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Mazda5 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • wusterwuster Posts: 153
    Hey! Another Mazda5 owner in Northern VA!

  • I couldnt find it on the mazda site, but are they doing the recent college grad $500 discount anymore?
  • Mazda's College Grad Program/Rebate ended in it's last form in July of 2005.

    There is no current Mazda College Grad Program/Rebate available at this time.

  • thanks for replying...

    if mazda does some sort of promotion this summer, i might go check out the 5.
  • cellneuroncellneuron Posts: 22
    I did check with my local mazda dealer. Yes, mazda still has the $500 college discount, but the conditiones have been changed. You must be enrolled in college or graduate school to be qualified. You won't be qualified if you graduate even one day before you trigger the purchase.

    I am not qualifed any more.
  • audia8qaudia8q Posts: 3,138
    for sure?? Is he is part of some pilot/test program?? no college grad program in my region.
  • cellneuroncellneuron Posts: 22
    I am pretty sure. I did my test drive there and talked about the price. But I also found it is not available nationwide. Bay area in CA has it.
  • takasumitakasumi Posts: 4
    I never would have expected that this experience could have resulted in a POSITIVE buying experience given the terrible start. To make a long story short, after a few phone exchanges we agreed to give things a second shot. Coincidentally, the Stamford dealership just got in stock the exact vehicle spec/color that I wanted. Without my prompting, the dealer stepped up and proposed a price even lower than the Costco price (invoice+300) (when has this ever happened?). It may have been small gesture but made me feel that we were on the same page and I decided that I could live with the ordinary factory warranties, etc. as long as I could see and test the vehicle. I think both parties realized that we may have been, well childish, I guess is the word, and we thought it was better to try to make a deal that would keep make us both happy. After a brief review of the invoice and options (where he offered to reduce the price by another $40 without me asking because there was an option I didn't want), we closed the and I picked the car up the next day. My original salesman gave us the final demo, and was gracious and helpful to the end. I am certainly pleased with the vehicle and I am confident that I will continue to see good service from this dealership as long as I own the vehicle. If I can be turned around to give Stamford Mazda a POSITIVE recommendation, I think that says a lot about how much they value their customers and reputation. Good luck.
  • murphy4murphy4 Posts: 92
    Just about to end a nightmare experience with a Ford Freestyle and saw a Mazda5 in the mall parking lot. We have 2 small children, dog and always seems to have alot of gear.

    Can the 4 cylinder auto handle the family or is the best bet the manual? It seems to be roomy inside.....does it have room for 3 in the back seat if you have 2 child seats??

    Any feedback is appreciated.......
  • wusterwuster Posts: 153
    We have a touring auto and haven't found any problems keep up with traffic.

    We also have two kids and we usually keep the last row seat folded down to store the dual stroller, diaper bag, and other kids related stuff. My wife can still manage to find enough space in the back for a trip to Costco and Target.

    We've also taken the car on a 500+ miles road trip to Pittsburgh and back, and the car performed great.

    As for 3 in a row in the back, I don't think it will work. There is only two sets of seat belt in each row of seats, and with two car seats in one of the back row, there isn't any room for a 3rd person.
  • narenjinarenji Posts: 161
    just picked up a used 06 mazda5 with 8k mi for 14.9k+TTL. it is a sport, 5spd, moonroof, and popular equip package. figured we saved about 3k by buying this used one instead of a new one... what do you think of the price? the drive is great, just like my prior mazda6...
  • tikaltikal Posts: 7
    Any positive/negative experiences buying the Mazda 5 in the Houston, TX area? Any feedback would be appreciated.
  • Just bought car today will pick it up tomorrow.
    we selected Mazda5 Touring model. and got $18,500 price ( doesn't include taxes and etc) which include destination charge. but we were limited in colors :( only black. :cry:
    even though we bought it I still don't know if Touring play mp3 discs. hope will find out tomorrow.
  • tikaltikal Posts: 7
    "Just bought car today will pick it up tomorrow.
    we selected Mazda5 Touring model. and got $18,500 price ( doesn't include taxes and etc) which include destination charge. but we were limited in colors only black. even though we bought it I still don't know if Touring play mp3 discs. hope will find out tomorrow."

    Is this for the Mazda5 Touring with automatic transmission?
  • evpedevped Posts: 39
    I just purchased in CT for a great price. $8500 and my 03 Accord with 90,000 miles on it. Out the door for a new 5 Touring(5M). This price includes all fees and taxes. So far the car is enjoyable, a lot for the money.
  • rriulrriul Posts: 8
    I live in Chicago area and am in the market for M5.

    I got a quote on a M5 touring model with Mazda S plan.

    The options I have are as follows
    o auto trans
    o auto dimm mirror with compass
    o rear bumper step
    o cargo net
    o wheel locks

    MSRP including dest charge is $20,715. With S plan, dealer quoted me at $19,303.

    Is it a good price to buy or I shall look for somewhere else?

    Thanks! :)
  • riproyriproy Posts: 57
    We were given a quote for the GT model in carbon grey with manual trans, climate control, all-weather mats, and the upgraded stereo of $CDN27,110 in Edmonton. That is a total to drive it off the lot. How does that compare to other Canadian prices?

    I can't believe that in this day where a Canadian dollar is about 90 US cents that the price differential between our countries for vehicles is so large. Essentially up here we are paying a lot more for the same vehicle.
  • aviboy97aviboy97 Posts: 3,159
    S Plan is dealer invoice. S Plan has to be filed, and sold how it is set on the invoice. It will be the same price from dealer to dealer. If you were to obtain better savings, it would be only because a dealer would go below invoice, or there are fees that one dealer has that another does not.

    I would take the S Plan. It is as simple as it can get.
  • I love it! I got the Touring package with the Nav system (which is very cool, easy to use and keeps me from getting lost!)for $21,500 total. That included $400 to have it driven from Florida to SC. No one here had the phantom blue (beautiful color BTW!) so we bought it by phone! We did not get the college rebate even though my husband would have qualified. They are not offering the rebate now in this market.

    We are getting 25 mpg and I have already put 1000 miles on it (2 road trips so far). It is perfect for our family of 4 (boys are ages 10 and under).

    Great car for the money!
  • paulb5paulb5 Posts: 7
    see my post - #316

    We paid $23,038.60 on a GT manual trans includes a/c, cargo net, bumber guard, touch-up paint, and wheel locks Fght/PDI.

    We waived the satellite radio promo at the time which took another $200 off and we got a $200 trade-in, both in price above. Gas & Air taxes extra ($175)

    We opted for the base radio - wanted like $600 or $700 for the 6-disc/MP3 - too much considering you can get an iPod for a few hundred and do the same.

    Dealership: Kieswetter Mazda in Kitchener, Ontario
  • jsheafferjsheaffer Posts: 1
    We just bought a 5 speed sport with the temp. and compass mirror and a few other minor options for $17,450 (plus TTL). I'm concerned about weak AC, so we're having the windows professionally tinted next week ($230).
  • dinrebdinreb Posts: 1
    My wife and I went to the Mazda dealer to test drive the M5 and we made a deal. It was totallly unexpected. I paid $18910 for a GT with AT. We had a trade in so our finally payment is $4000 including everything. I think I had a good deal.
  • mrmcc33mrmcc33 Posts: 6
    Just bought a Mazda5 yesterday: the only Phantom Blue Touring Manual on the East Coast. Seems like it'll be a perfect fit with our new addition (3 month old).

    Paid 19k for it, but got wheel locks and cross bars for the roof.

  • rushkyrushky Posts: 3
    This is at Premier Mazda Milwaukee, OR. After agreeing on a price with one of the sales person at this dealer, I traveled to Portland from Seattle to get the M5. I had to that far because they had the trim and color my wife wanted. As soon as I arrived at the dealership and asked for particular salesman I have been dealing with, I was told he does not work on the weekends. And this is in spite of the fact that particular salesman I dealt with assured me that he will be in and have the paper work ready. The price negotiations involved several consultations with his manager. I assumed the manager is all aware of everything. I had informed the salesman that I’ll be flying in from Seattle, so I gave him all detail for him to start the paperwork.

    As soon as I stepped into the dealership, the first question the so called sales manager asked me was, “are you the one who wanted the M5?” I said yes. “what price did **** give you?” I told him the price. Then in a typical stereotypical con artist, he blubbered “well, you see, **** is very new here and does not know the price of that car” But I told him that **** he consulted you or some manager here several times during our negotiating phase, so what are implying? He said that they cannot sell that car for that price but he’ll give me a good deal. Unbelievable! Well, that was it. Not being too smart or stupid, I left.

    Something did not seem right in the whole of that dealership place. Hungry and high pressured looking sales people were pacing up and down outside the building waiting for victims for bait and switch. This a very low-life scam-like way of doing business that has place in today’s world. Or maybe they thought since I came from too far away I would be desperate to leave with a car. Shame on them!

    Looking back, the dealership fits the profile a nightmarish experience at a car dealer’s lot. You have been warned, if you have any dignity left in you, stay away from Premier Mazda. Car shopping is stressful enough.
  • audia8qaudia8q Posts: 3,138
    So your saying that you flew out of state to a dealership without having a deal locked in writing signed by you and the dealership??

    Why didn't you go to your local dealer, agree to a deal and have them do a dealer swap?

    Your story isnt new....There are stories all over edmunds of folks traveling long distances to get a car only to find out the deal has changed or something left out.
  • rushkyrushky Posts: 3
    It is the first time I am doing a new car shopping...So I was naive enough to trust someone who soundend as if they knew what they were talking about. Now I know better of course! Actually, I went to my local dealer and got what I wanted. it is all a learning :blush: ">
  • After several months of looking for a black, automatic, sport, Mazda 5 we finally purchased one for $17300 from Gaithersburg Mazda in MD. I was firm on not having a freight charge added so we were happy to get out the door with taxes/title/tags, etc for just under $18500. Looking forward to picking it up this Saturday. Is anyone out there buying the Teflon coating, our dealership is recommending it for the black clear coat. Is this necessary?? Looking forward to our Zoom Zoom! :shades:
  • wusterwuster Posts: 153
    Teflon coating?!?! U gonna cook eggs on the car? :P

    That is a new one. I hadn't heard of dealers selling teflon coatings... What is it suppose to do?
  • awc13awc13 Posts: 1
    In the past couple of years, automotive chemical companies figured out that teflon can be a useful ingredient in paint sealants and waxes.

    If you are diligent in preventive care and wax your vehicle twice a year, the teflon coating is not necessary. If you ignore/abuse your vehicles, the added benefit of the teflon coating will not be realized.

    In summary, skip the coating, and spend that cost on a nice dinner out in your new vehicle.
  • crail29crail29 Posts: 3
    Just bought a Mazda5 (Touring, AT) yesterday. While I got a pretty good price on the vehicle, I foolishly purchased an extended warranty (through Mazda, not a 3rd party) without realizing that the cost of this is also completely negotiable. I paid about $1,200 to extend the factory warranty to 10yrs/100,000 miles, with a $100 deductible.

    Does anyone have a sense of how badly I got taken?
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