8.75 for California Tire Fees (whatever those are) and $45 in document prep fee). Royal Motor Sales here in San Francisco were good to work with, and with less high pressure than my last car buying experience a few years back. I was tempted by the 2007, but it would have been $1000 more to get it at invoice out here, and that would have a year less on the warranty.
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  • tlongtlong CaliforniaPosts: 5,134
    We've narrowed our choices down from CRV and Mazda 5 to the 5.

    1 - has anybody seen the new color - dark plum? It seems it is the only color that has not been made yet. We wanted to get a look at it but we aren't going to wait very long.
    2 - does anybody else think Mazda made a poor choice of leather color on the GT? We have decided on a Touring instead and we'll add aftermarket leather
    3 - isn't it annoying that Mazda does very little advertising on this vehicle? Are they capacity constrained for the US and don't need more sales?
  • riproyriproy Posts: 57
    I have to chime in regarding your third point. I also find it frustrating that the 5 is not pushed more here in Canada. We received a glossy Mazda pull-out with our newspaper last week and the 5 received a half page of half-hearted copy. I am so curious to know the reasoning behind this from Mazda's standpoint. Anyone??
  • kw_dakw_da Posts: 76

    Re: question #3

    Well in my selfish opinion, I think its better that there's not as much advertising - otherwise, there'd be more demand and we'd have to pay more for our M5s. We also have unique cars, easier to find our car in the parking lot.

    On the downside, since not as many are sold, we don't have as much aftermarket support.

  • I am a Canadian moving to US, specifically Lawrence Kansas. I will be buying a Mazda 5 Grand Touring (i.e. Auto with Leather) with Navigation, DVD, and remote starter. MSRP is 25,445. What is a reasonable price for that region? The TMV price in edmunds is based off a much lower MSRP, and hence, I don't know if it's accurate. Any help will be much appreciated!
  • kw_dakw_da Posts: 76

    I just ran the TMV price in edmunds - the MSRP is $25,410, Invoice is $23,450 and TMV is $24,911 for zip code 91362.

    I believe that buying agents such as Costco can get you your car at invoice +$500 or so - see other threads. Depends on how much in demand the Grand Touring is.

    What MSRP is Edmunds giving you? Did you select all your options?


  • I just purchased a 2007 Mazda 5 GT with auto, air and metallic paint for C$28,704 all in. I negotiated C$1,486 off the MSRP of C$25,100.

    I hope this info is useful.
  • I have had a very negative Experience with STAMFORD MAZDA!! I Ordered a car from them in sept. I was told that the car should be in by the end of sept thru early oct. They told me that it was in the port and needed to clear customs. I gave them a $500.00 deposit in the very beginning of sept. They faxed me the window sticker and contract with a VIN # of the vehicle I waited till the end of sept and started calling to see if they had any updates for me. They told me that the car wasn't in yet and that they had hoped to have it by the end of the month so they could have it in sept sales. I called again on sept 29th and they told me that it should be any day now. I continued to wait until I checked with another dealer who ran the VIN # on my vehicle and told me that the car had come in on sept 26th and was sold to someone else. I then called my sales rep and again asked him for and update. I was still told that it should be in any day. When i told him what i was told he said he would get right back to me. When he called me back he did tell me that i was right the car had come in and was sold to someone else. After consulting with my attorney and finding out that I could only go after them for damages( interest on my deposit)i decided to let it go and move on. However i am still having a problem getting my deposit returned. I have called over and over again and am always being told that it will be taken care of right away. Weeks later still no deposit refund. I have had to file a complaint with mazda in order to try to get my deposit refunded!. Who ever heard of a dealer taking a deposit on a vehicle and then selling it to someone else when it came in. And then repeatedly lie about it.
  • Hello,

    Thanks a lot to those who've posted on all the threads. It's helped our process a lot, especially my ease of mind. We got a 2007 Mazda5 MT, for around $18.4k out-the-door.

    We had a reasonably okay time getting the car, although the process too forever considering I worked out most of the details before I got there. When I got a Saturn the process took around an hour- including the walk-through and picture. Also annoying is even though I told them ahead of time what accessories I wanted, when I got there they didn't have them in stock.

    First bit of advice, go through the internet and get dealers to quote you "out-the-door" prices. The selling price means little when you also have doc fees of $400 - $500, advertising fees of $250, etc. A reputable dealer can and will add up everything including tax over email or the phone. It's the only real thing to compare dealers against.

    This was the second dealer we met with- we went over the internet and I asked if they could do a "dealer swap" for a specific VIN. They called me and told me they had "my car" in but when I got there it was the wrong year and wrong color. The dealer tried to tell me he couldn't tell what kind of car I wanted from the VIN (which is just not true) and thought this was close enough. After I walked they offered me a very sweet deal on the car- $17.5k "out-the-door" for a new car with 450 miles- but the feeling of "bait and switch" plus being told a lie I decided to go elsewhere. After that you never know what else will crop in to spoil the deal. So my second piece of advice- if you're dealing over the internet, make sure you get them to quote you a VIN (or set of VINs) with the price before you actually get in the store.

    We have our first little one on the way, so I figured it was time to upgrade my wife from a coupe (she loves that coupe- she says it's "me-sized"). She actually strongly resisted getting the larger vehicle until I figured out to convince her parents first and they convinced her.
  • kw_dakw_da Posts: 76

    Thanks for posting your price. It helps others if you can post the price you paid before Tax, Title & License (TTL). Some states have no tax, so this can make a big difference in price. Dealer helps & location.

    FYI, You can get VINs & inventory of the dealer from Mazda's website. This helped me when I was looking at paper adverts to find out exactly what car they were referring to.


  • A 2007 Sport AT for $500 under invoice about $19.3K OTD from Expo Mazda at Kingwood (north of Houston). No pressure from internet and finance manager. I was in and out in less than 60 minutes that included test drive. I highly recommand this dealership.
  • The selling price for the 2007 Mazda5 MT was around $16.8k including the destination fee- they threw in the cargo net and step plate. Cargo cover was extra. Oh, yeah, if you have a long drive to get to the dealer, make sure they have the accessories you want in stock before you go, too.

    I found the Mazda website inventory helpful in getting the VINs for the cars I wanted. Their phone number (1-800-639-1000) is even more useful- they can not only tell you what's in stock, they can tell you what will be in stock over the next month. Someone else posted that number previously, I just can't find the reference off hand to give credit but- thanks, whoever.

    I used the Mazda website for VIN numbers- the problem I had was they did a dealer swap (drove the car from out-of-town) and the website has a two or three day lag.

  • I contacted Mazda USA and they told me that they are not going to start manufacturing any 2007 Mazda 5's in the new plum color until January. They said that these will go on sale in March 2007 at the earliest.

    They did tell me there is a black 2007 GT with a DVD on its way to Hawaii and a strato blue mica Touring just got in today. Unfortunately, all of the dealers in Hawaii start off marking vehicles up $4,000 to $8,000 over MSRP when they price things. So, it seems like you are getting a great deal when they tell you "$9,000 off" but most of the time, you end up back at the MSRP and not even close to invoice. The lowest price you can get is the Costco price which is invoice plus $900. This is even the number they are using for 2006 vehicles.

    Ugh - the price of paradise :cry:
  • tlongtlong CaliforniaPosts: 5,134
    with Nav, automatic. Outstanding buying experience. $300 under invoice - $21K including pearl white charge and all weather floor mats, I didn't have to do hardly any bargaining.

    So far car is excellent, no flaws at all.
  • yad5yad5 Posts: 3
    tlong, I am seriously considering buying a GT, and have no idea how low is reasonable in my area. $300 under invoice sounds like a really great deal. Your price sounds like a U.S. price - what part of the country did you buy in?
  • I have two quotes from dealers in Hawaii. I know with three kids, I should get an MPV but I still can't get over the whole Soccer Mom/Minivan thing. We have a tiny one car carport and cannot fit anything wider than 73-74 inches so other minivans and most SUVs are out.

    So far, nobody is marking down MPVs here. They are still way over invoice. Would it make a difference to wait until 2007?

    From McKenna Mazda - 2007 Strato Blue Touring with cargo cover and rear bumper guard. $25,090 for the vehicle only (Per Edmunds MSRP is $20,810, invoice is $19,485, TMV is $21,123). Needless to say, this is a no go since it's about $4K over MSRP.

    From JN Mazda - 2007 Phantom Blue Touring with cargo cover, rear bumper guard, floor mats and portfolio (?). $21,590 vehicle price (Per Edmunds, MSRP is $20,870, invoice is $19,533, TMV is $21,173). $22,939 OTD. I have not found any information on the portfolio option - does anyone know what this is or how much it cost? So, the price is about $700 over MSRP and about $2K over invoice.

    The destination fee for Hawaii is $560 and as you can see, there is a dealer markup.

    We are also waiting for quotes on the Grand Tourings.

    Compared to what people are paying on the Mainland, these prices seem pretty high to me. I have been dealing with Thousand Oaks via e-mail so we may fly up to California and do the deal there since the prices are lower. It will cost us about $975-$1200 to ship though.

    Any feedback would be appreciated. Also, if you have any other recommendations for dealers in California, preferably Southern California, I'd appreciate it.
  • kw_dakw_da Posts: 76

    Re your prices - ouch, but its Hawaii :-)

    I'm in Southern Cal & bought from Thousand Oaks Dealer. You need to talk to the manager to get the best deal (he may not be in on weekdays - the sales guy can tell you when he is in). I bought in their loss-leader in the paper, which was $2000 below invoice and asked for a similar deal on the car we wanted - was able to get ~700 under invoice. If you do it at the towards the end of the month you have more leverage since they want to make quota. My guess is that you should be able to get a Mazda5 for around invoice if not below in SCal.

    I'd check the LATimes for lost leaders for comparision (go to their website - classified section and search on Mazda - the vin number is posted in the ad, then you can use Mazda's site to look up the specific vehicles to check on color and other details.) The best prices are probably in the weekend papers. At least you'll know how much dealers are willing to go below invoice.

    You should check your addons against this site which has free shipping for $150 and up (cargo cover is a good price).

    I'd definitely suggest getting the windows tinted - I can recommend a place in Thousand Oaks - again this price is subject to negotiation - see what the dealer will charge & a local place. You probably should do some research as there are many types of film & brands.


  • Thanks for the advice, David. I have been in contact with the internet sales manager from Thousand Oaks regarding an MPV. I e-mailed him to see if I can get some quotes on the Mazda 5.

    Did you purchase a 2007 or 2006 Mazda 5? Was it a Touring or Sport model?

    Do the car ads come out in the LA Times on Friday or Sunday?

    The dealer who was at $25K for the vehicle sent us a new quote of $22,602.90 OTD. This is $21,290 for the vehicle which is still about $700 over invoice. I believe the Costco price that people are getting around town is $800 over invoice.

    I sent this new quote to the 2nd dealer to see if they will go lower. I doubt if we will get anything close to $700 under invoice or even invoice so flying to California may be the way for us to go.

    Thanks for the advice.
  • tlongtlong CaliforniaPosts: 5,134
    I bought in Southern California. If you happen to be in this area let me know and I can tell you about the dealership and salesperson.
  • tlongtlong CaliforniaPosts: 5,134
    Okaasan - I also bought at Thousand Oaks! It sounds like David and I are very close to each other. And I also know of a good tinting place in the area, perhaps even the same one David knows about.

    The dealer was very good and I have a great salesperson at this dealership. I can't post names but if you want to know I can find a way to provide my email.
  • kw_dakw_da Posts: 76

    My deal is in posting #398 - title is wrong, the price was 17,265 +TTL. I bought a 2006 Sport (2006 has longer 4-year bumper to bumper warranty, but shorter power train warranty).

    I'm not sure when the ads come out - I'll check for you.

    It appears that you're getting a decent price from your local dealer. If you bought in CA, you'd have to pay shipping $1000? + your airfare $600? + hassle of shipping. But you can go to DisneyLand :-).

    Looks like Tlong (post #428) recently bought a touring with Nav for ~300 under invoice, so you're within $1000 difference right now, so it's cheaper overall for you to buy in Hawaii.

    I'd wait on your local dealer until Nov 29th-30th and walk in ready to deal - they may need you to make quota. Probably some good deals on Thanksgiving weekend too.

  • kw_dakw_da Posts: 76
    Today's (Friday) LA Times has Thousand Oaks Mazda selling a 06 Mazda5 for $14995 (6767/110061) - I think this is the manual tranmission black Mazda5 they have had a for a long time as a loss leader. There is also a 06 MPV for $15495 (7380/571589). These prices include rebates and $1000 for financing thru Mazda American Credit ("Factory rebates and MAC Bonus Cash in lieu of special APR"). This will give you an idea of how much they're willing to lose on a loss-leader ... or the games they're playing with financing :-).


  • My husband and I are considering the Mazda5. We are a family of five (with 3 small children) and are concerned about that the 4 cyl engine may not be enough power to support our family. Has anybody else used this a the main vehicle for a family with three kids?

    Also, we are in Nashville and wondering what the best price is people have gotten out this way. Thanks.
  • Thanks David, I'll pick up the LA Times today. The ads are cheaper than the quotes we got from Thousand Oaks (which are still $2K lower than the quotes in Hawaii).

    Today, they sent me a quote for $18,191 for a 2006 Touring in Greensilver Metal, auto trans, wheel locks.

    For a 2007 Touring in Galaxy Gray Mica, auto trans, wheel locks, compass/autodim mirror, the quote was $19,642.

    They also have a 2007 Grand Touring, Galaxy Gray Mica, auto trans, wheel locks for $20,607.

    Everything is about $1000 under invoice.

    I don't have a Grand Touring quote yet here in Hawaii. Regarding the Touring models, the HI dealers are still at $21K and won't budge from there.

    We have a friend who will pick the car up on a flatbed and make the shipping arrangements for us. It will cost us about $1000 but we're hoping to avoid the CA taxes and pay HI taxes instead (at least THAT's lower).

    I would rather drive the 5 than do the MPV though. I know with three kids, the MPV would be a better choice but it's still a VAN (ugh).
  • kw_dakw_da Posts: 76

    You can check the LaTimes online site - they have Mazda ads - you click on ads, then search for Mazda. However, I wasn't able to find the Thousand Oaks ad - its possible its a region specific ad as the LaTimes has a Ventura version.

    As far as I know, you pay the tax depending on your residence - you may want to double check this.

  • fred222fred222 Posts: 200
    I test drove a 2006 Mazda 5 Touring with the 5 speed transmission today. I specifically am looking for a vehicle which can seat five in reasonable comfort (wife + 3 kids), gets good gas mileage has a manual transmission and fits me (6'4"). There are very few choices with these specifications. I like the Mazda 5 although it is somewhat cramped. I would say that the rear seat is really only for kids. My son noted the absence of the front passenger seat arm rest and I noted that both middle seats do not have an arm rest on the door. I liked the car. It drove well and had adequate power with the stick. I would probably have to have the driver's seat moved back several inches if I wanted to be comfortable driving this car. This is not insurmountable, but not something that you want to do with a brand new car.
    The kicker came after I finished the test drive. The salesman of course asked me what it would take to get me to buy the car right now. I said that I would have to talk to my wife and think about the positives and negatives of the vehicle. Both true. Then I asked about the price, since that is certainly part of the consideration of buying a vehicle. I had previously looked at the sticker and noticed a $3000 regional adjustment. The salesman looked at the sticker and said that the car would be about $24000 + tax etc. The MSRP on a new 2007 Mazda 5 Touring with no options like the one I drove is $19745. The vehicle I was interested in was a 2006 with 159 miles and Mazda has a $1000 cash back offer on 2006 M5 when financed through Mazda. I see no point in going back and talking to the salesman if they really think that I am going to pay $24K for that vehicle. While driving home I was thinking about the Mazda 5 and comparing it to the 2005 Pacifica touring that my wife has which was purchased new for $26K. The Pacifica has the same seating arrangement, but with more room, has leather seats with arm rests all around, has a 250 Hp V6 with AWD and in general has a much more refined feel. The only down side is the gas mileage. We also have a 2006 Odyssey EX-L. The Odyssey LX (not EX-L like ours)can be purchased for close to the asking price for the Mazda 5 and is so superior to it in every way that I am not even going to talk about it.
    Again, I have no idea what this salesman was doing, but it left a bad taste in my mouth. If they really want $24K for this vehicle they are dreaming and if they don't I have no idea what they are looking at for price as part of my decision making process.
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