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2013 and earlier-Mercedes-Benz C-Class Lease Questions



  • Yes do update. I'm looking for a 2009 C300 Sport with P2/MM/Auto and one dealer is offering about 8K under MSRP and employee pricing for lease MF. She didn't say exact MF but something in the 200's.
  • yeah man i'm looking at the same (around there).

    from what i've found out about the 09 incentives is the c300 has 4k they can work with and c350 they have 5k they can work with

    i used edmunds and cd invoice and just subtracted from there

    one place went lower then that at 10,200 below MSRP on the C350 but the MF was standard, so they dropped selling cost but are trying to make it up in the MF

    the other went invoice minus 4k and money factor was employee 233

    I'm in Socal
  • I'm in SoCal as well. I tried to see if some of the other dealers were willing to do employee pricing, but so far no go. Ya I've got a quote for 11K of MSRP, but with that high MF. Also the dealer that is offering employee pricing doesn't have that vehicle on their lot. They also didn't give me an exact selling price and told me to come down to check it out. I'd like to at get at least a fixed price before showing up at the dealership.

    So far it's been easy to get 8K off a C300, but the tricky part is trying to get that with the employee pricing for money factor.

    How did you get a 55% residual number for 36mo? I was quoted 53% for 12k/36mo and 54% for 36mo/10K.

    Have you spoken to FJ in Newport Beach or MB of Laguana Nigel? Do you mind letting me know which dealer is offering you the employee pricing for the MF?
  • Correction on my post, 50% at 36mo 15k/annual

    I've gotten the exact same, big discount 10,200 with a high (standard MF) that was with FJ

    Anaheim is decent with their pricing - MF at employee, they won't go as low as FJ though, I've been hitting 7k off MSRP with the emp. lease rate...

    So the best I've seen so far

    2009 C300 - Invoice minus 4k

    what's crazy is the C350 is discounted to the point that it is almost the same price as the C300 but the MF is just high

    This is with ZERO cap cost and ZERO drive off ;!
  • I haven't talked to Anaheim yet, but will do so tomorrow as well. Any particular contact person there that is helping you?

    Also I am waiting to see if the person (scottmac) who posted before us would respond how he got only 6K off MSRP, but got a lease deal of $435+tax with just 1st month, tax/title,and bank fee. Using even the employee discounted MF I can't get to that lease number.

    Basing it on 44,500 MSRP and 38,500 as selling price with 53% residual (assuming for 39 month special), MF of 0.00233, and 39 months I get a $526+tax.

    I'd like to know what residual and MF they used to calculate that deal.
  • cool man good luck, i cant post salespeople names on here it says so just PM me or email me in profile

    overall i think fj has the best pricing on MB based on volume and concessions they have with mb but the MF is kicker...

    i was going to go with a loaded c350 but given the fact i'm going 36 and not purchasing at end lease i think it'd be better to just go with lowest lease which is lowest MF
  • vchadvchad Posts: 97
    Hey guys, i'm very active on this mercedes site. I DO have access to employee price/ dealer told on saturday i can have one.

    Lets all clarify what we can get, so we all know what to aim for.

    A family member of mine got this deal, but my numbers were given vaguely, so maybe we can all figure it out.

    MSRP $ 41000
    Sold price $ 30000
    MF .00003
    Residual 54% 10k miles

    payment...$233. around 700 out of pocket. 36month lease, 10k miles

    this is a SICK deal, i've been frantically trying to get a hold of them for exact details, but they left out of town(england).

    Has anyone else been offered a deal in this range?...that does have access to employee.
  • That MF looks very low even for employee pricing. I was told it was in 200 something ( like 0.00233 as posted by another person in a few posts earlier). The discount looks right as well as the residual for 36mo/10K? Just can't believe the MF to be that low? Which dealership was this deal done at? Where are you located?
  • vchadvchad Posts: 97
    I am in michigan. I previously got a employee deal, and the money factor was (.00005). I'm not sure if those dealers are giving you TRUE employee pricing on it. as in the whole money factor or not. Because with the money factor my family told, that is a insanely sick deal. I just wanted to know if others had a similar MF on a C-class. I got (.00005) last year on a E350, and i'm fairly certain the MF on a ML for employee right now is (.0003), so I figured the C-class was same as well.

    I know sounds a little crazy to believe, but when mercedes gives a TRUE employee price, there MF is practically zero, guess thats the real perk of true employee.

    I will absolutely confirm the #'s once I find out more. Others please do so as well.
  • Jwilliams2, were' talking about semantics here. Regardless of whether the dealer has to pay it or not, this charge technically is absolutely not part of the car's dealer invoice price. I've seen Mercedes-Benz official price sheets and this charge is not on there. Dealerships have lots of legitimate expenses, and advertising charges are one of them. The fact that this is a legitimate charge that all dealers have to pay does not make it part of the invoice price.

    Dealers can cry that this is part of the invoice all they want, but then they should let consumers back out all of the money that Mercedes kicks back to them in terms of holdback and any other CSI-based, floorplan assistance, etc... that they get. I guarantee you that the money that dealers car back on back-end is well in excess of this small ad fee...but I never mention that to consumers. I'm trying to help people simplify the process by looking at the vehicle's actual price rather than including all sorts of random stuff.

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  • Welcome anilpandya. Consumers use the special lease program that Mercedes-Benz is running on any version of the C300, regardless of what options the vehicle that they want has. Changing the options on a car will have an impact upon its monthly payment because it alters its pricing, but it should not have any impact upon the money factor that is used to calculate its monthly payment. If the model that you are interested in is less expensive than the one that was used to arrive at the advertised lease payment, then your monthly payment would be less.

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  • Jwilliams2, please see my post #565 for an explanation of why I am correct.

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  • Greetings mrtrance. Here's the information that you're looking for. Mercedes-Benz Financial's current buy rate lease money factor and residual value for a 36 month lease of a 2010 C300 Sport with 10,000 miles per year are .00173 and 58%, respectively.

    Mercedes is no longer providing lease support on the 2009 C300. As a result, you definitely do not want to lease one right now. Its unsupported money factor jumps to a horrible .00395, though there is $4,000 dealer cash on it.

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  • Hi Car_man. Semantics or not, you are still mistaken. I suggest that instead of looking at whatever "official price sheets" you have access to, you look at an actual invoice from MB to the dealer. This represents the amount the dealer (or his bank) actually pays MB for the car. It absolutely includes the IRG/Adv charge. Black on white. Cut and dried. End of story.

    Obviously dealers have many expenses. And obviously there are back-end programs that help dealers cover these costs. But there is only one actual invoice per car. That said, it sounds like some folks are getting great deals on the C Class!

  • Car_man

    You are right on the 2010 and the special MF, it seems we're both trying to get 2009's with the 4k cash on it and a good MF.

    From what I am seeing is they are also discounting the MF on 09s to get rid of them I'm aiming at .0023 which they say is employee lease, so far it's been tough getting a bigger discount on the selling price then invoice minus the 4k factory to dealer :(
  • Shinakuma,

    I just got an email from one of the Internet sales guys at Anaheim MB and they are willing to do just $5200 off MSRP. This is on a car with MSRP of $45,XXX. That is less than half the discount that FJ or even Long Beach were quoting me. How did you get them to do $7000 off? Was the $7k from the beginning or did you had to hassle for it? Have you tried to get them to do like 8K-9K off plus the employee pricing MF? I know they won't be able to do the 10K-11k off like FJ, but even 8-9k off would be good with 230 MF.
  • Yeah man I had to work it down, I tried 8-9 with Special MF and it was no go, I went to the top desk guy even and couldn't do it. So basically it was matched with the ugly standard MF or less off selling price with the MF

    I've tried everywhere to get 8-9 + Special MF and seem stuck right now :(
  • I wonder if it will good idea to wait til December or so to get a 2010 C300. I wonder if during that time they will discount the 2010 cars by like 5-6K and also have a MF still in the 100s.
  • ok here are my final numbers. almost all dealerships are out of the 09s now or they are going fast by the way....any input on these options would be great. These are all with P1/P2, Multimedia, Panorama Roof, 18" AMG, Ipod and Burl Walnut Trim

    2009 C300 - MSRP 44,460
    DEALER #1 Selling Price: $37,244 (Special Money Factor .00237)
    DEALER #2 Selling Price: $35,260 (Standard Lease Money Factor .00385)

    2009 C350 - MSRP 46,640
    DEALER #2 Selling Price: $36,440 Standard Lease Money Factor .00385)

    The C350 actually costs less then the C300! Unfortunately the Money Factor is quite different :(

    What would you guys do?
  • Based on your numbers and using 54% residual for 36mo/10k, the numbers I came up are following for me (using a 8.25% tax):

    Deal#1: $555/mo
    Deal#2: $585/mo

    Deal#1: $595/mo

    I'm assuming no cap reduction and just drive off costs of 1st payment, reg, and bank fee which should be close to $2K.

    I don't know if these are good deals when you are getting close to $600 a month. I had previously leased a 2006 E350 with MSRP of $54,XXX for $587/mo including tax with just drive off of $2500.

    I guess the C350 might be the better deal if you had to go with dealership that only do the 0.00385 MF. More power for just $10 more a month.
  • yeah it's getting steep based on MF. I do have one more that came in today. the guy was shocked at the pricing but would said he'd beat it and use employee MF. Same C300 (without walnut burl) with a price of 35k even.

    Base Payment $437.65 Plus Tax $42.67 Total Payment $480.32
    Drive Off $2260.22.
  • That's a great deal. If you don't mind letting me know of the dealership/contact person that gave you this deal. I just sent you an email.

    What residual and MF are they using to calculate that monthly payment?

  • How much flexibility do dealers have on the MF? From this thread it sounds like some people are negotiating an employee MF without a control number. Is this possible?

    My dealer is offering the following on a '10 C300 Sport w/ Automatic and UMI package.

    36 Months
    Sale Price=$33,719
    15K Miles
    $3,500 Total Down
    MF= .00208

    I'm certain there is room to maneuver with the MF, but I am uncertain as to whether I should be shooting for employee caliber (.00005) or a more reasonable one like you posted above (.00173).
  • 54% and .00233 or whatever employee MF is, I'm going tonight so will post the details

    Lease 36 month 10k miles Base Payment $437.65 Plus Tax $42.67 Total Payment $480.32 Drive Off $2260.22 - If I roll drive off, $558
  • I didn't think there was much room with MF either but I know they make money on adjusting it much like back end rebate of a loan. I originally wanted a 10' also but seeing how FACTORY to DEALERSHIP incentive on 09s is 4k on C300s and 5k on C350s, it's hard to pass up.

    Everyone said the special lease rate with MF .00173 is on 10s and on 09s you get the incentive money, so I went for the incentive money, got the selling price then worked the MF after. This is what I found out...

    There is a off book program that MB gives to the dealership to close high profit deals which is usually reserved for leases they can make money on or they can use for customers they like or whatever. They are given a set number like 5 or 10 depending on size of dealership and what it does is basically give you an employee rate or near it/half way.

    It's hard to get them but if you work them you can get that rate and on that program, I was told that with that much of a discount on selling price there was no way I can get the special lease but finally found 2 dealerships willing to do it, I'm going with the dealership with lowest price and lowest MF

    btw your MF is great man but on a 2010 it should be .00173
  • Ok guys, I got the car yesterday and it was a done deal, as quoted. I'll post some of the details here so hopefully it can help you out also...

    2009 C300

    057 - Ipod Integration
    413 - Panorama Roof
    768 - 18" AMG Wheels
    P02 - Premium Package II
    320- Multimedia Package
    427 - 7 Speed Automatic

    MSRP of $44,150 the selling price of the vehicle I got was $35,225.

    Zero Down

    Since this is a lease, in finance, I opted for their up-sell of Lease Excess Wear and Tear and Tire and Wheel Protection, I had a previous BMW lease and really got hurt by those 2 so went for them.

    Excess Lease Wear and Tear Plan for 3 years - $1,195 (negotiated down to $599)
    Road Hazard Tire and Wheel for 3 years - $1195 - (negotiated down to $695)

    I did not email them initially, I just looked up the internet team on the internet and called in told him I am ready to buy and if their number can match or beat I'll be in. I emailed him the numbers I was given which were from the nearest competing dealership, until I got the selling price to $35k

    Since it was a 2009, not a 2010 the (.00173) money factor special was not eligible but after going back and forth he eventually got an OK from his desk manager to give me a money factor that was also a special at .00217 which is called a Mercedes Benz Ambassador Program Lease, dealers have these but in limited stock. So I went in the next day and the car already had a sold sign on it with my name.

    If you can find any 09s in stock now is the time to get them (4k incentive for C300 and 5k incentive for C350) and if the dealer has any ambassador leases that drop your MF, left to use, try to get it. They need to clear these out and will, just have to negotiate hard for them.

    BTW 2010 has different side turn signals and the biggest difference is on option package 320 (the multimedia package) on 2009s the package includes Logic 7 Surround 12 speakers, it is not included on the 2010s!
  • Just leased a 09 C350 Sport with P2/MM/Ipod with MSRP of 45,300 for $483/mo (including tax) with only $1900 drive off (1st month, acq fee, registeration, doc fee, etc.). Lease is for 36mo/10K.
  • Just picked one up with the pull forward promo.

    Its a 09 c300 4matic Silver/Black
    Package 1

    They took 7 payments
    36 months 15k a year
    0 money out of pocket at 624.90 a month.
  • berkisberkis Posts: 2
    Could you please tell me what state your in and what your selling price was. Also did you purchase your car in september? The best payment i have gotten is $589 with tax in PA with just start ups
  • mrtrancemrtrance Posts: 143
    This was purchased in Southern California on 9/27. The selling price was $35,714 (MSRP of $45,300). I was offered 34,700 by few other dealers, but the money factor was going to be 0.00385. Even with $1k more in the selling price the 0.00183 MF that I got my payment is still $70 less a month compared to the other deals that were $1k less. The deal saves me about $2500 over the 36 month lease.
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