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Jeep Wrangler Lease Questions



  • julgbjulgb Posts: 1
    The Jeep Unlimited Sahara 4x4 took a little time to find in the color I wanted (Rescue Green), but it is finally on its way after my salesman found one in So. California (I'm in Nor Cal). MSRP is 25, 570, sale price he is quoting me is $26,598 - still about $2k above invoice in my estimation. Can I get him lower even though he had to do a trade for it? What is a good residual/ money factor? I am looking at a 39-month lease, which on these numbers is $402.67 per month. My credit score is over 700 (738 Experian).

    Also, why does Chrysler do 39-month leases vs 36 when the warranty is only for 36? Thanks for your help.
  • timwhitetimwhite Posts: 7
    Can anyone tell me the current Residual Rate and Money Factors for an 07 Sahara Wrangler?

    I want a 39 month/12,000 mile lease.

    Thanks in advance.
  • redfox85redfox85 Posts: 3
    Yesterday I received delivery on my 4 dr Unlimited Sahara.

    10,500 mile / 39 month

    MF = .00375 (9%!)
    Bank Acq Fee = 700
    Lease Term Fee = 450
    Resid: 70%

    Car is sweet.... :)

    PO'd that the MF went from .00345 to .00375 in a week...

    Hicksville, NY dealer

    Would appreciate hearing from others to see if they had same financials....

    GOOD LUCK !!!
  • sdspongersdsponger Posts: 2

    I was hoping someone here could take a look at my girlfriend's lease. I decided to look at this and I think she may have been taken a bit.

    I've posted a link below to the main part of the contract. I thought that would be easier. My calculations seem to be pretty close, but the one thing that freaks me out is the total of payments in box 4 at the top. It seems pretty high and when added to the residual it adds up to like $37,000.

    Also, my calculations get about .00394 for the money factor...about 9%. This seems very high, especially since her credit is great (764).

    If someone could please check this out and shed some light on things that would be great. Please click here for the link.

    Thanks for your time!
  • mr_anton89mr_anton89 Posts: 72
    Given that I am paying $400 a month for 27 for my wrangler with the same msrp and the monthlys were the same +/- up to 39 i'd say thats about right. Thats without going into details. But I got mine for 600 below 1% below invoice with about $500 due and 6.25% ohio tax on the monthly.
  • CarMan@EdmundsCarMan@Edmunds Posts: 38,515
    Hi Tim. Chrysler Financial's current buy rate lease money factor and residual value for a 39 month lease of a 2-Door Jeep Wrangler Sahara with 12,000 miles per year are .00345 and an astounding 70%, respectively.

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  • CarMan@EdmundsCarMan@Edmunds Posts: 38,515
    Hi redfox85. The Wrangler's buy rate lease money factor did not increase to .00375. It is still .00345, which still isn't good, but given this truck's amazing residual values leasing one isn't as bad as one would initially think given the high money factor. If the dealer tries to charge you a higher factor than .00345, they are trying to mark your truck's factor up to add additional back-end profit to your deal (or you don't qualify for Chrysler Financial's best rates).

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  • CarMan@EdmundsCarMan@Edmunds Posts: 38,515
    Hi sdsponger. The contract that you posted a link to contains this truck's capitalized cost, but I still need to know what its full MSRP is. The MSRP will show me how much of a discount your girlfriend was given on her Wrangler. It will also enable me to use Chrysler Financial's current lease program to estimate what her monthly payment should be. Off of the top of my head it doesn't look as though she was "taken," but if you provide me with the MSRP I will be able to give you a more thorough analysis of this deal.

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  • redfox85redfox85 Posts: 3
    Thanks for the insight. I have sent letters to the dealer, to Chrysler Financial and the BBB. .00375 is just not right. I have great credit and a strong income. They wanted to make up for the fact that I got the 4 door Unlimited Sahara for 1% under invoice....
  • angc2007angc2007 Posts: 1
    We're thinking of leasing a 4 door Wrangler Unlimited. I found a lease calculator and input the following info-
    .00345 money factor
    70% residual, 12K miles
    36 months
    MSRP of $23214
    2300 cap cost
    I get a monthly payment of $257.
    That's close to same amount on the Jeep website. It seems way too good to be true. Are these calculators pretty accurate? We have excellent credit.
  • alstualstu Posts: 1
    Hey i am interested in a 2007 Wrangler Unlimited Sahara. MSRP IS AROUND 29,000. i WOULD WANT THE LEASE FOR 2 YEARS WITH 12,000 MILES A YEAR. Does anyone know what i owuld be looking at for monthly payments if i put 2,500 down?
  • I sent an e-mail offer to a local dealership using the 70% residual and the .00345 MF, and They said that "these numbers may have been good quotes for the Detroit market, but they are different here (In Arizona)" I was under the impression that Residual was universal. I can understand some differences In the money factor...but not drastic enough to warrant a drastic difference in monthly payments...

    What are the July Residual/Money factor numbers for the 2Dr rubicon? I am interested in numbers for a 12k and 15k mile, 36-39 month lease. Thanks!
  • felbie1felbie1 Posts: 14
    I am looking at getting a 4DR Wrangler X 4x2 with 17" and the S Pkg, I have an MSRP of 22,655 and a sale price of 21,328. I am looking at a 39Month Lease 12,000 a year. I just want to put inceptions down. I know that the residual is different for the 4dr to 2dr as well as the MF but using The ones listed on here I get MUCH lower prices than the dealer is giving me, 411 they are saying. Im showing high 2s and low 3s with varying residuals and MF. What are the current MF Rates and Residuals. I am going in to talk prices today. My current car had a 33 sticker, 26 sale and I was at 400 even with tax in. Why would a sale price of 21,328 be even higher? Respectively my previous car was 23,000 about and I payed 330 with tax in. I want the truck but it seems like something isnt right.
  • felbie1felbie1 Posts: 14
    My dealership gave me the print out used to calculate my price, and the lease calculator is accurate within a penny, mainly because you cant use prices with decimals. It is a month later but the residual for a 4 door is 60% on here with a .00395 money factor. and that was on 39 months, 36 the payment is higher. When they input the numbers they add on their dealer fee, acquisition fee through chrysler, so it brings it back up, it all depends on what you negotiated, but if you got those numbers good for you because 70% residual doesnt even seem to exist on the 2Dr which is higher than the 4dr. Seems like you get more car for your money with the 2door. IM hoping to get the residual and money factor of the 2door sahara as well as 4 door X, they only have 2 left at this dealership :/
  • Hi there,

    I am looking to get into a jeep wrangler...which one not sure kinda depends on cost.

    The sahara 4dr i was looking at had an MSRP of 31245 and the x unlimited had an msrp of 25515. I am not sure how much wiggle room there is on the selling price I am guessing between 500-1000 dollars??

    i don't really want to put anything down but will if needed, based on 36 or 39 mos and 12k miles, how much should I pay ofr these vehicles.

    I see a lot of discussion around money factors and residuals, can someone lety me know what I should expect these values to be given I am in Denver CO and have good credit.

    Thanks for your help!!!
  • felbie1felbie1 Posts: 14
    In Florida the residual I got for a Wrangler X Unlimited was 63% for 39months(this is usually the best deal) and a money factor rate of .00337 , the other dealer ship I was using was trying to use .00395 so they can raise the money factor, I dont know if these values are the same for everywhere, but they should be, you should be able to get the car for invoice or below, thats what Im paying if I decide to take the car, but I have employee pricing but even without it, i think you can get it.

    The lease for me for a X Unlimited with a similar MSRP was 375 tax in for 39 months/12k a year. The car has Power convenience package the preferred package with cruise control and all that stuff. supplemental front air bag and a soft top and like a few other things. Unfortunately its not easy to find one down here with the extra air bag so my options are limited.
  • Between 60-63% is a legit number for the residual from what I have found in the month or so of daily research I have been doing. Money factor starts at .00345, but that is for 740+ credit score. Assuming you have decent (over 690) credit, anything under .004 is acceptable for these leases (but still absolutely rediculous in the world of leasing) In a perfect world, yes you would get the vehicle at or around invoice, But it's just not the case right now with the 07 jeeps. Dealerships are still charging between 2500-8000 markups OVER MSRP and people are still coming in and spending it, so there is no reason to drop the price on them. The difference between MSRP and Invoice on most all of the wranglers is $2000 or less.

    "Employee discounts" aren't worth a whole lot (I have one too through my work), because you still have to find a dealer that will agree to give it to you for your employee price. Dealers are not obligated to honor Daimler's Affilliate Rewards program.

    *If* the residual were 70% as originally quoted in this thread, you could get a great lease on the wrangler. Not that 63% is bad, It's actually one of the highest of any vehicle on the market. But the .00345 money factor is one of if not the worst MF on any vehicle I have seen right now. It's not a bad lease, leasing vs Buying will still save you 100-150 a month on the new wrangler, but it's nothing spectacular.

    I worked for 3 weeks with a dealership on a 2dr rubicon. MSRP 31500, Purchase price would have been 28300 (100 over invoice) With 490 tax title license, 700 lease aquisition fee, 39 month, 12000 mile, 63% residual .0037MF;

    435/mo with 1435 due at signing (dp and first month's payment) And That was a MAJOR chunk of work to get those numbers (they were blanking during a major sale weekend and needed the units) Which, for the record, I still didn't take the offer.

    Honestly, the new 08 wrangler is coming out in 2-3 months. They will be marking down the 07's significantly once the new models start rolling in. I would wait for that and see what you can scoop at year end model clearance. Waiting a few weeks paid off for me by way of the new lifetime powertrain warranty that went into effect on friday. I think I'll hold out and see what else Chrysler has up their sleeve before the year is up.
  • CarMan@EdmundsCarMan@Edmunds Posts: 38,515
    Hi alstu. This truck's lease payment will depend upon the selling price that you are able to negotiate on it. I would be happy to give you an idea of what sort of lease payment you can expect if you provide me with this number.

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  • CarMan@EdmundsCarMan@Edmunds Posts: 38,515
    You are correct, megakarl99. Chrysler Financial's residual values are the same across the entire country. Vehicles' special lease money factors do sometimes vary by region, but DaimlerChrysler is not currently providing any lease support on the Wrangler. If you were to lease one through Chrysler Financial right now for 36 or 39 months, you would have to use its standard lease money factor of .00355. This should be the same in all areas. Chrysler Financial's July residual value for a 36 month lease of a 2007 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon 2-Dr with 15,000 miles per year is 63%. The residual value for an otherwise identical 39 month lease is 62%. If you were to lease with only 12,000 miles per year, this truck's residual values would be 2% higher.

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  • CarMan@EdmundsCarMan@Edmunds Posts: 38,515
    Hello felbie1. Chrysler Financial's current buy rate lease money factor and residual value for a 39 month lease of a 2007 Jeep Wrangler X 4-Dr 4WD (cool truck by the way, I love the 4-Dr Wranglers :)) with 12,000 miles per year are .00355 and 66%, respectively. Using these numbers, an MSRP of $22,655, and a selling price of $21,328 I estimate that this truck's zero down, pre-tax monthly payment should be around $293. I don't know where the dealer that you are working with came up with a monthly payment of $411 per month. Even if with sales tax, that is way too high. Even if you were to roll Chrysler Financial's $700 acquisition fee into your payment, it would only increase to around $313. You may want to consider comparison shopping with a different dealer in your area.

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  • fifafifa Posts: 2
    Hi Carman,
    We are planing to lease a jeep 2d 4wd WranglerX 2c model. (we r in AZ. Dealer quoted adjusted price of vehicle at 20,498. We wanted a 24 month/12K lease - and they came up with a price of $400 after $2500 down. Residual value of 14,672.
    Please help - i thought our payments would be about $275-$300 range. This completely blew me away.
    Also, residual value is based on the pre tax value - right???
  • cdt1cdt1 Posts: 10

    Can you tell me what the MF and residual % is for a 07 Sahara Unlimited 4dr, 4wd, AT for August through Chrylser Financial for a 36 mo lease? Thanks for your help!

  • Some of you are extremly ofcourse here, due in part to Car_man's posts and his ability to lead you on a wild goose chase.

    based on your posts, you seem to think you are "Entitled" to pay a certain payment, based on whatever buy rate is, at the desired term, resideual, and mileage requirements. It is true that you can haggle over the price of the vehicle, as well as rate and reserve, but again, that is not the point.

    the dealer itself has a very limited allocation, maybe 5 ... maybe 50 depending on size of the dealership and the market he is in. He has the "right" to sell that vehicle at whatever he chooses, which includes both selling price and MF markup. He has a responsibility to himself, and possibly his shareholders to get as much as possible for that "hot" seeling item, even if it is $8,000 above sticker. At no piont does he "have" to give you a thing. If you caluclate the payment to be 296, and he says he will sell it at 411, then you have a choice. buy it at 411 or move on. Plain and simple. He is forced to sell other vehciles at a loss, and therefore has the responsibility to sell these at a profit. If you do not like it, go away and find something else.

    To further that, based on some of your posts, it seems that many of you feel Chrysler has an obligation to keep the '08 pricing the same, and if they don't, then they must be money hungry neo-cons. How wrong you can be. Price is always detemined by demand, and if demand is high, then Chrysler has a responsibility to its shareholders, and the market in general to control demand through price. Once demand decreaes, then price will decrease. I hope Chrysler increases the price on the '08 models 25 - 50% to bring it back in line with where it should be, which the market has dictated.

    If that happens, let's see how many of you cry on how you should have paid full price in june, and saved 25% on a 2007 vs. a 2008. And ofcourse... it will be the dealers fault because they did not give you advance warning and were just another mmoney hungry neo-con right?

    Again, wise up kids and... stop giving false hope Car-Man. Your supposed to be intelligent.
  • felbie1felbie1 Posts: 14
    No, the dealer does not have to sell for a certain price, but were not obligated to buy it at a price that they ask. I live in south florida where this is a very popular vehicle and the dealers have plenty of them. If they wanna sell above sticker they can, but it IS wrong, if they try to manipulate your payments by using residuals for different mileage, if the dealer says hell sell you a car for sticker, with no dealer fee of 600 dollars, and you say you wanna pay 600 below sticker so hell do that and then charge you a 400 dollar dealer fee. Do you just go around to forums and bug people for not trying to get ripped off by dealers? when you have 8 dealers it is your right to get the best possible price, if the dealer really doesn't want to sell it at a price, then he wont, but I had a dealer who told me that my deal was only good for one day, then he called me every hour on the hour lowering his price, the next day also. They play hard ball, why cant we? I have a much lower payment for a 28k car than another dealer wanted me to pay for a 22k car with not one option. I guess maybe youre just a sore dealer who cant get 8k over sticker?

    But honestly, who is going to be over 400 dollars a month for a 22k dollar car? the dealer tried to rip me off, I have employee pricing, they lied to me, they refused to show me the invoice, which by chryslers standards, im "entitled" to. and for that, that dealer did not get my business, the salesman didnt get his commission, and I got my car somewhere else.
  • CarMan@EdmundsCarMan@Edmunds Posts: 38,515
    Welcome sathomps10. I'm sorry that you take exception with the discussion of how to get good deals on new vehicles. I certainly never implied that dealers are money grubbing thieves by trying to maximize their potential profit on deals. If I worked at a dealer I would do exactly the same thing. It's their job and it is how they put food on their families' tables. I don't think that giving consumers an idea of what sort of money factor banks are charging dealers is providing them with false hope. Just as dealers should try to maximize their profits, consumers should to to minimize their expenses. That's how negotiations work. Consumers who do not research how much they should pay for a particular vehicle are doing themselves a disservice. There's no doubt that Jeep Wrangler is an extremely popular vehicle. It has been for a long time. I personally love the new 4-Door version of it. While consumers may not be able to negotiate much of a discount on one, I personally don't think that it is out of line to ask to have the dealer calculate the lease payment on one using Chrysler Financial's buy rate lease money factor.

    Prices Paid: Buying & Leasing Experiences Forum

    P.S. "Your (sic) supposed to be intelligent." is a pretty funny.
  • In reply to both previous posts, I think you guys are missing my point.

    First, to the gentleman in South Florida. You lost all credibility when you said there are 8 Jeep dealers in your area, and all have plenty of them. This is just false information and therefore, makes me question the truth in your other comments.

    In any event, let me help you out. Residuals DO change depending on both mileage and term. For example, if your looking at a 36 month term, and want to compare 12k and 15 k, there is a residual hit for bumping the mileage. This is elementary knowledge, but in essence, the more miles on a vehcile, the less it's worth at the end of the term, and therfore, a lower residual.

    To respond to your 2nd comment, I will not tell you where I am from, and our numbers, because i will not break the forum rules, but we do not have a problem selling any Wrangler, point blank. What you do not know is, as soon as a Wrangler hits the ground, that is not already sold, that Wrangler gets shown 5 - 10 times until it does sell. So if you are not willing to pay what we want you to pay, then someone right behind you will be more than happy. Selling a HOT selling item OVER sticker is NOT wrong. Again, we hold the right to sell any product at what the market determines is a fair price. If demand is high, and a fair price determined by the puiblic is 8k over sticker, then so be it. Eventually, the market will adjust and the price will come down. Just because you want it now, and want it below invoice doesn't hold water in a free market. Either Pony up or wait. The choice is yours.

    Regarding Car-Man, I agree with you on some level, but I think you could be more clear on others. I think by giving payments, using the MF and residuals you use is truly giving these people fals hope.

    The bottom line kids is... you want a certain vehicle. If you want this vehicle, you then have to decide what your wiling to pay for it. No manufactuer or dealer can detemine this. Once you decide that, then you shop. If you can find it for your price, then congratulations. If not, do not come on some forum and compalin that a dealer is a money hungry sleeze ball trying to screw you over. he is tellign you what he wis willing to sell the vehcile for and if your not willing to pay for it, move on. That simple.

    Lastly, a dealer should show you the invoice and the residual for an employee. he however does NOT have to show you the MF and has all the right to charge you max rate. he also has the right to charge you a doc fee allowable by state law. If you do not like it, then move to a different state or find a different vehicle. This is built in profit just as other products at Wal Mart have a built in margin. Just car sales are more upfront about cost and profit. How would you feel knowing you paid 3,000% markup on a coke yet only 12% markeup on a car? Doesn't matter about cost, markeup is markeup. You seem to be the guy who loves to complain, but truly doesn't do intelligent research. The type of guy who complains about $3 a gallon for gas, but willing to spend $1 on 12oz botteld water who is truly paying between $6 - $8 a gallon (water). Doesn't make much sense does it?
  • felbie1felbie1 Posts: 14
    Go to the jeep website and type in 33483, thats south florida, delray beach, itll give you 11 dealers, all with inventory of atleast 10, One dealer was 26! so my credibility isnt gone, thats only 11 thats near me, theres much more if you go to miami. Meanwhile, I went to another dealer that was fair, I saved money, they made money, I paid below invoice. And I know residual changes based on mileage, base residual is on 15k, add 2% for 12k miles and another 1% for 10k, whats your point? they wanted to give me prices based on the mileage for 15k miles, have me agree on the price, then get that extra money built in, fortunately I was smarter another dealer gave me the correct residual, a .00337 money factor, and didnt pressure me at all.

    BTW, corporate owned dealers have to show you the invoice, AND the money factor and residual used to come up with your price. Oh, and I don't drink bottles of coke, I prefer water or iced tea, tap is fine, and so is home brewed :) Mark up is mark up, and I have no problem with a dealer making money, but I am only going to pay so much of it. Thats what I did, and so many other of the consumer who do their homework, don't worry you will still get your uninformed buyers who will gladly pay over sticker for a widely available vehicle.
  • Wow... I feel like I'm taling politics and dealing with spin.

    Ok.., zip code 33483. ONE Dealer in your city. the next closest dealer is 30 minutes away according to mapquest. Of the Eleven dealers listed, they are anywhere from 30 mintues to over an hour away. Again, according to mapquest.

    Next, inventory. if I searched inventory, I saw anything from ZERO to your 26. I made a few phone calls, and started with the 26 number first. They had ONE available. The next highest Number was 15. They had ZERO. I asked this gentleman on the phone why listed 15 and he stated they had listed 15 available the entire year, and they had not seen one in over a month. I called a few more and got the same replies.

    I am sure you know this because you obviously have been searchign and searching for a Wrangler and have yet to find your deal. You claim to have purchased one, and recieved this great deal but again, based on your untruthfullness and spin thus far, I am highly doubting you at this point.

    Regardless of that, you are incorrect in deducting percentage points based on lower mileage. You ADD percentage points based on higher mileage. But again, what would I know, I only desk these deals day in and day out.

    Lastly, there are Corporate owned dealerships. all dealerhsips are independent of Chrysler. You should know this. What dealers have an option of is participating in the Employee Advantage Program, and other Affinty Programs. If they choose to participate, then they have to obide by those rules.

    No dealer adjusts the residual at their own discretion. This again magnifies your lack of knowledge and understanding, and your obvious inability to purchase a vehicle. A contract is a legal binding document, and on a contract, it must clearly state the residual, the payment, all documentation fees, taxes and so on. A dealer is NOT required to show you the MF used to determine payment. If you believe this, you will die an uneducated man. What all dealers are required to do is clearly explain, (we make our customers sign an ackowledgement form) that all financing arragements ARE NEGOTIABLE. Therefore, if you are unhappy with the financing terms, you can not sue later.

    You my friend are one of the most uneducated custoemrs I have ever met. Most customers understand most of this basic information but you either one... want to make your own rules and own assertations regarding the business, or two are just incable of understanding these terms.

    Either way... it goes back to the same thign I keep saying. The Jeep Wrangler Unlimited is the most desriable vehcile currently on the market. Those that purchase one now will pay a premium. Just as those who stood out in line for a PS3 or an Xbox 360. As demand diminishes, then prices will go down. But even when that happens, you will be asked to pay a price by a dealer and you have the option to pay that price or walk. You will never have the power you seem to think you have and demand a dealer sell it to you at your price or strong arm him into making an unaffordiable vehcile for you now affordible.

    In the meantime... purchase a KIA until you have the cash to pay for a car you can only now dream of.
  • felbie1felbie1 Posts: 14
    I said my area, not my city, and that dealership in my city I drive by everyday. There are atleast 3-4 out there. Im not still looking for my deal as I have found it, I am not going to satisfy you by scanning and posting my lease agreement but I am driving a Red Rock Sahara Unlimited. I apologize if I worded the residual adjustment incorrectly, as doing these car deals, is NOT my job, I do know what I paid, and what I was willing to pay. Purchase a Kia? What is this a shot at my financial status? The only reason I responded to your post was because you made a direct reference to the prices I was given, Oh yea, and I posted on here with a question about my lease, you came up because you felt the need to explain to people why they can't buy the car they want for a price they want. I personally do not care whether or not you believe me because while you are doubting my credibility and budget, I will be driving around on A1A by the beach with my top down. So enjoy the rest of your weekend, writing up deals for the car that I drive, and you have to watch everyone else drive, but you do not. The next ridiculous, and ignorant, post you make, will not be dignified with an answer by me, To whomever else paid below invoice with the appropriate money factor and didnt get ripped off by a dealer like this guy, have at him because I know I am not the only one.
  • CarMan@EdmundsCarMan@Edmunds Posts: 38,515
    Hi fifa. Vehicles' residual values are based upon a percentage of their full pre-tax MSRPs, including destination charges. You can use the formula that is outlined in the following article to calculate what your Wrangler's monthly payment should be: Calculate Your Own Lease Payment. Use Chrysler Financial's current 24 month, 12,000 mile per year buy rate lease money factor of .00330 and residual value of 70% to calculate what your payment should be.

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