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Audi A4 Lease Questions



  • wow. was this on front wheel drive or awd?
  • as of now the rates are still about the same and on an 08 audi a4 with 0 out of ur pocket...not even drive off. i could do 408 a month tax included on a premium package with sport suspension car.

    let me know if anyone is interested
  • i emailed them via their website once and i guess now i'm on their email list..

    looks like bait and switch. prob. only that one vin /car is available at this price..
  • The deal was a Quattro. Seeing as one of the posters above (a salesperson) can apparently do $408 with no drive offs as well, it seems these deals can be had. ON top of the attractive rate, I have to say it was one of the easiest negotiated deals I made. Maybe I left money on the table, but I think it was more a matter of the salesperson knowing I knew numbers and having a competitive bid from another dealer. I was tempted to push harder on the deal but don't think it would have been worth the $10 month to get into hard ball negotiations.
  • xxxmotors323,
    What state are you in? Pls give more details if this is doable in NJ. Thx
  • riverside audi in nj is advertising to insiders on an email a price
    of $275 a month, with 2645 down on an a4 2.0t quattro.

    2645 consists of first month, 1795 down, 575 bank fee, no sec deposit
    it gives a vin num and says it's ibis white, so i don't know if
    it's only available on this specific one...but seems to show lease
    prices are starting to come down?

    model quoted includes premium pkg, heated seats, s-line, cd changer,
    moon roof, leather, etc.

    at this price, 36 month lease payments total 12,270 which sounds like a great
  • lyjbukem,
    What do you mean "advertising to insiders"? Riverside is 8 minutes from my home (closest Audi dealer) but I went in there and experienced very poor service (salesman thought I wasn't a buyer so he blatently blew me off to go get stroked by an A8 dreamer (no intention of buying). I might have signed a deal that day if I was treated well. Regardless, if the special you spoke of was by email, would you mind forwarding it to me?
    thanks so much!
  • just heard from another nj dealer that at end of this month, audi lease program ends and new money factor and residual come in, which will be worse for consumers.

    anyone deny/confirm/opinion?

    aparently residual will be worse by a couple of percent...

  • Hello,
    what would be a good deal on a 36 month lease for an A4 in houston metro area.
  • got another email from audi manhattan.

    $299/month 36 month 10k lease
    a4 2.0t heated front seats, s line exterior pkg, ipod, prem pkg.
    brilliant black/black stock #01291

    must bring ad in. is this another case of only one car avail at this price???
  • I was told the opposite. That after March 3rd the rate will be similar, residual better.

    An FYI to all, the Special edition does not get that low moneyfactor.
  • but won't all a4's come in special edition trim going forward? so they're forcing consumers into buying it and giving them a lower moneyfactor?
  • p987p987 Posts: 2
    My understanding is that except for the current A4s on the ground, the new SE models will have significantly higher money factors and a better residual. I'm about to pull the trigger on an older model (I like the wheels better) and all in it seems I'm getting a better deal on the non-SE version. Audi is doing the now somewhat typical game of making the last run of cars a bit different to keep demand up.
  • xxxmotors do you have deals available in NJ? Let me know. All you Nj folks, I've been e-mailing and calling dealers off the hook. Below are some of the offers for the A4 quattro auto trans-tiptronic, premium pack, silver w/blk leather, heated seats. The monthly payments include taxes and the out the door figure includes everything:

    Riverside Audi (bait and switch-sorry the Ibis white special is no longer available however...)
    3793 total out the door 325 mo x 36 mo @ 15k per year with Audi care. Quote includes some unknown 1000.00 rebate-incentive. Must sign by end of Feb.

    Bell Audi (said Riverside is shady and the numbers are not possible)
    2000 total out the door 440 mo x 36 mo @ 15k per year with Audi care. Quote includes some unknown 1000.00 rebate-incentive.

    Princeton Audi (said both dealerships are wrong, there is no 1000.00 rebate available unless you are employed by a company that uses Audi Fleet sales.His belief is that they'll discover oops, you don't qualify, these are your new numbers).
    2000.00 total out the door 424.44 mo x 36 mo @ 15k per year with Audi care. He said his numbers were good until 3-31.

    DCH Audi of Millburn agreed with Princeton about the 1000.00 rebate being B.S. He said his numbers were similar in the 2000.00 / 430 mo range. I explained that I needed to be at or under 400 mo / 15k / 2000.00 total. He said it's the end of the month, you never know, we can work something out...

    All I want is some firm numbers. The 408 a month deal with $0 cash out doesn't seem too much to ask for. Does anyone have a great deal in NJ? I figure it doesn't matter where in NJ I lease from, I can use the Audi care at a local dealer for service. Help!
  • I'm just getting myself stressed out by reading all the posts (although I'm happy that a resource like this exists)... what's really the best way to go for me - I know exactly what I want:
    A4, 2.0T Quattro, Conv. Pkg, Prem Pkg., Navigation w CD changer (not ipod), Black with Beige leather interior. MSRP should be $39,150 inc destination charge. I live in NJ (7% sales tax)
    I could pull the trigger by the end of the month.

    So, what do I do.... go find the exact car first? Or do I figure out how much I'm willing to pay? Or do I ask car man for the money factors and other details?

    So lost... pls help! Like anyone else, I dont want to pay one penny more than I have to.

  • p987p987 Posts: 2
    eastbeast - if you're getting an SE, then you should be able to get what you want from just about any dealer. As long as you have a money factor and residual that is correct, then its just a question of negotiating the price. You can then compute the lease payment pretty accurately yourself (see below).

    nluster - the car I'm probably getting is the same car eastbeast except I'm also getting heated seats and bluetooth. DCH and Paul MIller seemed less negotiable on price. I'm using another dealer (none that you mentioned) and I think the deal I'm getting is ok. You can email me at for more info.

    There is a lease spreadsheet that is available on the web (an excel spreadsheet) that will produce accurate lease numbers once you plug in selling price, resid, and mf. I always check my deal on the spreadsheet first.

    As much as I want a decent price on the car, I also want a dealer I can service the car with.
  • Im stuck. I do not like the SE either. The wheels are ugly. I do not have a choice though, to get what I wanted they had to order me one, and that was back in December. With the increased money factor any kind of savings the SE gave you is gone.

    Im a little pissed about the change in moneyfactor and began looking at other vehicles. My lease is up in a month and I refuse to be "held hostage" by Audi and any chnges they make.
  • no, of course $875/mo is not a good deal. i was responding to below:

    Replying to: dppd1511 (Feb 12, 2008 5:01 pm)
    We are in NJ and priced a 36-42 month lease with 10-12K A4 quattro 2.0 with premium, heated seats, ipod audicare and bluetooth for about $406-415 a month with zero down.
  • Any help would be appreciated.

    Looking to replace a financed 2003.5 1.8T 5spd with a 2008 2.0T AWD 6spd by the end of the month if the deal works.

    Region is Columbus, OH. Car is financed through Audi Financial and will be paid off prior to a new lease and sold at a later date.

    What should I be shooting for a money factor and amount over invoice?

    Looking at 12k for either a 36 or 42 month term.

    Are there any programs out there that I should be aware of?

    Also whats the story with the special edition? All I want is the sport suspension, heated seats, CD and leather interior.

    Thanks in advance.

  • Go up to Cleveland. Or call Fred Baker Audi and ask for Jeff. He is my salesman and has been very upfront, honest and helpful. Im buying my A4 from him. Money factor .00025 (less than one percent). Im slightly over invoice. Give him a call.
  • What sounds like a good deal? $875/month? It was Momentum Audi.
  • Dear Car Man,

    This is such a great resource/forum, I wish I discovered it earlier in the process!

    We are ready to lease a 2008 Avant. The MSRP the way we want the car is about $35,800. With what we are told is a money factor of .00022, our payments with 5% tax included are quoted at $447, bank fee $575 and all other fees $245. Total $1267 drive out.

    I understand that we can drop our monthly payments for about $27 per Thousand down, is that correct? Most importantly, are we near a fair deal given market or are we lost in smoke?

    What I would like is to get payments at $300 or so with $3200 total drive out with taxes but may be dreaming, thanks for your help. Incidentally we can buy/register in New York or Masachusetts as our driving is split. We can get by with 10k per year, but should we ask for more? Also, not sure on whether deals will improve in coming months or not, we don't really need the car until May.

    Thank you and any other ears out there!
  • Hello everyone-

    I have been a lurker for sometime on these forums, but formally got an account to return the information sharing. It has been a valuable resource for me on my last few car purchases and leases.

    I looked at the 2008 A4 Quattro 2.0T recently here in PA. Ultimately decided to go another avenue (not the Audi)..... but here is the information I was quoted last weekend:

    2008 A4 Quattro 2.0T
    - MF = 0.00065
    - Residual = 58%

    After some lengthy discussions, the salesperson brought the Special Edition to my attention. Tried to position it as a major secret.... and that it is the "bridge" between the 2008 model and the 2009 model which will have a lot more standard features.

    For the 2008 Special Edition A4 Quattor 2.0T:
    - MF = 0.00149
    - Residual = 60%

    His first pass at 2 different special edition prices were not that great, about $700 above the TMV price. Easily could have gotten them down more though.

    Just wanted to reciprocate the sharing!

  • Am I going crazy..... I am looking to price out (MSRP and dealer cost) an A4 and PREMIUM PKG is not an option (premium PAINT is there for $750, but that's not what I am looking for - the pkg I need is $850 MSRP). Anyone have a 'fix'?

    Also, can someone please confirm the money factor buy rate on an A4,2.0,Quattro,Conv,Nav (not the SE) for NY/NJ area - is it .00025 till march 4th? (12k miles/yr)

  • 604doc604doc Posts: 182
    I would assume that since the invoice on the $750 premium paint is $698, the $850 premium pkg invoice is probably around $790. I'm sure it's not too far off for your figuring purposes.
  • Thanks - I found it elsewhere (and you are very accurate with the $790 guess - it's actually $791). My big problem right now is needing confirmation of the money factors. Anyone please jump in... need money factors asap.

  • nlusternluster Posts: 3
    I finally found a tolerable lease deal in NJ. DCH Audi of Millburn was the last dealer I tried - see my previous post. The final numbers were 2000.00 total out the door, 400.00 per month taxes included, 15,000 miles per year, 36 month lease, Audi care included. The car is the A4 w/ premium package, automatic/tiptronic trans, heated front seats, light silver with black leather.

    The sales people were great, they started out at 435 a month w/o Audi Care and wound up with 410 mo after listening to the other dealers' numbers. I told the salesman I really wanted to be at or under 400 mo he talked to the sales manager one time, for two minutes, and it was done. There was no back and forth, I can't do it but let me re-work the numbers or check with my boss, etc. I walked in with my other offers and in thirty minutes I had a deal I could live with.

    As a side note, DCH Audi has a special customer service rating held by only 17 of the 200 Audi dealers. I'm sure the salesman was flexible because it was Feb 28th and I had the name of a friend of a friend but, like I said, it was the best I could come up with for central and northern NJ and they seemed genuinely nice.

    Hope the info helps.
  • Hi, I'm looking to lease an A4 and got this deal.

    2008 2.0T 6 spd FWD
    premium pkg
    heated front seats
    iPod adapter

    Residual 56%
    MF: 0.00025
    Quoted Price: $31,250
    Total due at signing $2530
    330.24 / mth, 36 mth.

    I'm in Philly, zip 19428. I'm wondering if i can drop the price a bit? any help is appreciated. thanks.
  • Hi,

    I was just looking at A4s recenently in Philly area (18976). While I was looking at Quattro, I was getting the following for a 10k per year lease:

    2008 A4 Quattro 2.0T
    - MF = 0.00065
    - Residual = 58%

    So 56% sounds right for 15k perhaps.

    I would think you can get more money off the "sell" price of the car. Assuming premium package you meant convenience package, I would say the sell price should be somewhere in the 30,xxx range. Especially if its on the lot.
  • Thanks! I appreciate the response.

    56% residual was for 12k
    they had it listed as the "premium package". Leather, 17" rims, all weather tires.
    and yes, this car was on their lot. i'm going to shoot for a low 30 price then. thanks again!
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