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Acura TSX Lease Questions



  • lmacmillmacmil Posts: 1,758
    I'd be surprised if Acura would let you out of a lease that early but it can't hurt to ask. At the rate you are driving, you will exceed your mileage limit by a healthy amount. If you drive 24,000 miles a year, you should probably think of buying instead of leasing.
  • Looking at the above, i'm not fealing as great about what i just signed. Perhaps 20k miles/year explains all the difference tho?
    Just leased a 2008 non-navii TSX auto for
    $1500 down
    includes tax/tags
    36 mos
    20k miles year (and 0.15 for each over which seems v good and i currently have a v loing commute)
    sales price was $26,900 money factor when i started negotiating was .00113
    residual (adj) 14950
    I'm in PA

    is this ok or did i just hose myself???
  • alsc7alsc7 Posts: 13
    Hi Car_man;
    can you tell me the invoice for 08 TSX with navi. I am looking at leasing the TSX instead of buying because I am assuming the change in the model occuring in 6 months will effect the residual in 3 years. am I right?
    Whats the MF and Residual for 3 yrs at 12K or 15K.

  • 2008 Acura TSX Auto/Navi - Carbon Gray/Ebony
    Money Factor: .00113/Residual 56%

    36 Months - 15,000 miles
    Base Cap Cost: $28555 (+acq fee, $29150 OTD)
    Payment: $380/mo
    Total out of pocket: $2063 (MD tax, tags, 1st payment)
  • 2008 Acura TSX non Nav

    36 month lease
    $379/ month
    OOP- Taxes, 1st payment, tags ($1500)
  • alsc7alsc7 Posts: 13
    Hi Everyone;
    Are these numbers correct for December? Can someone one confirm Please.

    '08 TSX with Navi: MF .00068, Residual 60% for 10K, 58% for 12K, 57% for 15K

  • Just saw the new lease offer from Acura:

    2008 TSX
    $1,499 Due at Signing
    10K Miles/Year

    It looks like a better deal than the lease offer from Honda:
    2008 Honda Accord LX w/Auto
    $2,606 Due at Signing
    12K Miles/Year

    Any possibility that the TSX lease offer would get better after X'mas? Or has anyone negotiated lower than the advertised price? Thanks!!!
  • They seem to be selling around invoice right now. The new redesigned TSX will be in showrooms April/May, so Acura will probably be dealing on the current model all winter. Rumor has it the new model will have the turbocharged engine and SH-AWD. And a big price increase probably!
  • lmacmillmacmil Posts: 1,758
    "Rumor has it the new model will have the turbocharged engine and SH-AWD."

    Do we have any reliable information that this is true? Seems like this would really hurt TL sales unless these features push the price above that of the TL. Kind of defeats the purpose of an "entry level" Acura.
  • Hi Car_Man,

    Can you verify the money factor and residual for 2008 TSX W/O TECH for 36 month lease with 10K/year?

    I was quoted 0.0068 and 60%.

  • bvdj84bvdj84 Posts: 1,724
    I was offered

    $309 per month for 36mth, 10k, with first payment due only.
  • kilnkiln Posts: 41
    I just plugged some numbers into an online calculator and came up with $629.24 a month. :surprise:

    MSRP $28905
    Base Cap Cost $27159
    Acquisition Fee (guesstimate) $450
    Residual Value $17343
    I used MF of .0068 (from previous post)
    36 months

    Where am I going wrong? :confuse:
  • MF is .00068. An important zero was missing.
  • kilnkiln Posts: 41
    Yikes! That makes a huge difference.

    Does this sound right?

    $28905 MSRP
    $26631 Base Cap cost (lowest quote)
    $595 Acquisition Fee
    $27081 Adjusted Cap Cost
    $17434 Residual
    .00068 MF :shades: (I'm assuming this is for AHFC Super Preferred credit tier)

    $324.64 a month (taxes included)
  • Hi bvdj84,

    Where are you?

    As you know some state has less tax which will effect the payment.
  • There is a pic floating around of a heavily camo'd next generation TSX. As far as it's release date, the thing hasnt even been shown at an auto show yet. I could see it being shown in detroit in Jan as a concept, and in April at the NY auto show in production form. FWIW Acura/Honda show A LOT of their past designs as concepts even though they are production ready. That being said, a production version in April in NY would probably mean an Oct/Nov/Dec 08 release of the new 09.

    FWIW I dont think they put the RDX's turbo 4 banger in it becuase it gets real bad gas mileage, like 19/20 mpg. I also doubt you see AWD, iniially. Also, expect it to go up in price. If you wait for the new one, you wont be paying 350 and under like current owners are.
  • Hi seawied. Here's the information that you're looking for. Honda Finance's current buy rate lease money factor and residual value for a 36 month lease of a 2008 Acura TSX with navigation and 15,000 miles per year are .00068 and 56%, respectively for consumers who qualify for its Tier 1+ credit tier. You definitely do not want to lease this car for 48 months. The special lease program is only available for up to 36. Its 48 month money factor is triple the special.

    Prices Paid: Buying & Leasing Experiences Forum
  • Hi ramstein317. I am sorry to say that it is going to be very expensive for you to get out of a 3 year lease after only a couple of months, even if you want to get another Acura. Unless you want to spend an arm and a leg, you are going to have to wait until you are close to the scheduled end of your lease to get something new.

    Prices Paid: Buying & Leasing Experiences Forum
  • Hi nvandusen. 20,000 miles per year is a high mileage allowance. This is definitely one reason why your payment is higher than the ones that you have seen mentioned around here lately. Still, the money factor that you mentioned is much higher than Honda Finance's current .00068 buy rate for this model (for consumers who qualify for its top credit tier). This means that either your credit isn't great, or the dealer that you are working with marked up your car's money factor to add additional hidden back-end profit to your deal.

    The selling price that you were quoted looks great though. The dealer invoice price of a 2008 Acura TSX without navigation with an automatic transmission is $26,630. This puts the $26,900 that you were quoted at less than $300 over invoice, which is outstanding.

    Prices Paid: Buying & Leasing Experiences Forum
  • Hey guys.

    My wife and I just leased an 08 TSX automatic w/nav, and we love it. We are Acura loyalists through and through. That said, I didn't do my research before heading to the dealer (I know, shame on me) and now I wonder if I was treated fairly. Here's what I got. I would really appreciate someone weighing in on this deal. I just need to know if I got a fair shake. Any help would be appreciated.

    Monthly Payment- $323
    Sale Price- $30,420
    Residual- 0.59
    Money Factor- .00068
    Yearly Mileage- 10K
    Term- 36 Months
    Out of pocket- $3995
    Out of pocket price includes-
    - First months payment ($323)
    - CA Doc Fee ($55)
    - Title and registration ($266.75)
    - Acquisition Fee ($595)
    - Cap Cost Reduction ($2,755)

    The more I read these past postings, the more worried I get. Thanks again guys!

  • kilnkiln Posts: 41
    I was wondering if this is a good deal? Looks good to me, but someone said they got the car for $318 which is a big difference. When I plug these into the lease calculator I come up with $347 a month. :confuse:

    Payment $360.00 (taxes included)
    MSRP $28,905.00
    Sale price $26,188.40.
    Residual 59%
    MF .00068
    36 months
    12,000 miles per year
    No Money Down
    Fees were rolled into price of car
    Dealer Fee $598.50 (these are never cheap in Florida)
    DMV $240
    Acquisition fee $595
    State rental surcharge $67 (what is this?)
  • I'm wondering if this deal I'm being offered is a good one.

    The selling price of the least car is 26800. I'm being offered a lease for 349 a month with zero out of pocket. No taxes, dealer fees, or acquisition fees. Pretty much the dealer is stating that its completely zero, no money out of pocket what so ever. What do you guys think?
  • Here you go, alsc7. Honda Finance's current buy rate lease money factor and residual value for a 36 month lease of a 2008 Acura TSX with navigation and 15,000 miles per year are .00068 and 56%, respectively for consumers who qualify for its top credit tier. The money factor for a lease with only 12,000 miles per year would be the same, but the residual value would be 2% higher. You can look up this car's dealer invoice price by visiting the New Vehicle Pricing section of

    Prices Paid: Buying & Leasing Experiences Forum
  • Hi alsc7. Please see my previous post for info on the TSX's current lease program. Thanks.

    Prices Paid: Buying & Leasing Experiences Forum
  • Hello witt168. The money factor and residual value that you mentioned in your post are right on the money.

    Prices Paid: Buying & Leasing Experiences Forum
  • bvdj84bvdj84 Posts: 1,724
    How come we are able to get a $28-30k TSX for much lower payment than an 08 Accord EX-L with Navi, which is priced at $28MSRP. I know that the Accord is new, but what is really affecting the payment? I am looking between the TSX and the Accord, leaning with Accord, but the TSX is cheaper a month. They quoted me $421 for the EX-L Navi I want, sale price of $28,050. Explain this to me if you could,

    Also, would it be wise to trade my current lease when the mileage is almost up, but the actual lease isn't up til Jan 09. If I go out of mileage, I'll be hit with overage fees. I have an 06 Accord SE, with 28k on the odometer. I can have 36k total miles. I travel about 1k a month, so at some point, I think I need to trade this spring or early summer. let me know what the best thing to do. Thanks so much.

    Anyone else have some advice, let me know :) :)
  • I'm in the same boat man, the difference is the MF (money factor) which is the interest for a lease. The current MF on the Accord is .0027 ( or 6.48%) and the TSX is .00068 (or 1.632%).
    If i look at the EX-L Navi MT I want with a sticker of 27800, and say i can get it for 1,000 over Invoice at 26,328 the base payment is 252.56, but the interest is 117.62 making the total payment w/o tax 370.18 ( i took tax out as each state is different).
    Now look at the TSX Navi MT, with a stick of 30700 and an estimated sale price of 28700 ( my friend go this for this 2 months ago). The base payment is 319.67 (which is higher then the accord) but the interest is only 31.21, making the total payment w/o tax 350.87.
    So you can see it's not the MSRP and the sale price, or even the residual in this case as the Accord is currently 62% and the TSX is 56% (meaning with the TSX you are financing more of the car's value as they project it to be worth less at lease end then the accord). The Moneyfactor or interest is killing the payment.

    Now for me a few other things add in - one being the TSX needs Premium, Accord does not. Also the Accord gets about 2 or 3 MPG more then the TSX and it's cheaper to insure.
    Finally - and this is purley subjective - the accord is a bigger car, which i prefer.

    That's the long answer to your question. I've got a hard decision ahead of me, and i'll be making it this week.
  • mvs1mvs1 Posts: 462
    Thanks for this post!!! I've currently put myself in an almost identical situation.

    My wife has been looking for a replacement to her A4 and has looked at about 15 different vehicles, two Acura's being a few of them. Her lack of interest has actually peeked mine. I'm now looking at these same two vehicles. A few people in the TL forum had a similar situation where the TL ad TSX are now closer in price due to discounts than before.

    In any event this post was extremely helpful in breaking down costing and some other factors that I've been mulling over as well.

  • bvdj84bvdj84 Posts: 1,724
    You know what though, as much as the TSX would be fun, I still want the Accord if I can get it for the price I want. I'll look for a car in the Spring, I'll go to a high volume dealer, the typically know what they are doing, and have more in stock to work with. My local dealer has a full stock, but not a market that is so big that they can keep them on the lot. They are strict on the price, They are had a blue coupe, which is the color I want, but they only one there. Hopefully, I will have good experience. I am not going to shop in the winter, I'll get more excited, when warm weather is back.
  • Not sure if this is a good deal.

    2008 tsx no navi.

    36 month lease. 10 k mile.

    $500 out of pocket (includes first payment and all fees)

    $329 a month including all fees, taxes et al.
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