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BMW 5-Series Lease Questions



  • gti329gti329 Posts: 8
    ok was offered following on a 3yr/15k lease with following options:

    Cold weather

    MSRP: 59775
    Adj CAP: 54450
    Payment without tax: 678.68
    In New York.
    Total out of pocket including taxes and fees: $3800.

    would appreciate your thoughts/feedback.
  • sjd3sjd3 Posts: 8
    Carman: Im in southern california and was recently offered the folloiwing deal on a 2009 528i black on black, sport package, premium and Nav. Here are the numbers:
    MSRP as equipped --- $53,825.00 (includes $825 dest. charge)
    Net cap cost ------------ $50,625.00
    term is 36 months
    milage is 15K
    Residual is $31,218
    Due at signing is $2000.00

    Monthly payment is $637.19 plus tax = $686.57 total monthly payment

    This is for a new 528i.. What do you all think?
  • Hey where in ny are you? i,m interested in the same car with similar options. thaqnks, rob
  • Hey guys & girls...

    $459/month for 36 months plus an additional $2500 off your lease*Vehicle Registered outside N.Y.
    • $459 First months payment
    • $3,500 Down payment
    • $500 Security Deposit
    • $725 Acquisition fee
    • $5,184 Cash due at signing

    Could they reduce the $5,184 due at signing to $2,684 based on the additional $2500 off offer?
  • sjd3sjd3 Posts: 8
    oK gang.... here's the best BMW dealers are offering in my area:

    09 BMW 528i
    ipod and usb adapter
    36 months

    MSRP is $54,225
    Selling Price is $50,850 ( this includes the $2500 cash incentive)
    Cash out of pocket is $2000

    Monthly payment is $672 (this includes the tax)

    What do you all think?
  • gti329gti329 Posts: 8

    what state is this in and what is your tax%?

  • tamarabtamarab Posts: 2
    I need to know if sjd3 has a good deal also. I live in southern california and called a dealership and was given a car note offer of $800, which I already know is way to high and that was with the incentive. I asked for the same options, mileage, months etc. as sjd3. I think this guy at BMW wanted to see if I knew any better.
  • sjd3sjd3 Posts: 8
    I am in Southern Calif and the tax rate until April 1 is 7.775%. Please read my prior posts and based upon my observations, it appears that for what im lookikng for, with minimal out of pocket a monthly payment in the $680 range (incl tax is about the best you will get,
    Any thoughts car man?
  • zcqqzcqq Posts: 3

    I am now urgently trying to find someone to take over my lease on a 2008 528xi with 688/m, which the price I pay now.
    I called BMW financial services, they say the only way is to do the Lease Assumption!
    basically I find someone and have him/her go through the BMW credit check, if she/he qualifies, then we do the paper work, switch the name on the lease, it's totally different from the term Sub-lease, which is not allowed under this case.

    I post ad on craigslist, seems like no one likes to do the 'Assumption'! and i googled some famous website like 'swaplease' or 'leasetrader' etc,,, they all charge heavy money on posting adz, and i am worrying about if those sites are scams!

    can anybody tell me what to do ? who had such experience before? are those websites working?

    thanks a lot !!!
  • Carman (or anybody that can help). I am trying to lease a 535i. Options include Premium Pkg, Sport Pkg, Sport auto with shift paddles, Comfort Access, heated front seats, Park Distance Control, Navigation, & ipod and usb adapter. Invoice (including destination charge) is 56750, and MSRP is 61725. Dealer is adding to invoice "MACO of 400 and "Training /Service Fee of $180, bringing Invoice to $57,330. I have a few questions:

    1) Are the MACO and Training fees negotiable?

    2) For a 10K 3 yr lease, I believe residual is 61% and MF is .00175; for 2 years, residual is 65% and MF is the same. Are these numbers correct?

    3) How does the Conquest Bonus Cash of $2,500 work? I've been told it is essentially a cap cost reduction. Is that right?

    4) How much of a bump to MF is it to include security deposit in MF? Approx. .00015?

    5) What is a good 2 yr or 3 yr lease payment (including tax) on such a car? Many thanks!!!
  • bobby_jbobby_j Posts: 5
    I just signed a lease for 3 years on a 535 with a similar invoice price. I got almost twice as many miles as you and was $4800 out of pocket, with 750 refundable at end of lease term. Monthly nut is $711. The key is to negotiate hard, and spend some time working with no less than 3 different dealers. Let them think that the inventory that they have is not "really" what you wanted, but for a good price you'll take it. I know I could have gotten a better deal, but only found out after I signed. I believe I could have saved another $1000 over the course of 3 years if I pushed harder. Don't let them "wear you out" by going to the manager for 20 minutes and making you wait by the salesperson's desk. If they go to the manager, you go with them. Once they quote you, say thank you - I will get back to you. Also NEVER tell them what you are being offered at another dealer! You lose your bargaining power that way. Lastly, always review the contract on your own time. Ask for a copy that you can look over. They will slip things in or remove your refundable deposit, and make it part of the overall costs, which you will never see again. Also look out for a fee to return the car. They will wait to the last minute to drop it on you, and count on the fact that it is 3 years away so it's not a big deal. Just tell them we never spoke about this and you will walk if they don't remove it - be prepared to walk. They will call you back within 4 to 5 days. Dealers are hungry for sales these days - don't let them BS you into thinking otherwise. Good luck!
  • gtligtli Posts: 27
    I've gotten rid of a lease on an H3 on Craigslist, and leased both a 335i and a GL450 from Swapalease.

    Nothing but good experiences.
  • You can get a better selling price. I bought a similar model 528i '09 (MSRP of $53750) for $49,100 PLUS the $2500 off- final cap cost of $46,600.

    Your MSRP is only $475 more than mine by you are paying $4250 more than I did. You should be able to get the cap cost down to about $47000.
  • sjd3sjd3 Posts: 8
    Carman.... i need quick help. As i was trying to work a lease deal for the 528i, the internet salesman offfers me this deal on the 535i as follows:

    spoat automatic trans w/paddle shifters
    ipod and USB adapter
    Dest charge is $825

    MSRP $59,825
    Selling Price $55,800

    36 months
    15,000 miles
    Residual 58%

    total out of pocket at signing is $2500

    Monthly payment is $682.00 plus tax.

    He then offers me the same package but with 12,000 (instead of 15,000) and with $2800 out of pocket for a monthly payment of $647 plus tax.

    Are these good deals? If so which is the better one, if at all.? thanks, Im ready to lease but need to know your advice first. thanks
  • Thanks for your reply. Sorry for the delay in responding. I appreciate the advice and good tips. Did you get a sense for how the dealer was treating the Conquest Bonus Cash available as an allowance for this car? In theory, that bonus is supposed to reduce the cap cost, which given current residuals and money factors should bring payments below $700 (for a 10K lease), but it all depends on what price they are selling the car at. My sense is that they only want to talk payments and total drive off because if they gave you the actual numbers they are using, one sees that the dealer profit is still pretty high. Thanks again..
  • bobby_jbobby_j Posts: 5
    They did treat the 2500 as cap cost reduction - You should absolutely pay much less than $700 per month based on the mileage you are driving. At the end of the day just be sure that they give you the contract to review at your leisure. There's no reason to feel pressured to review it and sign at the dealership.
  • Thanks again. BTW, for others out there, I have had dealers confirm for me that they bump up (from the residuals used for a 15K lease) the residual by 2 percentage points for a 12K lease, and 3 points on a 10K lease. For March, that means a 65% residual on a 2 year lease, and a 61% on a 3 year lease. Money factor is .00175. The dealer wants the exercise to be in a black box, with them throwing in drive off costs, security deposits, bonus cash, residuals, money factor, etc, and having a nice number come out at the other end that it thinks is acceptable to you whether or not it is a number that reflects what you should be paying..
  • CarMan@EdmundsCarMan@Edmunds Posts: 38,515
    You're welcome, cnj31. BMW is waiving all consumers' first two payments on finance contracts. The $2,500 is only available to "most customers" because it is for current BMW owners and the current owners of select competing luxury brands. If you do not currently own or you are not currently leasing any luxury vehicle, you do not qualify for the cash.

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  • CarMan@EdmundsCarMan@Edmunds Posts: 38,515
    Hi gti329. Unfortunately, it doesn't hurt to ask, but I doubt the fact that you had a BMW lease that ended a year ago makes you eligible for the loyalty offer.

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  • CarMan@EdmundsCarMan@Edmunds Posts: 38,515
    Hi sjd3. The dealer invoice price of the car that you described is $49,515. Plus, there is a $2,500 cash incentive available on it if you are a current BMW owner / lessee or the owner / lessee of a competing luxury vehicle. If you qualify for the cash incentive, I definitely think that you can do better than $50,625 on this car. Even if you don't, I would not be surprised if you were able to beat this deal by shopping around.

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  • cabluecablue Posts: 48
    I took over a lease on an '06 550 from Leasetrader. It was great! Went very smoothly. It's not a scam. I was so pleased that I now have my '08 535 listed there now. They do the credit check on the buyer for you, so the purchaser is legit. It's a huge advantage for buyers, too, because they don't need to put down any money to get into a lease, there're often incentives to take over the leases, and you're not stuck in a long-term lease if you're looking to change cars more frequently. I took out a 2-yr. lease on my 535 but now am looking to get a mid-sized suv, which really is more practical for my life. Check out mine, #LT147734. Beautiful car! Any other questions, let me know.
  • I have a 650i which goes in June -- did European deliv which save $6K and $3k off dealer.

    Msrp of 528i is $55320 -- inv $50,875 -- on US deliv what should I be paying for 12K per year on 24 or 36 mo with no monet down.


  • zcqqzcqq Posts: 3
    I have to terminate my leased 2008 BMW by buying from my dealer
    the price now is around 44,000,
    if this price negotiatable?
    and is there any tips that i can use while negotiating with dealers?/

    please help if you have such experience
    many thanks !!
  • CarMan@EdmundsCarMan@Edmunds Posts: 38,515
    Hi mpdreamer. When I negotiate a deal on a new vehicle, I look at all of the fees that dealers try to pass a long to me as part of the vehicle's total selling price. If you feel as though the total price of the 5 that you are interested in, including the fees that you mentioned, is less than you would have to pay for this car doesn't really matter how the selling price breaks down. Shop around with a few dealers for the lowest total price for the 535 that you're interested in and go with the dealer that offers you the best overall deal.

    The money factor and residual value that you mentioned in your post are right on the money.

    If you are eligible for the conquest cash, it indeed would act like a capitalized cost reduction. It would lower your car's selling price and in turn its monthly payment.

    BMW FS will waive its security deposit requirement for non-returning lessees in exchange for a .00015 money factor increase.

    Let's work up a sample lease payment on this car for you and see what we come up with. For now I will assume that you are interested in leasing an '09 535i that has an MSRP of $56,750 and a selling price of $55,330. According to my calculations, this car would have a 36 month, 10,000 mile per year, zero down, pre-tax monthly payment of around $733. The payment for an otherwise identical 24 month lease would be around $930.

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  • CarMan@EdmundsCarMan@Edmunds Posts: 38,515
    Hey sjd3. I definitely think that you can do better than the selling price that you were offered. The 535i that you are interested in probably has a spread of around $4,700 between its full MSRP and its dealer invoice price. Add to that the $2,500 owner loyalty / conquest cash that BMW is providing on this car and there's a total of around $7,200 to play with. You are only being given a dealer discount of $4,025 unless you don't qualify for the cash incentive or it is being taken into account elsewhere on which case this deal isn't bad.

    Make sure that you're getting the $2,500 if you qualify for it and make sure that the dealer is using BMW Financial Services' current buy rate lease money factor of .00175 to calculate your monthly payment.

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  • CarMan@EdmundsCarMan@Edmunds Posts: 38,515
    Hi zcqq. You probably will be better off dealing directly with BMW Financial Services to try to purchase your leased vehicle rather than involving the dealer. Ultimately they are the ones who decide what you will have to pay to buy your leased vehicle. More often than not, banks will not negotiate the purchase prices of leased vehicles. Having said this, some occasionally will so it's always worth trying. The odds of you being able to negotiate a lower purchase price for your car than the one that is stated on your contract increase as you approach the scheduled end of your lease. If you are trying to buy your car well before its scheduled end date it is unlikely that BMW will cut you a deal on its purchase price.

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  • I was offered a '09 528xi with 4700 mi (executive demo) with many options. Can you please evaluate if this is a deal worth going for:
    MSRP: $63205
    Invoice: $59
    Sale pr: $55600
    BMW incentive: $2500
    Allowed mileage: 15K/yr
    Due@sign: 4421 (Taxes, inception, sec. dep, doc fee)
    Monthly pmt: $643 for 36 months
  • rocky725rocky725 Posts: 30
    You must be getting every option under the sun for that MSRP on a 528xi! I think you'll find most people on this board will advise you to minimize your upfront payment as much as possible (first month and dmv fees). As a point of comparison, I have a few friends in the New York area that recently got a brand new 09 528xi with premium, cold weather, navigation, ipod adapter and satellite for $625 per month with first month, bank fee, and dmv due at signing (around $1,500). You should be able to do better on this vehicle.
  • Thanks for your reply. Yes, you are right about the options. (It does not have Active Cruise, Night Vision, LaneDeviation and M-Sport package.) It has all other options and that's why the MSRP is what it is. There is no down payment. The Due at signing includes taxes, 1 mo sec deposit and others you mentioned. So, it appears that I'm not too far apart from the deals being offered.
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