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Volvo S60 Prices Paid and Buying Experience

Kirstie_HKirstie_H Administrator Posts: 11,154
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    lurkerlurker Member Posts: 9
    I hope Volvo will reconsider their pricing incentive policy on ordered cars.

    I'm being told by my dealer that they can't guarantee a price for an ordered unit because Volvo won't lock-in the incentive discount. In other words, if I order a car, if there is any incentive discount, it will be whatever is in effect at time of delivery, not when the order is placed. I was hoping to take advantage of the $2250 cash to dealer incentive that is currently in place for '06's.

    I guess I understand that they want the incentives to apply to units already in the showrooms, but for cars like the R that aren't usually stocked, it means I've got to roll the dice for my final price.

    Sorry, no can do.
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    heywood1heywood1 Member Posts: 851
    With most manufacturers, the ultra-high-performance models (like Volvo's 'R') are excluded from--or have reduced--incentives. Find an 'R' in dealer inventory and make your best deal-- even if it's your second color choice.
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    stchiustchiu Member Posts: 2
    My girlfriend is looking for a S60 with Premium package. I live in the Bay Area. Just wonder anybody bought a S60 recently and how much they paid.

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    lurkerlurker Member Posts: 9
    Fortunately, it's still a buyers market for the R cars. Yes, they are included in the incentive programs including marketing cash to dealers, and yes, they can be bought for a reasonable amount over invoice. Also, if 2006 is anything like 2005, the incentives may increase throughout the year.

    It's a bargain for buyers willing to put up with the reliability issues and rapid depreciation, but who really value and can appreciate high performance cars like the R's. Even the automatic for 2006 is finally getting close to the manual in acceleration.
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    robber1robber1 Member Posts: 2
    I'm expecting to buy a S60 T5 over the next week or two, now two quesitons regarding pricing:
    1. Is the current incentive likely to be renewed once again for Sept.?
    2. When negotiating a purchase price, should I aim at the carsdirect.com price or an x amount lower than that?
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    dearabbydearabby Member Posts: 3
    In May I bought a new S60, however I got the base model with a list price of 28,950.00 for about 20,000. They offered a 5000 discount and then I did some talking to get it down. They also gave me a great deal on my trade in. Not sure if that helps or not. I know they wanted to get rid of the car since it is not loaded but to me a Volvo is a Volvo, I don't need all the extras.
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    kasperghostkasperghost Member Posts: 72
    I drove from Colorado to buy one of the last new '05 T5, HP Turbo, 6 speed manuals in San Jose from Smythe Volovo. We negotiated beforehand and the deal was straight forward. Painless. I am still trying to get some of the financing oddities of inerstate buying worked out, but the dealership has promised to work in good faith. They were straight forward on the purchase, so they have some of my trust.

    31.6k on a 39.3k car (31.1k invoice). It included Premium, DSTC, Air Sensor, Weather, Sport, Convience, Park Assist. Touring, Xenon, Satellite Prep, and paint. This was 500 over invoice. 5500 Manufacturer buy-down rebate + plus dealer discount. I went through the internet dept.

    I was going to buy the 3 series, but in the end it was too pricy- I even put a 1k deposit down.

    Love the car. Turbo good...!
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    lurkerlurker Member Posts: 9
    Yes, the incentive is likely to be renewed. For 2006 models, you should be able to get at least the carsdirect price, but most dealers will agree to $300 over invoice less the incentive, which is almost $2000 under invoice, and no doc fees. The incentive may increase later.
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    urnutsurnuts Member Posts: 15
    Wondering how good this lease deal is;
    2005 S60R MSRP of $42,165 Selling price: $35,005
    36 months @ 12K/yr
    Residual is: $19,395
    I believe the money factor is .0021
    Acquisition is $1000 I think that's WAY too high!
    cash down is $3,607 ($1,000 for the ACQ fee, $2,000 from me, and $120 in fees, plus the first payment of $488.07
    Seems fair, but I guess I'm not 100% or I would not be here!
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    love2skilove2ski Member Posts: 6
    What do you think ?

    23,100 CDN
    extended warranty $1400 for total 7 years 160,000 km (exp Aug 08)
    cold weather/premium black on taupe 30,000 miles
    one lease owner...
    Good price ?
    Total tax and all 28k CDN.

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    donthegreekdonthegreek Member Posts: 127
    sticker: $38,680

    they have it for sale for $31,990
    ($6,690 off)
    shouldn't they knock more off for an 05??
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    shaeffershaeffer Member Posts: 1
    Looking at an 06 AWD with premium, climate, and convenience package. MSRP of $37,880 with incentive of $2,995 on premium package. Also offered on ED plan. Offer ends 12/31 and must pick up car by 2/28 if doing ED. Awfully cold in Sweden in February! Is this type of incentive always offered by Volvo or is this the best that it gets?
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    kasperghostkasperghost Member Posts: 72
    It depends on the rebates being offered at the time. Rebates usually last 30 days. Find out what it is right now then subtract that from invoice. Dealers have a cheat sheet. That should be your starting negotiating point. Don't buy into Ford's "X" plan as it will probably cost more. Be sure to find out how popular the particular model is in the area where you live. That impacts price as well. AWD drive is much more popular than front in the CO front range area. Is it a T5? I have only seen one other T5, but a bunch of old ladies driving R's- go figure...?!

    I would say you could squeeze more out of them.

    Good Luck
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    kasperghostkasperghost Member Posts: 72
    If you wait until the late summer, you will get a better deal by a little bit. In July 05, they offered 6k off of s60's, in Aug. 5k. Interestingly enough, Edmund's did not list the rebates for August at least. If I remember, ED offers 1 to 2 k off of the purchase price so that is 4 to 5 k off total. Pretty good if you plan on taking a vacation anyways since they pick up the two tickets to the great white north. Good luck Nanook :shades:
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    hfshfs Member Posts: 1
    I bought an S60 2.5T at actual dealer's invoice minus the $3500.00 incentive. The dealer wouldn't let go of the standard hold back, but there were no "advertising" fees included in the invoicing. I probably could have held out to get a reduction on the standard hold back, but what's another $300.00 when you're already $3500.00 under the dealer's invoice? :)
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    heathert390heathert390 Member Posts: 1
    This is my first lease experience and before committing, I wanted to make sure that I am getting a good deal.

    Here is it:

    S60 2.5 T w/ premium package - MSRP:$34k
    36 mos lease @12k miles/yr
    $1495 due at inception - $999 CAP, fees + first month + tax, title, etc.
    $19k purchase price after lease end

    Any tips or input you could give me would be wonderful!

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    qbrozenqbrozen Member Posts: 33,094
    i just checked the volvo website and they are advertising $299/mo on an S60 2.5T automatic.

    Your terms are a bit different, however, since yours includes the premium pack and 12k miles vs. the 10,500 advertised.

    You listed the MSRP, but what is the actual cap cost before your $999 cap cost reduction?

    '11 GMC Sierra 1500; '08 Charger R/T Daytona; '67 Coronet R/T; '13 Fiat 500c; '20 S90 T6; '22 MB Sprinter 2500 4x4 diesel; '97 Suzuki R Wagon; '96 Opel Astra; '08 Maser QP; '11 Mini Cooper S

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    henry3henry3 Member Posts: 22

    I'm considering few cars right now and have been intrigued by the Volvo S60R. I haven't test drove this thing yet, never really considered Volvo for its rather boring statue. As I said, the S60R seem to be getting good enough reviews and considering the only other option I have in this price range and size would be Acura TL (I like this car but there are so many on the road I'd rather stand out a bit more with my car, is it shallow, selfish, whatever, that's what I want). In any case, quote I got from one of the NJ dealers follows:
    2006 S60R Climate package, Automatic, metallic paint
    doc fee $125
    tire tax $7.50

    It's a pretty basic config, I don't care much for the CD changer or the sunroof in the premium package. Other thing I might be interested in would be the sport body package but it seems pricey and if the plain one looks good enough I won't bother unless someone here can convince me otherwise. So, is the above a good enough price or are they low balling me ? With these huge incentives/cash back etc. it's hard to figure out how low the dealers can actually go...

    Please advise..
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    dfc3dfc3 Member Posts: 87
    I haven't been in the market for this car recently; but when I was looking last, I looked long and hard at the S60R. This is a better price than I'd ever seen. I think you'll get a good deal for a few reasons. First, we're getting late in the 2006 model year. Second, the novelty has worn off a bit vs. earlier, and the demand isn't as high. Either way, I think the above is a good price. If I could have got that price 18 mos ago, I'd be driving one now.
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    henry3henry3 Member Posts: 22
    Just wanted some who still have not drove the car, and are hesitant because of the Volvo's history, give an impression of my test drive that I took today. Boy, this thing is really powerful. I drive Audi A4 3.0 currently and there is really no comparison here. Sure, A4 is not all that fast to begin with, but I always thought it was good enough, especially when I put it on S(Sport) with the Triptronic transmission when I need the extra push. But, this Volvo is really surprising, didn't really expect that type of performance from this car. The turbo is also nice, when I was looking to get my Audi, I test drove 1.8T and that turbo implementation felt like foooreeeveer to kick in comparing to S60R. I really like the car, the inside/outside does look different than regular S60 and I like it better that way. There are some drawbacks as mentioned by others, the turning radius is not in par with my A4, and the backseat space could be larger, in comparison the backseat leg room is not much if any larger than my A4, but the shoulder room seems bigger. The front seats are nice and comfortable.

    Anyway, I will now have real tough time deciding on whether I can afford to skip this car for the TL. If I only could get the extended warranty on the S60R that wouldn't cost me too much, I would much rather drive it off the dealer's lot than the TL. Anyone has any input on how much I could deal, if this is even possible, on extended warranties ? I got a quote for something around $1,700 for 4 year/75k miles, and over $1,800 for 5 year/100 miles. Can these be negotiated ?

    Thanks everyone, I'm really happy with waiting on my next purchase as this S60R has made some REAL nice impressions on me.
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    henry3henry3 Member Posts: 22
    Since nobody is replying on here I guess I'll post a reply to myself :-(
    I decided, or rather by influence of my wife, that I will most probably not get this car. The issues of the very poor turning radius in this car, and the fact of not so great reliability do not bode well with my wife's view of a luxury car. I can't really argue with her about it, especially after reading some posts on these issues.
    As some stated, driving straight line in this car is a blast, the interior quality seems luxurious to me, the outside styling is nice, too bad those other few things keep it from my reach for now. I wish they did some redesign for 2007 as far as the turning radius, maybe even made it a bit more distinct from standard S60, and if by then I don't have a new car I would definately give it another shot.
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    volvomaxvolvomax Member Posts: 5,238
    I never get into whether something is a good deal or not since your idea and mine are proably different.

    However, I do own a 2004 S60R and it has been bulletproof.
    It does have a large turning radius, a combination of a wider than normal AWD car with wide tires.
    I average a U Turn every 3 months so its not an issue for me.
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    blue222blue222 Member Posts: 1
    I'm looking for a S60 used as a second vehicle. Any one with knowledge of current pricing on a used S60 that is no more than 4 years old? How much will it cost? Are the dealerships better equipped at providing a reliable per-certified without stretching the price?
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    volvomaxvolvomax Member Posts: 5,238
    Well, you can only get a certified Volvo form a Volvo dealer.
    The warranty adds $1100 to the price of the car, and dealers on average sped another $1000 reconditioning the used cars to the certified standard.

    A certified 02 S60 is probably going to sell anywhere from the mid teen to low 20's depending on the model and mileage.
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    kyfdxkyfdx Moderator Posts: 243,490
    Thanks, volvomax!

    That is great information..

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    volvomaxvolvomax Member Posts: 5,238
    The $500 credit is ONLY good w/ VFNA. If you use VFNA you risk losing some of the other incentives.
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    ryan79ryan79 Member Posts: 10
    Just to throw a current price for an 'R' that I paid today -- $36,000 even. I don't think I could have done any better - the best price I got on the same car (exact options) was nearly 4,000 more.
    The $36,000 included: Premium, Climate, Convienance, and Sport Packages; as well as 18" Pegasus wheels, Sirius prep, and air filtration. I think the only thing it did not have was navigation - which I all ready have a Magellan.
    Very happy w/ the price (Sticker was almost 49,000) and the dealer located the exact interior/exterior combo I wanted.

    Hope this is of some help to potential buyers. I did take much negotiation.. and the average quote I received was $37,800 but did not include the Pegasus wheels or Sports Package.
    I think I got a lot of car for the price.

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    hjulicherhjulicher Member Posts: 8
    I've been reading a lot of post threads in this forum, and as a first time buyer, I'm unsure of exactly what's the best way of going about puchasing a car. From what I understand, there are incentives to dealers and buyers from Volvo. These incentives can be used towards reducing the buying price of the vehicle. Secondly, I went to Cars direct as someone mentioned and it lists the price of the S60 Base at 25.8K.(Excluding Delivery) Should I negotiate at a lower price, or should i expect to pay exactly that amount?

    I live in the Detroit area, and as Volvo is Ford, the delears always want to use X,Y,Z,A plans, and since I'm not in the industry, I find it difficult to negotiate without these pricing plans.

    Is anyone out there able to steer me in the right direction? Am I being reasonable to purchase a car that has been on the market for several years at this price? I'm planning on purchasing at the end of June, which I hear is a good time, because dealers are trying to meet half-year quota's?
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    volvomaxvolvomax Member Posts: 5,238
    First of all, the S60 2.5T base is a very,very rare car.
    Most dealers only carrry one at a time, if they have any at all.
    Second, if you do find one, you should be able to buy it for invoice minus the rebate, which is currently $4000.
    If I were you, I would get one sooner rather than later.
    These cars are rare and not easily replaceable. Dealers are done getting 06's for the most part.
    Volvo doesn't do "quotas" so, waiting to buy in June probably won't net you anything.
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    hjulicherhjulicher Member Posts: 8
    So basically you're saying that I will be able to purchase the car at $25532? I think that this is a good price for this car. I understand that you really like Volvo, and is there anything that you don't like about them? I understand that you are biased, but I would like to know the good and the bad.... There can't only be good you know. Anyways, thanks for the information.
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    volvomaxvolvomax Member Posts: 5,238
    You should be able to find a dealer that will sell you a car at or close to that price.
    The trick will be to find the car. They are only built in black or white, so you don't have alot of choice anyway.

    The S60 really doesn't have any real drawbacks. Like any car it has its weak points. The view out the back can be difficult for shorter people. The turning radius is big, like any front wheel drive cars. I don't like the cloth seats, I miss the old Volvo velour seats. But, it is alot of car for the $$
    Good Luck.
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    zlskrszlskrs Member Posts: 9
    Is the $4000 incentive available on the 2.5T AWD also? What type of incentive is this -- a rebate, or direct to the dealer? Finally, when does it expire? Thanks.
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    hjulicherhjulicher Member Posts: 8
    Yes the incentive is also available on the AWD model. The incentive ends May 31st. The incentive is marketing support to dealer.
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    abraindrainerabraindrainer Member Posts: 312
    At $10k below MSRP that would seem like a pretty sweet deal! Where are you located?

    Given the current pricing on awd sedans such as G35x (under $30k) and Legacy GT (about $25k), it might be worth considering a 60R... Hmmmm.
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    nelson77nelson77 Member Posts: 1
    Got a S60 Base model (cloth) $24150 at Edison, NJ, (invoice -4000-1350 discount).
    OTD price is $26000 even.
    What do You guys think? A good deal?
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    bobby29bobby29 Member Posts: 6
    Looking to purchase a S60 T5. Dealer quoted me invoice on a Special Edition which was 5K under MSRP, but per last months 4K deal, I should be able to get way lower. Does anyone know how much under invoice I can get this car for now?
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    john_dohjohn_doh Member Posts: 2
    i just picked up a T5 SE on friday and paid $30,995. sticker is $38,310. felt like i got a pretty sweet deal.
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    us_eagleus_eagle Member Posts: 7
    I just checked CarsDirect.com, seems the $4000 incentive still available. do you know if the incentive also apply to oversea delivery?
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    us_eagleus_eagle Member Posts: 7
    I know the $4000, but what is that $1350?

    "Got a S60 Base model (cloth) $24150 at Edison, NJ, (invoice -4000-1350 discount)."
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    sunpro2003sunpro2003 Member Posts: 15
    Located in NJ.
    Is this a good lease deal?

    2006 S60-AWD-MSRP-$38,335
    Net Cap Cost-$26,477
    Term-36 months
    15K Miles/Year
    Money Factor=.00202(4.85%)
    Monthly Lease Payment-$365
    Due on Delivery
    1st payment-$365
    Sales Tax-864
    1st years fees-261
    Security Deposit-0
    Other Upfront costs-777
    Total due at Signing-$2,267.

    1. Is this a good deal? If not, what would you think the payment should be?

    2. If I wait until August 1st, I would think dealers
    would have better lease rates since they want to unload
    2006 models before 2007's come in. Should rates be better in August?

    3. What would you think a lease payment would be on a 2007 S60 AWD($38,000 price) if I can get the 2006 S60 at $365/month for 36 months?

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    lstonelstone Member Posts: 8
    now only 2000 incentive??
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    biggerdaddynjbiggerdaddynj Member Posts: 17

    Great leases are available on the '07 Volvo 2.5T ASR (FWD) with the premium package and the climate package--$279/mos (red or white) or $289 mos (metallic paints)--for a 36mos/12K mile lease w/no cap cost--a hair over $2K including your taxes up front--so you really pay about $1,300 for true inception costs and the leases are about $299 and $309 respectively when you factor in the taxes you paid up front (you would have paid out about $20/mos for the taxes had you not paid them up front so those are the numbers you get when you "add them in" on a monthly basis). Hope this helps you out.
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    phyll97phyll97 Member Posts: 10
    anyone in the dfw area of texas want to share any recent purchases they got on the Volvo S60?
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    srivenbsrivenb Member Posts: 1
    Hi guys,

    I recently bought a 2006 loaner volvo S60 2.5 T for $25K from a dealer in North east after much negotiation. They got it certified with 6 yrs 100,000 miles for additional $1200 ,but I declined extended warranty.

    Not sure a smart move or not. What do you think of the price I paid?. Please share your opinions.I appreciate any input on this.

    Thanks in advance.
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    asmith5asmith5 Member Posts: 1
    I am looking to buy an 06 or 07 S60R on a Z plan in Northern CA. The only perfect match in terms of interior/exterior color choices is a 2006 demo with over 1k miles on it. The dealer wants to sell the demo as a new car since it hasn't been titled (ugh).


    1. Am I better off buying or leasing? I plan on keeping it for a long time. The car will be used for a business purpose so a lease would be 100% tax-deductible but I am not sure this matters vs a buy cost over 8-10 years. I could run up more than 15k miles/year on it.

    1a. Assume the buy is all cash
    1b. Assume the buy is through a low interest-rate financing

    1. When buying a demo, how do I calculate a fair discount given the mileage?

    2. Edmunds.com says the current incentives in my arean 2006 S60R are 2k cash + 3k marketing support. Would an offer of invoice - 5K be accepted by the dealer? Can I go lower?
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    saissonsaisson Member Posts: 25
    Don't mean to throw a "wrench" into pricing, but ConsumerGuide.com lists three prices on their website:
    1. MSRP
    2. Invoice
    3. Manufacturer's Discount Price

    Does anyone know what Item 3 is?
    Also, what are the current incentives on the 06 & 07 S60's??

    Major Packages Retail
    Price Invoice
    Premium Pkg.,
    $3,650 $3,139
    Manufacturer's Discount Price $2,995 $2,575
    :D ">
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    sock1sock1 Member Posts: 2
    I recently went to three dealers in New Jersey to negotiate on a similar car (S60 loaner, roughly 6 to 7K miles, climate and premium package, metallic paint, auto transmission). In each case, the dealer was willing to sell for $24.5K, which appeared to be the true rock bottom price. I bought the car from a dealer in Edison which offered a much higher trade-in price for my Honda (It had 101K miles) than the others, and reduced the certified warranty down to $1,000.

    Assuming you got the same level of equipment, you did well...especially since a new S60 carries of a MRSP about $10,000 higher than what you paid.

    My own experience has been that low milage used or demo cars are generally the way to go, since you let someone else pay for the depreciation. If you are willing to be flexible about the equipment, and take what you get, you should be in good shape.

    I also looked at a Saab 9-3, which seemed to be a nice car, but even thought the dimensions are roughly the same, the Saab felt like a much smaller car than the Volvo.

    It's my first Volvo, so hopefully I made a good choice.
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    pats1pats1 Member Posts: 36
    I just took delivery of a 2006 S60 AWD pretty well loaded. The dealer sold it to me for $5K under their invoice - sticker $39450, $31700 out the door. Volvo has dealer incentives for remaining 2006 vehicles that are not advertised. Not even the online services know about them, that I've seen. Be sure to shop and ask your dealer about incentives if a 2006 is OK for you.
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    pats1pats1 Member Posts: 36
    I'm a warranty guy (have had good luck with them), so I would have taken it for $1200. I just bought a new one and the warranty was $1500 for 48mos/100K miles.

    The price sounds reasonable, because around here (Wisconsin), they don't deal much.
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    robi2robi2 Member Posts: 1
    I'm thinking of buying a certified pre-owned volvo S60 (possibly 2003,2004 or a 2005 model; FWD; standard transmission).
    Any tips on what to check for or what are common problems that I should know about when considering this car? I'm also interested in your impressions concerning repair frequency, driving experience, and reliability. I'm planning on keeping this car for ten+ years. Is this car a wise choice in this case?
    Thanks for any insights you can give!
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