Acura RDX: Is AWD worth it?

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I am looking to purchase a new 2017 Acura RDX w/Advance Package and AWD. The dealer I am working with is having a hard time locating these options in the color combo I want (silver w/black interior). The color combo is important to me. I am wondering if I should drop the AWD option to better my chances in finding the color combo.

I've read online that in normal cruising, the system operates as a FWD and that only during moderate acceleration or when on a slippery surface does the AWD kick in. I live in Los Angeles so I drive primarily on dry roads. Is AWD more for those living in rainy/snowy states? Or should I continue my search for whole package?

Any advice? All feedback is appreciated!


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    The only thing AWD does is allows you to accelerate better in slippery conditions. You don't brake better or handle better. It just gives your tires grip under power. So you have to decide how often you might, for instance, be attempting to drive up a rain soaked driveway, or steep incline, or pull a boat out of the water. Not much snow and ice in L.A.

    AWD also adds weight and complexity.

    But when you really need it, it's nice to have.
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    Thank you very much!
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaMember Posts: 64,482
    By "handling" I mean how it feels to drive it, not sticking to the road in every situation.

    Many rally cars that take ferocious turns in mud and snow or loose dirt use AWD to prevent spin out, etc--but these are extreme driving conditions.
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    I'll add my .02 - I lived in SoCal for many years and owned a 4x4 Isuzu Trooper. However, we took that off-road with other family members who had similar vehicles.

    I now live in Colorado, and there are about 10 days a year where you really need AWD. In 20+ years, I've only had one AWD vehicle as my daily driver. Everything else has been FWD, and I've gotten around fine.

    Unless you plan on driving to Arrowhead, Big Bear or Mammoth in the winter, or drive on Pismo Beach in the summer, you likely won't need AWD.

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    Living in lower NY I probably need AWD 2-3 times a year. I think the money might be better spent on better tires or finding a car with great ground clearance. The AWD will help with rain as well, but the AWD system is no where as advanced as the SH-AWD system. With that being said that 2-3 times of the year you could benefit from it, it really sucks not having it. Now for someone like my parents who live in Maine, I would say they are a lot more likely to utilize the AWD system.
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