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    How did the dealer determine what the problem was? Did the computer show the problem, or did you go through a lot of parts replacement?

    It showed up on the computer, if I recall correctly. Not the same situation as yours, I realize.
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    The AC had been running a bit warm for a few weeks, and since the dealer is 22 miles away, and I had it in locally (Brakemasters) for an oil change. I asked them to check it and they said it was low, and thought there might even be a slow leak. They added too much, and thus the trip to Subaru a week later when it began blowing hot all of a sudden. I think the reason they covered it under warranty was that I had told them what the symptoms were originally, so they were very nice about it. The weather has cooled considerably and the humidity is way down now, so it may be a while before I can analyze it further.

    My parents have a Buick Lucerne, and their BU sensors are VERY sensitive, even at a 60-degree or more angle. Yes, I think if you were to backup slowly enough, it would pick up most anything, but caution is still the answer.
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    So sad.... They should have a federal ruquiring backup sensor or camera on cars with a big blindspot in the rear...
  • megreyhairmegreyhair Member Posts: 154
    Sometimes I worried when I bring it to a shop like that...
    They just fix it to get it working at that moment and may stop working as soon as you drive out the door. They are suppose to evacuate the system (pump out the R123A refrigant) and presure test the system for leak before adding any in...

    Overcharing the AC system is dangerous.... Glad that the overpresure sensor kicks in and shut down the compressor...
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    I accidentally rubbed the dashboard too hard in one spot and there is now a lighter spot about 1 1/2 inches round (lighter than the normal black). Is there any known way to "re-darken" the plastic surface? I tried the store-bought compound that is supposed to return oxidized surfaces black again with no luck. It seems to almost need to be stained or something. Thanks.
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    From what you wrote I am assuming the dash is black and is a hard plastic surface. If this is correct use some Kiwi black (paste) shoe polish very sparingly, only on the "dull" area. After it "sets" polish the area gently with a cloth. This is the closest "matching" color I could find when this happened on our Forester hard plastic black dash. You could only see the area affected when the light hit it just right and you were viewing it at just the right angle.

    Hope this helps.
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    Does anyone know how to replace the bulb in in center top brake light on the tailgate. I noted three plastic coverings on the inner aspect of the tailgate and don't want to mess until I get some background information? Also I don't belive bulbs are covered by any warranty or are day up to a specific mileage? Thank you.
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    They are under warranty, I just had my headlight changed at dealership yesterday and I have 24,000. It only took about 20 minutes. Of course I wonder why I need one with such low milage, the old crysler had 100,000 and all lights were fine?
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    YOu can't replace them. They are LEDs. The whole set of LEDS needs to be replaced. Bring it to dealer.... They should last pratically forever..
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    We have a 2006 B9 Tribeca less than one year and 5000 miles. This coming week will be the third trip to the dealer to have the computer reset for the same problem. They say is is due to not turning the gas cap several revolutions at each fillup. I am the only one filling my wife;s car and I spin the cap several times. This problem has become unacceptable due to the loss of cruise during a long trip. We take our 95 Jag which has no problems.
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    Not to double-post (again) but I installed one of these myself and posted my generic installation instructions on the Subaru B9 Tribeca (B9X) forum. I probably should have posted it here...

    Hope others will try wasn't too difficult, and I am pleased with it so far :-)

    -Karen in AZ-
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    I haved had my demo now for 9 weeks, and have put on almost 6000 miles. For the most part quite pleased with the vehicle, but it gives such a "rough" ride. By wifes 10 year old van and by 99 Dakota p/u give a much smoother, quieter ride. Just a lot of noises and "jarrring ride" over any inperfections in the road. On a perfectly smooth surface it is fine.

    Seems to me I read something about noisy "struts"? Anyone else out there have similar complaints. When I next bring the vehicle in for service they will take a look at it for me. I know I cannot complain about the ride of the car if this is normal, but I guess the best way I can describe this is old fashioned term, like "Lunber Wagon"

    I have posted this before, but thought I would give an update. Per trip computer for all my mileage it shows 22.2. Obviously, with all the mileage I put on a lot of highway driving. When I have a chance I will add up all the gas I have put in to get a true figure. I would estimate that to be between 21 and 21.5 actual. The computers always inflate actual mileage.

    I have been jumping around between regular & high test and have not noticed any difference either in performance or gas mileage for whatever grade of gas I put in the tank.
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    Not turning the gas cap should cause the check engine light....not all of what you have experienced. Something else is going on I'm afraid.
  • kmartinkmartin Member Posts: 427
    Glad you like your car!

    You mentioned rough ride and higher than normal MPG...just a thought, but have you checked your tire pressure personally? Often times service places just assume it's 35 psi (or check them when hot, which would be even higher), when it's actually a 33 front/32 back (cold) for the Tribeca. When I first test drove mine at the dealer, I noticed a very rough ride. When I returned from the drive, I made them check it, and it was over 40. I had them let some out, and the did another test drive, and it made a world of difference in the ride.

    I have also detected about one mpg difference between mid-grade and premium over long stretches of time (about 3-4 weeks each test). Regular gas made mine ping some, esp. in hot weather.

    The noises you may be refering to have been found in the sway bar bushings in some folks' cars. I had mine checked out , but they are supposedly OK. Still, I hear similar noises when backing out of my driveway.

    Hope this helps...

    -Karen in AZ-
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    I can't figure out why my mpg is so much lower than everyone else seems to be getting. With a mix of city/highway drriving, I was averaging only 19 mpg. This month I'm just driving around town as I'm on break (I'm a teacher) and my mpg had dropped to a very pathetic 12. I don't think I have a lead foot, and I've been keeing the touch screen on info where it shows my mpg as I accelerate. I try to accelerate slowly, so as to keep the mpg above 20. Is it the gas? In CA our premium fuel is 91 octane. I heard it's higher in other states. Would that make a difference? It is very annoying to have to refuel so often, not to mention the cost.
  • occkingoccking Member Posts: 346
    I have been checking tire pressure every week (I have a slow leak in one tire & the darn light keeps coming on once a week or so) Keeping them exactly 32 and 33 lbs as you suggested. Just a rough ride, lots of noise from suspension front & back. Interesting comments on gas mileage -- I haven't really noticed any difference in gas mileage or performance no matter what octane I use.
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    I had the same reacurring problem starting at about 1000 miles. I thought it was a loose gas cap, rainy weather, fueling with the engine running. Computer dianostics lent the dealer to beleive it was the oxygen sensor. My dealer replaced the "rear oxygen sensor" under warranty and have not had any probems. I am now at 6500 miles.
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    Please check the discussion list here in the Subaru B9 Tribeca Group to find the appropriate problems topic for the particular problem you're dealing with.
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