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2013 and earlier BMW X5 Lease Questions



  • kanchiskanchis Posts: 33
    The selling price is not aggresive enough for me. I'd say you can improve a bit more there.
  • kanchiskanchis Posts: 33
    Not enough info to answer you question. Whats the MSRP?
  • It is 60,225
  • Hi bimmerbanker. I know that BMW Financial Services' top two credit tiers qualify for its best rates, but I'm not sure exactly what the cut off is in terms of credit score. I'll try and find out for you. I think that anything over 700 is in good shape in terms of qualifying for the best rates.

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  • Thank you Car Man!!
  • You're very welcome bimmerbanker.

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  • Hi Car Man, could you post the residual and money factor for the X5 35d and the X5 Premium for 12K/36 months.

    Also, is the residual percentage negotiable? I've seen some posts on this forum for the diesel at 53%, while others at 59%...

    Thanks a ton.
  • Dear Car_Man,

    What's the residual and MF for 2012 X5 Sports Activity for
    1) 12k/36 months
    2) 10k/36 months

    I got a quote (9/6/2011, today) for MF 0.00195 and residual 57% for 12k/36 months.

  • Picking up my 2012 X5 Premium this Friday, can someone tell me if this is a good deal -

    MSRP 60,975.00
    Selling Price $57,715.00 (plus taxes)

    Convenience Package
    Premium Sound Package
    BMW Apps & Running Boards

    10K / 3 Years

    The dealer has mentioned a payment of $695 but not disclosed the MF or Residual yet. I should also qualify for the loyalty program.

    Any thoughts?

  • Was just advised that BMW now giving credit for Navigation of $1,730. You want to make sure that you are getting that credit in your payment. If not, your payment should drop by another $48 a month ($1,730/36), plus any taxes you were paying on it.
  • Would like MF and Residual for an X5, 15K miles, 36 Months assuming highest credit score. Do we have any information on concessions to dealers? Thanks
  • How does that work if Navigation is part of the Convenience package?
  • ab10000ab10000 Posts: 127
    How much down? And other fees?
    Did you get credit for the navigation?
    A good deal is usually more than 4k bellow MSRP.
  • I'm putting $5,600 down.. this is my first lease.. I didn't know about the navi credit but will bring it up to the dealer. Does anyone know the MF or Residual for this vehicle?

  • Would never recommend putting that much down, unless you have to for credit purposes. If the car ever gets wrecked, you lose your downpayment.
  • Thanks for the advise, I may revise the amount down. I spoke to the dealership and the finance guy mentioned a loyalty MF rate of .00195 and a residual of 60% for Sept. Are these good numbers?

    He didn't think the navi credit pertained to the X5 models, I plan to follow up with the Sales guy.
  • Hello,

    Does anyone know if BMW FS negotiate end of lease payoff or they basically ask for the residual value?
  • Hi isingh. Banks' residual values are basically set in stone. BMW FS' current buy rate lease money factor and residual value for a 36 month lease of a 2011 X5 35d with 12,000 miles per year are .00195 and 53%, respectively for consumers who qualify for its top credit tiers.

    The numbers for an otherwise identical lease of an '11 X5 Premium are .00195 and 48%.

    If you are a loyal customer, these trucks' money factors would be .00030 lower.

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  • Here's the information that you're looking for ex_sc400. BMW Financial Services' September buy rate lease money factor and residual value for a 36 month lease of a 2012 X5 Sports Activity with 12,000 miles per year are .00195 and 57%...just as you were quoted.

    The residual value for a lease with only 10,000 miles per year would be 1% higher.

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  • Hi gregga. BMW Financial Services' current 36-month buy rate lease money factor for the 2012 X5 is .00195.

    This truck's residual values vary by trim level. Its 36-mo., 15k resids are 52% for the 35i Base, 56% for the Premium, and 55% for the Sports Activity.

    The X5's money factors are .00030 lower for loyal customers.

    BMW is currently providing a $1,730 cash incentive on '12 X5 models with navigation and $1,000 on models without it.

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  • Not true. You can negotiate on the residual value when the lease is over. However It is up to BMW to allow the discount.
    When the lease ended on my 330i ZHP, I asked for 2k discount, and BMW allowed the discount.
  • So if I am a loyal customer (my current 2008 X5 lease will be up on 10/31/2011), the rate should then be 0.00195-0.00030=0.00165?

    With the nav incentive, the "actual" invoice would be the original invoice subtracted by $1730 then? I would like the bottomline number for negotiation.

    Thanks so much in advance.
  • wtikwtik Posts: 26
    I have been reading about credit for navigation system.
    i just leased an X5 one month ago and am not sure if this applies or not.
    Please explain.
  • ab10000ab10000 Posts: 127
    Yes BMW will give you 1730 credit for having navigation even in a package like convenient package. I asked few dealers in the bay area and they have confirmed this. So you should be getting $4K plus $1730 off MSRP for a good deal on 2012 especially now the Mercedes ML is out with new model which will take a bite of X5 sales.
  • wtikwtik Posts: 26
    does the navigation credit applies to an already leased X5.
    I leased mine a month ago.
  • trabd123trabd123 Posts: 55
    edited September 2011

    My current BMW x5 lease dealer offered to take me out of my 8 months remaining 2009 lease term and lease me a new x5 d35 premium 2012 with the following terms:

    Convenient Package
    MSRP: $59.175
    36 months, 10k miles
    RF=59% ???? (not sure)
    MF = 0.00155 (BMW Loyalty rate)
    8 months remaining lease of $656 = +$4529
    Security Deposit = -$749
    Sale price = $56,000 ??? (I need to verify it)

    New 36 payments of $727

    I still need to pay the taxes and bank fee upfront for $3450

    Please let me know if I'm getting a good deal. Also, is it good to get out of the lease as early as 8 months?

  • Does anyone know if the NAV credit applies to the 2012 X5 50?
  • ab10000ab10000 Posts: 127
    I think no because Navigation is not an option but standard on 5.0
  • Picked up my 2012 X5 and received the nav credit and loyalty discount. Paid $55,250 + taxes tags, lease - 10k/3years, 5k down, .00215MF, $655mo.

    Premium pkg
    Conveinant pkg
    Running boards
    BMW apps
  • bizziebizzie Posts: 22
    edited September 2011
    Hi, can you please give me soemo idea if this is a good deal:
    X5 35i Premium
    Convenient package
    Cold weather
    3rd row seating
    running board
    MSRP= $61925

    12k/year, 36 months. (Residual value is 0.59, I think?)

    Loyalty discount = $1000 (should it have been 1750??)
    Out of pocket= $4100 (including NY tax, title etc)

    Lease payment= $717/month

    Thank you,
  • This forum has been incredibly helpful to me for a lot of years, so to contribute, here's what I signed today.

    2011 X35d - premium + tech + heated front seats + ipod. MSRP 59,875.
    Cap cost reduction 1,188
    Gross cap cost 50,839
    36 months, 12K miles per year
    Residual value 31,733 i.e 53%
    Money factor .00185
    Payment = 669.75 + tax = 725 per month

    Total drive-off including first months payment, all fees, taxes = $2500
  • Can someone tell me what is the residual value and money factor for 2011 X5 Diesel is for 36 months 15000 miles is? I have a following quote, your expert advise will be greatly appreciated.

    MSRP 63,300 Few $$ less or more

    Quote 52,500 + taxes and fees. sales tax is 3%.

    What is the best lease deal 24 or 36? Can i lease for 27 or 33 months? I will be leasing with Zero down payment. what other fees should i pay? Can some one provide me the monthly payment based on the info. I've provided ?
  • Hello Car man, Anyone, This is what I have Received from BMW dealer ship i am working with. Money factor is higher when compare to post # 1668. Is it possible each dealer ship uses their own R V.-M F.? Can some one please give me the real R V - M F.? I am planing to lease 2011 X5 Diesel for 36 Months 15000 miles/Year. I like to close the deal Tomorrow.

    The 36 month residuals are 51 % for 15K per year, 53 % for 12K per year, and 54 % for 10K per year

    The 42 month residuals are 46 % for 15K per year, 48 % for 12K per year, and 49 % for 10K per year.

    The money factor is .00235.
  • ab10000ab10000 Posts: 127
    You over paid by 1000. you should be paying max 54,250 + taxes and fees
  • ab10000ab10000 Posts: 127
    Your purchase price should be max $56,250
    59% residual 10K
    MF between .00195 and .00235
  • They gave me the residual at 0.59 for 12k miles/year.

    Other than taxes, my cap reduction is about $1400.

    So with that, is $717/month OK for 36month/12k lease?
  • Hi,

    Looking for the current lease rates (residual & money factor) for the 2012 X5d - interested in a 36mo lease with 12K miles/year. Any help would be appreciated - thanks!
  • Its not bad but you can do better… Its a 58% residual for 36 months with a .00195 money factor and .00030 reduction for loyalty bringing it to .00165. Find the right dealer and they will sell about $750 behind invoice plus the $1,730 navigation credit. With an M.S.R.P. of $61,925 the selling price should be about $55,110.00 bringing your monthly payment to $679.00 with just a hair under $4,100 out of pocket. Let me know how you make out… good luck!
  • 2012 BMW X5d - 54% residual for 36 months and .00195 money factor, if you have BMW loyalty the money factor becomes .00165. Remember $2,500 ECO credit and $1,730 credit for navigation.
  • Your residuals are correct - the money factor is .00195 across the board, they are marking it up for added profit. Remember the $3,500 ECO credit and $1,730 for navigation. On a 2011 you should be getting the car about $1,500 behind invoice plus the ECO credit and Navigation credit. You should make sure the bank fee is only $725, if their marking up the money factor they usually mark up the bank fee as well. Look to get 7% off M.S.R.P. minus $1,500 and then the 2 credits. Good Luck!
  • Thank You insidecarbuy. I have negotiated a good deal as far as price of the car is concerned,It's the lease aspect of the deal that they're trying to fool me.If they don't come around I will not lease. My latest numbers.

    MSRP 63525

    Selling price 53000
  • That's not what the person was asking, cavallorosso. They wanted to know if the residual value that is used to calculate vehicles' lease payments is negotiable. It is not.

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  • Hi ex_sc400. The answer to both of your questions is yes.

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  • Hi wtik. Unfortunately you are only eligible for the incentives that were available on your vehicle at the time that you took delivery of it.

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  • Ab10000 is correct. The free navigation offer is only available on 35 models, not the 50.

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  • Congratulations on getting your new X5, isingh. Thanks for taking the time to share the details of your lease with everyone. Real world examples like this are always helpful to others who are in the market for similar vehicles.

    Enjoy your new ride :shades: !

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  • I've been offered the following lease deal and I'm trying to figure out if it is okay. Please let me know!

    Monthly Payment including Tax: $820
    Cap Reduction/Fees/Drive Off/First Month: $5000
    MSRP $66,875

    Car Details:
    2011 BMW X5 35d
    Technology Package
    Sport Package
    Sport Activity Package
    Premium Package
    Premium Sound Package
    Running Boards
    BMW Apps/Smart Phone Integration
    20" Y-Spoke Wheels
    Comfort Access
    Heated Front Seats
    Keyless Entry/Start
    Rear Climate Package
    Roof Rails
  • Here is the guys email verbatim; this is for the most basic X5. I'm thinking this is a crappy deal.

    Msrp $49975.00
    $47000.00 Selling price
    699.00 Dealer fee
    $47699.00 Gross Cap cost
    $27486.25 Residual

    36 month term with 12,000 miles/year mileage
    Base payment $629.72 + 44.08 tax = $673.80 per month with total of $5529.78 due at signing.

    $5529.78 Initial payment upon delivery including down money, lease fees, taxes, license, registration - the breakdown:
    $3000.00 cap reduction
    $673.00 first payment
    $646.00 up front fees
    $284.98 up front taxes
    $925.00 other up front charges

    Term totals:
    $17212.75 Depreciation
    5457.24 Rent/lease charge
    1586.88 Total monthly tax
    $24256.80 Total of Payments

    Help appreciated.
  • This is little confusing please forgive me for the long post.
    I was working on this deal as i have posted before #1667 and #1684.
    MSRP $ 63525 Dealer and i had agreed to a sale price of $ 52000. With my 2009 Acura MDX trade i was given $ 35000. I told dealer i was going to lease the car for 15000 miles per year for 3 years with No down payment.They wanted to charge me .00235 money factor. Thanks to this forum i refused, Two days later salesman called me and asked me what was the problem? I said the problem was the M/F.5 min. later manager called and we were at .00195.HE said payment would be $770 i had calculated at this site earlier it came out to be app.$795 within $15 to 25 range plus or minus.When i went to the dealership they changed the numbers to sale price of more than $53000 but my bottom line numbers remained the same $770.51 x 36.I did not care how they played with numbers as long as i was not paying more than $ 770.51. It gets interesting they put my trade allowance at $37000. They gave me $35000 and put $2000 towards 1st payment and other fees. Do you think i got a good deal?
  • bizziebizzie Posts: 22
    edited September 2011
    Thank you for the inormation.
    It seems that I should be close to the figure you mentioned for the car below, if I were to receive the Nav credit ($1730).
    I 'booked' my X5 on September 3 with $500 deposit, BUT the dealer never mentioned
    the Nav credit. :mad:

    MSRP= $61925
    -12k/year, 36 months. (Residual value is 0.59, I think?)
    -Loyalty discount = $1000
    -Out of pocket= $4100 (including NY tax, title etc)
    -Lease payment= $717/month
    *PLUS Nav credit = -$1730 or -$48/month ($717-$48/month= $669/month)

    So my main question is that if I already paid a deposit in September, can I still ask them for the Nav credit?
    Thank you.
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