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2013 and earlier-Mercedes-Benz C-Class Lease Questions



  • The fees on my lease are:

    Aquisition: $795
    Title/Registration: $129

    There is a vehicle turn in fee of $500 if I do not buy the car at the end of the lease.
  • This looks like a pretty good deal for a 2012 model. Btw, I used the build your own car tool with the options you have mentioned above and the MSRP came out close to $44,000. You sure about the MSRP?
  • He has the command package, not the multimedia package. I make the MSRP to be $42325 which is close enough :)
  • Thanks themercguy and mortienne:

    Correct, the other option was Burl Walnut Trim for $325.

    P01 Premium Package 1 $2500
    COMAND Single Disk Package $930 (BTW...this package is a steal and apparantly is only offered for the launch of the 2012 model, then will revert to the six disk changer package for $2790. The only difference between the two packages is a single disk CD vs six disk changer).
  • That package is a great deal. I was looking to pick up a G37 with premium and nav this weekend, but the command option brings the C350 right back into the game.
    We also have an MB dealer locally (but not Infiniti), so that will tip things in the C350's favour. Unfortunately the local guys won't discount the 2012s at all (they're only doing $500 off sticker for the 2011s!), so it's road trip time again :)
  • Thanks for the reply. How would I get it down to $399?
  • You're very welcome jenjen79.

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  • I'm doing well, thanks tleco. Wow two cars this weekend. You're busy.

    Mercedes-Benz Financial's September buy rate lease money factor and residual value for a 24 month lease of a 2012 C250 Sedan with 10,000 miles per year are .00195 and 74%, respectively for consumers who qualify for its top credit tiers.

    The numbers for a 24 month, 12k lease of a 2012 GL450 are .00126 and 67%, respectively.

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  • You're not going to get it to that without a cap reduction or a better selling price. Paying the standard $795 acquisition up front should shave $35 a month or so off.
  • Greetings. Car man, could you kindly let me know the current mf and residuals for the 2012 C350 sport sedan. Can you provide the numbers for 36 months / 10,000 and 36 month / 12,000 miles. Also, are there any 33 month leases on this model. Thanks.
  • Hello, I'm new to leasing and trying to read up on everything I can before making a final decision on this car. I'm hoping for some advice on an offer that I received this weekend. I'm looking to lease a C300, but feeling that this deal isn't the best I can do. Thoughts?

    2011 C300
    Sport package
    Premium one package
    multimedia package
    MSRP 42,845 - dealer will come down to 41,000
    33 month term
    7,500 miles allowed per year (I drive about 2,000 miles per year but still, this allowance seems very low)
    Credit of 2,000 for conquest offer (I currently own an Acura)
    Payment including taxes, $457.82
    Residual, $27,849
    2,000 cash outlay which covers the first payment, license fees, tax on the payment, lease acquisition fee, and doc fee of $150.

    Thanks for any advice you can provide!
  • From what I can work out, it looks like they're working on a residual of 65% and the August 33 month money factor of 0.00099. That mileage allowance looks very low. How certain are you that your circumstances won't change over the next 3 years?
    I can't find any September 33 month rates at the moment. Maybe Car Man can assist?
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 53,706
    If I only did 2000 miles/yr, I'd look to buy a two or three year old car... and just keep it for 5-6 years...

    Leasing seems like it would be a very high cost per mile...


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  • Just to give you some insight, that deal is horrible. I leased the same MSRP vehicle last month. 33 months/ 15,000 miles a year. My residual was 61% with a money factor of .00109. I did qualify for the $2000 conquest rebate and with that, the selling price was $35,500. I paid $1380 at signing and have payments of under $450 a month, with tax. So essentially, my residual was lower, my money factor was higher and yet my payments are lower than those they're quoting you. Bottom line, your dealer needs to come down on the selling price. Are you in an area that has other MB dealers?
  • Yes I am. I actually have three or four other dealers in my area!
  • Shop it around. With 2012 models already in showrooms, a dealer should most likely offer you the car at invoice or below. Let me know if I can help you.
  • I want to profusely thank everyone who responded to my initial post on leasing. Completely due to the guidance of those who responded, I was able to negotiate a much better deal. I structured my offer essentially exactly like driversedge posted. I used to come up with a "true" MSRP for my area, versus the more inflated MSRP that the dealer was using. I tinkered around with some of the options on the vehicle as I realized I didn't really need a completely tricked out vehicle. I used the same MF as driversedge, because I don't know what the new one is for September. Does this offer look competitive to y'all?

    MSRP 36,332 (true MSRP from
    Base Cap Cost 34,332 (2,000 concession from dealer)
    Cap Cost Reductions 4,000 (2,000 downpayment, 2,000 conquest rebate)
    Net Cap Cost 30,332
    Lease End Residual Value 61%
    Money Factor .00109
    Term of lease 33 months
    Mileage 15K
    Sales tax 9.8%

    Monthly payment = $312.21 + 30.60 tax = total payment $342.81
  • I'd be happy to help you out mortienne. Mercedes-Benz Financial's September buy rate lease money factor and residual value for a 36 month lease of a 2012 C350 Sport Sedan with 12,000 miles per year are .00225 and 63%, respectively for consumers who qualify for its top credit tier.

    The residual value for a lease with only 10,000 miles per year is 1% higher.

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  • arajkarajk Posts: 3
    edited September 2011
    Is the residual % calculated of MSRP or the discounted price( price agreed between me and the dealer)
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 53,706


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  • Hi all,

    Sorry if this has specifically been discussed but I am new to leasing and have been up to my neck in research this week after totalling my car last week. I am looking to lease a 2011 C300 Sport out of Newport Beach, CA and am just now learning was lease rates/residuals/etc. are and why they matter (like I said, I am SUPER new to all this :)).

    Anyway, would appreciate any and all help regarding this stuff...I am looking to lease for 36 months. I have an appointment with a dealer who has advised he can do what I've required (with 3500 down, 300 monthly with maintenance) but I just don't know what the other factors are and what I should be looking for as a red flag. Any help is so very appreciated!
  • I'm new to leasing and am trying to pick up this 300sport(2012) with an MSRP at 40,500.

    I'm hoping to get a payment at $400.

    Do you guys think I can manage that with a $2000 down payment?
    Would prefer $0 down.

    Any idea of the October MF and Residual?

    Any advice would help.

    Love this forum, been trolling forever, thanks for your help.
  • Greetings waltisafox. Since you are new to leasing, you definitely should check out the following informative articles on the subject that are available here at 10 Steps to Leasing a New Car and Calculate Your Own Lease Payment.

    In short, the easiest way to get a good deal on a leased vehicle is to shop around for the lowest possible selling price and then have the dealer that you decide to go with calculate your vehicle's monthly payment using its buy rate lease money factor.

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  • Hi bmw6227. Mercedes-Benz Financial's October buy rate lease money factor and residual value for a 36 month lease of a 2012 C300 Sport with 15,000 miles per year are .00182 and 62%, respectively for consumers who qualify for its top credit tier.

    If you provide me with the MSRP and selling price of the car that you want I can tell you if your target payment is attainable.

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  • deal_makerdeal_maker Posts: 2
    edited October 2011
    I was just at a south Florida dealer and saw the October 2011 C-Class sheet:

    30 mos
    10K miles
    70% residual
    .00195 = Tier 1 money factor * this seems very high when bank rates are near 0

    Conquest = (2,000) discount

    The dealers do have the ability to upgrade miles and play with residual. For example, my saleswoman gave us 12K miles for same 70% vs. lower 67% residual from another Benz dealer.

    Dealer agreed to (3,100) discount off MSRP of $40,470.... so another whopping ($1,100) off.

    Add $795 lease fee + $599 dealer fee into the lease payment (not cash at delivery)

    NET PAYMENT W/ TAX = $507

    * pay tag/title/reg fee cash at delivery + 1st mo. pmt

  • dm46dm46 Posts: 4
    Hey Car_ man so trying to negotiate better deal for c300 sports,p1, s32, rear view camera ...sticker price around 44130 , sale price 41200+ Tax 7%
    what is the money factor/residual for october, 10k/12k/15k

    initiallly i was offered Money factor 0.0021 (which was awefully high) at one dealer.( I have perfect credit 800+), is benz leasing varies from dealer to dealer(or state to state) and do they change during the month? (one dealer told me that they would change today for october)

    Thanks in advance
  • Hi car_man

    Your awesome.

    The car is 2012 c250 sport with an msrp of $40520. (prem1, com disc nav & voice, pano roof, burl wood)

    They gave me a cap cost of 35,634. However, that included $2000 conquest cash which I probably wont qualify for.

    Assuming I do, they gave me .00195 MF, 71% residual, 15/36 $2000 down
    $457 monthly plus tax.

    Is this a good deal assuming I get the conquest cash, and if not what might be a fair monthly.

    Thanks again
  • Hi dm46. Mercedes-Benz Financial's special lease program usually does not vary by region nor does it usually change mid-month.

    Its October buy rate lease money factor and residual value for a 36-month lease of a 2011 C300W with 15,000 miles per year are .00182 and 62%, respectively for consumers who qualify for its top credit tiers.

    The residual values for leases with only 12,000 miles per year are 2% higher. The 10k residuals are 3% higher.

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  • Thanks bmw6227. The money factor that the dealer quoted you is right on the money (tough I don't think that the residual is right...too high). The selling price that you were quoted looks good, too.

    The elimination of the conquest cash would likely result in an increase of $50 to $60 per month in this car's payment.

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  • dm46dm46 Posts: 4
    Thanks Car_man for your quick response.
    Are the rates same for 2012 c300 4matic sports.....Residual/MF for 10k/12k/15k for october 2011
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