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Infiniti FX35 / FX50 Lease Questions



  • The agreed upon price was $44900. About $3K off MSRP.

    I went out and bought the hood protector and the sunroof deflector yesterday. They make the FX look very sporty but they sure were a pain to install, especially the hood protector...
  • I'm looking to lease a 2008 FX45 at the end of December (MSRP $55200 with tech pkg, invoice 50,518). Wondering what the current money factor and residuals are for the '08s.

    does anyone know what to expect for the capitalized costs on the FX45s in the rainy northwest- Tacoma area.

  • Looking to lease a 2008 FX35 AWD....anyone know the december money factor and residual for 24 or 36 month lease in California?
  • First off I know nothing about leasing. I want to get the 2008 FX35 AWD with hands free and touring package. They are offering it at local dealer with sticker price of 43500. It is the FX35 AWD they are offering on this months Infiniti page for 399mth and 3200 down for 24 mths. First off is this a good deal from the get go or can I get a better one? I would really like a 36 mth lease. Where do I start?
  • Meccanj98:

    The lease that they are offering right now for $399 is awesome... It has a money factor of 0.001 and a residual of 67%. I just leased my fully loaded graphite colored FX35 AWD (everything but sports package) with MSRP of $48K for $599/month including tax, title, license and $2K down. It is basically the same deal with the extra additions and the lower down payment. Have you ever heard of getting a $48k car for $599/month... If you check lease trading sites, a similarly equipped FX35 AWD goes for about $800/month.
    In regards to leasing for36 months, DON'T DO IT... The lease is special for 24 months and goes up quite a bit after that per the manager at my infiniti dealer. Wow, he actually was looking out for me instead of the bottom line... Don't see that very often. I was very pleased with my experience and am now finding accessories to put on my FX35.
    One more thing... Apparently the 2009 model of the FX35 (that will actually be released 2 years from now in late 2009) will have all the neat stuff the other infinitis have now like touch screen navigation with hard-drive to backup and store your cd's onto and the neat gadgets on the soon to be released EX like the birdseye rear view monitoring and more advanced lane change technology. Maybe even other neat gadgets knowing infiniti...
  • Think it is still a good deal even though it doesn't include tax and tags?
  • Is the $2500 rebate in effect with the leases? Does it include the tax credit? That would make it $399/month with $700 down and no taxes. If it's true, it's amazing.
  • My understanding is that the rebate cannot be used in correlation with the lease offer, but it can get you a pretty good deal if you purchase it. Like I said in previous entry, the FX35 will be new in 2 years with the latest gadgets and leasing right now seems to be the best option.
  • Yes I do meccanj98 for the reason I outlined above. A $48K car for that much money (even a lease) is really good even if you have to put the down payment down and pay tax/title/license. Remember, you can alter the monthly payment (up or down) to get a lower or higher down payment and vice versa. Ask the dealer for several quotes with different monthly/down payment combinations to see which one fits your budget or situation.
  • 2008 FX35 AWD
    Touring, Hands Free, Splash guards, Roof rails and Cargo protector
    MSRP $42,575

    15,000 miles per year
    24 months

    $529.99 due at signing
    $529.99 a month

    Includes NJ 7% tax, lic, MV, bank fee, doc fee etc.

    I thought I got a pretty nice deal, considering that the sale price is way into holdback.
    Now another dealer is telling me he can beat the deal by $300 by using a non IFS deal.
  • REDTREE00...which dealership did you find that deal at? Also what is a non IFS deal and what dealer told you that? So all that would come out of your pocket is 529.99?
  • We are finishing up the final touches on an FX35 AWD, Nav, Technology, Sport, iPod, handsfree, DVD. 49805 MSRP, 45219 Invoice, dealership is basing it on $48000

    The dealership is offering $508/month with $4000 at lease signing for a 24 month 12k lease.

    A few questions.

    How much should I push to lower the cost closer to invoice? I am inexperienced in dealing with Infiniti.

    Is it better to keep my money and accept the higher payment, or put the money down. Either way it is within our means, just want opinions on money management.

    Sounds like a good deal?

  • Was recently quoted a lease on a 2008 FX45
    42 months "best deal available"
    MF 0.00195
    MSRP $56000
    Silver (tech pckg)
    10K miles/yr
    residual at 53%
    anyone know how well this can be negotiated and what numbers might be reasonable?
  • where did u see this ? wt state ? i am looking at infiniti website and that is like 3700 ( which has first month payment) or so + more 399/month x 23 months !
    im guessin tax dmv is added on top. so ..
  • IFS = Infiniti Financial Services

    Manhattan Infiniti offered me $300 off my best price with an outside bank.

    The $529.99 deal was matched by every NJ Infiniti dealer I negotiated with.

    Total out of pocket was first payment.

    From what I was told, holdback is 1% for Infiniti. The deal works out to below invoice, cutting deeply into the holdback.
  • FX35 AWD 24months 12000 miles.
    Touring + Hands Free + ipod+cargo+roofrail+splashguard

    does that look like a good deal ?

    i was given msrp $43020
    money factor as we know 0.00014
    NY tax is about 8.65%
    i think cap cost was about 396xx and some change. about 50 or 60 bucks...
    CAP COST ( Negotiated price of the vehicle)
    residual is at 67% - ( 28823 or something like that )

    2200 down ( includes Everything even dmv and title and the whole nine yards)
    so out of pocket completely is 2200 )

    and then 450/month for 23 months.

    ( i think i am paying about 400-500 over invoice with this deal ) ?

    Host please advice about the deal ? thank you in advance.

    __ REQUEST _ A SECONDARY question for the host ______

    i did a lot of research and reading and got a much better understanding to how lease works and wt pit falls to look out for.
    i do understand - why its important to know the msrp and mf and cap cost to evaluate the payments and see wether the dealer is giving a good price.

    BUT at the end of the day doesnt it come down to really just numbers ?
    down payment and per month ?

    i mean lets be realistic ... when i did my calculation and even used the calculator provided on leaseguide website the total cost to own was 12100 or so and with the deal i am gettin 450*23 + 2200 = i am paying 12550 -

    i guess somewhere in between there is a difference of 400-600 bucks ?

    i went to many different dealers and the deals starts at 3200 + TAXES and stuf as DP and 420/month after negotiating a lot..... it finaly lands somewhere in the same ball park as 2500-2700 down pmt ( complete out of pocket with tax ) and 450-500 a month. depending which ever way you arrange the numbers.

    they dont really cut you a lot of slack. even if i do the calculation and show em they will just turn around to say well gota add this fees or that fees to increase the cap cost ?( bank fee 595 or handling fee 550 etxx ) you see.. OR EVEN TELL ME THE down payment was just fees and taxes ? so then the down payment doest even act as a CAP COST REDUCTION -- they are alwas looking to make a certain number minimum on the car. from there perspective its above invoice and on the deal wtever it maybe. ( do fill me in please)
    from a consumer perspective its more of
    ( HOW much is it going to cost me to lease this car for X time ) and it really didnt do much cuz all the numbers i tried and bargained landed me around $12400 - TO about 12700 out of pocket expense for consmer - ( one of em almost said out loud $13700 as this was a straight fwd deal from the + taxes and dmv.)

    how do i go about it ? is it my call to say What is dp is for ? or where they should be applying it ?

    im sorry if this blog took a lot of ur precious time but i just had to ask, its a learning process for me.i do understand its better to know this stuff and walk in the dealership which gives upper edge of negotiating rather then not knowing anything...

    if anyone out there finds this blog interesting please let me know. i put a lot of time and research into getting this specific deal. anyone with a better deal please post it up,


  • That was the ad I was talking about...just forgot to add first months payment. I am in NJ
  • A local dealer is offering a demo FX35 for $36500. It has 5000 miles. ZFirst off can you lease a demo and would it be worth negotiating a lease deal for the demo?
  • oh yea so i FORGOT TO ADD to my post earlier on
    (fx35 awd 12k 24mth hands free + touring)

    one dealer said the following

    " we want to see your car - if there is equity left on it we can purchase it for cheaper then market value and pass the savings on to you " does that even Sound right ?

    also mentioned was " just yesterday infiniti has new promotion were they Waive FiRST MONTHS PAYMENT ? is THAT RIGHT ? i was SOOOO skeptical to even FALL for that -

    is that a even true ? or everything in dec is still the same as it was in nov ? someone PLEASE fill me in on this one .... haha
  • I am interested in leasing a 2008 FX 35 w/NAV, Touring, Hands Free. Anyone in the Raleigh, NC area purchased or leased one of these recently? If so, let me know how you did.

  • qbrozenqbrozen Posts: 22,103
    we want to see your car - if there is equity left on it we can purchase it for cheaper then market value and pass the savings on to you " does that even Sound right ?

    Yes. If there is equity in the vehicle, you will benefit.

    '17 F150 Crew 2.7; '67 Coronet R/T; '14 Town&Country Limited; '09 LR2 HSE. 44-car history and counting!

  • I am purchasing an FX35 and was just quoted an invoice price of $43,765 for the following loaded car including: Tech, Hands Free, Entertainment, Touring, Splash Gaurds.

    Drive Off: $3600
    Money Factor: .00014
    Lease Duration: 24 months
    Monthly Payment: $460

    Seems like this is a good deal.

    Can anyone confirm??

  • well to my knowledge equity in the car was basicaly that i was under my allowedmlieage. i had allowed of 18345 for the total of 15months and i was at 14200 or so. the the only equity would be the difference of mileage right ? obviously the quotedresidual price by the company and the payout price and the marketvalue difference ? i think i got a REALLY GOOD DEAL just picked up my NEW FX AWD35. will write detailsin the next blog. let me know wt you think. thanks.

    > cant never feed enuf to my brain cells alwas open to suggestions and more knowledge about this things.
    MP - 43020 CC 39395 67% 0.00014 - 1900 450/23


    JUST PICKED UP my brand new 2008 FX 35 awd with touring and hands free( the other ipod cargo roof and splshGrd included) - I LIVE IN NY - ITS A SAD TRUTH THAT NOT ONE DEALER IN THE STATE OF NY HAS BEATEN THIS DEAL YET.

    Less then $2000 DP Including FEES + FIRST MONTH FEE WAIVED + EVERYTHING ( even dmv and doc fee and TAXES )
    450 a month for the rest of 23 months

    over all out of pocket for 2 years to own less then 12,500

    anyone with a better deal to post.
    to get details on this deal do write to me..i dont think names & locations are alowed to beposted here. BUT I WILL BE GLAD TO BE OF HELP SOMEONE save few $$.

  • Hello. I live in NY also. I believe that you can you please post the dealership name and city. Could you tell me the dealership name? I'm also looking for a similar vehicle (although my mileage requirements are a bit additional). I'm being quoted a similar MSRP, but the Cap Cost being quoted is more. Thanks!
  • Is this promo for all of the US or just certain areas?
  • qbrozenqbrozen Posts: 22,103
    the equity doesn't really have to do with the mileage. I mean, in a way it does. But when you have a lease, it works just like a financed vehicle if you go to trade it in. It is worth what it is worth and the buyout is what the buyout is. Your equity would be whatever the difference is between what its worth and what the buyout is. Obviously, a vehicle with lower miles will be worth more, but there is no relation to what you were allowed on your lease.

    All of that being said, it is no commonplace to actually have equity in a lease, but it happens.

    '17 F150 Crew 2.7; '67 Coronet R/T; '14 Town&Country Limited; '09 LR2 HSE. 44-car history and counting!

  • Here is the offer I have been given:

    2008 FX35, RWD, NAV, Touring, Hands Free. MSRP $44,875.00. Cap Cost $41,875.00. $1,500.00 down (includes first payment), 24 month lease, 15k miles per year, payment of $589.39. Is this a good deal?
  • So you only got the first month waived because of loyalty program? Did you just get out of an Infiniti. I just got the same car with same MSRP in NJ for $2400 down and 452.00 a month for 12,000/24 mths. My first months payment included in $2400. I am not far off from you without loyalty program.
  • ben88ben88 Posts: 1
    2008 FX35 2WD base + splash guards, i-pod, cargo protector

    MSRP 39370
    Selling price 35729

    24 months / 12k miles

    1583 drive off
    385/mo plus tax

    This is in Socal and Infiniti waived my first month payment because I just ended another lease.
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