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The Unlikely Return of the Compact Pickup | Edmunds Posts: 9,975
edited June 2017 in Editorial
The Unlikely Return of the Compact Pickup | Edmunds

What would make a small pickup truck successful in today's market? There's one big factor and it has nothing to do with size.

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  • sdiegosdiego Posts: 19
    Why would they build a small pickup with thin profit margin and take away sales from their more profitable midsize pickup?
  • throwbackthrowback Posts: 445
    You hit it Ed! Cheap to buy and run was the main selling point for small pick ups. That's why the aging Ranger continued to sell so well at the end of it's life. My suggestion is to build unibody pick-ups off a smal car platform. A new Nissan hard body built on a Sentra platform for example.
  • darthbimmerdarthbimmer Posts: 606
    @sdiego, a cheapo small pickup would not subtract much from sales of reasonably equipped midsize pickups, it would compete for sales with low end cars. That's what Ed argued in the article. Based on my friends who owned these pickups years ago, I agree. Most used them as daily runabouts. Their virtue aside from being able to handle occasional light hauling duty (e.g., weekend trips to the hardware store for DIY projects) was looking unabashedly masculine vs. econo cars which mostly look... weeny.
  • tonyhestonyhes Posts: 1
    I have been driving a 1993 Mazda b2200 for 6+ years and slowly watching it rust away.... I totally fit the bill as described but it should also so I'm angry I can't buy a new one. The big trucks are nice but I just don't need all the flab, I don't need hemi, a bed that is 4 1/2 feet off the ground or all the tough man BS. All the big trucks up here in Canada are getting groceries, driving oh so daintily over the pot holes and maybe hauling a "Manly" payload once a year. WASTE of money and space. And i'm afraid because the Jones's must be kept up with... the little truck is dead dead dead.... Manufactures don't make the trucks people want (there is not a single mini truck being manufactured) they tell you what to buy and most are dumb enough to listen. (And for gawd sake when the next guy chimes in and says for just a few thousand more you can get a bigger truck...smack them in the face SOME OF US DON'T WANT A BIG TRUCK!)
  • I TOTALLY CONCUR with tonyhes! I am a 5'2" female who loves pickup trucks. Correction, I LOVED my mid-1990s vintage Nissan Frontier. It was the perfect size for me. I could open the door and sit right now, pull my feet in, and I was in. Imagine my horror in 2010 when I went to buy another pickup and discovered that the Frontiers were now HUGE and I'd have to HAUL myself up to the seat, a major hassle. I MISS my little Nissan Frontier. I didn't WANT the giant muscle truck they had become, and I didn't buy one.
  • I have had 3 trucks. A 1986.5 Nissan Hard-body 2wd Reg cab, 1995 Hard-body 2wd king cab and my current 2003 Frontier 2wd king cab. They were and are the perfect size for most people, with descent gas mileage and payload. It fits in my garage. It is a useful truck for my needs and most others. They were cheap and ran well.
    I was behind 3 truck not to long ago, a current F150, another one from, i would guess, the 90's and a new Toyota Tacoma. The Tacoma was almost the same size as the 90's F150.
    This so wrong on so many levels.
    I refuse to by a new truck for the price and the size. I don't want to drive an I-Pod on wheels, I want a truck.
  • 1988, Male, 20 years old and looking for a car to get me from A to B on a budget. Was looking at the very generic Dodge Colt OR look at that pretty Dodge Ram50 extracab (Mitsubishi Might Max) for the same price. No-brainer right. I would love to see a modern compact light pickup with an efficient engine, safer crumple zones, but retain the stripped down, basic feel
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