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2013 and earlier-Mercedes-Benz M-Class Lease Questions



  • locksmith3locksmith3 Member Posts: 7
    Is it 1,000 cap cost reduction for this $560 (incl tax) deal?

    Or is it $1,000- that is the TOTAL upfront cost- bank fee, dmv fees + first month's payment?

    If its the latter- then it seems like a great deal.
  • audi_manaudi_man Member Posts: 64
    $1000 credit is included into the $560 payment.
  • locksmith3locksmith3 Member Posts: 7
    Which dealer was this at? And if you dont' mind emailing me the salesperson so I could talk to them.
  • locksmith3locksmith3 Member Posts: 7
    Sorry, but am confused. $1000 was included credit to $560 - so is this the total upfront fees including the $560 first month's payment.

    In other words- one has to pay the bank fee (usually 700), DMV fee is $300, and some add'l documentation costs - then add the first month's fee of $560 - which comes out to be around $1600-1700 upfron.
  • rocky725rocky725 Member Posts: 30
    Please provide dealer name. This deal is phenomenal. The dealer I normally use said this deal would amount to a $4K loss for his dealership. Seems pretty early in the model year for a dealer to be making deals like this.
  • locksmith3locksmith3 Member Posts: 7
    Wasn't me- it was audi_man. He seemed to have gotten it at that price, I was merely asking him if the $1,000 upfront was a cap cost reduction, or the just the fees including the first month's payment.
  • audi_manaudi_man Member Posts: 64
    man you are FAKE... just looked at your previous postings/history....

    People be aware there are bunch of sales people here.....
  • rocky725rocky725 Member Posts: 30
    That is a similar deal to what I was offered. Can you provide the dealership that offered you that excellent deal (that you posted on Nov 10)?
  • vchadvchad Member Posts: 97
    audiman, you might be right.

    If your "brother-in-law" got it at that price....he got RIPPED OFF!!

    579 a month, AND 3800 due, please, thats a terrible deal.

    Folks, you work hard enough, you can get 9k off msrp, but if you find some aggressive dealers, you should hit 10k off. keep in mind, there is a 2000 lease cash, there is 1500(fleet cash, if u qualify), and u should easily get 6000 off msrp. i will post up my numbers once i finalize a deal. I'll just say i'm getting 10k+ off msrp.

    to all your car salesman, go away. or atleast be upfront about it, like the guy in the Infiniti g37 sales price listing, he's the GM of infiniti store, and is very honest and informative.
  • audi_manaudi_man Member Posts: 64
    if you will help me to get ML350 4MATIC 2010 with P1, heated sits, running boards, appearance pkg, wooden steering wheel, lightning pkg with 10k off MSRP I'll personally give you appreciation gift of $500
  • rayoflightrayoflight Member Posts: 12

    3 weeks after I got the Ml 350 4matic and I love it. It includes running boards, heated seats, p1 pkg and wood trim steering wheel. $0 up-front fee (drive off) and $672 monthly for 36 month.10,000 mile. Let me know if you want the dealer sale person. It is in NY, long island.
  • audi_manaudi_man Member Posts: 64

    You are FAKE Too. How many MLs do you already own. You are advertising your deals allover the place.

    People he works at vip auto in Staten Island and trying to offer you the worst possible deal
  • audi_manaudi_man Member Posts: 64
    Can the dealer somehow check on the computer what type of deal I got from another dealership? Do they have such ability to do so?
  • jayriderjayrider Member Posts: 3,602
    I doubt they could get that info unless they called the store and asked. Folks talk about offers and proposals and deals but none of it means anything unless you have a signed purchase/lease form. Internet quotes can't be signed so ther may be wiggle room when you show up. Not always but I'm never sure of what I have until it's signed. The only thing that should vary from dealer to dealer is the selling price. Check ridewithg dot com -- they have info on the ml lease #'s with comments. Do you have any other rides on your radar?
  • storm10storm10 Member Posts: 261
    Dealers can check deals of other Dealers if both Dealerships are part of the same auto group. For example: AutoNation Group, Sonic Group, Group 1 etc... Otherwise no Dealership will share any private information.
    By the way, the selling price is not the only difference between the deals of the different dealerships. Dealers can make money on the rate, money factor, fees, trade etc...
    The best way to negotiate is to negotate bottom line: How much is the total drive-off (out of pocket) and how much is the total monthly payment. This way you negotiate only once. The same applies to Internet quotes, phone or in person negotiation. Simplicity wins.
  • audi_manaudi_man Member Posts: 64
    so basically you can not BS them that you got better offer from another dealership. right? are they able to verify this?
  • jayriderjayrider Member Posts: 3,602
    Oh you can bs all you want. ;) If you actually have a deal that you hammered ou, you could try to get them to beat it. I don't know if m-b works that way but worth a try. The key is to negotiate the very best sale price on hte truck. M-b has all kinds of deals that not everyone qualifies for --- makes comparisons very difficult. weleasebytel says they will work up a great lease deal -- no obligation. Check them out. I don't know anything good or bad -- just one of many brokers. Great BBB rating.
  • vchadvchad Member Posts: 97
    I emailed you the dealer name and phone number. Did you get it? That guy is legit. Hope you keep your end of the deal.
  • CarMan@EdmundsCarMan@Edmunds Member Posts: 38,514
    Yes, redmustang1, Mercedes-Benz is currently providing support on the 2010 ML350. Specifically, it is offering:

    0.9% financing for 24-36 mo. and 1.9% for 48-60 mo. plus the waiver of your first two payments


    a special lease program featuring a special money factor of .00035 plus a $2,000 cash incentive.

    Prices Paid: Buying & Leasing Experiences Forum
  • CarMan@EdmundsCarMan@Edmunds Member Posts: 38,514
    Hi vchad. Here's the information that you're looking for. Mercedes-Benz Financial's November buy rate lease money factor and residual value for a 36 month lease of a 2010 ML350 4Matic with 10,000 miles per year are .00035 and 53%, respectively.

    Prices Paid: Buying & Leasing Experiences Forum
  • dhkhandhkhan Member Posts: 30
    Posted this on the "Prices" forum also, bu tthought I'd post it hear too for the benfit of those following this forum. Must say thanks for all the great great info on thses forums, and specially to carman for hi sefforts.

    Leased a 2010 ML350 in Denver Nov. 17. Details are:

    ML350 350W4 Palladium/Black 4 wheel Drive - MSRP $57, 125

    Metallic Paint ,P01 Premium 1 Package, Lighting Package, Appearance Package, Trailer Hitch, Heated Front Seats, Pre-Wiring for Rear Seat Entertainment, Trailer Hitch

    First offer from dealer was 10% off sticker and the additional $2,000 lease cash from MB. After a couple of days negotiation final deal was at 12% off sticker plus the MB $2,00 lease cash.

    So, final deal was at a selling price (cap cost) $48,270, no money down/no cap reduction.

    Dealer marked up money factor from MBs 0.00035 to 0.00055, and marked up acquisition fee up from $735 to $1,095.

    Total dealer fees (acquisition $1,095 + dealer handling $399) $1,494 added to the lease for a total cap cost of $ 49,764.

    12K miles /year, 36 months

    Lease payment $600.90 before local taxes (mine are $40.26 for a total of $641.16/month)

    Paid $653 at delivery (641.16 first payment, plus $12.2 doc fee).

    Absolutely great experience overall from negotiation to my 2008 E350 W4 lease return and delivery.
  • jayriderjayrider Member Posts: 3,602
    What was the deal with the raised mf and acq. fee? Seems like a pretty good deal anyway ---57k truck for 641/month and zero down tax included. What was the depreciation %.
  • rocky725rocky725 Member Posts: 30
    Would you share the name of the dealership? if you don't want to do it on this board my email is quinnybuzz123@gmail.com. Thanks.
  • ssramadanssramadan Member Posts: 7
    here is what I took delivery of:

    black on black Ml350
    running boards
    wood steering wheel
    rear entertainment pre wire
    heated front seats

    msrp $55k+

    36 months @ $600.month 15k a year $2500 at signing.

    how did I do?
  • dhkhandhkhan Member Posts: 30
    That was the deal with the raised money factor and acq. fee - $600.9 before tax, $641/mo including tax.

    Standard MB residual of 52% for 12K/36. (It's 53% for 10K/36 & 50% for 15K/36).
  • ssramadanssramadan Member Posts: 7
    so was it good? or standard
  • dhkhandhkhan Member Posts: 30
    The board allows name of dealer etc. but not the names and phone numbers of the sales people.

    The dealer is Murray Motors in Denver. Ask for the sales mananger and ask him to have you deal with the same salesman who handled my sale.

    Give him the sale reference as the Palladium/Black ML350 sold on Nov. 17. They can probably give you the 10% off sticker price (minus any additional lease cash from MB), but I understand my 12% off was a special deal.

    Good luck.
  • dhkhandhkhan Member Posts: 30
    Sorry, I didn't understand your "good or standard" question.
  • rocky725rocky725 Member Posts: 30
    Thanks for that info but I had actually asked vchad for the name of the dealer that gave him $10K off msrp.
  • billherebillhere Member Posts: 2
    dhkhan how did you get them from a 53188 invoice price to 50720 (before the $2k lease cash)? Just started and so far I'm at about $500 under invoice. It sounded fair until I read your deal. How did you get them to go lower? Is there additional cash besides lease incentive? Any tips would be appreciated. You can email me directly @ boyntoncelice@yahoo.com thanks for the help. I am about $1400 off of you deal (car isnt in stock so with xfer maybe I'm off $1000)
  • billherebillhere Member Posts: 2
    boyntoncelica@yahoo.com misspelled email
  • dhkhandhkhan Member Posts: 30
    As I mentioned in my post, I just worked off the sticker price, not the invoice price. Invoice is roughly 7% below sticker.

    Dealer gave me 12% off the sticker of 57,125 = 50,270 - 2,000 MB lease cash = 48,270.
  • charles71charles71 Member Posts: 5
    Hi everyone,
    My 2007 Audi Q7 lease is expiring at the end of December and currently looking at the 2010 ML 350 and I have a Lease offer for ML 350 4matic w premium 1 and heated front seats w rear entertainment system for $ 592 a month w $ 5000 out of pocket for 36 months / 12,000 miles. MSRP is $ 55,645 and invoice $ 51,811 , is this a good deal or does anyone had any good deals recently?
    I'm in long island, NY
  • vchadvchad Member Posts: 97

    listen carefully....dont walk...RUNAWAY from that deal. He is robbing you in daylight. That is one of the worst deals, the nerve that dealer has to offer that.

    If you said 592 with ZERO money due(besides first month and doc) id say ok, fairly ok deal. You should aim for mid 500's with less than 1k due. Just read the last two pages of this forum, you'll see much better deals posted. its amazing the audacity some of these dealers have. If your having no luck, post your email. ill send ya dealer who will take care of you. (as I have done for others... )
  • vchadvchad Member Posts: 97
    As promised, information was sent. Did you bother to respond? NO! your the FAKE one (audi_man)..aka VLAD.

    Guys, this guy has the audacity to call out others on this board, but he is a classless poster. Give that $500 to a charity. But i bet pigs will fly before he coughs up a penny.

    For the record, never was going to take hsi money, dont need it, this is a public forvm to help others, but when you have the audacity to callout others on here, You too will be called out. :P
  • charles71charles71 Member Posts: 5
    I appreciated, email me at chongmin71@optimum.net.
  • bigdigrazbigdigraz Member Posts: 3
    I would like to surprise wifey with an ML by the holidays and need some advice. We live in Long Island and I was offered this lease deal from a local dealer:

    ML350W4 - 48,200
    Iridium Silver - 720
    Heated Seats - 740
    Subtotal - 49660
    D&D - 875
    Total - 50,535

    Disposition Fee - 595
    36 months
    10K Miles/Yr

    1st Month - 559.26
    Acq Fee - 795
    Taxes - 1817.57
    Total Drive Off - 3171.83

    Is this a good deal? If not, can someone point me in the right direction?

  • hpwsdhpwsd Member Posts: 7
    Hi everyone,

    I'm ready to lease a 2010 ML350 W2 this weekend but haven't received any good quotes using my usual email blast method.

    I've been told that there is no such thing as a .00035 MF and the ~$10K off are only for the 2009 models, which no longer exist. :confuse:

    Any socal buyers out there successfully complete a transaction with the great terms described recently in the forum? If so, are you willing to provide a referral?

    Thanks in advance!
  • vchadvchad Member Posts: 97
    Brian,as ive stated to others, run away from that deal. Look at the previous posts the past two pages. I hate to sound redundant, but most of you guys are getting terrible deals, do some research on what discounts others got on this board. Its amazing how many of you guys from Ny area are getting such bad deals.

    I did my due diligience, to get a solid discount, you guys have to do the same. I'll be glad to pass along info, leave your email. If only id get commission how many people I referred!, but thats ok, this forum is to help people not get taken advantage of. I'm all for fair deals, well...ok, aggressive deals!!

    your truck is a base model, you should be in the high 400's with about 1k due. There is 2k lease cash, .00035 money factor on a 36month lease. also 1500 for fleet if you qualify.

    You should be around 488 a month, with just 700 due WITHOUT 1500 fleet. PLUS tax [but includes aq fee795, 200 dealer fee(approx) and 300 registration(approx)]

    If you qualify for fleet, you should be at $446 a month, PLUS tax and 700 due.

    My prices are with getting about 6300 off msrp, plus applicable rebates. yes that is a lot off msrp, but not impossible, if they laugh at you, go to another dealer.
  • bigdigrazbigdigraz Member Posts: 3

    Thanks for the info!

    And that deal was from a friend's salesperson that was giving me a "break"...

    Please send the info to: brian@digraz.com

  • storm10storm10 Member Posts: 261
    Don't forget, that Mercedes-Benz Financial (MBF) has different Regions like West, NorthEast, South etc... They may have different Regional Financial Programs. They also have National Financial Program, that apply to the entire USA.
    In addition, different States have different Leasing Laws. For example New York requires the tax for the entire lease amount to be paid upfront. And for example California requires to pay tax only on the amount of the actual monthly payment - for as long as you make payments - that's why you can get away with $0 - out of pocket and you are not required to pay taxes if you swap a lease or trade it in early...
    So it's not that simple...
    The only way to get to a truth is to shop local dealers against each other...Another way to shop is to make actual proposition to a dealership and wait for a reaction.
  • rayoflightrayoflight Member Posts: 12
    As I mentioned earlier, I got this deal! I personally think that it is a good deal!
    Let me know if you want to check this local dealer cause I will ger referral fee =)
    email me at microcon25@hotmail.com. Thanks,

    $0 up-front fee (all included, drive off), $ 680 monthly

    ml 350 4 matic
    premiume 1 pkg
    running boards
    wood trim on steering wheel.
  • benzsalesbenzsales Member Posts: 7
    How many miles per year? What is the term of the lease? What percent sales tax rate?
  • benzsalesbenzsales Member Posts: 7
    If there was a car available like the one your looking for on a dealers lot you are over paying by $100 per month. Should be closer to $489 per month will a total of $5000 due at signing. Start from that number when your ready to deal. Your more than likely going to have to take a car with some other options. Like running boards and a trailer hitch. Or you can do without the DVD player and get the portable one that hangs over the seat from Best Buy or something like that. The are just as good as the ones the dealers use and cost a fraction of the price. Without the DVD's from the dealers you save an extra $28 - $30 per month. Let me know how u make out before you pick it up.
  • rocky725rocky725 Member Posts: 30
    I've been scouring the NY metro area and the best deal I have found is $7K off MSRP...as follows:

    MSRP: $54,645 (includes metallic paint, P1, heated front seats, rear seat ent pre-wiring)
    Selling Price: $47,645
    Residual 53% (10,000 miles)
    Sales Tax: 8.125%
    Bank Fee: $795
    MF: 0.00035 (~0.8%)
    Monthly: $600.00
    Drive-Off: $1,430.50 (includes first month, DMV, and Bank Fee)

    I am attempting to replicate vchad's deal but so far no luck (not for lack of effort).
  • brentkhackbrentkhack Member Posts: 23
    I see that everyone is posting on the gas ML. So is there any incentives for the diesel ML? What is the MF and residuals for 36/15k? Thanks.
  • bigdigrazbigdigraz Member Posts: 3
    That makes 3 people from NY metro looking for an ML lease so far, just in this forum.

    Remember, there are power in numbers...

    If one of us finds a good deal; then we all meet at the dealership and negotiate 3 or more GREAT deals.

    I think a dealership would rather let go of 4 MLs for less than 1 ML for more.

    If anyone in the NY Metro area agrees and is interested, shoot me an email.

    Gary, I have yours...

  • whitey9whitey9 Member Posts: 138
    Like the man said, run away FAST! The ML has been nothing but a great big problem since its' introduction in '98. There have been improvements made, but it is still a warranty nightmare. Sure they look pretty, and the list of features is quite impressive, but unfortunately M-B cannot consumate the deal due to the poor electronics systems that permeate the chassis from the front bumper to the rear bumper. There have been severe engine problems, and also transmission problems as well. Be prepared to get to know everything about your service writer since you will be spending a lot of time with him/her. You will know his wife's name. His kid's names, and even what kind of pet he has. If I were you, I would look to the Japanese ( Sequoia ), or Koreans ( ? ) for an upscale SUV.
  • bigcat007bigcat007 Member Posts: 21
    There is just one complain like MDX on goverment site. I had ML 2003-2006 with no problem. Search for ML 350 in 2009 year on http://www-odi.nhtsa.dot.gov/complaints/

    Also search for MDX, RX350 etc
  • hpwsdhpwsd Member Posts: 7
    Hi vchad,

    Thank you for steering members like us in the right direction. Would you mind sharing your research? My email address is hpwsd (at) hotmail (dot) com.

    Thanks in advance.
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