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2013 and earlier-Acura TL Lease Questions



  • 23109vc23109vc Posts: 218
    i'm price conscious.

    the current lease deals on teh TL are attractive. i love the car, my ONLY beef iwth it, after a test drive of both the auto and 6 speed, is the torque steer. the stick was much worse. if i get one, i'll get the auto..but they all did it to an extent.

    research and rumors on teh web are that 2009 will be AWD. but will it be a lot more $$. i assume they won't deal much on price.

    i can lease a TL-S now for a great deal. i've seen guys putting down $1000 and having $450/month payments.... cap costs of $35k or 33500. i wonder if the 2009 will be priced the same, and so buying a 2008 now will make me kick myself in 12 months when the 09s are on teh lot at the SAME price with AWD...or if they will be over 40k and to get one, would have cost me $100+ more per month, which I would NOT pay, so I won't care.

    anyone care to guess?

    2009 will have AWD?
    will it cost more?
    how much more?
    lease a 2008 TL-S NOW vs wait for a 2009 TL and lease it then. how much MORE would that 09 model run per year vs the deals now? $100+/month more??
  • LEASE IT. It doesn't make sense to "own" cars anymore. Who actually "owns" it anyway?? If you have a payment, the BANK owns it. Most of the time you will be "upside down" in a purchase until the 42-48 month of ownership, then what? I'll tell have a car that you:
    DON'T WANT (now its been replaced by a newer model/or your tastes change)
    Have to put $$$$ into, because it needs a battery, tires (again), brakes (again), more wiper blades, etc.
    Is out of (or near) warranty, and any major service will cost you more $$$$
    Can't sell..........Get "hosed" on a trade.....for any number of reasons listed above.

    Ask any financial advisor.........a vehicle "purchase" is the worst move you can make. Vehicles depreciate, so put your extra $$$ in something that appreciates!! Like a house, 401k fund, college fund, savings CD, rainy day fund, etc.
  • 23109vc23109vc Posts: 218
    ok that being said:

    suppose I lease.

    do you lease an 08 or wait for an 09??? arrgghh..

    how cheap do you think I can get them down to on an 08 lease? i went today at lunch to check out the local dealer (didn't test drive..might do it after work tonight when i have more time) and the dealer flat out said he would move it at invoice. he didn' tsay what THAT maybe he thought I hadn't done homework and they would just say it was invoice and mark it up..

    but given the knowledgeon this board, and being able to know WHAT invoice really it likely to get a dealer down BELOW invoice on a lease and get the .00081 MF or is invoice pretty much *IT*...

    at some point they just won't go any lower...where is THAT point.

    $33500 for a TL-S??
  • Lease an 08 or 09 or 2010 is really up to you. Do you need a car now? Or can you wait 12-24 months? The Acura Special on the TL's ends on 1/2/08. You must take delivery on or before 1/2/08 to get the Special Lease (MF 0.00081). After 1/2/08, it will change.
    To answer your question as best I can, you can find the "invoice" for all 2008 Acura models by doing a simple google search OR use and see if they have the 2008 invoices posted yet. Last time I looked, Edmunds didn't have the 2008 invoices, but Acura only increased them $100 vs 2007.
    IF you get a 2008 Acura TL-Type S for $33,500..........I want to know the name of that dealer.........I'll take ONE, too!!
    I got 2 different dealerships to go "invoice" on a 2008 TL Type S. The price varied only by a FEW DOLLARS. One quote was $35,840. The other was $35,716.
    Remember........the MSRP is $38,940 (inc destination). There is NO WAY you will be able to get this car for $33,500...........shoot for $35,000 (under invoice) and be very happy at $35,700 - $35,900 (right at invoice).
    Don't let the dealer move the MF from 0.00081 (1.95%), make them show you every calculation they are doing in your deal.

    **If you are just looking for a CHEAP Acura TL lease, look at the TL (NO Navi). I got a quote for Cap Cost of $31,900 (MSRP $34,440) and with $1,000 due at signing it was $360/mo (+ tax) with 10k miles a year for 36 months.
    The residual is HIGHER on the BASE TL (59%) vs the Type S (56%).........and the car is less expensive, too!!!

    Good luck with your deal. The $33,500 2008 Acura TL Type S is a "pipe dream", but don't feel bad if you get one for invoice or $100-$200 below.....that's a GREAT deal!!
  • Hello vegasrph. Honda Finance's current buy rate lease money factor and residual value for a 36 month lease of a base 2008 Acura TL without navigation with 12,000 miles per year are .00081 and 58%, respectively for consumers who qualify for its top credit tier. The numbers for an otherwise identical lease of an '08 TL Type-S are .00081 and 55%. These cars' 10,000 mile per year residual values are 1% higher.

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  • You're very welcome, jaybee85. Congratulations on getting your new TL. It sounds like you got a very good deal. Thanks for taking he time to stop back and let us all know how everything turned out. Make sure to stop by the new Dealer Ratings & Reviews section of to share your thoughts on your recent dealer experience. Enjoy your new ride :shades: .

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  • Hello cndnbkn. You are correct, the dealer cash that Acura is currently providing on the Acura TL is not compatible with its special lease program. Honda Finance's current buy rate lease money factor for the 2008 TL is .00081 for consumers who qualify for its top credit tier. You can look up the dealer invoice price for the TL that you are interested in by visiting the New Vehicle Pricing section of

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  • Hi 23109vc. Honda Finance's special lease money factor on the 2008 Acura TL is only available for up to 36 months. It doesn't make sense to lease this car for 42 months because its money factor would jump from .00081 to .00275.

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  • Thanks for your response Car_man. Edmunds doesnt have the 08 acura invoice pricing posted yet for some reason. I can figure it out from 07 pricing close enough. Can you or anyone else tell me if you have to pay an acquisition fee to acura/honda financial services? I have a lease currently on a Honda Pilot and went over the paperwork and did not see any acquisition fee but have heard there is a $595 fee. Is there anyway to get around this? Has anyone not paid this?

    Thanks in advance.
  • 23109vc23109vc Posts: 218
    I took a TL-S out for a test drive this afternoon. I told the dealer I wanted to try it out on some twisty roads, and about 2 miles from teh dealership is a series of very twisty/hilly back roads. I never got insane crazy and tried to drive like an idiot, but I did get a change to push the car hard. nothing crazy illegal, but as an avid driving enthusiast who has done track days, I had it at 90% on a few turns.

    I could feel that if I really pushed the car to 100% it would plow, and the FWD was going to be an issue. this is not a car you want to buy if you are buying PURELY for performance. if you plan to drive everywhere you go like you are a 19 year old kid in a Mitsu Evo...then this is not the car for you.

    BUT, if you want something that is solid, rides firm, has little body roll, has decent power, and is quite fun to zip around on twisty roads, then this is a great buy. at 9/10ths, it's fun. it corners well, doesn't have excessive roll, and the paddle shfiters work fine for keping the revs where you need them.

    if I was going to go out for a sunday drie and rip the roads to holy hell, i'd want a vette or boxster or S2000 or some other dedicated sports car. but if you just want someting that is fun to drive and good value - BINGO.

    I was expecting there to be a ton of torque steer based on some of the revies I read. I was suprised to notice very little. now maybe that's b/c i currently drive an older FWD turbo car that has MEGA torque to me...i didn't notice it. i might have felt a touch of it from a low speed when i mashe the gas...but unless you are taking hairpin turns at 6000 rpm and then gun it....i think you'll be ok. :)

    I didn't talk numbers but i told him i had a trade and that would be an issue for any deal.

    I pretty much figure that the price I can get will be invoice. i don't think anyone has reported getting the car for less than that.. combined with the MF though,t he price should be in teh 450ish range plus tax.

    if I can get a few grand out of my trade, that will cover fees and shave some of the monthly payment.

    if I get into a situation where I want 4-5k for my trade, and they want to give me 3k for my trade...and we are off by say 1000-1500..... and they are already selling me the car at pretty much invoice....

    WHERE / WHAT ELSE can I negotiate for that will give me some extra perks but won't actually cost them money?

    negotiate for free XM for a year? can they throw that in?
    accessories? most fo these come with the floor mats and trunk tray...i guess I could try to get them to toss in the underbody spoiler kit or to install it for free....but I'm not sure i'd even want that on the car.

    if i get that close to a deal - aside from walking and calling their bluff...what other non-$ concessions could they make that would sweeten the pot for me that they might concede on?
  • From what I have seen in this forum one should be able to find a base TL for invoice. Would this hold true for leasing the vehicle as well. If so would the below figures be correct?

    MSRP = 34440
    Base TL Invoice = 31706 Base Cap Cost
    Costs added to Lease = 595.00 Acura Acquisition Fee
    Adjusted Cap Cost = 32301
    Residual = Base TL 36 Months 12,000 miles = 58% = 19975
    MF = .00081
    Term = 36 Months
    Sales Tax = 6%
    Monthly Payment = $407.81

    Is this an unrealistic expectation of finding the base TL at $407.81 per month for 36months (12,000 miles) sign & Drive?
  • I think you are 100% correct on your assessment of the TL Type S from your recent test drive. The car is a little more front biased than I would like, but for a car that can hold 5 REAL adults, has a decent trunk for golf bags, is pretty fun to drive (paddle shifters are cool) AND a very attractive lease.........this car is hard to beat.

    Seriously, look over at the Honda forums here at Edmunds..........peopled are getting Honda Accord EX-L V6 w/Navi quotes that are within a few bucks of the Acura TL Type S!!!! Honda is NOT supporting the Accord with ANY specials for the lease of an Accord right now..........the car is too new and too hot right now.
    I would take the Acura TL Type S any day of the week over the BLAND looking Accord.........and the payment on the Type S is too sweet not to.

    Just for some more CAN get the dealer down UNDER invoice on the TL's right now (Type S included).............Acura is really NOT doing well right now due to the: Cadillac CTS, BMW 3 series, and Mercedes C class.
    I would honestly shoot for invoice - $500 ($35,300 Cap Cost) and be prepared to walk out if they mumble and'll get it.
  • YES!! I would go into the dealer with a figure in mind........invoice - $500, and see what they do. Even if they won't go below invoice, no sweat, its still a GREAT deal. Your figures look pretty good. I would keep that "payment" in your head and know how you got there..........but I think you could get it for $400.00 even out the door with tax included and a "sign & drive" NO MONEY OUT OF POCKET.

    Try running your numbers again using $31,200 Cap Cost. ($500 below invoice)
    **Start here, and stop at your max of $407.81/mo.
  • 23109vc23109vc Posts: 218
    what should I *expect* or *demand* as part of the standard deal?

    all season floor mats?
    trunk liner
    wheel locks..

    i've seen some of the cars with this and they have a sticker on the window implying it's an "extra" charge....but I think they just come this way as part of the deal.

    should I scoff if they try to add charges for these basic items?

    what other optiosn accessories are you all looking to get on a TL-S?

    I('ve seen some pics of the a spec body kit and I'm not sold on it. it looks ok from some angles and from tohers it looks tacked on. not sure if I would spend $$ to get it.

    also - what color are youg etting vegas?

    i am torn between black pearl and white diamond pearl? i've never had a black car and I know they are hard to keep clean, but the black one at the dealer...with those dark wheels....i was imagining it with tinted windows..and darn it would look mean.

    i kinda thought the white one, wtih tinted windows might look like ti has too muich contrast...the dark windows and dark wheels would scream for the tail lights to get tinted and then you start looking ricey.

    the black one just looks bad a$$ as is.

    what do you think?

    i hate the red one. the blue is so so. silver so so. carbon bronze pearl looks coolb ut in some lights it looks brown and I dont like that. i think i'm hung up on white and black.
  • I'm curious how the dealer would even cover any of his expenses, let alone a profit, if he sells the car below invoice. I understand there is a 3% holdback, but that amounts to about $1000 on a basic TL. Are dealers willing to make less than $1000 on a $32,000 car? While I haven't been thrilled with my Acura leasing experience, I am considering the car. I just don't want to look stupid when I offer to pay only invoice or even less. I also don't think I will find the competition here in Sacramento that many of you find in larger cities.
  • 23109vc23109vc Posts: 218
    when I was test driving the 08 TL-S today, the sales guy commented that 09s would be showing up on lots by March or April. is tha right?

    what is going to happen to the pricing of the left over 08s when the totally REDESIGNED 09s hit the lots?

    if we are getting .00081 MF now, or $2000 cash back...makes me think that in 3-4 months the deals may get even sweeter.

    i'm guessing there will be NO deals on the 09s - they will probalby be selling at least that's my guess...

    if a totally new upgraded TL hits the lots in 4 months, and you KNOW there will be 08 TL-S still sitting on lots by'd think those will get even cheaper....

    the deal right now on a TL-S is nice, and i really lke it...but damn i'd hate myself if I bought one now, and in 3-4 months I see the price drop another couple grand! or if the 09s come out and it has SH-AWD, more power, for the same price.. DOH!
  • I don't you will see any 2009 on dealer lots in March or April, the first place I think you will see it is at the NYC Auto Show in April.

    The car will then go on sale in the Fall as a 09 model.

    Don't hold me to this but I have followed Acura's history throughout the years and that is their way of introducing a new model.
  • Just picked up an 08 TL last night.

    No Navi, White/Ebony

    36 monoths, 12k miles/yr, 1400 Drive Off, 375/mo inc tax. This is in Socal by the way.

    I think its a good deal what do you all think?
  • Well, as far as what to "ask" or "demand" is up to you. Basically, I just run the numbers so many times over and over and try to find the "sweet spot" of the deal and stick to my guns.........I have "walked out" 3 times already from various dealers. But guess what?? They ALWAYS call the next day or 2 days later. These cars are simply NOT moving right now.......bad for them.......great for us!!

    Here in Vegas......BLACK cars are a "No, No" because of DUST and HEAT (it gets 110+ degrees for 3-4 months of the year) and you would kick yourself after owning it for 2-3 months!! I do admit, looks HOT with the Taupe interior!! I like the Diamond White Pearl, too. However, it looks "yellowish" in some light right around the bumper (plastic parts) and that is worrisome. The Kinetic Blue is nice, but too attention getting........I like the Carbon Bronze with the Type S wheels. The Silver is BLAH, The Red is way too Red for me.

    If I had a suggestion for you, it would be this: offer $500 below invoice as a Cap Cost.......have them run the numbers with ZERO due at signing or $1,000 (max) due at signing. If they won't do that........threaten to "walk". I think if you get to INVOICE or a little are GOLDEN. You should be looking at $450/mo + TAX for 36 month LEASE with $1,000 due at drive off as your MAXIMUM allowable on a MSRP of $38,940 Type S. Anything BELOW that is a STEAL!! **Maybe ask them to "throw in" Rubber Floor Mats or Window Tint (something that runs $100 - $200 to sweeten the deal??)
  • You did very good. Congrats on your new TL!! I still can't belive that Acura is doing these deals right now on cars that run $34,440 for these lease payments!! Its a GREAT time of year to be shopping for a LEASE!!

    Not sure what Ca Tax is, but I assume 8%?? So, you got for $348/mo before tax?? WOW!! GREAT DEAL!!
  • Well, it goes with the whole "supply vs demand" thing. Right now, there are too many "newer" models from Cadillac, BMW, Mercedes, and even Honda to steal sales from Acura. The dealers are just "sitting" on these cars.........praying that they can move them.

    The "Holdback" of 3% is TRUE.........the dealer will get a check for 3% of the MSRP on the car they sell (within 90 days on the lot) from Acura. PLUS, you have to believe there is some "hidden" marketing support from Acura in the $500 - $1,000 range to help MOVE these cars.........TL and TSX.

    So, get it while the gettin' is good, I say!! The 2009's won't show up until Sept/Oct and they will sell at MSRP for at least a'll be able to get a deal at the end of your 36 mo lease.......perfect timing!!
  • From what I gather, "invoice" on this car is $31,705.83, my adjusted Cap Cost was $31118 I believe. My cap cost reduction was around $80. Our sales tax is 7.75%. It feels like I could have got another $10-$15 knocked off the payment. I hope i'm wrong.
  • No, I think you did very well. You got the car for about $400 over invoice, which would translate into about $11/mo..... IF you could have got the car AT invoice. Seriously, enjoy your new TL and I belive you got a very, very good deal...... HECK, you got a GREAT deal!!

    Driving an Acura at a Honda payment........very cool.
  • Nope, the BANK FEE is fixed at $595. Everyone has to pay it, just don't let the dealer "mark it up" on you. I don't think Honda/Acura has a disposition fee. Right now the LEASE & BUY rates on some Acuras is very attractive........especially on the Acura TL right now!!
  • nringnring Yardley, PAPosts: 97
    Hi cegarci or anyone who can clarify..i am trying to follow your calculations on the lease..i want the exact deal but with Nav. I understand the MSRP X the Residual gives you the 19975 or what he car is worth after 36 months...BUT how does the rest of the formula work with the MF and the Invoice price and sales tax to get you tot he 407. 81. i was wondering if you could show me the long hand on the math hwo you came up with the monthly payment



  • From what I hear the 09 TSX hits the lots in the spring(March/April) timeframe. They have actually already stopped making the current body TSX.

    The TL on the other hand is still in test mule stage according to spy photos from many mags and wont hit the lots until at least July/August 08, as an 09. Plus the price will probably a few thousand more and you will be paying close to MSRP so look at spending $4-5k more versus the deals you can get now.
  • My wife and I just went and picked up our new car last night and we couldn't be happier. We emailed about 8 dealers ten days ago and then worked our way down to the lowest price. Emailed back the dealer that was 5 minutes away and said I was ready to buy if he would match the lowest price I had and had the color combo we wanted. He emailed me back saying they could match the price and did have the combo. We went to the dealership an hour later saw the car loved it did the paperwork, got a full rundown of all the features. The dealer showed us how to Pair our blue tooth phones and set up memory settings and we were out the door in less than two hours total. We leased of course but didn't mention that at all until we got to the dealership to fill out the paperwork, i didn't want it to muddy the water in negotiation.

    Now for the good stuff.

    08 TL non Nav Diamond white pearl with taupe interior. MSRP $34,440

    Selling Price $31,500(around $113 under invoice by my calculations)
    Rolled the $595 acquisition fee in for cap cost of $32095

    36 Months/15K miles per year(56% RESIDUAL, .00081MF)
    $12,808 depreciation(355.77/month)
    $1,497 rent charge(interest basically only $499/yr or $41.58/month thats cheap)$429.12 Tax(rolled tax into payment for $11.92/month)

    Total Payment $409.32 includes deprecation, rent, and tax

    Paid out of pocket Doc Fee $398, Tag $74, Up front Tax $14.16, First pmt $409
    Total $895 out of pocket

    Hope this helps anyone else in search of a new TL. The really are a great deal for one extremely nice automobile.
  • nringnring Yardley, PAPosts: 97
    hi cndnbkn....i am intrested in a similar lease deal...however i want navi and only 12K miles...any idea on the monthly? i live in bucks county pa and i get really confused with the math per yoru message...i know i need to negotiate final sale price, get the residual, and the money factor..but i have no idea how to do the calculations to get to the monthly lease factor? my sales tax in pa is .6% can you help me?



  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 64,880
    my sales tax in pa is .6%

    Keep in mind... the tax on leases is an extra 3% in PA, so if your rate is 6%, then the lease tax rate will be 9%.


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  • nrign,
    The best quotes I received for an 08TL with Nav was $33,500, so that is the purchase price I will work with. The residual for that car for 36 months with 12K per year is 57%, msrp is $36,940, so $21055.80 is residua($36,940x.57) If you bought the car for $33,500 then rolled in the acquisition fee of $595 as I did your cap cost is $34,095. Your depreciation is then cap cost minus residual, $34,095- $21,055.80 = $13,039.2. Take your depreciation $13,039.2 divided by 36 monthly payments = $362.20which is your monthly depreciation.

    Then to calculate rent you must add your full depreciation, $13,039.2, plus full msrp, $36,940, = $49,979.2. You then multiply this figure,$49,979.2 by the money factor, .00081, to get the monthly rental charge = $40.48.

    To calculate tax you multiple your depreciation, $13,039.2, by your tax rate, 9% or .09 according to kydfx the host = $1,173.52. This is your total tax divide this by 36 for your monthly tax rate if you want to roll it into your payment, $1,173.52/36=$32.60 monthly tax.

    Add monthly depreciation by monthly rental charge by tax and you have your total monthly payment $362.20+$40.48+$32.60=$435.28

    You should then only need to pay for any dealer fees and tags around $500 in NC and your fist months payment of $435.38 to around $900-$1000 total out of pocket.

    Thats what it should look like if you get the vehicle for $33,500 If you get it for less you will be under and if you pay more of course your payment is higher.

    Emailing a bunch of dealers off the get go is the way to go in my opinion and then just ask the one who is closest if they will match the best price you are able to work down to. The way TL are building up right now on their lots chances are they will. I hope this helps and good luck.
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