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2013 and earlier-Mercedes-Benz M-Class Lease Questions



  • CarMan@EdmundsCarMan@Edmunds Posts: 38,515
    Hi Rahul. Here's the latest lease program info for you. Mercedes-Benz Financial's current buy rate lease money factor and residual value for a 48 month lease of a 2009 ML350 4WD with 15,000 miles per year are .00050 and 36%, respectively. The 44% residual value is for 36 month leases.

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  • CarMan@EdmundsCarMan@Edmunds Posts: 38,515
    Hi Naveen. Mercedes-Benz is currently providing a $2,000 cash incentive on leases of the 2009 ML350 and ML550 through its captive finance company, but unfortunately no cash on the ML320. If you were in the market for a lease of a non-demo ML320, I would advise you to shoot for a selling price of as close to dealer invoice as possible.

    The question on this deal is how much of an additional discount should you be getting for going with a demo model that already has over three thousand miles on it. The problem that I personally have with demos is that dealers never seem to be willing to discount what to me is essentially a low mileage used vehicle enough for me to personally justify going with one over an equivalent brand new model. I personally would want at least an additional $2,000 discount to go with this truck over a non-demo and I highly doubt that the dealer would be willing to cut its price by that much. Your threshold for going with a demo may be different.

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  • I was quoted $2,000.00 MBenz, $1,775.00 Dealer and $4,000.00 Fleet Credit Union discounts. With .0050 MF on 36 at 10K per year at MBenz of San Francisco.

    I'm thinking I can get slightly better at San Jose or at Pleasanton, CA.
  • jagman7jagman7 Posts: 9
    hi guys,

    i just picked one up for my wife and wanted to see if it was a good deal. 2009 ML350 with navi and all options. sticker was 54K and they discounted the car to around 47K. 36 month lease with 12K per year. 575/month with 5000 out of pocket. included first month payment.

    let me know what you think
  • am1199am1199 Posts: 10
    Hi Car_Man,

    Please post money factor and residual for August for 2009-2010ML350 4Matic. I'm interested to get 36 months lease with 10K. Any incentives?Thanks, Alex!
  • Looks like your deal is very close to what's being offered by Mercedes Benz.

    09 ML350 4wd,, $599.00, 36X10K per year, $5000.00 something at DO. And money factor of .0050 or 1.20%. Residual 44%
  • chelentanochelentano Posts: 634
    Has anyone hear of this company? With no money down deals too good to be true?
  • The dealership tells me that my deal is incredible. That my lease beats most leases by about $100/month or $4000 cap cost payment and that he was able to do this by using what he calls an ambassador program.

    Here is the specs:
    2009 ML 350
    36 months
    15,000 miles
    P1 package
    Heated Front Seats
    Brushed Aluminum Running boards
    I dont know the interest rate which I see people post here

    742.42 due at inception (includes DMV and 1rst month payment)
    $679.92 total monthly payment (35 times thereafter)

    Is this an incredible deal? God enough to take a car that is not my first choice in color both interior and exterior?

    Thanks in advance...
    Jordan :confuse:
  • 1) How much does going from 10K to 12K to 15K add to the monthly payment on a lease, approximately? I mean is there a formula for that?

    2) Also, does the p1 package come with the glove compartment iPod adapter? Or is that an upgrade above and beyond the P1?

    3) How much is it to have the brushed aluminum running boards installed after market?

  • rahulgrahulg Posts: 28
    based on my experience, there is approx 20 dollar difference between 10 k and 12 k lease and 30 dollar difference betwene 12 k and 15 k lease. Obviously actual values would differ per your duration etc but this will give you a ball park idea.

    IPOD adapter in glove is included in P1.
  • m350m350 Posts: 1
    Base on 36 months, 10K miles/year lease...

    MSRP is $ 53945
    Your special price $ 41945 ($12K employee discount)

    Total Drive off $4000 (includes 1st month payment, 1st year license and dmv fees)

    35 payments of $465.67 plus tax a month, $505.91 including tax (
    For 12K miles/year add $16 a month.
  • CarMan@EdmundsCarMan@Edmunds Posts: 38,515
    Hi am1199. Mercedes-Benz Finance's current buy rate lease money factor and residual value for a 36 month lease of a 2010 ML350 4Matic with 10,000 miles per year are .00209 and 53%, respectively. The numbers for an otherwise identical lease of an '09 model are .00050 and 47%.

    Mercedes is providing a $2,000 cash incentive on leases of the '09 model, but nothing in the way of cash on the '10.

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  • Hi Car man

    can you pls post the lease numbers for 12000 mile, 36 month lease for 2009 ML 350 and 2010 Mercedes ML 350. Want to compare deal between the two.

    Thanks Rahul
  • does the $2000 rebate still apply in September?
  • This seems high to me, what should i be paying on a 2010 ml 350 4matic

    MSRP: 54,000
    *i get a 3k fleet incentive
    Cap Cost: 47,700
    MF .00102
    Residual 54%
    $5,114 + motor vehicle fees down
    36 months w/ 12k/yr PMT=550, including tax

    what should i shoot for my payment to be?
  • Hi Rahul. Here's the information that you're looking for. Mercedes-Benz Financial's current buy rate lease money factor and residual value for a 36 month lease of a 2009 ML350 AWD with 12,000 miles per year are .00395 and 46%, respectively. As you can see, Mercedes is not providing lease support on the 2009 version of this truck any longer. If you really want to lease one, you would be better off going with a 2010 model. The lease program for the '10 is much better, .00102 and 52%.

    When negotiating your lease on the 2010 model, make sure to take advantage of the $2,000 dealer cash that is currently available on leases of it.

    If you decide to go with a leftover '09, you can use the $6,000 dealer cash that MB is providing on it to your advantage.

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  • Hi chelentano. Not exactly. MB pulled the plug on its lease support for most 2009 models, including the ML350. It replaced its special lease program on the '09 ML350 with $6,000 dealer cash. It now has a $2,000 cash incentive on leases of the '10 model.

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  • carman, any thoughts on my deal post #390. thanks
  • Hi m1000. The money factor that you were quoted is right in line with Mercedes' current buy rate for this truck. That's always a good sign. As far as the selling price goes, I personally would shoot for $500 to $1,000 over dealer invoice minus the $2,000 cash incentive that Mercedes is currently providing on leases of this truck and whatever other cash incentives you qualify for. You can look up the exact invoice price of the truck that you want, as you want it equipped, over in the New Vehicle Pricing section of this site.

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  • Hello. I am looking to lease the 2010 ML 350 - Using a USAA discount, the following is proposed.

    MSRP - $53,205
    Invoice - $50, 142
    USAA price - $47,142
    Dealer states this is $700 over invoice
    3 year, 12k miles

    $1500 down - includes first month, tax , title etc.
    Lease price $719 plus tax = $762 delivered to house.
    Any comments. Thank you.
  • Sounds way too high.
    Just was quoted today for ML350, P1, heated seats, running boards 640.00 with no cap cost, just first month and taxes.

    My 2007 E350 w4 still has 4 payments left which they will eat.
  • storm10storm10 Posts: 183
    Here is what I did: I went to link title, where you can go to "Dealer Quotes", select your State and request a quote individually from every Mercedes-Benz Dealership in the country. Let them compete between themself. Whoever comes with the lowest price - earns my business. I did not care about rates or residuals, etc... All I care - who can give the lowest payment. The best deal I got on my E350 was $2,100 below invoice plus they had $2,500 incentive at the time, but I did not care about all that. The only thing made a deal is the lowest payment.
    Hope it helps.
    in regards to post #394 I have a question for you. Why you are suggesting to go over invoice for $500- $1000 while Overstock deals offer up to $600 bellow invoice on ML350 2010 models?
    Do you suggest to go over $500 -$1000 Edmunds, dealers or Overstock's invoice Overstock' invoice includes dealer's regional and ad fees. Are these fees negotiable?
    Does $2000 lease credit applies to anyone? or only to their current customers?
    Do you think they would cover my Audi A6 2 remaining lease payments?
    Sorry for so many questions
    Thank you in advance
  • msf83msf83 Posts: 10
    Car Man, could I please have the current rates for 36mo/10k on the ML350 2WD?

    Also, is there still a $2,000 cash incentive like last month or has that changed?

  • Hello mfs83,
    Looks like $2000 rebate on 2010 models is still available. What lease numbers do you currently get for ML350? I'm on a market for ML350 4MATIC
    it seems like dealers are willing to sell them bellow invoice (before rebate) Any comments?
  • Was wondering if anyone has October numbers (MF and Residual) for a 2010 ML 350? Specifically I'm looking at a 48 month lease @ 15K miles. Thanks much in advance.
  • msf83msf83 Posts: 10
    Audi Man, why do you think dealers are willing to sell below invoice before rebate? I haven't heard or seen anything like that...but then again I haven't heard from anyone who's purchased one lately. I'm hoping to hear from more people on here.

    What concerns me is that I really want P2 because for '10 they moved the harmon/kardon system to P2. Problem is it seems like Mercedes only ships ML's with P2 that are fully loaded with just about every package/option. I can build a P2 I want on the benz site for under 54 but any P2 I've heard of that are at dealerships are almost 58.

  • storm10storm10 Posts: 183
    It depends on what part of the country you are buying from. If you live on the West coast - chances are you can buy below invoice, because in California there are 44 Mercedes-Benz Dealerships fiercely competing against each other.
    If you can't find exact configuration, that you are looking for - you can ask Dealer to build a car to your exact specification, but you have to wait for it about 6 to 8 weeks.
    Hope it helps.
  • msf83msf83 Posts: 10
    I wouldn't mind having to spend a little more to get what I want but MB literally tacks on every option it seems if they ship out a P2 (which seems odd because P2 is only 2 options, the h/k system and keyless-go)...they add $5,000 of options on top of it.

    Is there an extra charge to custom build a car?
  • Hi audi_man. I don't know anything about Overstock's pricing. I was saying that if I was in the market for an ML right now I personally would shoot for a selling price of $500 to $1,000 (preferably towards the lower end) over the invoice price that is listed here at minus any available incentives.

    Yes, the $2,000 cash incentive on leases through MB Finance that I mentioned is available on all deals.

    I'm sure that you would be able to find a Mercedes dealer that was willing to make your final two payments on your Audi for you, but nothing in this world is free. Having them make your last payments will hamper your ability to get the best possible deal on your new vehicle. I personally would wait until the scheduled end of my current lease to get something new.

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