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I'm exploring leasing for the first time and looking into getting an Infiniti Q50 possibly. Been 6 years since I bought my last car. I was employed back then but I don't recall what I provided. Now I'm self employed. What proof of income, if any, do you have to provide to lease a car? I don't really have paystubs or a monthly paycheck anymore (real estate broker). Thanks!

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    Thru Infiniti Financial Services: Tier 1: 740+. Tier 2: 739-720. Tier 3: 719-700. I would anticipate them needing the documents but possibly a top tier score might not warrant any proof of income. I believe they use Experian or TransUnion.
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    Thanks, tax returns, too? Credit score is good no issues there and bank statements OK too. Tax returns with lots of deductions have to look into that.
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    What is considered tier 1 or high enough? Do they typically pull all 3 bureaus like a mortgage app or just one? Thanks.
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    Nathan - I can confirm IFS uses TransUnion (though I can't say if they use others). I have TransUnion credit monitoring and unlocked the block on it while working with the Infiniti Sales guy.

    Shortly after doing their credit application I got a notice from TU that they'd checked my credit.

    This was for a purchase, not a lease, but I'm sure it's the same process to determine credit worthiness.
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    I can now confirm that they only pull credit (TU) here in TX. No proof of income required.
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    bhairya said:

    I can now confirm that they only pull credit (TU) here in TX. No proof of income required.

    Thanks for following up with us on this!

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