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Acura TSX Lease Questions



  • bvdj84bvdj84 Posts: 1,724
    Close, you should be able to pay just the first payment. plus, with 12k a year allowance.
  • kilnkiln Posts: 41
    What is the sales price of the car?

    Mine was $26,631 and the payments were still $360 a month (no money down). How are you getting it for $30 less a month? :confuse:
  • gs117gs117 Posts: 2
    Car_Man and others:

    I'm currently mulling the idea of either purchaseing or leasing an '08 TSX w/ Nav, but before I go to a dealer or two I'm curious to know why most people are getting the car very close to invoice. I know the '09s will likely be the new revised model, but aside from that what are some other reasons? Will I have a better shot getting a lower price for a lease versus purchase? Finally, is the $1500 incentive also available here?

  • All:
    I need some info. I am currently leasing the 2008 Acura TSX, with Navigation back from August 2007, through American Honda Finance Corporation. However, I am planning to get rid of it, and finance the "new", Accord or the 2007 with no miles Accord. Am I able to do this? What are the options that I am looking here? What do you guys think? One of my local dealers are getting rid of the 2007 Accords wayyyyyy below the under prices even on the EXL V6. I hope to hear from you all. Thanks!
  • As I stated above. Just leased a new 08 TSX no navi for 329 a month 36 month 10k mile only 500 out of pocket (included all fees, taxes, first payment and registration for 3 years).

    Leased at Montclair Acura in Northern Jersey. Drove over an hour to get there, but well worth the trip. First class dealership. Great sales people. No games. They were up front with everything.

    Car drives great so far.
  • I currently lease an 06 rsx. Its due to go back in december 08 and im on track to be over my mileage by about 7000 miles. I went to the dealership and they offered to take my vehicle in return the dealer would put me in an 08 TSX (msrp 28,190). Here are the details: 15000 miles per year for 36 months, $2,325 out of pocket, and a monthly payment of 325.

    What does everyone think?
  • nj2pa2ncnj2pa2nc Posts: 813
    since you seem to go over the mileage allowed why would you lease again-go for a loan they are having good rates right now. check that out first. I can not even consider a lease as I average 30,000 miles a year-
  • bvdj84bvdj84 Posts: 1,724
    I have seen deals like yours with $0 down on the lease, don't put that much down.
    keep lookin.
  • Hi - here is what I am being offered for an 08 TSX Auto w/Navi and Protection Pkg:

    Monthly Payment- $339
    Residual- 0.0068
    Money Factor- .00068
    Yearly Mileage- 10K
    Term- 36 Months
    Residual - $18,293
    Out of pocket/drive off- $1499
    Out of pocket price includes-
    - First months payment
    - Doc Fee
    - Title and registration
    - Acquisition Fee
    - Cap Cost Reduction

    I have seen better deals for non-Navi. When you add all payments and residual, it's about $500 over invoice (with tax and dest. fee).

    A good deal?
  • just received same offer. Is that the best out there? thanks

    2008 tsx no navi.
    36 month lease. 10 k mile.
    $500 out of pocket (includes first payment and all fees)
    $329 a month including all fees, taxes et al.
  • Hi, This is the deal that I have negotiated so far. Is it any good ?
    Monthly payment $292 ( Tax not included ). They offered the deal till jan 2nd. Its a brand new automatic 2008 TSX ( not a demo ). I have multiple choices.

    MSRP - $28,905 ( AUTO without nav )
    Selling price - $26,500 ( destination included )
    Money factor - .00068
    Yearly Mileage -10K
    Residual - 60%
    Term - 36 Months
    Acquasition fee - Waived
    Security deposit - Waived

    Total due @ Signing - Tax , title and registration + $50 doc
    fee,First month's payment

    MONTHLY - $292

    Btw, I live in Minneapolis.
  • Well I just signed the papers. Heres the numbers.

    Monthly payment - $284.12

    MSRP - 28,860
    Selling price - 26,500 ( Includes destination )
    Money factor - .00068
    36 months @ 10,000 / year
    Acquasition fee - waived
    Advertising fee - waived

    Due upfront - First months payment, $50 doc fee, tax and title @ 6.5%, Title and registration. Total came out to be around $1350

    Monthly payment - $284.12

    I am pretty happy with the deal. Couldnt have asked for more. Was a pleasure dealing with them. Only took a few emails and about half an hour.
  • does the $284.12 include the tax? was this your net payment? i got a quote of $289/mo, not including tax.

  • kilnkiln Posts: 41
    What was the price of the car? Are you putting money down?

    I can't get them to go below $360 per month (tax included)
  • MSRP - 28,860
    Selling price - 26,500 ( Includes destination )
    Money factor - .00068
    36 months 10,000 / year
    Acquasition fee - waived
    Advertising fee - waived

    Due upfront - First months payment, $50 doc fee, tax and title 6.5%, Title and registration. Total came out to be around $1350

    Monthly payment - $284.12
  • No sir. I paid the sales tax upfront. You have to pay the tax upfront here in MN.
    Selling price was $26,500.
    Tax was about $671.

    My monthly payment is $284.12
  • Price was $26,500. I am not putting any money down. Just paying the fees upfront. Fees include, tax, licience, title and registration and doc fee ($50). Total fees paid upfront about $1300.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 63,124
    That's a great deal.. :)


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  • 2008 none Nav TSX automatic
    $26,500 - did a lease:
    $292.45, before 6 % taxes
    $310.00/mo each month (this is drive-out payment, after everything)
    $1,000.00 down payment
    10,000 miles per year
    36 months
    58% residual

    I think I could have done better but didn't have time to hassle. Don't pay more than this, prices will continue to drop and in the spring, dealer incentives will start coming if you can wait.
  • It looks like Acura just announced another TSX lease deal, similar to the previous, and that ends March 3.

    TSX Non-Navi Auto, model # CL9688JW:
    $1499 down
    $299 per month
    36 months, 10k miles per year
    Cap cost reduction $605

    Does anyone know the money factor on this lease deal? The previous was .00068 for customers with Tier 1 credit.
  • Thank you. I might lease another one if they really did lower the MF down to .00035. Can anyone please confirm it ? Thanks.
  • Hi gs117. The U.S. light vehicle market is a mess right now. Add to this the fact that Acura sales have been very slow and most Acura dealers are probably chomping at the bit to sell vehicles. If you are in an area that has a decent level of competition, you should not have much trouble finding a dealer who is willing to sell you a TSX at a price that's fairly close to dealer invoice. I don't believe that Acura is currently providing any cash incentives on the '08 TSX.

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  • Hi ramstein317. Why do you want to get out of your TSX lease so early? I am sorry to say that it is usually fairly expensive to get out of leases well before their scheduled end dates. In order to do so, you need to purchase the vehicle that you are currently leasing from the bank that you are leasing it through. It often turns out that it costs more to do so than your vehicle is worth on the open market. Furthermore, many banks expect consumers who end their leases early to still make all, or at least the depreciation portion of their remaining lease payments. As you can see, this can get very expensive.

    You can determine approximately how much it will cost you to get out of your current lease by comparing its purchase price to its value on the open market at this time. You should place a call to the bank that you are leasing your vehicle through to find out its exact price. Once you know exactly how much money it is going to cost you to buy your leased vehicle you need to compare it to its current value on the open market. You can find out approximately what your vehicle is worth by looking up its True Market Value in the Used Vehicle Pricing section of this site. You also may want to stop by the following discussion: "Real-World Trade-In Values". Don't forget to check to see if you are still on the hook for your remaining lease payments. The difference between your leased vehicle's current value and how much it will cost you to buy it plus any remaining lease payments that you are obligated to pay will equal the cost of getting out of your lease right now. You may find that you are better off waiting until you are closer to the scheduled end of your lease to get another new car.

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  • Congratulations on getting your new TSX, njacura29. Thanks for taking the time to share the details of your deal with everyone. I'm glad to hear that you had a positive dealer experience. Don't forget to stop by the new Dealer Ratings & Reviews section of to mention your thoughts on this dealer there. Thanks again and enjoy your new ride :shades: .

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  • Hi armishanks. The money factor that you were quoted for the TSX that you are interested in, .00068, is right in line with Honda Finance's December buy rate for it. This is a good thing. For January, this car's money factor was cut to .00035, but its residual values also fell so there should not really be any net effect upon its payment.

    You never mentioned the selling price of the TSX that you are interested in leasing. This is an important number for you as a consumer to know for two reasons. First, the selling prices of leased vehicles can be negotiated, just as if you were paying cash for them. Without knowing the price of the car that you want to lease you don't know how good a price you are getting it for. The second reason is that one needs the selling price of the vehicle that they want to lease is that it is necessary to calculate its lease payment. I would be more than happy to give you my opinion of this deal if you let me know what its selling price is.

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  • Hey armishanks. Acura enhanced its lease money factor on the 2008 TSX in January, but this was enhanced by a drop in its residual values. As you mentioned, its lease payments basically come out about the same. Honda Finance's new January buy rate lease money factor and residual value for a 36 month lease of an '08 TSX without navigation with 10,000 miles per year are .00035 and 58%, respectively for consumers who qualify for its "Super Preferred" credit tier and pay a security deposit at lease signing.

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  • Hello. I'm in Southern California and I visited I've received a few lease offers. Which makes the most sense?

    TSX w/ Nav:

    Option #1:
    Payment: $356 (including tax)
    Drive-off: $662

    Option #2:
    Payment: $335.88 (including tax)
    Drive-off: $1500

    Both are 36 month leases, 10,000 miles, pretty identical.
  • Hi Car_man - your advice on this forum is invaluable. Thank you.

    Ahh, the selling price. Well, that is what I too am trying to determine.Here are the numbers from the dealer for an AUTO NAVI:

    CAP COST: $28,630.16
    GROSS CAP COST: $29, 225.16 - is this the selling price?
    NET CAP COST: $28,442.77

    $1499 drive off breaks down to:
    - $339.60 first month payment
    - $782.39 cap reduction
    - $68.25 sales tax upfront (8.75 tax rate)
    - $263.75 CA reg fees
    - $45.00 doc fee
    - includes Protection pkg ($275 value)

    - $339.60 per month inclusive of tax
    - 36 mos / 10k miles per year / gap insurance included
    - Residual $18,292
    - money factor .00068

    Another dealer is offering

    $29,480 sell price
    - $400 per month, inclusive of tax
    - 36 mos / 10k miles per year / gap insurance included
    - Residual $18,266.40
    - money factor .00035
    - includes Protection pkg ($275 value)

  • Hey bigred007. Acura did lower its money factor on the 2008 TSX to .00035, but its residual values fell as well offsetting the improvement.

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