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Infiniti FX35 / FX50 Lease Questions



  • Hi ben88,

    Can you tell me which dealer in SoCal you got this offer, seems pretty good...

  • Hi Carman,

    Would like your opinion on this lease I was offered..

    2008 FX35 RWD, touring, bluetooth,ipod
    MSRP $41,250
    Cap Cost 39,371
    MF .00001
    24 month, 12k miles
    $1,555.30 due on delivery(1st payment, license/smog, doc fee, tax, bank fee)

    I think it's a pretty good deal, based on the MF being so low.

    Only question is, should I try to negotiate the cap cost down, and if so, how do I negotiate that?

    Thanks very much for you help..
  • So just signed the papers....what do you think?

    FX35 with handsfree, touring, tech-nav, splash guards, roof bars, ipod.
    30k miles/yr (60k for the term of lease)

    24 months. First payment of 1858 which includes first payment, bank fees, and license fees. Then 23 payments of $739/month which includes my 9% tax rate. Any comments?
  • I am on the other end of the spectrum. I want to buy a lease car. Where do I go to get one at the lease buyout price? Do dealers run these through auctions or sell them off the lot?

    Just looking, it sounds like I might be able to buy one new nearly as cheap as a used one in the DFW area. The waranty appeals to me over the Murano warranty. The wife really wants a Murano, but they are everywhere. Of course, the FX is a drivers car (?)

    Are the sales deals as good as your stated lease deals? Details, please.
  • Hello Everyone-

    I have the following being offered by the dealer on a lease-

    FX35 AWD, HFP, Touring, Tech, Sport, IPOD, Splash Guards, Crgo Protect. MSRP is 48765 and they are willing to do the deal at CC of $44,853 ($500 over invoice), 67% residual, MF of .000140, plus a $595 Acquisition/Assignment fee. I've been pushing for CC of invoice without an Acquisition/Assignment Fee but no luck.

    Is it possible on this model lease to push the dealer to a net invoice CC or even below invoice?

    Look forward to hearing from y'all
  • Can you please tell me the Term, mileage allowance, that you are receiving with this offer. I live in NY, and am also interested in a similar vehicle. Thanks!
  • At that residual it is 24 months, 10K per year.
  • 12k Miles per year at 24 months.
  • I was wrong, but was quoted that figure by Infiniti of Manhattan.
    However I have seen the 12k 24 month IFS residual listed at 68% on another site for December.
  • My G35 sport coupe has a few months left on it's lease. I'm considering the FX35 AWD. I took a test drive and, although I would sacrifice some power, it handles well and I can drive it in all weather compared to my coupe. Here's what I'm battling in my head:

    1. The new 2009 body should be revealed at this year's auto show. Has anyone heard about what kind of change it will be?
    2. I like Infiniti but the Lexus RX350 is out there too. Any thoughts about a comparision?
    3.The coupe is my first lease. Any experiences with returning a car that has a ding/scrape the size of a credit card but the rest of the car is pristine? Will they kill me on charges?

    Thanks all. Any insight would be appreciated.
  • Jessiem, did you ever go through with this deal? I'm interested in a similar vehicle and would like to know if this worked out for you.
  • I had very little time to negotiate for a lease but I used some of the figures from this forum to get the best deal I could (on the phone, in less than an hour). Hopefully, others can use this information as a starting point.

    2008 FX35 AWD, 24 months, 15K miles
    Splash Guards, Hands-Free, Touring, Black Roof Rail, iPod, Cargo Protector, Destination
    MSRP of $43,020
    Selling price $39,700 (about $350 over invoice)
    plus NJ 7% and $500 in fees.
    $1000 down (includes 1st payment) and $540/month.
  • Excellent! Thanks for posting this. Where in NJ are u? I'm in central NJ looking to buy a very similar FX.
  • I'm in South Jersey. For a leased car, the FX seemed to deliver the biggest bang for the buck for 24 months. I did some comparisons online and it seems to have the highest residuals combined with the lowest money factors. I wasn't too concerned about what car I ended up with, just that I got a good deal. I only test drove it for 5 minutes (I was pressed for time) and the whole process was very quick. I probably could have wiggled out of some of the doc fees but they seemed very firm on the invoice price (wouldn't let me into the holdback, which is only 1%, anyway). I can put you in touch with the salesperson, if you want.
  • Littlebean,

    The 2009 will not be out until the very end of 2009 giving you 2 years to bridge until that model comes out. My dealer told me that is why they are offering such a good lease on the FX35 right now. I also understand that the lease price goes up substantially from 24 to 36 months. I was told that the 2009 will have the technology missing on the 2008 like the hard drive navigation, the park assist camera and the lane assist technology on the new EX35 as well as a few other goodies offered on the current G35.
    The Lexus... no comparison. If you want pure luxury then Lexus may be your type of vehicle, but if you want a sportscar ride (which I assume you do coming from the G35 coupe) then the FX35 is your choice. The FX is luxurious and has all kinds of neat toys but the ride is a little stiff as compared to the Lexus' quiet, smooth ride. Besides, everyone has a Lexus RX, they are everywhere on the road and are quite boring in my opinion. I priced and drove every vehicle in the crossover category and the FX35 won hands down for overall performance/ameneties.
    Turning in leases differs so much between car makes. I have been fortunate to have never had a bad cosmetic problem. I just turned in a BMW 325 and the end-of-lease checkoff sheet was quite pricey for dings and scratches, but this is my first time leasing from Infiniti. Only time will tell.
  • I am looking for an FX35AWD, Hands Free, Touring and Tech package. Cars direct has MSRP: $46,315, Invoice Price: $42,297, Target Price: $39,997. Edmunds has MSRP: $46,260, Invoice Price: $42,242, TMV Price: $46,110. I am in Nassau County, New York, Sales Tax 8.625. Looking for 12,000 miles per year. What is the best deal should I expect?

    What is the current money factor (I am seeing .000140), what is the residual (I am seeing 67%). Are these numbers close? Are there any other incentives or discounts? For the record, I am looking to write as small a check when I drive off as possible. I am also hoping to finish this deal before the first of the year.

    Thanks in advance for any help.
  • flzzflzz Posts: 19
    Hang in there; i suspect after tomorrow replies should start coming in. I too am in the market to buy this week if the marketing support dies after 1-2-08. I found a link somewhere that had the answers your looking for,but dang if i can find it. If i come accross i will reply. ( or or ?)
    _Best of Luck,
  • needitquick,

    sounds like you have the current deal down pack (money factor 0.0001 and residual 67%). I know of no other incentives right now for leasing an FX35...If you want to see my deal to compare, it is posting #823... I think I got a really good deal and if you can get the cap cost around $300 over invoice you are doing good. Of course to minimize the down payment, the monthly payment is liable to go up like mine ($599/month for everything but sports package with $2200 down). I think your tax rate is higher so that will add onto the payment. Good luck and JUST DO IT, you won't regret it... I had another vehicle on order and got my deposit back after one test drive of the FX. And the good thing about this current 2 year lease, you will be turning this FX in at the end of 2009 when the new 2009 model is expected (at least that is what my dealer said)...
  • I am in the market too and am bouncing around between Acura RDX, BMW X3 and similar. I received very aggressive lease quotes last week from a NY dealer which is pretax $383/month 24 months 10K/year on an FX-35 AWD with Touring and Handsfree. A local dealer says Infiniti does not offer factory leases with 10K, although I have seen that mileage posted on another website. He claims it is with an independent leasing company that is really difficult on damage at End of lease.

    But with the marketing support I am seeing on Carsdirect I think the higher priced dealer is giving me the bull.

    And how do I compare that to the Infiniti deal that is advertised on this site which is $399 plus a downpayment of $3250.

    Anyone know who is giving me the bull?
  • hello guys, i recently total my audi allroad which was a very dramatic event since i spend alot money on mods and so forth, my audi sale guys is telling me i could never compare the quattro vs the awd from infinity. now the question is this. would i notice that much different? i recently test drove the infinity and its my top choice. i had it for a day and i didnt want give it back. they are qouted me at 47k with every option 24 month lease 2400 down and payment around 495$ is this is a good deal??? what should i be looking to negotia???
  • that is very funny to read your post. you have the same exact choice of car that i m looking for. i saw the acura rdx and didnt like it in person. it didnt have any personality. it felt like a regular small cross over suv. the bmw is nice but seen a bit small. and the fx35 is the most attractive so far. its a beautiful small suv. love how it handles. great power, and it comes with every toy i want. i need to stay around 450$ if i can.
  • The X3 handles the best between the X3, the RDX and the Lincoln MKX (LOL) which is like riding on a pillow. But the cockpit and interior of the X3 is dated and is like driving my 2001 BMW 530. It is also more expensive than the others. The Acura drive well but is noisy when starting from a full stop.

    I have not yet driven the FX35 but have read good things about it.
  • flzzflzz Posts: 19
    try you might have to register to post.

    thats good luck
  • jmintjmint Posts: 3
    I would be interested in the person you dealt with. I am looking for the same car in white.

  • PM'ed you. Let me know if the message isn't in your mailbox.
  • jmintjmint Posts: 3
    never got it. Can you resend.

  • Depends. I think dealer #1 (the lower dealer) is giving you "bull" with that lease, because it is most likely not thru IFS. I think they play around with the residual # to get the lower payment. If you ask for the lease through IFS, you'll get a higher payment. Also ask about out of pocket costs at lease end. I believe you will find that you have to pay a disposition fee, which IFS doesn't charge.

    if you are ok with leasing outside of IFS and don't mind paying a disposition fee, then go for it.

    BTW, are those lease #s with $0 down?
  • I don't have any info on the next gen FX, but I can tell you that you won't be missing much going from the G35 coupe to FX (except those scary moments when you try to make a turn on a snow covered street).

    The RX350 is just a different car altogether. Lexus is too plush and has a floaty ride for my tastes.

    My experience with IFS was the best by far (I've leased thru BMW, MB & Audi). Unlike the rest, they didn't hit me for every little ding and waived up to $500 in damages and mileage overages since I was leasing another car through them. All I had to do was turn the car in.
  • Those are $zero down, but pre-tax which is 7% on the payment. I did call the lower dealer today and they told me it is not IFS. They offered to do an IFS quote, but haven't contacted me yet and I don't expect to hear from them. What they really want is for me to come in.
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