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2013 and earlier-Mercedes-Benz M-Class Lease Questions



  • camicamicamicami Posts: 10

    I didn't see anything about a disposition fee on my lease agreement and I don't remember them telling me about a charge when I return the car. There is something that said $500 charge on the agreement if I don't return the vehicle maintenance booklet with the car. I also bought the excess wear and tear plan for $600. Maybe they want you to buy that and if you don't, then they charge you anyway. That excess plan is supposed to cover damages when I return the car so I don't have to pay extra, which could include repairs to tires, paint, dents and dings, lights, interior, carpet, etc.

    good luck with finding your car! I already took mine on a mini-roadtrip, very comfortable and drives fine.
  • varunkuvarunku Posts: 13
    wow!.... that was a fast reply. Thanks a lot!
    I almost bought the car. But walked out after noticing the disposition fee $595
    Here was the price approx.
    MSRP : $48500
    INVOICE : $45444
    paying price: $44400
    Money Factor : .00275
    Aquitision fee : 1095
    Residual : 67%

    Monthly with Tax $639

    Down payment $4000 [ Cap cost reduction + includes first month lease + license fee+ state tax + Doc fee + Tires etc ]

    Disposition fee : $595 [ Retunable if I go with another mercedese at the end of lease ]
  • camicamicamicami Posts: 10
    yup fast reply when this site is practically the only one I visit right now, except when I read my emails.

    So you walked out on this deal? This actually looks like a good deal, maybe better than mine! With gas prices soaring though, maybe you could find something better. I'm happy with my ML350 though, the premium package looks really nice. I have my car for 12,000 miles a year for 39 months, so I kept my other car just in case I go over the miles. This is the first time I've leased.

    have fun finding that car, looks like you might be exploring others instead, the BMW's look great too.
  • varunkuvarunku Posts: 13
    The dealer called me the next day and said he will split the disposition fees, I got a $300 discount, he deducted it from the initial $4000 downpayment.
    I have bought the ML350 [black on black with appearence package + comfort package + sirus + heated front seats + moon roof + DVD nav
    x5 is coming out with 2007 model ,its 7-seater.

    $3700 drive off
    $639.5 monthly for 27 months with 15k per year

    you might want to check your lease contract, this fee is collected my almost all the dealers. They don't tell you when you sign up for the lease, the fee is listed on "Other fees" column on the service contract.

    I had found out when I calculated the final amount mentioned on the lease paper.
  • camicamicamicami Posts: 10
    oh wow. I think you got an awesome deal! I thought I did ok with about $3,000 below MSRP but it looks like you will get yours for what, like $5-6000 below MSRP? You got more miles per year and a smaller driveoff amount too.

    Did you get your car from Maybe I'll do that for next time.

    yes, I guess I will check my lease contract. You are probably right, it's somewhere in there hidden.
  • varunkuvarunku Posts: 13
    I was ready to get the car from a dealer 300 miles away using, they were ready to ship the vehicle to my house. But never mentioned to me about the $795 disposition fee, that needs to be paid at the end of the lease.
    I think cardirect is good if you want to buy the vehicle from a local dealer.
  • caa1caa1 Posts: 8
    It appears there is a lease deal again on this vehicle until the end of July. Could someone please help with the numbers on this deal? What is the current MF and residual values? I would like to do 27 months but at 12k miles per year. Thanks in advance!
  • CarMan@EdmundsCarMan@Edmunds Posts: 38,515
    You're right, caa1. Mercedes-Benz is providing lease support on the 2006 M-Class right now. Its special lease program for this truck is currently scheduled to run through the end of July. I haven't seen this truck's 27 month lease program, but its 36 and 39 month, 12,000 mile per year buy rate lease money factor and residual value are currently .00285 and 61%. Its 24 month and 30 month numbers are .00255 / 69% and .00255 / 63%.

    Prices Paid Forums
  • jefhackjefhack Posts: 20
    Does anyone know if the summer special applies to just the ML350, or is the ML500 also being included in this? Thanks!
  • caa1caa1 Posts: 8
    JEFHACK - the advertised special features the ML350 however there is still lease support on the 500 as well. We went with the 350 as it is for my wife and she just doesn't need the extra 30hp. I drove both cars back to back and the 350 engine is fine - 500 has great torque however. We are picking ours up today as a matter of fact. Here are the numbers for the ML500:

    24mo / 15k mi - Residual 65% of MSRP - .00255 Base Money
    36mo / 15k mi - Residual 57% of MSRP - .00285 Base Money

    Add 2% to residual for 12k mi/year and 3% for 10k mi / year

    Good luck :)
  • jefhackjefhack Posts: 20
    Thanks caa1! This is very helpful information. Just curious, which packages did you add to the 350? I also agree that the V6 would be sufficient for my wife (primary driver on this one), but was just concerned that by the time you add in all options, the price was approaching the V8 price with similar options. thx again
  • caa1caa1 Posts: 8
    no problem - I thought I would give something back to this forum since I've used it for research for the past two months. We went with the following options on the 350:

    Premium Package
    Entertainment Package
    Sunroof Package
    Htd Seats
    Tow hitch

    The sticker was $51515 but I got it for $800 under invoice. Also, not sure about your market, but at the dealers in the metro DC area, there are a lot less 500s than 350's. My dealer only had two which I guess also helped in my decision to go with the 350.
  • I am currently in the process of deciding to lease a 2006 ML350 from a Mercedes Benz Dealer. I have already been approved by MBC. Please feel free to review deal and let me know what you think.
    Key Feature options:
    AMG Sport Package *****
    Premium Package *****
    Sun Roof
    Heated Seats

    **** I am sold on the ML350 with the AMG Body & wheels and premium package.

    MSRP: $54335
    Sales Price: 51400 (500 above invoice plus $400.00 IRG AD fee charged by the Dealer)
    Money factor .00285
    Residual/Puruchase option - $32207
    Term: 39 MO
    Mo Payment around $620.00

    With my Trade (suppose to help with taxes from what i understand) after pay-off gave me a $2500 credit. My out of pocket for inception fees, 1st MO, Reg Fees, and cap reduction (2200 cash) came to $4086.00

    Do you think It is a good deal on this lease?

    Your response is greatly appreciated.

  • tekiteki Posts: 5
    How many miles per year do you have?

  • Hi Everyone

    These are the terms my dealership is offering me on a new ML350, is this a good deal?

    Based on current '06 ML350 inventory, Stock # 562764, MSRP $40,525, a lease with MBF based on a Tier 1 Credit Rating:

    Selling Price: $33,343
    39 Months
    10K Miles/Year
    $2,000 Drive Off Fees
    58% Residual

    Payment: $500/month
  • bgk99bgk99 Posts: 24
    If you have Tier 1, why is your money factor .0041??? It should be no more than .0024

    Sounds to me like the salesman said "where do you want your payments to be"?

    I would go back and get that money factor down. Print out all of the threads where folks DID get the .0024.
  • bgk99bgk99 Posts: 24
    First. I don't smoke.

    Second. .00325 is not .0041.

    Third. One doesn't "open ones mouth" when WRITING.

    Fourth. Not "misinformation". Did you actually bother to READ my thread. It states "Print out all of the threads where folks DID get the .0024."

    Like... here...
    varunku, "Mercedes-Benz M-Class: Lease Questions" #61, 16 May 2006 7:11 am

    and here...
    varunku, "Mercedes-Benz M-Class: Lease Questions" #64, 19 May 2006 11:17 pm

    and CARMAN even replied... to YOU!!!!!!
    Car_man, "Mercedes-Benz M-Class: Lease Questions" #70, 20 Jun 2006 5:07 am

    No need to have "tone" my friend. We're all here to try and help.
  • atkinsaatkinsa Posts: 3
    Hello Car Man!

    I am looking to lease a 2007 ML350 for 36 or 39 mos, 15K Miles a year in Houston, TX. I built one on the MBUSA website in White with P1 Premium package, spoiler and 322 appearance package MSRP of $48,543 (according to the website). Do you know what I could get the price down to and if I don't put any money down, can you give me an idea of what my monthly payment would be? Or what the residual and money factor should be. Any information you could provide would be helpful for my negotiations. Thanks,
  • caa1 - I too am looking for the 350 in the DC area, with options similar to the ones you noted. Would you be willing to share further info on your deal, such as actual sales price, MF and RV, and monthly payment? Was there a particular dealership you went with that you would reccomend?
  • It appears that MB is switching to a simplified package scheme. I am interest in a 2007 ML500, full leather and Package II in the DC area. I would be very appreciative to hear about individuals purchasing or leasing a similar model. I’m interested in leasing and am wondering if I can get this vehicle near invoice? Thanks
  • hello. Would you please take a look at this deal:
    lease ML350 2006
    Price 48335
    163 Standart pkg
    318 Trim
    320 Entertaintment
    324 Sunroof
    DVD NAvigation
    heated front seats
    disp fee 595
    Resid %46
    Money factor .0024

    39 month- 796 monthly- no down/ 1 st pmnt +143$
    Thanks a lot
  • Just my back of the envelope calculation.... it seems your price of $48335 is just below invioce with a MSRP around $52k
    So after 39 months the cars value is around .46*52k=$24k
    The amount you are finacing is $48335-$24k=$24300 @ an interest rate .0024*(2400)=5.76%
    using a payemnt calcualtor your payements should be around
    Fiance $24300 @5.76% for 39months = $685/month
    So where is the extra $$$ your paying going?
    Good luck
  • Thanks for the responce. What about taxes , IL, Cook county- somewhere between 6 and 7 %
  • Yep... that'll do it.... add another 3k in taxes to what I did and your probaly right on the money.
  • Thank you. So brokerage money will be around $2k for this deal. What do you think, is it a usual amount? Thanks again
  • I'm sory...I don't know what you mean by "brokerage" money.
  • I'm sorry- probably I was using a wrong expression. I mean- dialer’s profit. Thanks
  • It's my personal opinion that a good buissness deal occurs when both parties are happy. I think a profit of $2k for the dealer on a $50k car is fair and proper (I'm sure the dealer would have liked more..) The bottom line is (in my opinion) is that you got a good deal (getting the car you wanted near invoice) and the dealer got a reasonable profit for there services. One thought though... the 2007 are being delivered and if you waited one more month you could probably get a 2006
    below invice. But who knows... if your happy with the car and don't care for a rear-view camera (2007 new product) go for it.
  • could you please post the current MF and residual for the ML-350 at 15K miles/year and 36 or 39 months whichever MB is using.
  • I'm not certain what the current money factor is (and it of course depends on your credit) but I have tracked pass postings and here is a sample of MF (for credit scores above 730 Top tier):1)durring special summer lease program ml 350
    36mo/15k mi Residual 57% of MSRP - .00285 money factor. .00285 really is'nt that great (it works out to 2400x .00285= 6.84%) I've see people talk about .0022= 5.28% and as high as .00333= 8%. If you have great credit many dealers work with Chase also to lease their cars and I have gotten very good rates through them when the manufacturs rate was much highier. Good luck.
    P.S. BMW's new X5 comming out around the first of the year looks to have greatly redone thier interior and the fit and finish looks far richer than MB . The pricing may seem a bit highier but when you figure in BMW takes care of ALL maintenance for 4 years they become much more competivly priced to the ML. I'm strongly considerilg an ML500 around then, but I'm going to test drive the X5. The only problem appears that BMW will intially come out with only a 3.0 liter (around $43k) and a $70k+ 4.8liter version at launch. I feel the 3.0 liter will be a little underpowered when you stuff 7 people (yes they will have a 3rd row seat in the much bigger X5) and the 4.8 liter at $70k+ is a little too much for my blood. But the interior is really looking nice.... just like a 7 serise. Good luck SUV shopping (it's a good time to be a buyer with so many luxury SUVs competeing, M-class, Lexus RX, BMW X5, Audi's Q7, and Cadilacs new SRX).
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