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2013 and earlier-Mercedes-Benz M-Class Lease Questions



  • tape179tape179 Posts: 1
    Has anyone had any good experiences with any Chicagoland (and surrounding suburbs) MB dealers? I went to a dealership today and they really tried to screw me. I let them run my credit which came back Tier I, but discovered they were trying to screw me with the following:
    ML350, P2 pkg, chrome Pack, TH, 6 disc, HS

    MSRP 57,196
    Invoice 54,000
    MF .00249
    Residual 53.5%
    No money down, taxes, fees included in note
    $858 monthly payment

    Has anyone had any goo
  • matthewzmatthewz Posts: 2
    I am in MD, I was just offer 33 months lease on 2007 ML350 with package 1 and heated seats for $4500.00 down includes tax, tag, first month and all the junk fees for $539.44 per month for 10K Miles per Year, The sale price is $43,100.00 Money Factor is 0.00175%. I'll have to pay $595.00 Drop off fee at the end of the lease, Is this a good deal??
  • smitf7smitf7 Posts: 13
    I picked up a ML 350 with P2, Heated seats and cd-changer.
    MSRP $51,095. I negotiated a cap cost of $46,841 which works out to including all taxes a payment of $650 even a month. My out of pocket was $1760 including first month, acquisition fee (what a con that is!!!) and dmv. That worked out to a residual of 61% and money factor of 0.0016. I live in Manhattan but bought car from Phil Campbell at Prestige Auto in Paramus NJ.
  • matthewzmatthewz Posts: 2
    Was yours 33 months lease? I guess I got a decent deal because almost $2400.00 of my down payment was tax and tag of MD.
  • smitf7smitf7 Posts: 13
    Yes 33 months lease. I think I got a good deal based on what others have been paying. Then again, I only got the cap cost down to $1000 below invoice. I am sure he could have done more but I guess he should make some money too.
  • nyccarguynyccarguy Stamford, CTPosts: 11,317
    Does anybody have the lease rates & money factors available for an '07 ML350 for 24 or 36 months with 15,000 miles per year? Thanks!

    2001 Prelude Type SH, 2011 Pilot EX-L 4WD, 2015 Infiniti G37x Q40 AWD

  • kp22kp22 Posts: 20
    Can someone please provide me with the most recent money factor and residual value on a 36 month lease with 10,000 miles for the 2007 ML 350?

    I would greatly appreciate any assistance.
    - kp22
  • oiakouoiakou Posts: 19
    Did you use any special employee pricing or anything? the price and the money factor that you got are pretty good.
    thank you,
  • oiakouoiakou Posts: 19
    MB has a special for ML350:
    33 mo, 0.00175 money factor, 61% residual, 10K/year.
  • ssinghssingh Posts: 10
    I just received a quote on a 07 ML 350 with premium 1 and sports paskage please let me know if this is a good deal

    46189.00(2k from sticker)
    3175.00 down includeing fist month and fees
    647.00 a month at 33 months lease rate. Thanks
  • jfertljfertl Posts: 15
    Anyone had any recent experience with leasing an ML500. I have been getting quotes in excess of $1100/ month for 15,000 miles per year and no money down. Seems high to me. Thanks
  • twinspeedtwinspeed Posts: 4
    Hi Guys abd Gals,

    I have really enjoyed reading the different posts. All the information really helped me discover what a decent deal should look like.

    Here's mine, not the best but very doable by anyone.

    2007 Mercedes-Benz ML350 AWD

    Exterior Color: White
    Interior Leather: Beige

    Premium 1 Package
    Sport Package
    6-Disc CD Changer

    MSRP: $48,245.00
    Invoice: $45,522.00
    Selling Price (Cap Cost): $44,022.00

    Lease Term: 33 Months 10,000 miles annually

    Down Payment: $4000

    Monthly Payment (including 7.75% OC tax): $571.47

    Money factor (.00185)
    Acquisition Fee $1095.00 (They wouldn't budge on this)
    Taxes $220.65
    License Fee $352.00
    Doc. Prep. Fee $45.00
    Californina Tire Fee $8.75
    Cap. Cost Reduction $1707.00
    Plus 1st Payment $571.47
    = $4000.00 Down

    I did this through a broker - Fleet Direct in Southern California. Picked up the car at their office. Took 20 min. and drove away. No grief!

    BMW could not go below invoice so MB won.

    Have Fun! ;)
  • arm_janarm_jan Posts: 13
    Anyone knows what the mf and residual are for July? 36 months 12k a month. Much appreciated.
  • adam26adam26 Posts: 7
    Does anyone know the new MF and residual for a ML 350? I'm looking for 33 months and 10K miles. Thanks!!!
  • ssinghssingh Posts: 10
    The money factor .00175
    residual 61%
    33 months 10k a year
  • nascar4nascar4 Posts: 1
    what is the best way to get out of a 39 mo lease a year & a 1/2 into it ,car originally cost 50K. Am i being specific enough ?
  • adam26adam26 Posts: 7
    Thanks for the information!

    I read your previous post. Did you lease the ML 350? If so, are you happy with the car?
  • agwagonagwagon NJPosts: 11
    FYI, my dealer says the '07 320CDI gets the 61% residual for 33 months (10K/year), but not the low MF referred to above that the 350 gets. Base rate I was quoted was .00380!

    That sort of negates the $2,000 dealer cash and high residual. Looks like I'll wait for an '08 (prices for which are just out).
  • ssinghssingh Posts: 10
    Yes. It is a great car. I just sold my 05 525. I bought the 07 ML350 with premium 1, 6 disc cd changer and appearance package(this is a must). The car is super smooth, love the electonic shifter as it leaves space on center console, 21 mpg and extremely safe and solid. I dont have leather but the MB Tex is real nice,,Also get the black interior as gray just doesn't look good. Plenty of power from the 3.5 L untra refined V6. The X5 are nice but this suv is classy and the 7 speed tranny is smooth. Again sticker 49000 i paid 46190.00 @ 33 months 3k down .00175 lease factor 61 percent pymt with tax 640.00.
  • Hi everyone, I'm new and my name is Marc. I think this forum concept is awesome! There's power in numbers, isn't there!

    So does anyone know when/what the key lease values (Residual, Money Factors, etc.) will be for leasing a 2008? I'm a Tier1 FICO.

    Also generally, how willing are the dealers willing to sell near invoice at the start of a new model year?

    Finally, does anyone know what feature changes are in store for 2008 model?

    Thanks in advance,
  • naielnaiel Posts: 3
    best idea is to list it at pls email me as well, naiel at as I am interested in assuming a ML lease.
  • rbautorbauto Posts: 5
    I'm fixing to begin shopping for a lease on a 2007 ML 350. I should have Tier 1 credit rating and would like a 33-36- or 39 month lease with 15,000 miles. Base with Sunroof. Can someone suggest what my numbers should. Residual-MF etc...
  • dazzmandazzman Posts: 1
    I just leased a 08 ML350 p1, heated seats, ipod

    msrp 49970
    sp 46572
    residual 31481 or 63%
    money factor .00205
    monthly 684

    had huge problem with dealer on acquisition fee trying to slip in 795 fee after negotiating selling price. anyone have any feedback on the acquisition fee or "turn in fee"

    i think they're both huge ripoffs.

    nappleton autoworks - schererville, indiana
  • thanks for the note! I'm negotiating right now on a 2007 ML350 since MBUSA is offering $3K incentive to dealers right now. there's a loaded model with a lot of extra goods I really didn't want but will consider if the price is right. so far i'm being high-balled on quotes but as time passes they're slowly coming down. will keep everyone posted.

    by the way - has anyone heard prices for the EDITION 10 version? In terms of options, it's really ideal but I wonder if limited-production will hold a premium...
  • Summer Love Event. This is the current promotion MB has until Sept 2007.

    Does anyone know the promotional Money Factors and Residuals for Tier 1 FICO and 10K Miles/Yr?

    I'm going with a 2008 instead of a 2007.

    Thanks in advance
  • I leased a 08 ML350 with P1, Heated Seats, iPod, Bluetooth.

    10k miles/year
    33 month lease.
    $1500 down [tax, title, etc. extra]

    Monthly payment: $540

    Seems like a decent deal.
  • adam26adam26 Posts: 7
    I think you got a good deal. Could you give me a little more information about this lease? Does $540 include taxes? What was the MSRP, sale price, residual and money factor? Where did you lease the car? Thanks!
  • rezultzrezultz Posts: 12
    Hi. I've just priced out a 2008 ML550 with Premium3 which comes to $65,900. Can someone tell me what a typical monthly lease payment would be given Mercedes current numbers (for 36 months, 12k/year) I'm looking for an alternative to the extremely expensive 2008 X5. THx!
  • Hello Car Man and Gang,

    I am negotiating a lease deal on an 08' ML 350. Are the terms below 'a good deal?'

    Any insight would be appreciated:

    2008 ML350 - Non Metallic Paint


    040 Black
    141 Black
    P01 Premium Package 1
    057 iPod Integration Kit
    322 Appearance Package
    324 Sunroof Package
    819 CD changer
    864 Rear Seat Entertainment Package

    MSRP = $51,670

    Invoice = $48,998.01

    Lease - 33 months (best terms)

    Drive-off total = $2,253.97
    Cap reduction = $0.00
    10k miles per year = $570.13 + tax

    Residual = 64%
    Money Factor = .00205

    Drive-off total = $2,269.76
    Cap reduction = $0.00
    12k miles per year = $584.72 + tax

    Residual = 63%
    Money Factor = .00205

    Drive-off total = $2,301.37
    Cap reduction = $0.00
    15k miles per year = $613.92 + tax

    Residual = 61%
    Money Factor = .00205
  • mattermind,

    If you don't mind, I'm looking for the exact same vehicle. Where did you get this deal from?

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