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2013 and earlier-Mercedes-Benz C-Class Lease Questions



  • Hi deal maker,

    seems to me that you got a decent deal, would you mind sharing the SFL dealer and the sales person?

    Thank you in advance
  • Hi everyone, I am looking at getting this car. Does anyone know what the October 36 mo residuals and MF are for Tier 1? 15K miles per year.

    Thanks so much for any help you can provide! Also interested in the sedan rates if you have those.

    Dealers say they are not taking anything off MSRP for these cars as they are brand new. Is that true?

  • arajkarajk Posts: 3
    Hi All,

    I wanted to know if it is worth getting a prepaid package of $769 for 3 years, 30,000 mile maintanence.

    why is so expensive. I need to go for service only every 10K. what does it involve. If I am leasing do i have to do it a mercedes benz dealership?

    is it better to just pay when you go for service ?

    Also I am getting a 63 % residual with a money factor of 0.00109 for this car for a 12 K 33 month lease. is that a good deal. for october is there a lower money factor for 2011 C300?

  • bazzarbazzar Posts: 1
    I am new to this forum, I see many of you get quotes for lease with payment breakdown, I contacted several dealers and none of them bothered to respond, all they want is your butt there and make a deal. How do you guys get quotes?
  • My Lexus GS was totaled and I was looking to purchase a 2012 C-Class either a coupe or sedan. It looks like the coupe must have a higher residual value because a $48,000 coupe has the same monthly payment as a $44,000 sedan. Do I qualify for a conquest rebate, and what can I expect to get off the msrp? Going to the dealership on Monday and I want to get the best price as my car credit is only 617 but my Transunion score is 705. Any idea on on what less then top tier money factor might be? Thanks in advance for any and all help.
  • You're welcome dm46. Mercedes' October buy rate lease money factor and residual value for a 36-month lease of a 2012 C300W 4Matic with 15,000 miles per year are .00182 and 62%, respectively.

    The residuals for a lease with only 12,000 miles per year are 2% higher. The 10k resids are 3% higher.

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  • Hi Marc. Mercedes-Benz Financial's October buy rate lease money factor and residual value for a 36-month lease of a 2012 C63 AMG with 15,000 miles per year are .00225 and 55%, respectively for consumers who qualify for its "Tier 1" credit tier.

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  • Hi Anand. The pre-paid maintenance package sounds a little expensive to me. Sure, maintenance at Mercedes' dealers is pricey, but all you really have to do is make sure that you have your vehicle's oil changed on a regular basis and you should be fine.

    The money factor that you were quoted is right on the money.

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  • Hi jackstacks. If your Lexus was just totaled I suspect that there is a good chance that you would indeed qualify for the conquest cash incentive.

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  • Thanks car_man seems like I am eligible based on what I read. It looks like the 27 and 39 month leases are best. What are the money factor and residual values for the 2012 C250/350 coupe and C350 sport sedan? 15k miles 27 and 39 months.

    I was possible looking to buy at the end of the lease, anyone know what the buy back rate would be?
  • Thank you Car Man! Kind of a bummer how much lower these residuals are than the regular C-class. Not to mention the MF's. I wanted the Edition 1 coupe, but at 80K with those numbers the payment is over $1200 with 5 grand down, pretty hard to justify.
  • rw72rw72 Posts: 1
    I can't come up with the number, bmw6227...

    If your Net Cap Cost is $35634
    MF - 0.00195
    Residual - 71% (Based on these 2 factors, it seems like a 30month lease, and I was told by dealer that MB gives 6 month grace period with the lease owner for the same deal... so, yes, you actually get 36 month for the lease)
    15000k / 36month with $2000 down...

    I think your lease should around $370. Car man - Am I right?
  • rxkerxke Posts: 168
    I am considering leasing this vehicle for 36 or 39 months/12,000 per year in NY. The factory invoice is $39,189 (includes base vehicle, options, ad fee, destination fee) and they would sell the car for $38,939. I currently lease an Acura TL so I would get a $1500 conquest discount bring the price down to $37,439 + tax and fees. Can you give me a sense of the money factor and residual value of this car and the approximate lease cost per month? You guys have been terrific in helping me lease cars in the past.

  • ppattersonppatterson Posts: 22
    edited October 2011
    I'm a USAA member and interested in a 2012 C Class Luxury. I want P1, and metallic color. According to the final prices is $39315. As a USAA member with Tier-1 credit and $2000 downpayment, what should I expect in terms of the capitalized cost and the monthly lease payment.

  • gattanigattani Posts: 6
    edited October 2011
    Hi Leasing gurus,
    Trying to lease a C350 Sedan.
    The lease I am requesting is 36 Mo 15000 mils/mo

    The price negotiation is around 10.5% off of MSRP ( along the lines of what other have posted.. that is including their conquer bonus etc)
    He also is adding a line item called "Capped fees" of $995

    The money factor the dealer offered is 0.0025
    The residual he says is 61%

    I offered to use the ones found here ie: MF 0.0018 to 0.0019
    Residual = 64% but he is not ready to honor these.

    (1) He says those numbers are valid only for coupe. Also claims that MF and residuals come from MB are are not negotiable... s that true?

    (2) Also what is this $995 capped fees? He says those are MBUSA fees that are used to buy insurance by them if the car is totaled.. Is this right?

    Any help is greatly appreciated. Trying get this done in next couple of days. Also promise I will post my numbers here to help others.
    Lexus seems lot better deal.. but we have our heart set on MB
  • Perhaps one of the hosts could tell us what the actual money factor buy rate is. Mercedes does set the MF, but the dealers sometimes mark it up.

    Typically, the coupes and sedans have different money factors, which are set by Mercedes and are not negotiable. It would not suprise me that the coupe has a better (higher) residual.

    There is a $795 acquisition fee Mercedes charges on all leases which can be rolled into the cap cost. Is that what you mean? If so, it looks like your dealer may be marking it up by $200.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 64,692
    Car_man is the one with the numbers, but I'll ditto everything that jwilliams2 posted..


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  • Should I expect to do any better than the terms of the Special Offer advertised on the Mercedes website?

    For a 2012 C300 4MATIC Sport Sedan, the advertised deal is $379/mo for 30 months with $4,039 due at signing.

    Based upon the lease spreadsheet that I am using, this would be consistent with a 0.00182 MF and a residual of $28,977.

    According to the Lease Details on the website, the $379/mo includes the Premium 1 Package & Destination Charge.

    For reference, the other info provided under Lease Details is as follows:

    MSRP = $41,395

    Gross Cap Cost after suggested dealer contribution = $39,616

    Cash due at signing = $4,039 (includes $2,865 cap cost reduction, $795 acquisition fee & first month's lease payment of $379)

    No security deposit

    Total payments = $15,030 ($11,370 total monthly payments + $2,865 cap cost reduction + $795 acquisition fee)

    Purchase Option at lease end = $28,977

    [I'm assuming that the Purchase Option amount ($28,977) is the Residual Value.]

    I would appreciate your thoughts on whether I can realistically expect to do any better than this advertised deal.

  • Using details off the mbusa C250 Coupe offer.
    I calculated the Residual is 69% for 36mon/30k miles
    MF is around 0.00195 ~ range (using goal seek on excel)

    Hope this helps.
  • You're welcome jackstacks. I believe that these cars' 27 and 39 month lease offers are basically the same as their 24 and 36 month offers.

    Mercedes-Benz Finance's buy rate lease money factor for these cars varies by credit tier, and perhaps by region, but they should be around .00225 for consumers who qualify for its Tier 1 credit tier right now.

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  • I hear you marcusaureli. $1,200 per month with $5,000 down for a C-Class...even one as nice as off the wall.

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  • Hey rxke. $250 over dealer invoice minus the conquest cash is a very good price.

    Mercedes-Benz Finance's October buy rate lease money factor and residual value for a 36-month lease of a 2012 C250 Sedan with 15,000 mile per year are .00195 and 63%, respectively for consumers who qualify for its top credit tier.

    In order to use this program to work up a payment for you I need you to provide me with this car's full MSRP as well.

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  • Hi Gattani. The numbers that you were quoted are actually pretty close. The residual value is spot on. Mercedes is not currently providing any lease support on this car so your money factor would be whatever MB Finance's standard is for your credit tier and area. I have seen .00225 for Tier 1 customers, but .00250 isn't that far off.

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  • Hey c300sportlease. Savvy consumers who are in an area that has a decent level of competition are usually able to beat manufacturers' official advertised lease deals by negotiating a lower selling price than the advertised payment was based upon. I suspect that will be the case if you shop around for the C that you're interested in.

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  • Car_man,

    Thanks for the response. Unfortunately, there is only 1 Mercedes dealer in my area. But, I have contacted other 3-4 of the nearest dealers & am willing to travel there to buy if necessary. I'm hoping that my local dealer will be willing to match other dealers so that I can buy locally.

    As previously noted, the advertised Lease Special is based upon a gross cap cost of $39,616. Can you offer any insight into how much below that figure I might be able to negotiate?

    Thanks again for your help!
  • This car is pretty amazing and the best thing about it , that not too many people know , is that you can lease this car for under 300$/month !! That's right , a car with naivigation ...not happening every day

    Best Lease Special this month!!

    Best Car Purchase
  • Thank you gurus for your responses... car_man.. thanks for confirming the numbers. Decided to drop the lease idea altogether as the economics did not make sense assuming I could easily keep the car for 5-6 years. Hope it does well in reliability department.

    So the way the deal worked out was 10.5% off of MSRP 43,500 so Around 38900 streight purchase ( before tax, title and doc fee). plus MB financing of 1.9% with 0 down. HTH for others in the market.
  • rxkerxke Posts: 168
    Hi Carman
    After speaking with a conveniently located dealer he offered $500 over invoice (the lowest price I got was from Truecar was $250 under invoice from a dealer 45 min away) and a 67% residual value (30 month lease/12k per year in NY-no moeny down) and a money factor of .00182 plus a $2000 conquest discount because I had an Acura TL. Based on the options I take the: MSRP is $43,105/ Invoice of $40,150/ sale price: $40,650 minus $2000 is $38,650). I figure the monthy lease with taxes is about $480 per month. Am I close? I do not know if I have to pay ad fees, etc.

    You have been a great help in the past by making me a really good negotiator with dealers. I also use Automotive News(weekly pub) that usually shows both consumer and dealer incentives each month.

    Thanks again for all that you do.
  • Just piced up the car yesterday. NIce and smooth pickup. Found out just in time that MB usa has 0.9% financing. The rate drops to 0.65% if you set up an ACH auto pay at the time of the loan application itself.
  • gattanigattani Posts: 6
    edited October 2011
    you are getting the car at 10.69% off of MSRP . I got mine ( a 350) at 10.5% . I had the conquest for my Acura too....
    So applying that logic you are coming off a couple of hundred dollars better.

    On top your price, your MF and residual are just very good and seem to matching the figures car_man provided on this forum.....( I could get no where close on C350). Good luck and enjoy.
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