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2013 and earlier BMW 7-Series Lease Questions



  • I'd appreciate some feedback on whether I got a good deal or not.

    2008 750LI Sport. Luxury Seating, Rear Entertainment, Comfort, Convienence, Premium Sound. HD Radio, Satellite Radio. MSRP: 91,820. Cap Cost: 77,990. Paid 7x security deposit to buy down money factor to .00155. 2 year lease. Monthly payment: 1083 with no up front capital reduction.
  • fripullofripullo Posts: 9
    You got a good deal.

    My cap cost was $78.5K, $1.7K down with the same specs as yours except for HD radio and Satellite. My payments are $1,143 with tax. I went with a 3yr lease.
  • nayyernayyer Posts: 4
    Californiami can you please tell where you picked up this car from, it seems i am getting ripped off. any help woulld be great.
  • fripullofripullo Posts: 9
    Sterling BMW in Newport. Stay away from Irvine and Crevier they are not good business people.
  • I got mine at Concord BMW in Concord, California. They are easy and motivated to move the 2008 7 Series cars currently on their lot (they won't offer this deal for cars they have to order or trade for). I tried to work with East Bay BMW in Pleasanton....but would say...stay away from them.

    Just say you are getting "ripped off"....what type of deal are you getting and where are you getting it?

    Good luck.
  • nayyernayyer Posts: 4
    well i just got back from a BMW dealership. Here is the price of the car 90,575, they wont tell me the seeling price basically its like 11k off he said. 24 month lease for $1299 a month with 2,900 down let me know what u think. also deal from last night was 83k car 9k off with 20k trade allowance i have no trade thou. 24 month lease 1392 with 2,800 down . i dont know first time leasing so i really dont know what to do. maybe when of you guys cal help me out. my email is please help. or call 708-955-9107
  • gforce11gforce11 Posts: 225
    A dealer that won't give you a sale price isn't a dealer you should be working with.
    Best thing to do is not play the monthly payment game.
    Here are the June rates for most BMWs including the 7-series. Assuming you qualify for the lowest rates possible, you need to negotiate the lowest sale price possible, ask for the money factor and residual used in calculating your lease. Then plug that info into a lease formula/calculator. It may be to your best interest in doing a little research regarding leasing before you pull the trigger. It could save you thousands.
  • Agree with gforce11. Dealer has to share the capital cost (eg. selling price) with you. 11k off is not bad...but you are still leaving at least 2k on the table. Push for a low money rate (at least .0020)...anything higher, the dealer is making profit on the lease. Assume your residual is in the 66-67% range assuming a two year lease with like 12k annual mileage.

    I always use the following site for calculating the lease payment.
  • ruzzruzz Posts: 1
    Could you all please tell me if I got a good deal on this - just got the car today:

    MSRP: $88,620.00 COST: $78,626 (includes $825 acquisition fee and license fee - so just the car sales price was $77,773)
    Lease: 24 months/12k miles per year, Payment including tax is $1206.95
    I paid $1850 down which included the first month payment and license fees.
    Money Factor: .00205

    Convenience Package, Luxury Seating Package, Premium Sound Package, Comfort Access, Sirius Radio
  • got a pretty good deal. Just off the numbers you gave...seems like you got them to sell it to you at invoice...and give you a good majority of the $5k dealer incentive....didn't spec it exactly...but assume they kept maybe $1k...maybe a bit less.

    In terms of the rest...the only thing that it seems like they nickeled you on was adding $200 profit to acquistion fee and the .00005 to your money rate (I believe their buy rate was .0020). was like they added 12 tenths of a percent to your interest....

    You might of considered increasing your security deposit to buy down the money rate a bit more...but again...given its only 2 probably only would have reduced your monthly another 70ish bucks or so.

    But all things considered....I think you got a good deal (especially if you got the exact car you wanted!)....

  • fripullofripullo Posts: 9
    Not the best...see previous post.

    The 3 yr lease is a better option and the MF is high.

    I put $1.7k down with a MF of .00200 on a 3yr w/ 12k miles and the same options for a payment of $1,116.00
  • MSRP $78625
    36 month lease $798/month
    Returning BMW customer, given lower finance rate
    out of pocket $3800 includes taxes of approx $1800, first month, bank fee, etc

    Does this seem like a good deal?
  • fripullofripullo Posts: 9
    I'm assuming you mean Cap Cost and not MSRP which is circa $89K

    So far sounds good. I personally would put less down and have a higher monthly payment. What's you MF?
  • I meant MSRP - this is the 750i, not the iL.

    I have 2 quotes so far, one is MF .00180 and monthly payment of $895 without tax, and $969 with tax.(would only offer 2year lease)

    The other quote is $798,(3 years) $814 (2 years) I assume the MF is the same, as I'm turning in a BMW & they're both offering reduced MF. I'm waiting for the details from dealer on cap cost.

    I appreciate feedback, as I have to make a decision quickly.
  • fripullofripullo Posts: 9
    the 3 yr is a good deal. MF looks good. Why so much down? Because it's a 750i and your MSRP is $78K you have a lot of room to lower the price. What's the cap cost?

    FYI - i picked up a 750li two months ago - MSRP $91K and got the car for $78.5K.
  • List price $78,625

    3yr lease $798/month with taxes paid upfront approx $1600
    cap cost is $68,860. MF is .00115 residual 57%

    2yr lease $813
    same as above, with 67% residual.
  • unitedfcunitedfc Posts: 5
    Can someone give me an opinion
    2008 BMWW 750 IL MSRP 86978....reduced to 79,975. 15k Miles 36 month. $1140 down payment. $1140 per month.....That includes my tax. Is this a good deal....Seems like it.
  • unitedfcunitedfc Posts: 5
    Thanks fripullo
  • MSRP: $90,770.00
    CAP COST: $80,200.00 (Included $5K BMW Trunk Money)
    24 Months / 15K per year
    Zero Down
    Drive Off included 1st month payment, registration, tax and $825 Acquisition Fee (was marked up $200)
    MF .001 (Repeat BMW customer) Car was purchased last day of June and I think MF has increased for July
    Monthly Payment: ~$1145.00 :shades:
  • kk_kkkk_kk Posts: 1
    I heard there are certain times for "specials." My uncle actually was able to cash in on this time from a dealer. It lasts about a week. Can anyone lead me into the right direction? Thanks in advance. My location is New York, New York.
    p.s. 2009 cars are rolling in right?
  • I had heard the MF for returning BMW customers is 0.001. Is that true?
  • unitedfcunitedfc Posts: 5
    Hi Again. Maybe someone can give me a suggestion. My soon to be leased 2008 750il has just about every option available except HD and Sirius Sat. I am disappointed. I did not know cars did not equipt satellite radio anymore. What should I be paying for this installed? Seems like it should be included.
  • CarMan@EdmundsCarMan@Edmunds Posts: 38,515
    Hi enthusiastdre. According to the latest information that I have seen, BMW Financial Services' current buy rate lease money factor for the 2008 750i is .00215, reduced to .00115 (.00100 lower) for returning BMW FS lessees.

    Prices Paid: Buying & Leasing Experiences Forum
  • unitedfcunitedfc Posts: 5
    Hey Guys,
    Pick up the my 2008 750il Saturday....Just need some last minute confirmation.
    Maybe Fripullo can advise.
    $90,000 MSRP selling for $79,975
    36 month lease 15k miles $1,139 total payment including tax.
    $1,189.29 down payment and that includes first month and taxes. Residual is 54% and the money factor is .00135 (returning BMW FS...x5 owner.

    Is this a good/average/smoking deal?
  • fripullofripullo Posts: 9
    looks like a great deal! The only room you have to lower your payment is in the cap cost. The best i've seen is $78.7K. Otherwise, this is a smoking deal considering you're only putting $1.1K down.
  • unitedfcunitedfc Posts: 5
    Frip....You are the man. Thanks for the response. I truly appreciate it.
  • if you are a returning bmwfs customer, your MF should only be 0.00115
    see car_man's last post here
  • We just got a 750i lease, 36 month, 57% resididual, .0023 MF (not a returning BMW customer unfortunately). Dealer originally took 10k off a $83,600 car ($73,600) but that car had some iDrive issue during delivery walk through so the dealer moved us into the next closest car with similar options with a sticker of $86,650 but kept the out the door price at $73,600, $13k off MSRP! I was very impressed with how Long Beach BMW internet department handled it. Give them a shot. Out the door we paid $5000 down (which included tax, title, 1st mo, and 2500 cap cost reduction) and have a payment with tax of $973 a month.
  • CarMan@EdmundsCarMan@Edmunds Posts: 38,515
    Congratulations on getting your neew 7, mmalonso. Thanks for taking the time to share the details of your deal with everyone. I'm glad to hear that you had such a pleasant dealer experience. If you'd like, you can tell everyone about it by hopping on over to the Dealer Ratings & Reviews section of Enjoy your new ride :shades: .

    Prices Paid: Buying & Leasing Experiences Forum
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