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2013 and earlier-Mercedes-Benz C-Class Lease Questions



  • rnycrnyc Posts: 7
    Hi everyone,

    Based on the current promotion i am negotiating a deal to lease 2006 Mercedes C-230-WZ for $285 /month 1690 cap cost reduction. 10,000 miles a year. IS THIS A GOOD DEAL?. I always lived in a city so never bought a car since i came to this country 5 yrs ago. Now i accepted a job out of city so i need a car and don't have much clue in this field. Any suggestions on negotiating or things i need to be precautioned. I appreciate educating me. Thanks in advance.
  • prlprl Posts: 10
    That sounds like a good deal initially, but you didn't mention how long of a lease term. Also what options does the car have? Lastly, since you say you haven't had too much experience buying a car, are you sure that 10,000 miles per year is enough? Make sure you factor in your work commute and any extras or road trips you might want to take. For many people 10,000 miles a year is pretty low. Good luck!
  • rnycrnyc Posts: 7
    Thank you for your input. More details as follows:
    Lease term: 27 moths
    which is better to lease for less period or more period. Isn't that lease for less period is better so you we can change the car sooner?
    In regards to the options, i never dicussed anythin yet. As he says standard. In checked the standard options comes with factory seetings, i belive those will be included. Am i right?
    I agree, 10,000 miles i thought is very less. As a student in europe i used to go over 10,000 just driving around. I don't know incresing my milae option how much will increse mothly lease. what is reasonable increse if i am looking for 15,000 miles/year.

    Previous details: 2006 Mercedes C-230-WZ lease for $285 /month 1690 cap. 10,000 miles/ year. excellent credit history.
  • prlprl Posts: 10
    I think that lease price seems good for that term. As for the length of the lease, that is up for debate, I guess it depends on how long you like to keep the car. In this case, Mercedes is offering great rates for 27 months, so you should probably keep it at that. Going from 10K to 15K miles will affect the price, I'm not sure how much maybe $25 more a month? This is the estimate I came up with when I played with the numbers on As for standard equipment, most Mercedes dealers would order a C230 with the Sunroof package and the 6 Disc changer. Also what dealership are you working with, I see that you have NYC in your use name, would you be working with MB Manhattan by any chance? I'm assuming at that lease price they are selling you the car for under invoice cost which is good.
  • leasencleasenc Posts: 2
    This is my first post, but I've been following these wonderful boards for a long time. :)

    I can't find the residual and base money factor for the 27-month programs on the c230 and c280. It must be a bit better than the 24-month numbers.

    Also, why are the selling prices so far below invoice right now? I have a fairly good understanding of leasing, and with some of the numbers being posted above I can't understand why the c-class board is so quiet. :confuse:

    Thanks for the help!
  • rnycrnyc Posts: 7
    Thanks again for your input. Yeah ..I will lease it for 27 months. I will have an option to upgrade or lease another car later. Yup, I live in NYC but the quote i mentioned above, I got it from MB New Jercy and another private dealer. I never contacted MB manhattan, i probably say the quote will be higher. Are there any cons in leasing from another state? it shouldn't be right? I think we can service the car any MB center. I need to find all these details when i go for test drive and signing the lease. Before i was considering BMW or Infinity FX. Now with these terms i will go with MB.
  • caslacasla Posts: 4
    Car man:

    I am looking at leasing a 2006 C-Class 230 (automatic, cd-changer and sunroof) MSRP 33,575 (negotiated price $30,077). Its a 39 month lease, $2,500 down, 15,000 miles at $415 a month (plus 8.25% tax). Money factor is 000.28 and the residual is $19,809. Is this a good deal?

    I can purchase it for $559 a month tax included (with $3,000 down at 5.9 interest rate). Its only $100 more a month. Is the lease worth it? assuming I can keep the car for say 5 years?

  • sjl2sjl2 Posts: 10
    I just leased a similar C230 last week(Post #62). You should check your lease numbers because they do not seem to add up and your monthly payment should be lower.
    1. The money factor should be .0024 instead of .0028 through MB if you have Tier 1 credit.
    2. You can calculate your monthly payment on very easily.
    3.You need to figure out what your $2500 down encompasses. MB's acquisition fee is $795. Reg/lic fees should be $300-350. My dealer fees were $73. The remainder of your $2500 should be cap cost reduction lowering your monthly payment.
    4. The residual rate through MB Finance on their current lease special seems artificially high which means you can save significant $ on a lease.
  • caslacasla Posts: 4
    Car man:

    Following up on my lease question, I requested the dealer for a copy of the proposed lease and noticed that in calculating the lease payments the dealer added an amount of $5,495 as "Rent Charges". I know is a pretty high number, since I am leasing an X3 BMW and the amount added as Rent Charges was only $2,800. Do you have any advise or comments regarding this? Thanks
  • caslacasla Posts: 4
    Thanks sjl2. I am Tier one. Its seems I should get the 0024 MF. The 2500 DP covers 1st month (447); 400 Doc fee; 490 License fees; and registration and taxes $22. I guess I am getting killed with these Rent Charges (see post 71). How much is your disposition fee? $595?
  • sjl2sjl2 Posts: 10
    Rent charges are purely a function of the money factor, selling price and length of lease. If you lower the money factor to .0024 the rent charges will decrease as will your monthly payments by $20+/mo. Your X3 must have a very low money factor or short lease term.
    What is your dealer doing for that $400 doc fee, many dealers will only charge $45 for doc fees. You should also know exactly how much of your $2500 is going toward reducing the cap cost of your car as opposed to fees,etc.
    I believe MB's standard dispo fee is $595.
  • caslacasla Posts: 4
    Thanks for your help. My cap reduction cost is $1143.71. The residual is %58. Is this what it should be? I thought MB was using 61%. Dealer is not doing much with the doc fees, but will ask again.
  • helverhelver Posts: 2
    I leased 2006 C-230, Auto, Sunroof, and CD Changer over the weekend in Los Angeles area.

    Total drive off: $2500
    27 months, 15 K per year
    $375 / month, including tax.
    I'm not sure about the money factor, but the residual was 68%.

    I leased Acura before, and there didn't have any depo fees. I was bummed out about $600 depo fee.

    I think I got a good deal. What do you guys think?
  • I have an offer for a C230 - sunroof package - DVD navigation - 6-disc CD changer

    The deal is: 27 month lease - 12K miles a year - $2000 down (includes lease acquisition fees and taxes) - $360 per month.

    Is this a good deal?
  • leasencleasenc Posts: 2
    At first glance, that seems good! To give you a better answer though, and for my personal edification, would you share the money factor, residual, MSRP and selling price you got on the car? Thanks for your help!
  • dtawildtawil Posts: 13
    I currently have the following offer on the table.

    2006 C-280 Luxury Sedan
    4 Matic transmission
    Sunroof Package
    6 CD Changer

    27/mo 10k miles

    They are asking for $3,050 down and $450 a month including taxes.

    What do you guys think, your prompt response is appreciated.
  • andre1andre1 Posts: 85
    Please post the August Lease info (money factor, residual) for the 2006 Mercedes C350 (Sport and Luxury versions) for 12, 24 and 36 months, at 12K and 15K miles per year. Also, does the current $5000 dealer cash apply to these leases through Mercedes? Thanks!
  • I recently leased a 2006 C280 2006
    4 Matic transmission
    Sunroof Package
    Sat Radio

    39 mon / 15 k miles

    I paid $6K down including taxes, tags, first mont payment, acq fee etc. Down payment was on the higher side bcoz MD charges tax on total vehicle price. My monthly payment is $339.

    I was offered $335 for 27 months. But I decided to go with 39 months due to high upfront taxes.

    Anyway, considering what I was offered back in Jun 2006 your deal is higher by approx. $2k (i.e. over the period of 27 months). Hope this helps..........
  • dtawildtawil Posts: 13
    Thanks for the reply.

    It seems like you got a great deal, but I don't like how much you had to put down.

    Anyway, I didn't take the lease I mentioned above, but a week later the dealer calls me with the following offer on a 2007 C280, which I ended up taking.

    2007 C280
    4 MATIC
    Sunroof Package
    6 CD Changer
    Memory Seats

    27 month/ 10k miles per year lease.

    $450 a month including taxes.

    My total due at signing was about 1350 and that included my first months payment, bank fee, and document fee.

    What do you think?
  • You got a very good deal. Enjoy your new car.....
  • Don't know if that's such a great deal.

    I leased a 2007 C 280 Luxury Sedan
    Sunroof Package
    Rear side airbags
    CD changer
    Split fold down seats

    48/mo 12k miles/yr

    Had $0 down, and $489 mo. including taxes
    I've leased many vehicles and paying money down on a lease is not the best way to go. Never pay $$ down, if you have the extra cash put it in an account and use it toward your mo. payment. NEVER GIVE IT TO THE DEALER!!!
  • I have 3 months left on my '04 C230W, it was only allowed 48,500 miles and has 61,600 - residual value is $19,878 and have paid $21,982.35 - I want to buy it but with the additional miles can't I negotiate with MB financing to lower the residual. The car is in excellent shape and has no dents/dings, runs like a clock and looks great too! I need some guidance on how to try to get this car for less than the residual, do I have any bargaining like other cars? If I buy for the residual, the car ends up being more than the sticker price, how does that work? The balance would be $11,807.65 to make up the price of $33,790 leased in Sept.'03......Help, have never wanted to keep a leased car before, this will be the first to keep of many leased vehicles.............JB
  • I desperately need to find the current money factor and residual for the C280 4-Matic at 39 months and 15K miles/year. I'm located in NJ.

  • That sounds like an excellent deal on your C280, where did you get it (dealership and salesperson)?

    Looking to lease myself.

  • Feel free to mention the dealership name, but no posting of salespeople's names in the forums please. Thanks.

    Prices Paid Forum
  • billmvbillmv Posts: 148
    Make them an offer. MBs are soft now. They do not want it back, especially with the extra mileage. If you return it, you'll owe them X per mile over the allowed. Check your contract. Do that math. say 16,000 extra at $.25 per mile means you owe them $4,000 if you turn it back in. Not good!

    Forget the original sticker. That has no bearing on things now. You paid for depreciation plus interest. Your contract says you can buy it for the residual. You want it for less. they do NOT want your car with 16,000 extra miles at the end of your lease.

    Put an ad in your local paper with 62,000 miles and see what your best offer is. That's what it's worth. It will be lots less than $19,878. If they take it back they'll just send it to the Manheim auction and get $14,000 for it (est), so tell them you want to buy it for $14,000.

    If you have a big auction in your area, go by and ask them to appraise your car. If they say it'll sell for $14,00, then MB will get 90% of that value.
  • What are the least rates for the 07 (can't find any 06's) C230 for 24, 36, and 39 mths with 15k miles per year? Any special lease rates available?
  • Your prompt advise will be greatly appreciated because I am planning to finalize a lease tonight. Please give me a good estimate of what my monthly payment should be given the following:

    2007 C230 with sunroof package
    27 months 12000 mi
    Top tier credit (MB Financial already run it)
    2005 PT cruiser trade in value is $8k (Negative equity is $4k since I have a payoff amount of $12k)
    Willing to pay a downpayment of $2k to cover a portion of the negative equity on the PT Cruiser

    Q1: What is my risk if I have a trade and has a $4k upside down and giving $2k as down?
    Q2: I was quoted .00307 and 71% res value? Are those right?
    Q3: What better deal is out there for me?
    Q4: Any good lease specials coming up this November that you might know about?

    Thank you very much in advance for your input.

    Thanks very much.
  • The best experience ever!

    Leased my car last 11/1/06 from SoCal WI Simonson ( Internet Sales people were very straightforward and quick. Gave me real numbers to work on. Haggled a bit but all those time, I never had to deal with BS which I got from the other dealers I spoke with --- both floor and internet. Plus, they gave me the highest trade in value for my 2005 PT Cruiser Touring – same with what Carmax gave me --- and I think, that rarely happens. And I was in and out of the dealership to pick up my car in a snap!

    So here are the LEASE specs for your reference:

    2007 C230 Sport V6 A/T
    SP/cap cost: $2100 below carsdirect invoice
    Trade in value for PT Cruiser: $8500
    $1500 net upside down on the PT
    Paid DMV fees, sales tax and first month upon lease signing (drive off $800)
    Acquisition fees were added to capitalized cost
    27 mos. 12,000 mi/yr
    MF based on Tier 1 credit
    Monthly payment: $484

    Hope this helps. :shades:
  • mrummrum Posts: 7
    I am in Southern California and thinking of leasing a C230 Sport that does not have a sunroof or CD Changer. I believe the sticker price was close to $31,000 and sale price is about $28,000. I would put down $1,400 with a payment of $377 with tax and 12,000 miles a year. The residual is 70%. The lease is 27 months. What do you think of this deal?

    Also, my friend said she paid $800 to get her brakes done on her c230. Do you have any idea how much I can expect to pay on maintenance? Do you think I can use 89 gasoline instead of 91 at times?
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