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2013 and earlier BMW X5 Lease Questions



  • Hello Suresh. You were quoted a $2,925 dealer discount on the 2011 X5 35i Premium that you are interested in. This truck probably has a spread of around $4,800 between its full MSRP and its dealer invoice price. This puts the selling price that you were quoted at around $1,875 over dealer invoice. There's still enough room there that if you are in an area that has a decent level of competition, I wouldn't be surprised if you were able to find a dealer that will be willing to sell you this truck for several hundred dollars less than this.

    As fat as this vehicle's lease program goes, BMW Financial Services' September buy rate lease money factor and residual value for a 36 month lease of a 2011 X5 35i Premium with 10,000 miles per year are .00210 and 63%, respectively.

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  • Car Man,

    New to this board; appreciate all the great information. Is the MF and residual value negotiable? I got a quote of $736 per month for a X5 35i Premium with the Convenience, Cold Weather and Tech Packages for a 3 yr, 10k mile lease; think it's pretty good, but want to know if I can do better. Thanks.
  • jemejeme Posts: 12
    Car Man - thanks so much for all the useful information you post to these boards. I wanted to confirm some data - above (i think) you post two different numbers for the same lease - a 2010 X5 diesel:

    36 mo - 15K
    .00230 and 47% resd.
    .00210 and 56% resd.

    what I am wondering is for a 2011 x5 diesel - what are the numbers on a 36 month 10K lease - and how many months will BMW leases extend to - 48 perhaps?

    Thanks in advance for you help!
  • Is it unrealistic to start a lease negotiation on the base national offer from BMW? That is, the base X5 SAV w/ heated seats is offered at 569/mo currently by BMW (this includes a cap buy down of $4k, which I dont think I'd do, but Ill leave in here for the sake of keeping things clear).

    The car I want is X5 SAV w/ Tech, Conv, Heated Front, Running Boards. This MSRP is about $61k, $56 invoice. The current incentive offer from BMW has the SAV w/ heated seats (msrp $55, invoice $51) at 569/month. If I could negotiate to say $700 over invoice, putting me at about $57, shouldnt I be just over $569/ month (say about $600) all else constant (i would actually go up from 10k to 12k miles)? (36 month)

    I can plug the numbers but not knowing what BMW is throwing in here for their $569 offer makes it difficult.

    The numbers are below.

    BMW Current Offer Option 1
    Base: X5 35i Sport Activity X5 35i Sport Activity

    Packages: none Technology (ZTP)
    Convenience (ZCV)

    Options: Heated Front Seats Heated Front Seats
    Running Boards

    Invoice Price: $51,100 $56,430
    MSRP (w/ $875): $55,475 $61,325

    Miles: 10,000 12,000 or 15,000
    Monthly Payment: $569 ???
  • looking at X5 35i premium msrp 59275.00 -sale price 57040.00 -lease money factor .0024- residual 36750.00 . 36 months 12,000.miles per year. $8600.00 down $619.00 per month for 35 months -includes tax -new to leasing.My gut is saying no any advice?? Thanks
  • forgot tabs dont translate. Ill put a line between the two columns:

    Base: X5 35i Sport Activity X5 35i Sport Activity

    Offers: BMW Current | Offer Option 1

    Packages: none | Technology (ZTP) & Convenience (ZCV)

    Options: Heated Front Seats | Heated Front Seats, Running Boards

    Invoice Price: $51,100 | $56,430

    MSRP (w/ $875): $55,475 | $61,325

    Miles: 10,000 | 12,000 or 15,000

    Monthly Payment: $569 | ???
  • unclefreddy - Is tax in the down payment or the monthly payment? How much of that down payment is cap cost reduction? Is teh aquitition fee $725 or higher? My guess is the invoice is closer to 55-56, giving a little more room for negotiation. what is the package/option combo?
  • zcv conv pack $2750.00 zcw cold pack $900.00 ztp tech pack $2800.00 # 655 sat. radio $350.00 dest chrg $875.00 x5 35I prem base $51600. They want my equity 7600.00 in current car trading & 1000.00 cash to get for 619.00 -35 months payment- all taxes registration, first month,document fees included. I need to make them break down the numbers. Thanks
  • Car Man,
    Thanks again for all the help. I had an early post question regarding this vehicle.

    2011 X5 50i with M sport package, tech package, premium package, etc.

    MSRP 75,225
    Negotiated price 70,530 (including destination charge 875)

    36 month 10K mile/year lease, no cap cost reduction, acquisition fee and taxes into the payments, motor vehicle fees due at signing.

    MSRP 75,225

    Selling 70,530 + Acquisition fee 725 = 71,255

    Residual value (63%) 47,391.75

    71,255 - 47,391.75 = 23,863 Depreciation

    Depreciation 23,863 + Finance Charge (0.00180 MF) 7,688 = 31,551/36 = 876.42

    Tax on 31,551 @ 8.875% (NYC) = 2800.15/36 = 77.78

    876.42 + 77.78 = 954.21 per month

    Are these numbers correct? The tax should be on the depreciation + bank fee + finance charge, no?

    The dealer is giving me 967.32 per month. This is how the dealer responded:

    "The lease was capped at $74,327.78 Breakdown as follows : Selling 70,530,bank 725,capped taxes 3,072.78. Capped total $74,327.78

    Money factor .00180, residual 63%. Residual value 47,391.75

    Monthly payment is 967.32. The numbers are correct."

    Why the discrepancy? I used two online lease calculators. Is it because I'm adding the tax to the payments and they are charging me interest on the tax?

    Thanks in advance.
  • Tax in New York is paid upfront, so he's adding it to the cap cost and you're paying interest on it.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 128,188

    It looks like the only difference between the two figures, is the amount of sales tax... Ask him to show you the calculation on the tax...

    Did you get a good deal? Be sure to come back and share!

    Edmunds Moderator

  • d9o9c,

    All of the dealer's numbers are spot-on. Your sales tax was capped in the lease but NY has a very strange way of computing sales tax. Please see my post on the NY Sales Tax Calculation Method at...

    for additional information.

    Hope this helps.

  • to the forum, thanks! I'm stuck in a negotiation with BMW dealership much earlier than expected. Deal is 36 mo, 15Kmi/year, X5 35i SAV pretty loaded up. Issues:

    1) I'm being told that both the 61% residue and the .0025 mf quoted is set by BMW and non-negotiable but I'm seeing lower MFs being gotten in this forum in Sept. Do MF vary by state/region?

    2) Only getting 3% off of MSRP which is still about 3K over invoice....thought I could get much closer. Dealer's fundamental argument is that demand is good, his allocation from BMW is small and that he can sell all the X5s allocated in the range he is offering me, so why negotiate further. Thoughts on the above? Should I continue to work it with the only dealer in town or bid it out to other dealers in the area who might feel differently about their allocations? And why the discrepancies in the MF being quoted?
  • I have a current offer from a local dealer for a 2011 BMW X5 35i premium. White with black leather.

    MSRP: $51,600 (base without options)

    Options are as follows:

    Convenience Package $2,750
    Technology Package $2,800
    Running Boards $300
    Heated front seats $500

    Dest & Handling $875

    Total equipped MSRP: $58,825

    Total Cap Cost: $55,825

    36 month lease with 15,000 miles per year. Money factor 2.1, residual factor 60%.

    Residual Value: $35,295
    Total Depreciation: $16,530
    Cap Reduction $4,000
    Monthly Depreciation $459.17
    Monthly rent $182.95

    Monthly payment &642.12 + 9.75% tax for Los Angeles County for a total monthly payment of $704.73

    Drive off costs are as follows:

    Cap reduction $4,000
    Cap Reduction Tax $465.08
    Lic & Reg. $737
    Bank Fee $725
    Doc Fee $45
    First Payment $704.73
    Security Deposit $750

    Total drive off is $7,426.80

    I am trading a vehicle that has equity in it. I have checked Kelly blue book, black book and nada guides and trade in values for vehicles well equipped like mine in fair to good condition are $27,000 to $30,000 respectively. My payoff is approx. $26,000. I am thinking I will have $2,500-$3,000 to roll into the new lease.

    My thoughts are to get the dealer to add the net trade in value of this car I'm trading in into the front end of the lease in order to lower or avoid the cap reduction tax. What are your thoughts on that?

    Also, the $750 security fee is a junk fee as far as I'm concerned. In the past, I financed 4 vehicles through BMW Financial Services over the spann of 10-11 years with a spotless payment history. Since I haven't owned a BMW for the last 6 months, the dealer is telling me that there is no way to get around that security fee. I have a problem with this based upon principal. BMW fin svcs financed 4 vehicles and made plenty of money off of me over those years and I would think that there could be an exception made on this. Is the security fee a mandatory fee? Can I get rid of bank fee as well?

    What do you think of the current deal??? Could I do any better. Would love your thoughts.
  • I am looking at leasing a new 2011 BMW X5 5.0.........I have my prices all set......The question I have which maybe a dealer or 2 could give their opinion is whether they think there might be better incentives beginning Oct 1, 2010 or if I should just sign a deal tomorrow with this months incentives,

    If someone could let me know their thoughts on this, I'd really appreciate it.
  • degeodegeo Posts: 5
    Hi Car Man:

    I am gettting the following deal and would appreciate your input. If it's good or could better.

    Money factor .0021/Residual 59%/10K/36 months

    MSRP $56225
    Negotiated price $52940
    Eco credit (4500)
    Selling price $48400
    Acq Fee $725
    Sales Tax 7% (NJ)
    Residual $33172.75

    Monthly Payment $650.

    Thank You in advance.
  • Hi degeo..
    i'm also in jersey...can you tell me what is your total upfront cost? and which dealer is this?
  • Welcome packman7. Banks do not let dealers alter their published residual values, however they do often let dealers mark up their buy rate lease money factors to add additional hidden, back-end profit to deals. BMW dealers are notorious for marking up vehicles' factors. That's why it is important to find out the buy rate for the vehicle that you want prior to finalizing your deal

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  • You're very welcome jeme.

    According to the latest information that I have seen, BMW Financial Services' current buy rate lease money factor and residual value for a 36 month lease of a 2011 X5 Diesel with 10,000 miles per year are .00220 and 59%, respectively for consumers who qualify for its top credit tiers.

    BMW's special lease program is available for up to 42 months. Its 42 month, 10k numbers for this truck are .00220 and 53%.

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  • Welcome vision_tx. BMW's lease program is national, i.e. it does not currently vary by region.

    BMW Financial Services' current buy rate lease money factor and residual value for a 36 month lease of a 2010 X5 35i with 15,000 miles per year are .00220 and 56%, for consumers who qualify for its top credit tiers.

    There's only three reasons why the dealer would use a higher money factor than this to calculate your vehicle's payment.

    1) Your don't qualify for its top credit tiers.

    2) You are not a returning customer and you want to have your vehicle's security deposit waived in exchange for a .00015 money factor increase.

    3) The dealer is marking your vehicle's factor up to add additional hidden back-end profit to your deal.

    $3,000 over dealer invoice does sound to be a little on the high side to me. Are there other BMW dealers in your area? If so, you may wan to try doing some comparison shopping.

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  • Hello degeo. The money factor and residual value that you were quoted for the '11 X5 Diesel that you're interested in look good.

    Let's take a look at this truck's selling price. The X5 that you're interested in probably has a spread of around $4,400 between its full MSRP and its dealer invoice price. The $3,285 dealer discount that you were quoted probably puts you at a little over $1,000 over invoice...which isn't bad.

    If you're in an area with a ton of competition and you feel like shopping around you might be able to shave a couple hundred dollars off of your cap cost, but again this isn't a bad deal.

    Prices Paid: Buying & Leasing Experiences Forum
  • CarMan....thanks. Yes, I think the problem was that I was dealing with the only dealer in town and they were acting like it. I went to neighboring city with 3 dealerships and amazingly had different result. Shopping the deal helps! I got 1200k over dealer invoice and waived security deposit as I have excellent credit and have a relationship with BMWFS through my BMW motorcycle purchase so didn't have to do a buy down. Got a MF of .00221 and a 61% residual. Several of the misc fees moved down as well. Monthly payment came in exactly where I was hoping it would and about $100 less a month than my local dealer. This is forum is a great help!
  • degeodegeo Posts: 5
    Hi Car_Man:

    Thank You very much for your reply. You are exactly right. I added $1000 on top of the invoice and calculated my deal accordingly. I did the research after reading this forum and must say that this site is extremely helpful in making a right decision. I did not want to shop around as the dealer is close to home and offers complimentary pick-ups and delivery for service.

    Thank You again for all your help. :)
  • can you tell me which dealer you're working with and your total due at signing?

  • mspopilekmspopilek Posts: 2
    edited October 2010
    So I was wondering if the lease deal I am being offered is good or not.

    2011 x5 Premium with options comes to MSRP of $59925 with destination charge
    Negotiated Cap Cost $57134.10
    + $725 acquisition fee
    = $57,589.10 Gross Cap Cost
    Money Factor .00220
    60% residual
    36 months
    15,000 miles
    6.0% sales tax
    $863.73 monthly payment
    Up front costs:
    1st month $863.73
    + $900 security deposit
    +389 dealer fee
    +266.50 title and registration
    +$27.33 tax

  • Hey! I'm so glad I found this site. Reading this thread has been pretty helpful. I haven't made a deal on a car on my own ever (my ex always took the lead on this sort of stuff) and I could really use some help! Do you think this is a good offer? I have been in touch with four dealers and out of the two that have gotten back to me this is the lowest. I'm just afraid they smell my inexperience, kwim?

    2011 X5 premium
    36 months
    12k miles per year

    Convenience pkg
    Cold weather pkg
    Technology pkg
    3rd row seat

    MSRP $61,225

    $1,239 due at signing (1st pmt plus mv fees)
    $879 per month (tax and bank fee are in the monthly payments)

    I have also been thinking about financing. I'm kind of scared to spend almost 30k on a lease and walk away with nothing at the end. I asked for some finance pricing today and the dealer is getting back to me. Does anyone have an opinion on this with regards to this specific car? Today I plan on researching what the car will be worth 5 years from now so I can try and figure out if financing would mean saving in the end.

  • Looking to lease (36mth @ 15k) a 2011 x5 35i loaded- MSRP $52250. We have not locked in final price, but they are using a money factor of 0.0026 and a residual of 56%. Dealer is in Cincinnati OH and has an aquistion fee of $725, document fee of $250, and tag fee of $33. Does this sound in-line? Are there any incentives for dealers that could help me get below invoice?
  • Your lease deal seems good to me-I've scanned enough of these on various websites/forums and yours seems fair as long as no more money is required from you as a capital cost reduction and as you state all the taxes are already rolled in to this monthly. As far as your lease versus buy quandary your tax advisor might be able to shed some light on this if you own a business that can treat the lease fee favorably. I had great satifaction at Field"s BMW in Northfiled, IL(suburb of Chicago) Google them-they have other dealerships in major cities. Hope this helps.
  • delta737hdelta737h Posts: 625
    edited October 2010

    A good deal is measured by the sell price (negotiable) and the money factor (may or may not be negotiable) as well as the residual (non-negotiable). I assume that the "Negotiated Cap Cost" of $57,134.10 is the sell price or what is called the Agreed Upon Value in leasing jargon. It would behoove you to research Edmund's invoice pricing as well as overstock or amex at for competitive low pricing in your area if you haven't already done so. Also, if you have outstanding credit, you need to determine whether or not the 0.00220 money factor is the "buy rate" which is the lowest rate offered to those with excellent credit. If it isn't, make sure you're getting the buy rate.

    It appears as though your car is to be registered in a state that taxes the payment streams as they're received (e.g., PA, MA, CA, FL). Some states compute sales tax on the sell price; others on the total of the taxable payments and, then, there are those that tax depreciation only. Regarding the numbers you provided, your gross cap should be $57,859.10 which is also your adjusted cap as there is no cap reduction. Also, I'm not sure where the upfront tax of $27.33 is coming from. The only taxable item listed upfront is the $389 dealer doc fee for which the tax should be 0.06 x $389 = $23.34.

    I would research the sell price and inquire as to whether or not the 0.00220 money factor reflects the buy rate. Also, ask about the $27.33 upfront tax as it doesn't make any sense.

    Hope this helps.

  • rphmanrphman Posts: 24
    1. how do they calculate your secuirty deposit? based on your payment??

    2. i have a paid off trade in which is a it smart to trade in acadia and use it to reduce capitilized cost?

    3. see attachment if they give me close to kbb lease payment would be around $110 with trade in..

    4. if i put down 7 extra security deposits..would lower my payment to $ would my 7 security deposits be 110 x 7 = $770 extra
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