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Infiniti G37 Lease Questions



  • gbicgbic Posts: 1
    I just leased an 04 G-35 three weeks ago. I made the mistake of making this deal at night and did not see that there were a few small dents and also some paint defects.There is also a rubbing noise in the front end when making turns. The dealer called me last week to ask me to come in and resigne the contract because the wrong residual had been put on the original. I asked the dealer if I could walk away from this deal since a mistake had been made on the contract. He said that I could not and had to signe the new contract. He said that he did not have to change the residual but was doing me a favor by doing it. I would rather walk from this deal and find another that is in better condition. Can I walk away or am I stuck signing the new contract.

    P.S. He said that the payments would stay the same even if he lowered the residual.

    Thank You.
  • mead1mead1 Posts: 8
    When you lease a new car, the dealer has an obligation to deliver the car in the appropriate condition (i.e., new). I would take the car back to the dealer and demand that they do whatever is necessary to put it there (I would think that the "rubbing noise" problem would be under warranty). If they refuse, then you should have the right to walk away, though you may be buying yourself a fight, particularly if you signed something that said you had inspected the car and agreed it was in new condition.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 70,320
    gbic said he leased an '04 G35.. I doubt it was new... But, it should still be under warranty...

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  • mead1mead1 Posts: 8
    Didn't realize dealers leased used cars. I'm just not sure if the paint problems would be covered under warranty (though certainly the tire/wheel problems would be). If not, you can argue failure to disclose the paint problems, but easily discoverable defects may not be subject to disclosure.
  • Carman,

    I'm in Los Angeles and I'm interested in leasing a 2006 G35 Coupe before the end of November. What are the residual value and the lease money factors on a 24-month/24,000 mile lease and a 36-month/36,000 mile lease? Are the numbers the same for the auto and the manual in both cases?

  • Hello,
    I'm in the DFW area and am looking to lease a 2006 automatic Sedan. I have one picked out with performance package B, sports suspension, and Sirrius radio for 34,400. The MSRP is 36,400. What is the residual and money factor for this lease?

  • Sorry to hear about your car, Mitch, but I'm happy to hear that the advise you received in these discussions payed off. Here is the information on this car's current lease program that you are interested in. If you were to lease a 2005 Infiniti G35 Coupe through Infiniti Financial Services right now for 24 months with 12,000 miles per year, its buy rate lease money factor and residual value should be .00207 and 70%, respectively. The numbers for an otherwise identical 36 month lease are .00214 and 60%, for 39 months they are .00212 and 57%, and for 42 months they are .00218 and 56%. I believe that the $1,000 dealer cash that you mentioned is on '05 G35 Sedans, not the Coupes.

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  • Hi ajpbf7. If you were to lease a 2005 Infiniti G35 Sedan 2WD through Infiniti Financial Services right now for 36 months with 10,000 miles per year, its buy rate lease money factor and residual value should be .00055 and 57%, respectively.

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  • No problem, lock_n_load. Congratulations on your new car. Enjoy!

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  • Hello benji123. If you were to lease a 2006 Infiniti G35 Coupe through Infiniti Financial Services prior to the end of the month for 24 months with 12,000 miles per year, its buy rate lease money factor and residual value should be .00219 and 70%, respectively. The numbers for an otherwise identical 36 month lease should be .00215 and 59%. I don't believe that the type of transmission that the car you are interested in has has any impact upon its lease program.

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  • Greetings andyev. I would be happy to give you an idea of what this car,s lease program is currently like, however in order for me to do so I need you to tell me how long you want to lease it for and how many miles per your you need to be able to drive it.

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  • My bad, I thought I had put that in there. I'm looking to lease for 42 months at 15,000 miles. Thanks for your help.

  • and really I'm looking for somewhere around 36-42 mo lease but from what I understand, a 42 month lease is usually lower monthly payments. If I'm wrong, please let me know. Thanks in advance for your help.
  • i just traded in my 04 acura tl 6mt for a06g35 6mt-infiniti bought out my last 18 months left on a 36 month lease from deal was to good to pass up-24 month 12000 miles no money down except bank fees 550 and n.j. reg. fees -by using mulity security deposits [10]which will be refunded at end of lease,i will save 50.00/month or1200 over length of lease-my payment is 465/month which included 6%n.j. tax-msrp 35050 paid 32500-this car is so more car then tl-rear wheel is the only way to go-tl had its problems-dash, brakes,seat leather and tires but that front wheel drive is not for a performance car-so far love my "g"
  • Hi Carman,
    I'm planning on getting a g35 but not currently ready yet. Do you know if the same money factor and factory to dealer incentives will still be availabe in december for an 05 g35 sedan? I've checked the online inventory of some dealers near me and there seems to be quite a bit of 05's left.
  • Ok, just wanted to share my deal if it helps

    05 G35x premium package with full spare

    MSRP 37,100
    Negotiated price 34,200

    3 year/ 15k miles per year
    55% residual
    didn't qualify for the .00076MF got .00091 instead ~2.18%

    $490 down, $490/month

    Next to last 05 Sedan they had on the lot that was new, only other one had Navi which I didn't want

    Rosenthal Infiniti, Tysons Corner (my second Infiniti, we are very, very satisfied with their service)
  • Here is the current offer I have:

    05 Coupe w/ premium & sport

    MSRP 37490 (plus 774 dealer accessories - tint etc)
    Offer 35650
    39 months/12K yr
    2450 down

    Here is where it gets sticky: He is telling me it is a 57% residual, and a money factor of .00242. I asked to change it to a 15k lease and all he said is that it adds $12/month. I asked for a breakdown of the 2450 and he said it is for plates, doc fee, acq fee but does not include 1st payment. I'm assuming there must be some cap reduction in there, but I'm not sure.

    I also think the money factor seems high for an 05 - I would think they would mark it down as there seem to be quite a few left in Phoenix

    Sorry to be long winded, but any thoughts or help would be appreciated
  • I guess it would help to say the monthly payment for the 12k is 475 + Tax

  • mead1mead1 Posts: 8
    Hate to be the bearer of bad news, but my impression is that that's a bad deal. I just leased a 2005 G35 sedan, fully-loaded (MSRP at $38,200) as follows:
    36 months, 10k miles/year
    $1250 down (included first month, bank fee, etc.)
    Monthly payment = $436 (INCL. tax)

    As an aside, I was actually able to get the dealer to amortize the $1250 down into the monthly payment, giving a "sign and drive" 35-month payment amount of $472/month (incl. tax).

    Hope this helps. Good luck!
  • ankaanka Posts: 1
    hi there,
    I'm looking to lease an Infinity G35 coupe with the premium package and nav.
    It's my first experience leasing the car, so forgive me if I sound silly :blush:
    What would be the average price difference between 2005 and 2006? I know it will depend on many factors, but is it really worth paying more for the lease of 06 vs 05?

    I can obviously get a better deal on 2005's right now, but if to wait a month or two, will I be able to get a deal on 2006 better than it is now?

    Thanks a lot for any advise :)
  • Hi Carman,

    I'm hoping you can help - I'm about to lease a 2005 G35 with the Premium Package and Navigation within the next day or two. Could you tell me what the residuals and money factors are for the different lease terms? Is it still worth getting a 2005 instead of a 2006 on a lease if I find a 2005 in the colo/package I want? Thanks so much!
  • Oops - I meant to include that this is for a G35 sedan - not a coupe.
  • Hi,

    I dont know if im getting a good deal with my credit score(602). MSRP is $39,000 Cap cost is $36, factor is drive off is $954 and my monthly payments are $588 w/tax. The depreciation is $14,612, plus RENT CHARGE of $4958(which I believe is finance charge from what I was told by finance) for a total base monthly payments of $19,571 amortized for 36 months. Finance told me this equates to 5.52% interest rate. But that really doesnt seem right to me at all!!!.

    My question is am I getting the "bend over and grab your ankles" deal? Anyway of finding out if im truely getting that money factor aswell as that 5.52% that I was told. This is at Frontier Infiniti in Santa Clara, Ca.

    Thank You,
  • I want a '06 G35 coupe with premium package, active steer, navigation, and aero. MSRP $40,250. I got my wife a fairly loaded 05 FX35 (Tech package, navigation, etc), so the dealer tells me they will really work with me on the Coupe. They claim they will give me the car at $500 over invoice. I don't want to put a single penny down on this lease. I never can really see the point in that.

    What should I expect for 36 months and 12K per year on this car? Invoice is $36,797 so that puts the car at $37,597. My Experian credit score is 766, so I should qualify for an aggressive lease. I know that there is a security deposit and acquisition fee that together total $1,100. So, the total should be $38,597. They are offering the following:

    39 months, 15K $655 month. This is just dishonest. But what is fair?
  • smoogdog,

    I was deal making for 3 days before they came down as low as they did for me. My experian fico is 602!!! and I'm driving off with $954 out of pocket. and my payments are $588/month w/tax. Your cap cost is only 897 more than mine! From my understand that buy down rate on a tier 1 credit score is .00215(money factor). Ask them what your money factor is.

  • 2005 G35 sedan AT premium c package
    15k/yr miles
    MSRP 35,100

    $3199 down (incl. tax/first month pmt)
    $425/month (all inclusive)
    36 months

    Am I paying too much?
  • Hey board - here's a situation I'd like some thoughts on!

    1)My potential trade in is worth about 6k and I owe 12k
    2)I drive about 23k a year in sales

    I'm looking at the TL or the G35. Based on mileage,I'm wondering if I should go with a lease and buy miles up front, or should I buy straight out.

    Second, with me being upside down on the car so bad, should I not even bring that into the lease/buy equation at the dealer as they will out leverage me from the get go?? Should I close the gap on that car and go in even-steven? Or should I just sell it on the open market and not even bring a trade to the game?

    Any thoughts on this lousy situation??
  • I'm also looking for money factors and residuals on 24 and 36 month leases for a G35X with 15k miles and 18k miles. With the new G35 being unveiled in April at the auto show, I'd like to avoid a 3 year lease.
  • mnrep2mnrep2 Posts: 200
    Unless you are driving a piece of junk; I'd keep it till your a little less upside down. With your kind of miles, I suggest purchase and have always done it that way.

    I've been in the sales game for 25 years. I always look for a 1-3 year old model with 20K miles or so. Let someone else take the hit on depreciation.
  • Thanks mnrep:

    My car is a 2001 Saab 9-5 and is ok for the next 60 days. Selling it on the open market may be a challenge here in TX, but I'll give it a try. Your comments smartened me up and I'll be looking for a 2004 Acura TL and I'll be saving big $$ by not getting snaked into a new G35 or TL at the dealership.
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