Need RES and MV for Honda CR-V/EX/EX-L Lease in NYC?

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Can I get the 3/36 MF and RV for the 2017 CR-V EX and EX-L without nav in New York City?
Also, the dealer quoted us a sign & drive price (only 1st month's payment and DMV fees up front, all dealer fees and taxes included in the monthly figure) of $315 for an EX w/o nav for 39 months/30K miles (and 'about' $10/month more for 36K). He said they don't offer a straight 36 month lease because the banks give them better terms on 39. Should I be suspicious of anything? Is there a any down side to the longer term (other than having to stretch the mileage over 3 more months)? Is there a residual figure for 39 months? If not, how would I use the 36 month figures?
Lastly, are the Honda numbers regional or national?
Thanks so much for all the help!

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    Sorry! I meant to post this to the lease discussion, not start a new thread. Anyone know how I can delete this so I can repost it in the correct place? Thanks!
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