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2013 and earlier BMW X5 Lease Questions



  • I was told my a local dealer in Southern CA that BMW released new rates. According to dealer for an X5 4.8.. MSRP of 60k., Residual at 61%, Money factor at .00210, Dowpayment including 1st month's payment at 5k... dealer said for 36 month lease with 10k miles per yr., lease would be approx. $740 per month plus tax.
  • billmvbillmv Posts: 148
    Which model? MSRP? seems high.
  • Model is a 2007 4.8 with every feature package EXCEPT rear entertainment.

    MSRP is 75K
    Invoice is 68K
  • What you were told is correct, chaddy75. BMW finally introduced lease support on the 2007 X5. Its new special lease money factors on it are .00225 on the X5 3.0 and .00210 on the X4 4.8.

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  • Carman,

    Can you check my calculation for a '07 X5 3.0 in TX:

    MSRP: 58,045
    Selling Price $55,000
    36 month lease, 12k miles
    Residual - 60% or $34,827
    MF - .00225

    Payment - $845/month
  • Thanks Car Man. Do you think they will even make the money factor more attractive in the near future? They seem more do-able and more competitive w/ Audi Q7 and Mercedes GL450 but not fantastic. Especially for a loaded 4.8 X5 which I'm presuming would be closer to $900.00 on a lease. Any input would be great. Also, do you know if the lastest on the lots have the option for automatic tailgate or has that not yet been integrated?
  • mmoreno1978mmoreno1978 Posts: 106
    Only if youre LOADED and CRAZY (Like BMW)

    Not a good deal.
  • Hi bkriete. The money factor that you were quoted for the X5 that you are interested in is too high. BMW Financial Services' current buy rate for a 36 month lease of a 2007 X5 3.0 is .00200 with the payment of a security deposit at lease signing and .00215 with the deposit waived. Using the buy rate and the prices that you mentioned in your post, I estimate that this truck's zero down, pre-tax monthly payment should be around $741.

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  • Hi chaddy75. It's difficult to say what BMW will do with its future lease program for the X5. Given the fact that it just enhanced its lease program on it, I personally would expect them to go a couple of months without changing it...but like I said anything can happen. I don't know if the automatic tailgate option is available yet, but if it's not it should be soon. A lot of the X5's competition, like the M-Class has this option. You may be able to find out if it is available yet by asking around in the following discussion: "BMW X5".

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  • Car_Man,

    I need help!! I've seen lots of number floating around. Can you please tell me what is the current buy rate, residual, and miles allowed for a 2007 X5 3.0?


  • chaddy75chaddy75 Posts: 48
    Thanks CarMan. Two dealers concurred that the auto tailgate option has been delayed until the 2008 models. Also, the lease payments still seem pricey for an X5 with MSRP of approx. $65k... montly lease payments were quoted between $1,050 and $1,075 not incuding tax. Dealerships still seem to agree that they are still too expensive resulting in minimal X5 leases.
  • infinitimninfinitimn Posts: 144
    Car_man. Thanks for your $$$saving help in the past. I'm thinking of an '07 X5 3.0 with 10K per year x 3 years and am a returning BMW lessee. Can you give me the MF and residuals, and does it differ if I get the NAV system? Can I get a lower MF with some upfront deposits?
  • twilly3twilly3 Posts: 1
    I am being offered the following. It seems high based on the factors... any guidance would be great

    MSRP $71,000
    Discount $70,000
    Down $5,000
    36 months 12k/year
    61% residual
  • Hey all,

    Can you tell me if this is a good deal that I got. It's my first BMW.

    I just leased a X5 3.0 with Technology, Premium, Cold weather Rear climate packages MSRP 54,925

    3 yr lease
    15K miles
    $2,500 down (includes first month payment)
    Monthly payments $868
  • mikeoc1mikeoc1 Posts: 46
    I just leased a 2007 Audi Q7 3.6 Premium with an MSRP of 55,600 with no money down for 3 years 15,000 miles for $734. Enjoy your BMW. Great car, I was going to get one, until I saw the lease deals.
  • thanks. actually i went in to pick it up and got him to lower money factor a little more, thanks to some research i saw. had to put down a security deposit, and my payments went up $3 to $871, but now i get $900 back at end of lease. which equals out to $846 month... i guess it's not good as i'd like to have paid, consider my last car was a Lexus GX470 at $760 but i wanted to try something new. the ride is spectacular..
  • anon3anon3 Posts: 147
    Just one clarification in case anyone cares: the X5 is not a truck. BMW does not build passenger trucks. It does not mass produce SUVs on truck platforms like Toyota/Lexus, GM, Ford, etc.

    We'll have to wait for the "new" to wear off the new X5 before BMW will offer significant lease incentives. I got a great lease deal on an X3 two years ago (great residual, great money factor, payment of $230/month for 24 months.) It will be a while before we see a deal like that on the new X5.
  • lugoesqlugoesq Posts: 4
    Strange but I was just told that the MF for the 2007 X5 3.0 was .00330. I pretty much was quoted the same deal as BKriete, but was told payments would be $890. What does a 00330 MF translate to fomulaeically (sp?) in interest rate? 9% about?
  • mikeoc1mikeoc1 Posts: 46
    Multiply the Money factor by 2400 to arrive at the corresponding interest rate. 0.00330 * 2400 = 7.92%
  • billmvbillmv Posts: 148, great deal. Remember what month was that in? It seems like BMW runs great deals about six months after model introduction. And what dealer in what city?
  • Hi Carman-

    One dealer is telling me the residual on a 30 month 10k lease is 71% the other is saying its 63-64%. Can you confirm the correct numbers for me with the BMW Program? I am looking to lease in Maryland area. Thanks
  • infinitimninfinitimn Posts: 144
    Car Man,
    Can you list the MF and residual for a 36 month 10K X5 3.0 lease with no deposit for a returning BMW lessee. Will paying security deposits reduce the MF?
  • soc_fanssoc_fans Posts: 5
    Hello everyone,

    This is my first time leasing a car. I'm about to lease a loaded X5 4.8. The MSRP of this car is $70690. The selling price is $68,000.

    My salesman did not give me the money factor, etc. But with $3000 down, the monthly payment is $1015 before tax.

    What should i do to get a lower monthly payment? Please help!
  • mikeoc1mikeoc1 Posts: 46
    Best advice to get a lower payment is to drive down the street to the Hyundai dealer and lease yourself a new Santa Fe.

    It is going to cost over $36000 to lease a $70,000 car for 36 months when you include depreciation, interest and taxes. That's $1,000/month. If you have to put a lot of money down to "afford" the payment, you can't afford the payment.
  • omegagenomegagen Posts: 67
    Yeah, I have to agree with mikeoc1. If you can't afford the $1015 then you can't afford the X5! You could put down $10K, $20K, but that would be crazy on a lease! To really afford a $70K vehicle it would take a salary of $200K/yr.

    Hey, I'm not trying to be negative, but it's pure economics...either the money is there or it's not. I want one to, why do you think I visit this forum...dreaming! I simply cannot afford a $70K vehicle, hence, I bought a Sequoia...who said life was fair :(
  • soc_fanssoc_fans Posts: 5
    I'm not asking you to tell me if i'm able to afford one or not. I'm asking for advice on how to lower the monthly payment since this is my first time leasing a car. I have always bought cars with full cash in the past.
  • soc_fanssoc_fans Posts: 5
    I have no problem at all using cash to pay this 70k vehicle in full. Just that considering i have just spent 90k on a porsche and bought a new home, it should be the time for me to lease an SUV and sell my 04 530i.

    You should definitely put other factors such as standard of living, location and family into consideration too. I live in the city of San Francisco, and it's one of the highest standard of living in the States.
  • billmvbillmv Posts: 148
    soc fans....To answer your question directly, you must negotiate the lowest possible selling price, just like you would if you were paying all cash. You must also insist that the dealer use the manufacturer's "buy rate" money factor when calculating your payment, and also not mark up the acquisition fee. A dealer cannot control the MSRP, or the residual value, but they can control (and make money from) the selling price, the money factor, and the acquisition fee.

    A lower selling price means a lower monthly payment. Making a down payment at the start of a lease means a lower monthly payment too. The more you put down, the lower your payment goes. But, the more money you put down, the more your lease starts to look like a purchase, and defeats the reason you wanted to lease in the first place.

    The monthly payment on a lease is pure math, so you have to understand how the math works to make sure you're getting a proper deal.

    Good luck!
  • gteach26gteach26 Posts: 576
    ...then WAIT!!!!

    I applaud BMW for selling/leasing the X5 at such a high price. That's what should happen when you have a good product, good marketing and good buzz on your product.

    Still, in my mind, this SUV is TOO expensive. I can't base this on anything other than a hunch, but I think lease prices for 36 months will settle down to the 700-800 range over the next 12 months with little $$ to start the lease.

    Once the newness wears off -- fewer and fewer people will pay the price of admission and BMW will adjust their sales tactics accordingly.

    I certainly understand wanting to get into a fantastic car at a cheap price, but the reality is that now, for this suv, you've gotta pay what they are asking.

    I don't think that'll be the case for long....
  • soc_fanssoc_fans Posts: 5
    Thanks for the info Bill! I appreciate your help!
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