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Infiniti FX35 / FX50 Lease Questions



  • bmlexusbmlexus Posts: 755
    How come no 1 here is interested yet about the new FX.
  • yyykenyyyken Posts: 14
    What's a better deal a new 2009 FX35 or a used low milage (<20K) fx45 ('06+)?
    The used FX45s should drop in price even more after the new FX is released & it looks like the new FX35 will be quicker than the old fx45?
  • bmlexusbmlexus Posts: 755
    I guess your correct every1 seems to be looking for a better deal.

    Yes I am not sure but probably the new fx35 will be faster than the old fx45.

    Can you adjust the height in the FX?
  • bmlexusbmlexus Posts: 755
    This forum has been dead for a while never got many replys from here.

    I wonder where is all the fx buyers. I would like to know how comfortable is the FX compare to the x5 x6 cayenne ML and especially the lexus RX.
  • mfeirmanmfeirman Posts: 8
    FX35 with Touring and Hands Free package
    39 months - 12k miles per year
    $2,900 due at signing (taxes, fees, etc - I've been told no cap cost reduction) (NY state)
    $395 per month

    I hounded the dealer for a while, and was very happy with this.

  • agoodsagoods Posts: 6

    I recently locked in a similar deal. Similar packages (MSRP $43,020), with TOP about $2500 (inclusive of taxes and all fees), with a monthly payment of $405.

    Which dealer in NY did you use?
  • mfeirmanmfeirman Posts: 8
    This was Infiniti of Massapequa.

    However, this was based on the loyalty rebate of $2k, which the dealer now is saying he can not get since my name is not on the current infiniti which my family owns.

    Is your $405 with the loyalty? If not, which dealer? I am back on the hunt!!!
  • agoodsagoods Posts: 6

    My deal included the $1k conquest rebate (not the $2k loyalty). I took delivery last night from Competition Infiniti in St. James/Smithtown. They were great to deal with and delivered the car last night to my home in Nassau County.

    I dealt with the internet manager, Fritz Jean, who was a real pleasure to work with.

    Good luck!
  • mishka2mishka2 Posts: 1

    The deal you mention sounds very reasonable, especially if its a 12K/yr 39mo lease?
  • yyykenyyyken Posts: 14
    All my local dealers seam to have 3 fx35 & one fx50

    How bad are the initial lease deals on '09s?
  • grossiegrossie Posts: 41
    If anyone is considering leasing a 2008 FX35 my opinion is that now is a very good time. I need to do the calculations to figure out my exact cap cost, but I figure it was about $38,500 on a 2008 FX35 with Premium, tech, Ipod, xrails, splash, and cargo. The MSRP was $43,020. I took advantage of a $2k cash back for previous Infiiniti owners/leasers, which was deducted from my cap cost (i.e. $38,5- $2). Overall this represented a very good deal vs the competition, which in my estimation were the 09 Murano and the 08 RDX. All in all I feel like the value for the $ was much greater with Infiniti than with Nissan or Acura. (Acura had good lease rates if you wanted to drive a mom car with a 4c engine but nice luxury features, and Nissan had terrible rates for an SUV that is a great product with a ho-hum/everyday reputation that everyone else is driving).

    Mf was 0.00095, residual was 66% on a 24/12 lease. If anyone in Chicagoland is looking for one of these let me know, I'll tell you who is dealing. If you check dealer inventory it's pretty obvious.
  • dmcmdmcm Posts: 12
    Carman or kyfdx

    My lease is almost up on my 2006 FX 35 and I am going to lease a 2009 FX 35. What is the money factor and residual percentage for a 39 and 24 month lease?

    Love this site. Thanks for your help.
  • grossiegrossie Posts: 41
    While I don't know the answer to your question, I do know that as of a few days ago there's a $2000 factory to dealer incentive on the 09 FX35. One of the guys I was dealing with told me it came in the night before I made my deal. It was still going to cost a lot more for the 09 than the 08 tho'.
  • ingvaringvar Posts: 205
    > If anyone in Chicagoland is looking for one of these let me know, I'll tell you who is
    >dealing. If you check dealer inventory it's pretty obvious.
    Hi, I am looking for F35 lease for my girlfriend, please send me information.
  • grossiegrossie Posts: 41
    Ingvar- Lisle and Glencoe are both willing to make deals on this car. I suspect that Barrington will too, but they didn't send me a quote after I requested it. I think they didn't want to deal with me, would rather wait for a fish to come in.
  • Just returned from negotiating for a 2009 Fx35 loaded. Walked from the deal as the residual factor for 24 months was .61 and for 39 months was 0.49. I understand that the motivation to negotiate on a brand new model yr is low - but hey Nissan just took a 21% drop in sales as has nearly every other car manufacturer. This residual is crap.
  • dmcmdmcm Posts: 12
    Thanks for the residuals. How many miles were in your pricing and do you remember the money factor?
  • 15 K miles and I am unsure of the exact money factor. They were VERY unwilling to move off of the sticker price. Another dealer stated that it would take 1-3 months for the dealers to want to move off of the MSRP - but definitely not 6 months.
  • reggeregge Posts: 4
    I have been looking into leasing an 08 FX 35 AWD with the hands free and touring package. A local area dealer made this offer: $8000 off msrp, 10m miles per year 36 month lease $690 per month with nothing out of pocket. Sounds to high to me considering msrp less the 8,000. What are your thoughts? I also just got off the phone with him and was reading him some of the deals I see on this site. He was blown away. Is this guy smoking something or what??
  • grossiegrossie Posts: 41
    That $690 number is WAY too high. I don't think the $3000 support applies to leases, so perhaps he's not really talking $8000 off MSRP.

    Calculating the amount of a monthly car lease payment is very easy, just look it up on the web. Don't forget to add sales taxes and other fees into the cap cost. You should not be talking monthly payments until you negotiate cap costs. Then you figure out what the captive lease rates are (i.e. the money factor and residuals offered by Infiniti Leasing Corp) and the math follows from there. Good luck.
  • yyykenyyyken Posts: 14
    Loaded FX35(51k MSRP), dealer pretty easily took 1,900 off MSRP . . lease factors still stunk & the loan rate was 5.90% . . . I'd give it a few more months before we see anything decent on a lease, letting them clear out some of the old 2008 inventory & build up some 2009 inventory . . .
  • zkaudiozkaudio Posts: 60
    actually thought there was a HUGE manufacturer rebate right now... I have heard of people getting them for almost 9k under sticker...?
  • reggeregge Posts: 4
    I recently had a dealer take off around $9,000 off msrp.
  • reggeregge Posts: 4
    Does anyone know what Infiniti considers tier 1 credit?
  • zkaudiozkaudio Posts: 60
    Anyone gotten any crazy leases on 08 fx's?

    I'm looking for a LOADED 08 at a crazy lease price... any help here?
  • When I was pricing G35s Tier 1 was anything over 680 I believe.
  • The current lease deals are horrible for the 2009. I test drove the 2009 FX35 yesterday. It was a RWD FX35 with premium package. Beautiful car. I loved it. The salesman basically told me that I sound like a well informed buyer and the price he would quote me might sound crazy. I told him I wouldn't be buying today because I had heard their money factors and residuals were "off" on the 2009 so far. He actually agreed. Said that they couldn't figure out why the numbers were jacked up so much for this car. HE TOLD ME to wait a few months and the numbers might be tweaked to a more reasonable level. I didn't even get the actual money factor or residual since he quoted me over 800/month for a $44K MSRP car. Said they could work hard to get right under $800. I told him if they stay anwhere near that price I would never buy an FX. Insane.

    This was for a 10K mile 39 month lease! I can't even imagine what money factor they were using. Even if the residual is .49 as another poster has listed, I still can't see how they get close to $800/month. He said they had sold a bunch already so I guess some people have more money than sense.
  • pjkadpjkad Posts: 21
    I had the same experience with my salesperson. He was upset and they have complained to their factory rep. He suggested I wait it out. I am coming off an FX lease in August and was ready for the new one. I got a quote of $689 for a 39 mo AWD with premium package. Residual was 51%. 42 mo was 49%. I have extended my lease until at least Oct and will see what numbers are like then.
  • zkaudiozkaudio Posts: 60
    I agree on the 09's... I am about to sign a short 08 lease to wait out the 09 price gouging. Edmonds states that for a LOADED fx35 (no sport package) people are paying about 38k... that amounts to a seriously low lease payment based on 46kmsrp. Plus I have loyalty rebate and there is another dealer rebate for 1k I think.... Should be able to pull it under 500/mo with under 2k drive off.
  • yyykenyyyken Posts: 14
    Looks like they've extended the 1-2k lease and 2-4k purchase cash until 9/2/08 . . . No hope on residuals until then? . . . Hope for real lease deals on the new FX 35 by then? Probably depends if dealers can blow out most of the '08s by then? At least get these $800 a month deal we're seeing down to $700, but probably year end before we see $600 . . .
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